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Tom & Katie Double Date with the Whitakers

Tom & Katie Double Date with the Whitakers

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes go on another double date at master chef Wolfgang Puck’s steakhouse in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

This time, Tom, 45, and Katie, 29, dined with Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker, 46, and his wife Keisha, 35.

Just last week, TomKat went on a double date with Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett.

Katie‘s handbag by Lanvin.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie’s brown Azzedine Alaia four-strap sandals?

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  • vebe

    I think tom made every woman beside him look glamorous, but i better like old katie not this one

  • memyself

    why… why… does he grab her like that ALL the time? It makes her look disabled, and makes him look like a controlling jerk.

    Tomkat – stay away from Forest Whitaker!

  • MMM

    The sandals are hideous, but she is cute. Don’t care for them much though.

  • MMM

    Take out the 2nd and 3rd straps from the top and the sandals would be pretty cute.

  • Sarah

    I love Forest and his wife, they both are beautiful and he is an awesome actor.
    I cannot stand Tom or Katie, he is an idiot and she has become a robotic clothes hanger.

    The shoes are awful and she has weird toes!

  • sal

    she looks like a robot just doing what Tom wants.

    She honestly doesn’t look truly happy, not like when you saw here in interviews during her Dawson’s Creek days. Its like she’s brainwashed by that Scientology bullshit that he preaches all of the time.

  • PM

    Her wrist looks like it’s nearly wrenched off! Why does he lead her about her around like that, and why does she let him? He truly looks like he’s hurting her.

  • bubbaness

    I don’t get why they’re always posed like they’re doing a routine for the Ice Capdes. Her shoes are ugly. Her feet are ugly. She used to be fresh, clean and adorable and now she’s a Stepford Wife. He looks like an aging control freak who is so desperate to show off his trophy wife. Ugh. They both suck.

  • please

    she does look pregnant or she is trying to look so!!!btw she doesn’t look happy.

  • lily

    everything about her outift and shoes make her look like an old, ailing lady.

    keisha W. is so pretty and fashionable. wish we could have seen more pics of her.

    one thing i give the crusies that miss posh would never do, and thats hang with black people.

  • shoops

    Way too skinny….think Dawson’s Creek and what she looks like now. It makes her look so old!

  • brenda

    It looks like he is crushing her hand.

  • bcg

    She gets weirder and weirder looking. What gives? She really does look like a much older woman, bizarre. She was so cute and young and hip. She is so skinny and frail looking. She does look like an old lady when he holds her hand like that, just bizarre.

  • erlyn

    Her left hand looks really strange in that 3rd picture. I agree, he is a control freak. Just look at how he is trying to break her hand in that 4th pic! OY! I think she could do SO MUCH better. :(

  • Ivana

    Don’t take me too serious, but i think that Tom is wery possesive person!!!!

  • mouche

    Ouch, his grip on her hand looks really weird! Strange couple those two!

  • Vic

    Fashion icon? LOLLOLLOLLOL Looks like crap! Worst shoes ever for elephant legs. The entire outfit is hideous. Why is he always holding on to her?…..sick!

  • Ivana

    Katie is cute, but she looking so scared….

  • kanta

    why does Tom Cruise always hold Katie Holmes’s hand like she can’t walk or something? Is he trying to be her “clutch” or something? he’s one gigantic freak!!!!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    omg. look, the whitakers are hanging out w/ the crazy cruises. they must be scientologist. uh ooh! i guess everyone’s gonna start hating them now too, like the smiths. lol

  • Ha!

    Maybe the reason people keeps saying that she has aged so much (aside from the fact that she dresses like she’s 60) is that he’s constantly man-handling her and directing her around like she’s elderly? I’m sure he thinks it’s protective and loving, but it comes off as controlling and condescending. Yuck.

  • Faye

    Can she not walk by herself? Control freak!!!

    Why does he constantly hold on to her? In case he let’s go and her parents swoop in and try and rescue the poor girl?

    Tom Cruise is an idiot. I like Forest and his wife I hope they don’t get sucked into Cruise’s weird world like Will Smith and Jada :(

  • notbusy

    Suri will re-appear when either of them needs her to help pimp their next movie. Katie’s face looks gaunt and old. She is only happy when she’s shopping.

  • Ivana

    Faye go girl!!!! Brilliant comment!!!!

  • nokia

    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1

  • anonymous

    I don’t think she has looked worse.
    Gaunt, skinny and slightly shell shocked.
    Hardly a happy young mother, is she?

    Sadly, Katie has been ‘groomed’ by Tom into the CULT of $cientology.
    Katie and Tom and family have “live-in $cientology ‘handlers’.
    They live in their celebrity $cientology bunker and obviously are so far removed from actual reality they can’t even accept that they are part of a big fat global scam.

    If you are a fan of these two or just want to know what they’ve got themselves into with this CULT, check out the websites below.

    If you want to get involved in helping expose all the abuses in $cientology, find out about ‘anonymous’ do a search on youtube or read the sites.

  • peter

    they’re looking so gorgeous
    GO TOMKAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • regina

    Why grab her so much!!! What is he afraid of?? She won´t leave him, she still has aloooot of shopping to do! Her sandals are great, but i think she should STOP spending his money!!!!!!!! Just because she had a kid?????

  • etwa

    tom and katie are absolutely beautiful
    and tom’s lookin so young these days.
    katie looks so much like suri !!!!

    love this family

  • anonymous

    If you stop supporting actors that support the cult
    You stop their cash flow.
    Boycott all movies and projects that feature $$$cientologists.

  • pauline

    This marriage won´t last… she looks unhappy, the only time she´s happy is shopping, with his credit card OF COURSE!!!!!! I am so hppy for Nicole, she is happy, beautiful and pregnant because she loooooooves her man, not because she wants his $$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not write anything negative about her because she looks sick.

  • victoria

    she looks ill, her lips are parched, she is led like a sick old lady, this is just unbelievable, could he be poisoning her? maybe he wants to dump her since he is now a failure, he can blame her & get a new chick.

    I think he is punishing & sabotaging her. TC is evil. Not that she is innocent but I think she is in way over her head.

  • pauline

    she is RIDICULOUS!!!!
    she should STOP $pending hi$ cash!!!!
    he has other children besides herself and that suri…!!!!!!

  • shayes

    She should not wear shoes that show her toes they are ugly look like they belong on a monkey

  • esther

    Somewhere Nicole Kidman is laughing out loud

  • pink

    katie looks beautiful. Forest Whitaker directed her in First Daughter. They’ve been friends for a long time.

  • lily

    haha, that’s so true #36 and I am sure Pene Cruz is thanking Jesus, Joseph and Mary that she got away from him when she did because this could have been her.

  • jennifer

    Apparently none of you are married!!! He is holding her hand in a protective and gentle way.
    Kate looks older than Dawson’s creek because ….Hello….she is older now.
    And VERY glamorous. Very few actresses can carry a true Hollywood glamour. She has grown up and into a beautiful lady.

    I am wondering though if she could be expecting??? She has a first trimester look about her.

  • louise

    she is so pale an thin now…she looks sick!

  • lara

    i like whitaker couple, but Cruise couple is so annoying.his smile is stupid and she is boring!

  • Claire

    she looks so unhappy! i’m sorry for her, because i used to like her, Tom make her life a nightmare!

  • ben

    why people are surprised she is not happy? she didn’t married for love! she only wants money and publicity! she is so bad actress that she needs to get media attention for other reasons!

    poor Suri!

  • Jay

    I guess he is trying to get all the blacks he can into that scientology junk now.
    why else is he always trying to front with other black couples now.
    He does look like a sick control freak.

  • helen

    she should not use sandals, her feet is ugly…i like the dress tough, but she looks tired and sad…i’m sorry for her because i still like her. i don’t understand what she sees in Tom!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    The woman looks so old!!

  • dean

    THAT is not Katie Holmes. That is just the latest piece of carp that tiny tommy train wreck created.


  • Janel

    Class all the way…..dont think she is preggie.

  • hallmark

    Tom and Katie along with the Whitakers look so pretty. Forest and Katie have been friends since he directed her in First Daughter.

    Jared, will you follow Tom on his filming for Valkyrie?

    Thanks Jared.

  • Sadielarue

    Katie Holmes used to be such an attractive young woman. Now she looks like a deer caught in headlights, she looks emaciated, she looks like she cannot think for herself. Too bad.