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Rachel Bilson Makes Bank

Rachel Bilson Makes Bank

A solo Rachel Bilson makes a quick stop at a Los Angeles bank on Thursday.

The 26-year-old Jumper star wore skinny jeans, a black-and-white scarf, gold sandals and red Ray-Ban sunglasses.

UPDATE: Rachel is wearing Park Vogel‘s tie-dye scarf ($213).

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  • R

    Super cute – first!

  • cookie




  • Halli

    Hayden and Rachel are NOT an item. She lives in LA and he lives in Canada, he just bought a huge farm there near Toronto.

  • kat

    i love her style. shes super cute

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    she has the sexiest flat ass i’ve seen in the past 5mins.

  • suddenly

    all of a sudden after all the Jumper press you don’t see Rachel & Hayden out & about together anymore. I swear that was just a publicity stunt

  • ny-girl

    boy she must be more than brangelina.we dont see even their nonworking pics this often.

  • mossy

    she’s cute

  • Jonas Fan

    Love her sunglasses
    She was really good in that movie Jumper

    She’s not that famous though
    Maybe we should keep it that way

  • lark

    So I see that she’s still JOBLESS!

  • becky

    omg she’s so gorgeous !

  • Someone

    She’s so pretty! She’s like my fashion icon.

  • legs

    now i’m beginning to like her bangs and i hate it. lol!
    btw, she looks cute and stylish.

  • natalie

    Shes a cutie.


    Bilson is such a bad actress that it is literally uncomfortable for me to watch her in action on the big screen. I’ve never actually watched The O.C. so I can’t judge her performance based off of her television career, but I have seen her in The Last Kiss and now in Jumper and I just get this overwhelming sense of awkwardness when she appears on screen. The problem is that it’s not only her dialogue that’s bad; it’s also in her facial expressions. Her mouth is constantly moving when it shouldn’t be and she appears to be looking off screen sometimes when she’s supposed to be listening. I don’t know how else to describe it but she’s just uncomfortable, simply put.

  • Kx3 Mommy

    Love, love LOVE Rachel! She’s actually my favorite actress. I think she has great talent, plus she’s beautiful and very personable…not to mention fashionable!! Yes, she and Hayden ARE indeed a couple…Whoever said she’s not famous…well..I’m not sure what rock they’ve been living under! LOL

  • w/sense

    SO WHAT?! She goes to the bank and so do I plus the other millions here in America…big deal! But then when you have money to pay for fame, every SHALLOW & VAPID thing you do could make sense!

  • pathi!

    i love R-B She´s so cute i love her style! .. andd i hateee Haydenn! i want Adammm Broodyyy! they r the perfect couple!

  • rossy

    so many people love adam and rachel.they should get back together. we love them together even here in australia.

  • !


  • Mai

    love her!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    re: HEAR YE

    If she’s looking off screen from time to time it’s because they hold cue cards to the sides, so she can remember her dialogue. She’s not the only performer to do it, Alexis Bledel is another example, and even more famous people like French superstar Gérard Depardieu.

  • tessa

    I love Rachel

  • EWW!!!!!!



    UGH! but I’ll f**k her little sister though!

  • Laura

    Gorgeoouuus. Love her outfit here even more than usual.

  • hearye

    @ # 23

    but at least Alexis Bledel is not a midget, so much prettier and so not a media whore!

  • sam

    It’s sad how some of you have to pick on her height, LOL.

    Newho, like the outfit a lot.

  • jodie

    wow.she looks cute.:D.

  • voice of reason

    Hey Y the trolls and socks arn’t out yet? must be third class at high school.

  • go

    I’m sorry but her acting was just scary-bad..I don’t understand how she got the part.

  • isnt_it

    @ I’m sorry but her acting was just scary-bad..I don’t understand how she got the part…

    And it will be really “comprehensible” if she get to be included in this…

  • liss

    She’s so pretty!!!!

  • Sara



    Thanks for posting these Jared! Love her!

  • EWW!!!!!!

    @ liss and sara




  • ArcticMonkeys

    cute *-*

  • pet

    Rachel is beautiful and so cute

  • cute

    looks adorable as always. the bangs are really working for her

  • selma

    God, she was AWFUL in Jumper…
    She’s now on my blacklist of actrices I must avoid in movies.

  • Charlotte

    Why is it that she’s photographed way more then actual famous people who’ve actually accomplished things in their career? I mean, her movie Jumper wasn’t all that big here in the states, and her acting was horrible in it. Hardly a breakthrough role. Then there’s the OC which mostly teenagers liked anyhow. So why is it that she has like three or four threads a week photographed doing absolutely nothing whatsoever? I think it’s unbelievably sad that she’s more well known for all this mundane crap, than what she actually does for a living….being an actress.

    I mean she’s at the bank for crying out loud, how the hell is that worthy of a damn thread?

  • In Denial

    Thanks JJ
    Love seeing pictures of Rachel, she’s jut so cuuute!!
    Love her!

  • spazzz

    love her style

  • lalalala

    She dresses way better than dumb ass Vanessa Hudgens!!!!!!

  • jackie

    She is adorable.!
    i love her new bangs

  • blah balh


    she looked way better before

    lose the sunglasses rach

  • ocsethummer
  • x-becky-may-x

    i luv her lol she looks reli sweet but a bit skinny or is just me????

  • lcf

    Rachel looks so stylish!!! I like her new pony-hairstyle. Supercutie

  • carlito

    Oh my God!!!! She’s a little goddess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!