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Gyllenspoon Have it Made in the Shade

Gyllenspoon Have it Made in the Shade

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal leave their New York City hotel with their shades in tow on Wednesday afternoon.

The pair has been enjoying their time in the Big Apple, stopping by Prune restaurant in the East Village. Reese, 31, and Jake, 27, also spent time in Soho shopping at A.P.C.

The couple dined and laughed with four friends and even shared a steak for two! They “were really cute,” adds the source. “They were really sweet together and they looked really in love.”

More pictures of Gyllenspoon making it in the shade…

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reese witherspoon jake gyllenhall shades 01
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhall shades 02
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhall shades 03
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhall shades 04
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhall shades 05
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhall shades 06

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  • liza

    They are cute together…

  • sal

    I love them together…they are so cute.

    Reese is amazing and is inspiring with her AVON things now.

  • Ivana

    Simply cute!!! I love Jake & Reese.

  • kb

    On some other sites they show Reese with these really nice brown buckled boots. Does anyone one know where they come from?

  • Sebastian

    he’s the bottom.

  • Queer as Yolk…

    Hey Sebastian,

    Jealous much?

    Are you all bitter that your little fantasies turned out to be a pathetic joke? That’s what happens when you decide to listen to gossip columnists.


  • you

    Sebastian, I am sure you are a bottom huh?

  • Phonyspoon

    Reese looks terrible!


  • ms2fab


    march 9th on E! at 1030/930c

    thank you for playing…

  • fake

    “… and they looked really in love.”

    What a joke!

  • RhodeIslandGirl

    Here comes the Dungeon and Dragon crowd.

    Brokeback loserdom in the house!

    The most clever thing they can come up with is “phoneyspoon” or “fauxmance.” Obviously Brokeback Mountain doesn’t attract the smartest fans.

    These little prissy fanboys don’t like Reese because she gets in the way of Jack and Ennis’ love. The harlot.

    Get a life fanboys. It was just a movie.

  • EJ

    Love Jake and Reese!

  • Grease Poonspoon

    Reese isn’t happy!


    Stupid, fake b!tch – serves her right!

  • wicked

    The ten Brokeback Mountain fan boys will be arriving any moment now. They’ll be exchanging ways of winning at Dungeon and Dragons.

  • RhodeIslandGirl

    BTW: Sebastian, Phoneyspoon, Grease Poonspoon, and fake are all the same person.

    This Brokeback fan boy is such a loser. He’s an unemployed moron living with his parents and hasn’t “come out” to them yet. He only pretends to be gay online because he’s such a loser and he doesn’t have the courage to come out. His repressed homosexuality is the reason he is so bitter and lives vicariously through the actions of celebrities. The fact that Jake has proven to be straight has destroyed his entire self-worth and now he is having a crisis of identity.

    This is the type of loser Brokeback Mountain attracts for fans.

  • RhodeIslandGirl

    Notice how the Brokeback Mountain fanboys make comments in twos, threes and fours always using different names. It’s because the ten or so of these idiots try to convince people that there are more of them then there really are. They are pathetic idiots who don’t understand that Brokeback Mountain was just a movie. They are repressed homosexuals themselves who act all gay, and believe in gay rights online where they are anonymous, yet are very much in the closet among friends and family. It’s so obvious and it’s sickening.

    They are ashamed of their homosexuality. So that’s why they think Jake is a closet gay as well. It somehow validates their own closetedness. When they discover that Jake isn’t in the closet and is really straight, they become bitter. They are bitter because what does it say about them? Jake is with women and they are still in the closet. It creates a serious identity crisis for them. But instead of facing their own issues, they take the cowardly way out and go on some anonymous message board and attack Jake for being straight.

    This is the reason everyone thinks these people are the biggest losers online.

    Now go play your Dungeons and Dragons in your mamas basement and leave the computer free,Mama may need it.

  • Sue

    Reese doesn’t look happy. Oh well, thats what happens when you sell yourself in showbusiness. Privacy all goes out the door. Poor bitch. Glad her movie Penelope flopped at the box office this weekend (BIG SURPRISE)!!!!! Her shoes are so ugly. They look like cupcake shoes.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    ryan needs to kick his ass!

  • fronds

    I agree #12.

    Love these two!

  • Helena

    19#, he’s too busy shágging Abbie Cornish.

  • peter

    Looks as if they were dining at Le Atelier de Joel Roubuchon, a super expensive French restaurant in NYC. I don’t know whether the close up of her looks happy. Her downturned mouth (edges) suggest someone who could have a nasty mouth when she wanted to. Tracy Flick may be the real Witherspoon, and that is why she did such a great job with the movie.Or maybe she is irritated that Peneope has been a flop. Why does these people go around with such immense bags, etc. Can;t they afford flunkies to carry their stuff for them?

  • peter

    Correction: actually it is more likely that they were staying at the Four Seasons hotel. They are coming out with bags, etc.. So I would amend my prior post and say they stayed at the Four Seasons and probably ate somewhere else.

  • Ivana

    Reese look so serious and oldfashion, thiese shoes are killing me!!!!!
    He is cute like always!!!!

  • Bored

    Notice how nobody really has any interest in Jake and Reese? All the comments are about Jake being gay or not gay. LOL!!!

  • Da TRUTH

    RhodeIslandGirl is a pathetic guy who gets off on trolling all the Jake/Jake and Reese/Reese sites looking to cause fights. He’s homophobic and heterophobic and plain hates everyone. Pay no attention to him.

  • peter

    Here is a Four Seasons suite. Maybe they stayed in something like this. Or something more modest. Not TOO modest of course. I am sure Avon footed the bill for everything.

  • peter

    An executive suite with ONE king bed (I am sure this is the minimum they would want) at the Four Seasons runs $2210 a night. That’s pretty fancy for Jakeypoo, whose Hollywood Hills house is worth only 1.25 million.

  • Sam

    I like Jake and Reese together. I don’t get the hate. Love Jake and whoever he is happy with, if it Reese, then I am happy.

  • fronds

    Me too Sam. I think they are just really good for each other.

  • RhodeIslandGirl

    Bored and DATRUTH are the same person. Probably the same as the others above.

    Clearly he is someone who hasn’t been shown enough love. His life is empty and he spends too much time living in fantasyland. Let’s all feel sorry for this closet-case. He feels the need to use many different user names because he feels so isolated from society and doesn’t know who he is.

    Personally, I think he is a sick individual. It must be hard living a life that is a lie. That would explain his bitterness towards Jake having a girlfriend. I suppose he wishes that he had someone in his own empty life.

  • Aerobella

    She’s getting a sour face.. all the cute and happy is gone.

  • RhodeIslandGirl

    Correction: Bored, DA TRUTH and Peter are all the same person. He’s also probably the same person who wrote the earlier posts. In fact i’m pretty sure he is.

    Just look at the time of his postings. All three “people” posted within six minutes of each other. He’s not even that clever in covering his tracks. I suppose he thinks that all people are as dumb and gullible as the Brokeback Mountain fandom who will believe anything so long it ends with one guy sucking off another guy.

    He’s that lonely repressed homosexual who trolls these and other boards because he has no friends, no job, no apartment, no life. His own parents don’t know he is “gay.” In fact no one but his imaginary online friends know. He is a total closet case. He has all the hallmarks.

    Let’s have some compassion for this obviously sick Brokeback Mountain fanboy.

  • hiya

    Jake took a break from romancing Reese to meet up with a friend? Quelle surprise! Did Mr. G. also visit Michelle and Matilda while there? Probably not!

  • Anon

    Hiya are you blind, Reese/Jake and Chris are all there. Why do people only see what they want to.

  • Susan

    Such a cute couple!

  • hiya

    They were there because Reese is the celeb spokesperson for Avon and had to hold a speech in N.Y. She and Jake combined it to spend some time together. Go back a few pages and you’ll see pictures of Reese while she held a speech and there are tons of pictures of Jake and her shopping, leaving a restaurant all over the internet . Do your research Anon!

  • beth

    Jake is gay and she’s the beard. HELLO!!! Everybody knows about it Jake, get rid of the beard, she’s ruining your career.

  • me

    Beth, how do you know he’s gay and Reese is his beard? Did you read too much Ted C. bullsh**? Ted is an attention whore, it’s probably all made up. I think Jake and Reese are a real couple, a couple that has good and bad times, just like any other couple!

  • peter

    Who who is the guy behind Jakeypoo in the first picture? He looks to be carrying baggage too out of the hotel. Is he Chris Fisher? You don’t suppose he stayed with Jakey at the hotel, do you? Gee, it would be a shock to think of Reesy as a beard. My Lord.

  • me

    Chris is an old childhood friend, he lives in N.Y. They obviously spent time together while Jake was there!

  • Beard patrol

    Why would someone who lives in N.Y. need to stay at the hotel with Jake? Chris probably stayed there so they could get more than one room without raising any suspicions. That way Jake could flop with Chris at the end of the day after “working” all day.

  • peter

    “Flop”?”Flop”? What do you mean by “flop?” LOLOL

  • petunia

    Flop sounds kinda dirty to me. Like,… you wanna flop with me?

  • ps

    There are some really disturbed people posting here.

  • dbm

    She is unhappy because she knows the world is sick of her!! America’s sweetheart? What a joke. That title should go to Natalie Portman.

  • sal

    everyone who is bashing them is just jealous.

  • bs

    America’s sweetheart, the woman who snubbed Natalie while her beard chatted with Natalie like a couple of sorority sisters.

  • sarurday

    fog fog and fog hag. Is thta Jakes bf or ids that other tall thin guy jake’s bf? I am so confused. One thing I know for sure Reese is not Jake’s gf. No way in hell.

  • sarurday

    These two sad lying people should be ashamed of themselves. It is so sad to see jake come this this. I know in the end he will be free.