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Miley Cyrus is Lonely

Miley Cyrus is Lonely

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus arrives at a recording studio in Burbank, Calif. on Thursday afternoon.

Below is the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star’s latest YouTube video from The Miley & Mandy Show featuring Akon‘s song “Lonely”.

Miley Cyrus & Mandy Jiroux – “LONELY”
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miley cyrus lonely 01
miley cyrus lonely 02
miley cyrus lonely 03
miley cyrus lonely 04

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  • Abby


  • lola

    So tired of her…snore…

    –read my blog at

  • caden jay

    i love miley..she is awsome!

  • Zloverbrianna


  • legs

    her face looks bloated on the photos.

  • tina

    wow what the hell that video was stupid

  • five!


  • Tayla

    first love you miley!!!

  • katie

    please stop posting pics of her. we’re all sick of her.

  • Sandro

    Miley is so funny!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    fake ass lohan.

  • emily

    wow im so sick of her, and her hair always looks like she just rolled out of bed. seriouslyyy. she looks 15 going on hooker.

  • rgfgjryukl;jtjkgl; :]

    ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so sick of hearing about her!

  • Alexandria

    i’m onthe 1st page!

    that vid on utube was cute.

  • Lelle

    She looks so tired. does anyone else thinks that shes filming a new HM episode. i <3 miley. people should just stop writing bad stuff about her. if you dont like her, than y do u take ur time reading this and taking ur time to write something. its ok if u dont like her, but keep ur comments to urself!

  • Jamie Renee

    If you don’t like Miley you can simply skip
    over the post and you’ll be just fine.
    Its so simple! So So Simple!

  • kelli

    yeah, she is lonely.
    maybe because she has no friends?
    … and no fans?

  • macaulay

    she is soooo funny:D
    i love her!!
    if you hate her so much why would you keep looking at her??/
    stop posting hait comments
    im getting sick of it!!!
    what the hell i bet all of you guys that are saying these stuff watched that video and you guys probly look at all the pictures of her on
    you guys are pathetic

  • ashlee

    her face looks like its getting fatter

  • erika

    she’s cute!
    super funny!
    & i love that song :)


  • beth

    im not some obsessed fan or anything buts whats with all the negative comments? no ones forcing you to read about her. shes obviously busy and people aren’t going to look their best all the time. i think these people need to get lives.

  • alene

    She’s so overrated, and she’s actually quite ugly, and not pretty at all.

  • hola ya’ll

    Media Whor* / FLAT FACED CAT

  • lore


  • hellogoodbyeer

    her boob looks like it’s about to fall outt.
    but i love the video is cute like the end where miley flips off the bed and mandy starts to laugh it’s so cute.

  • TheTabloidsChic

    who is that other girl?

  • Ayda

    yeah, mandy seems super fake and retarded.
    bahah, but i like miles.

  • agirlnamedjerry


  • A

    Could she have wore a sluttier shirt? Especially for a 15 year old…

  • les

    i like her jeans, but that shirt isnt appropriate for someone so young.

  • Alison

    Can’t stand her!

  • Jordan

    I Love Miley Cyrus
    You All Are Just Jealous
    And I Love The Video

  • 008

    funny but too much miley lately..

  • Naby

    love the miley and mandy show..quite funny and interesting too..really shows her side of her life on not being hannah montana all the time..just being a miley a normal girl,having a blast with closes friends..dancing and do crazy stufff…good videos..hope she and mandy..and all her BFF to do more videos..

  • StardollROXS

    ha ha

  • Jonas Fan

    Holy crap
    I thought the first youtube video of them was bad enough

    Miley spitting out food really makes her look smart :)

  • Amy

    LUV YA MILES!!!!!!

  • kaytee

    she is so sweet. luvv her!!

  • becky

    cole sprouse ‘s videos with his freinds are way better and funnier..
    oh and yeah just cos we dont like her doesnt mean were jealous.
    you always use the same exuses.

  • :)

    i love the miley and mandy show

    ily mileyyy

  • LINA

    i love miley she is so funny

  • Amanda

    I don’t get it. If everyone is so sick of her then why do you guys keep reading about her and talking about her. Just get a life and move past her, just because your sick of hearing about her doesn’t mean everyone is. Get a life, I mean why spend your time posting a comment nobody cares about saying “I am so sick of her.” I mean come on. Nobody cares!

  • paulax3
  • :)

    i agree with #43… like serrriiiousllly it makes no sence if they do that.

  • Brandy

    She is NOT pretty and she’s so fake! Her dad used her so his 15 minutes of fame could be regenerated. She’s nasty nasty looking and her voice sounds like a back woods MAN! She’s is going to have a weight problem one day, that’s obvious. I’m sorry but her face looks like a MULE’S face. YUK! Her co-star in Hanna Mon. is so cute, but Miley got her role simply because of who her dad is.

  • ☆☆☆ Good Biatch ☆☆☆

    I so love Miley,

  • summer

    lol I have to read some of these posts and laugh. Also some are frankly disgusting. How can you people sit there an call a 15 yr old girl a slut and a hooker? It’s shocking and shows a serious lack of class on your part.

    Im not a Miley fan by any means but I have to credit the girl for making the most of what talent she has. Do you really think she cares what you lot are saying about her when she checks her bank statement, uhh..nope. The girl has made millions and that doesn’t seem to show any signs of stopping.

    Also don’t you all remember what it was like to be 15? Every 15 yr old wants to be older! They wanna dress older and act older, it’s a phase that most teens go through. Miley’s is just more obvious especially when, in Hollywood, she’s surrounded by tons of older people, of course the girl wants to fit in and seem older! And all the people saying she’s ugly i’d like to see you lot snapped when ur out and about everyday, im guessing most of em would not be too pretty, and yes im speaking for myself also.

    Just cut the girl some slack.

  • Megan

    agreeeeeeed :)

  • babytee

    I was a Miley fan until she changed her name and Disney and Tish urged her to get that abortion in Mexico. It’s funny how they bombarded the Internet with stories about a ‘hacked webpage’. Everyone believed it just like they believed that a 47 story building fell into it’s own footprint at free fall speed after suffering only some small fires and not being hit by an airplane on 9/11. Google WTC7 .

  • http://yahoo zannesa rules!

    well well look at whos lonely ? maybe her buds ditched her