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Heidi Montag Talks Spencer Betrayal

Heidi Montag Talks Spencer Betrayal

Us Weekly fave Heidi Montag e-x-c-l-u-s-i-v-e-l-y talks to the mag about her two-year romance with Spencer Pratt. Apparently… there’s another girl.

Spencer and I have really had our ups and downs this past year,” Heidi says. “I’ve definitely been betrayed by friends before, but I’ve never had a boyfriend do this to me… Spencer and I may differ on what it means to cheat.”

Pratt added, “We’re definitely on a roller coaster. I’m not too happy about a lot of things.”

Speidi also have teamed up with Laguna Beach alum Kristin Cavallari. They say she played Cupid for them!

Kristin made it all happen,” Spencer says. “She said to me, ‘I know this girl who’s so hot and perfect for you!’”

How about a new MTV spin-off reality show featuring Heidi, Spencer and Kristin? YOU KNOW YOU’D LOVE IT!

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  • Chase

    gosh, this bitch couldn’t get any more retarded. I cannot stand her, her brother just died for godsakes! I cannot stand Heidi, Spencer, and especially Kristin. These people are SO desperate for attention they’ll say anything or make up anything to get into the papers. US Weekly is disgusting to put her hor-se face on their issue!

  • kathy

    ugh, they are so annoying.

  • Yv3tt3

    gag! Jeez, there such publicity whore’s

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    jared, why do you bother posting this. i know for a fact that you know everything about them is fake – all made up for publicity, so why?

    why, why damn you, whyyyy?@!? haha

  • mimi

    I really don’t like this girl…and this Spencer guy is just DISGUSTING!
    even she deserves someone better!

  • bubbaness


  • Here’s The Deal

    Even when airbrushed, she still looks like an ugly horse.

  • Helena

    Excusively? This is a joke? She’s a z-lister that no one cares about.

  • Regina

    She’s so hideous and evidently US Weekly agrees. They couldn’t even get her proper clothes for the shoot. She’s a dime-store scánk, nothing more.

  • Helena


  • ClaireBabyGirl

    Jared, you really do disappoint me when you post stuff like this? You post it like people care. There’s another girl? *GASP*. *roll*

  • HMO

    Nasty plastic horse face.

  • Arab.Aquarius

    ahhh. i dont even know what to say.

  • Just passing

    Who cares?

  • Ha!


  • xxLostGirl92xx

    I was more amused by the picture of “K-Fed” in the top right hand corner….responsible father figure, yeah right.

    Give Brit back her boys! x

  • me!

    WHO THE F CARES!?!?! Please stop reporting on this talentless attentionwhore.

  • sammantha

    If he cheated on her why didnt she dump him? ohh i know, they wouldn’t be able to have all of this coverage and publicty and magazine deals running after them!!!

    More proof that this ‘relationship’ is a scam!!!

  • slacker chic

    i am so tired of seeing this horse faced bitch. she is famous for NOTHING!

  • Tiffany

    These two are effin retards. I absolutely hate them both. If Spencer “betrayed” you, then why are you still up his *ss? You’re just doing this for the publicity. God, I really hate them. They will do anything to get their names in other people’s mouths.

  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    Really who cares…

    ¦== ===¦

  • Tealeaf

    Kim kardashian is probably jealous she is another talentless famewhore…looking for any PR

    Heidi has a few US covers..poor Kimmy has none

  • Little Loca

    If Speidi and kristin getting their own show would mean they wouldnt be on the Hills.. then I say.. MTV what are you waiting for. Give it to them.

  • sandie

    Who is she again?

  • vanessaxhudgens

    not borthered i don’t like her but i kinda like Lauren Conrad. Are they still fighting???

  • naty

    God this girl needs to go away! I can’t stand her!

  • naty

    God this girl needs to go away! I can’t stand her!

  • Bekka

    Forget her. Look at KFed. Looking good.

  • K-Fat

    K-Fed is ready for a name change.

  • Alison

    She was so stupid to hook up with him in the first place. Anyone could see what he was like…. Heidi was so much more bearable before she hooked up with that tosser. Now she is a completely annoying fake.

  • mesiah


  • Ann

    Lame…who cares?

  • lovely110023

    WOW! I never thought it would come to this. i havent been able to watch the show in awhile but im def. need to watch more.

  • Rebecca

    Time she realizes that not all people likes her.

  • mah

    hate to say, but lauren told her.
    you suck, heidi!

  • jamie lynn

    wow! even your own boyfriend cant stand your nasty a**. haha. i really hope one day you will read everyones comments and realize how sad and pathetic you really are.

  • Luluz

    Hills is one of mi favourite program but to be honest i wish Spencer will just get off the show as Heidi was better of without him.
    Heidi should have stayed with Jordan

  • uggsweet

    Most amazing shoes I’ve ever brought in my life.
    Had mine a year, wore them so much and there perfect!