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Rachel Bilson is a Leather Lady

Rachel Bilson is a Leather Lady

Rachel Bilson keeps it cute in a brown heather jacket, skinny jeans Ariella studded boots by Christian Louboutin.

The 26-year-old former O.C. actress was seen carrying her pet pooch, Thurman Murmen, into a friend’s home in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning.

Rachel‘s latest film, Jumper, has been a global box office champ–it landed in first place overseas for the third straight weekend with $12.8 million.

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  • B

    she’s gorgeouss

  • r

    shes got great style. love her.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    ugh, fugalicious.

    she needs to eat something. no ass.

  • In Denial

    She looks goog, love those boots, love the jacket, love her and her pooch

  • OMG


  • rita

    jared, your site’s great, but why so much rachel bilson??? i think she’s pretty and all, but there’s at least one rachel bilson a day on your site, and i don’t think she’s worth that at all

  • Neos

    I like Rachel, but where’s the whip?

  • HollyGolightly

    With sunglasses, her bangs actually don’t look that bad.

  • http://YAHOO.COM She’s Preggers


  • RoBERT


    The 26-year-old actress – who is rumoured to be dating her ‘Jumper’ co-star Hayden Christensen – says while she is happy starring in hit Hollywood films, she would be just as content raising a family.

    She said: “I’ve always been a really maternal person. I really want a family. I love the career I have chosen, but I’d be quite happy as a housewife, at home with the kids. I think I’d be really content.”

    However, following a very public break-up from her ‘The O.C.’ co-star Adam Brody, Rachel refuses to discuss whether Hayden will be the man she has children with.

    She added to Britain’s Hello magazine: “Hayden is a good guy, he has the biggest heart and he’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. We are in contact, and I can say that I’m happy. Whoever you are dating you don’t want other people sharing in that experience so I don’t talk about my private life.

    “I try not to pay attention to any of the stories because if you do it really gets in your head. It’s not healthy

  • Mike

    @ 10

    And this comes out now after all the Jumper stuff is over? Hmmmm, sounds like someone wants attention now that all the hype is over. I mean, why didn’t this come out when she was doing all that promo? They held on to that little nugget as a last hurrah. Anyone who knows anything about PR can see right through that. But I see that you’re trying to get a rise out of the Hayden fans, am I right?

    Anyhow, she looks good

  • ArcticMonkeys


  • Stephen

    Damn she is really hot!!

    That’s hotness not cuteness

  • peter

    My beautiful Rachel!!!

    Thanks Jared

  • ladymac

    Well she’s cute and all but really I’d be a lot happier to see MORE HAYDEN and not so much Rachel!!!

  • You Didn’t Hear This From Me!

    Rachel Bilson is going on an early morning flight to stay with Hayden on his farm in Canada. But I’m not allowed to say when she will be leaving…lets just say this month.

  • You Didn’t Hear This From Me!

    I see that peope say on this board that they are not dating,but please! They are dating 100% and Hayden bought her that necklace apart of her Birthday last year and he made that swing for her Birthday. That “H” stands for Hayden NOT Hattie ;)

  • tessa

    I love Rachel

  • Mike

    @ 16 and 17

    Yeah right, and we’re supposed to believe you because why? Also, if you know so much, why are you coming to a gossip board and saying anything to anyone? Sounds like bs to me, and anyone who believes you is an idiot.

  • tessa

    @You Didn’t Hear This From Me

    more things, Please

  • Laura

    Cute as usual!

    The return of Thurmen! Ahhh how I’ve missed him. I’d love to see Rachel with Penny Lane again (and Adam for that matter)


  • EWW!!!!!!

    I will F**K HER DOG ! and her too 8)

  • rosie

    @ 22


  • You Didn’t Hear This From Me!


    He’s in Canada on his farm! He was staying with Rachel for two months while doing work for Jumper. He made a swing for her that says “Rachel the sweetest girl” in Italian and he did hang it on a Big Oak tree up at his farm. So she really loves it,she’ll brag about it 24/7. She ia a kind person and Hayden and his family really likes her. On Valentines day he only spent it with His mom,grandma and Rachel. No co stars were there only Rachel was the co-star there. Those gifts they had they were carrying gifts for Grandma Rose and Hayden’s Mother,Rachel helped carry the small gift ofcourse,she’s so tiny.

  • Ariana.S

    love her

  • Raven

    @ 16 & 17
    How do you know this?!!! Where is your proof??! Why should we be believe you without any proof?? Ahem! Rachel claimed the necklace was for Hattie in her GQ interview. She has had the thing since 2005 she is just wearing it around more for PR,

    How do you know about the swing?? Hayden did not say it was for her and she only said someone made her something once and her hands discribed a small box. I think your mixing up the actual stories and spreading lies like She’s Pregger’s.

    @ She’s Pregger’s,
    She in not pregnant. Are your eye’s blind? Her stomach is flat in those jeans. She looks to be wearing a tank top with jeans and leather jacket. Get real! ;)

  • e

    why would hayden buy a “h” necklace for her? to mark his territory? i don’t know for some reason that just seems weird. regardless of what the stupid thing stands for.. she should stop wearing it.

  • Raven

    @ # 24,

    Hayden said on the Jay Leno show that he had dinner with the cast members and friends from Jumper. He said nothing romantic! So your calling Hayden a lier and your spreading false information.

  • Raven

    @ e,

    I agree the necklace thing is so stupid and so high school. Why would a man give his g/f something like that? It is like branding his cattle. Besides, Rachel said in the interview that the neccklace was for Hattie. I would imagine so. I would not want to wear a letter necklace to be sporting around like beware I’m taken. I do not think Hayden is possessive like that!

  • rosie

    @ 24

    You’re so full of shit it’s unbelievable. if Hayden had spent Valentine’s day with his mom and his Grandma Rose he would have said so. Those women are two of the most important women in his life. So we all know, especially Hayden fans that he would’ve mentioned them if he was asked about his Vaelntine’s day plans. Also, someone who would know ANYTHING about the two of them would never come on here and post stuff about them. I mean seriously, you expect us to beleive you actually know something, and you felt as if you should come on a gossip board of all places just to tell everyone this? Please, you actually remind me of someone who frequents the Rachel threads claiming to know stuff about her and her best friend. It sounds as if to me you’re out of touch with reality.

  • Raven

    @ Rosie,

    #24 and She’s Pregger’s are the same trolls spreading false information.

  • rosie

    @ 31

    Yeah, I think so too. .

  • Liss

    Rachel and Thurman is so cute

  • Raven

    @ #24

    Where the hell do you get your information at and who from? I don’t think Hayden speaks Italian! Just b/c he is part Italian does not mean he speak’s it! I never heard of Hayden knowing a second language.

    Come on?? Your going to have to make up stories better then that! It sound’s all like a crock of sh*t!
    If, Rachel is flying out tomorrow we will see pictures from LAX sometime tomorrow.

  • Mike

    That person is full of crap. Do you honestly believe that someone who knew anything about the two of them would come on a “gossip blog” and reveal certain things?

  • Jo

    Jared I love you ! Keep up with Rachel Bilson posts thank you. Love Rachel. Sooooooooooo Cute! Love her style. What’s all this about her being pregnant, what a load of crapppp…

  • emma

    Looking forward to JUMPER ending up on a lot of year end lists. WORST MOVIES of the year lists. Yay for Rach. She might even get a RAZZIE for all her efforts.

    Will Jared mention it here? Of course not.

  • e


    Exactly I mean.. what a… ehm… thoughtful.. gift. Doesn’t seem likely.. especially given Hayden’s low profile and easy going nature that does not suggest he would be possessive. The reluctance to make any concrete yes/no statement and then her wearing such a visible “controversial” thing is strange. So whatever it stands for, be it her sister or hashbrowns.. what’s the deal? i KNOW she has other necklaces she can wear.. if she really did not want people to talk she wouldn’t wear it. Something is just off about the whole thing.

  • Irishdreams

    OHH PLEASE…the more we talk about this woman the more attention she is getting for her lame career..I say unless Hayden is in the photo I rather take this talk to a private board where we aren’t giving the woman the attention her agent and pap want her to have..

    Mike, Raven

    If there is any going anywhere we would see it and know it..Seem hayden did leave LA..HE said he was going too..And Rachel’s artical about wanting to settle down and have kids YEA RIGHT..she is trying now to what land a man..I don’t see her wanting kids..I think she has a hard enough time handling herself let alone kids..And what she stays in contact with Hayden gee doesn’t sound like a love romance to me..and I find she makes the same comments He does because she can’t think of any good ones when she is asked the question if she didn’t want to admit to a romance then just tell them not to ask and when she does say NO better then this run around shit..

    And why should we believe you #24 what evidence do you have that she is going to Canada you see her buy the tickets, see her luggage out and airmarked for Toronto..Gee she confide in you about where she was going..seems we see her now but, My guess she will disapear later on to keep the idea of them as a couple..until the DVD sales go out..which should be in the summer..But most people got the idea from HAYDEN which is the only person’s word I except at this point as Memory loss Bilson can’t remember one interview to the next..And the man said he lives alone..they were never living together and Hayden is a loner man..and he also said he wasn’t dating the woman…

    AND also there was nothing said that Hayden made the swing for Rachel Interviewers pipped it in on certain magazines to make a never once came out of Hayden’s mouth he gave it to her and why would he have ti on his farm in Canada and not give it to her to use on her own house makes no sense..


  • all that

    take a look here:

    read the answer to the question about most romantic thing a guy done……she replies a guy made a swing….hm…..

    isnt that what hayden said on jay leno recently…he made a swing?? theres the proof!!!!

  • boxoffice

    Jared keeps on mentioning Jumper’s international box office. What he doesn’t mention is after three weeks Jumper’s US b.o. is only $67 million. Not good for a movie that cost $ 85 million to produce and millions more to market that it cost over $ 120 million. Not good for a movie that’s hoping for a sequel.

    At least Popsugar, another Rachel Bilson loving site, admits it’s a bad movie and doesn’t twist the truth.

  • phneh

    You manage to crop 2 photos to look like you have 5, but there are still only 2 photos. Must we be spoonfed what to focus on in a frickin pap shot?

  • haydenlover

    Lol you shouldn’t believe all you read.They wanna sell them as an couple.

  • Irishdreams

    You are getting your comment from and “ARTICAL” it didn’t come out of her mouth in any verbal interview that proves nothing..only that someone can copy Hayden’s words and use them to place in Bilson’s mouth to give the impression they date..SHOW ME her actually saying this and not in an writen interview..And Leno yes he said he made a swing but never never did he say it was for her..

  • kim

    @ all that

    That is a misquote! Rachel said “something” not “swing” you can see a video of the actual interview! The actual interview took place on the junket in Rome and the Australian lady asked Rachel the questions and Rachel said a guy made her “some thing” and she indicated with her hands that it was something small like a small jewelery box or bracelet.

    And Hayden who likes to keep his private life private would never, ever buy a woman his initial to wear in public! LOL Too funny!

  • kim

    @ all that

    That is a misquote! Rachel said “something” not “swing” you can see a video of the actual interview! The actual interview took place on the junket in Rome and the Australian lady from Dolly magazine asked Rachel the questions and Rachel said a guy made her “some thing” and she indicated with her hands that it was something small like a small jewelery box or bracelet.

    And Hayden who likes to keep his private life private would never, ever buy a woman his initial to wear in public! LOL Too funny!

  • purplehearts

    @ you didnt hear this from me
    I smell a f*cking stephen glass wannabe!!! Get your f*cking facts straight & if you knew them you would never come here giving away that f*cking info

    @shes preggers
    your just a f*cking idiot

    @ all that

    that magazine has been misqouted!!! F*ck people cant you hear?? Hayden said a girl and rachel f*cking motions with her hands…we all heard adam had made her a jewelry box!

    @ everyone who thinks the H is for hayden
    even rachel fans can tell you she has had that f*cking H for years!!
    why the f*cking hell would Hayden give her that if they wanted to keep it such a big f*cking secret for her to flaunt around?? She knows the rumors are out there!

    as for the ?s
    they can have their PRs tell the reporters or whoever interviewing them NOT to f*cking ask them about relationships!! If they wanted it kept that hush hush they could say No comment or keep them from asking all to f*cking gether!

  • finn

    @ Rachel’s latest film, Jumper, has been a global box office champ…

    Yeah thats right where she serves as a “over-hype supporting extra w/ one liner predictable dialougues!

  • Irishdreams


    You might find that it’s not Bilson that sell it globally its because of Hayden and Jamie along with Sam but it’s doing good in countries that was in the movie..IT didn’t do well in the one place it had to and that was here the US made the movie and we have good taste I guess we know talent when we see it and bad ass acting when we don’t ..

  • finn

    CRAP, CRAP and more CRAP solely coming from her…

    “Not like Hollyweird would miss her if she did quit. There are hundreds of pretty but talentless bettys just like her sitting in a Starbucks on every corner…”