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Vanessa Hudgens Has "Will" Power

Vanessa Hudgens Has

Vanessa Hudgens chats away on her iPhone on the Texas set of her latest movie, Will.

The film centers on a high school outcast and a popular girl who form an unlikely bond through their shared love of music. Assembling a like-minded crew of misfits, the friends form a rock group and perform in the battle of the bands competition at their school.

Earlier this week, for her character, the 18-year-old High School Musical star was seen performing on stage with a Gibson Flying V guitar.

Rocker chick Vanessa!

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  • helen




  • Gaki

    tsk. 1st?

  • http://msn Lips,tits,and Obama is the one


  • helen


  • Gaki

    right. so I’m second.


  • Candy

    OMG! She’s so cute ( : I love ness (L. Look at she, hudgens so perfect! ok, my english is very bad ! x ) Post me in mi photolog ? Please! Kiss.

  • Biiih

    aaaiii is beautiifuul ;)

    i love you sou much divaaa!

  • vanessahudgensfan

    no words can describe her but this…


  • miss

    euh She is 19 ! not 18

  • Chocolate Babe

    She looks beautiful !!

  • VT


  • Natalie


    haha shes probably talking to Zac or Ashley!
    SOOO glad jj posted a new V post & can’t wait for HSM3!!!
    we love you vanessa! shes so super cute, i wish i could pull off her looks sometimes, lol
    who else is excited for Will & her new cd!!! meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • brea

    Jared, Vanessa does not play the popular girl. Aly (from Aly & Aj) does. Vanessa play’s the outcast girl and stuff.

  • kristen0606

    she looks really pretty here and i can’t wait for this movie! I hope she is talking to z!! That would be too cute! She looks really happy on the phone so who knows who she is talking to but we can hope! :)

  • leslie

    i love her hair and her little dress , she’s so cute when she smiles!!
    thanks for the vanessa news JJ :D

  • annaspain

    ohhhhh!!!i love her!!!she is gorgeous,lovely,nice….(—)…from spain….we love you_always!!!!

  • http://justjared v-fan

    love her !!

  • alemba

    wow sooo cool dress

  • http://justjared luvim

    she always looks great in whatever she wears. simple and beautiful.

  • Vanessasupporter

    Please: All those Vanessa out here, read this!
    This all is my opinion. It’s okay if you don’t agree. I just want to make a point.

    My question is really simple: Why do you hate Vanessa:

    Because most people hate her because of her scandal. I’m really sorry that I bring it up again. I know we all want to forget it. But who are you to judge her on those photo’s. It was her decision. And it was a few years ago. She is a teenager, she has a lot to learn. Like all of us. So what, she made a mistake, don’t we all. I mean she has to live with so many people seeing her naked and all you can think off she deserves it. If she hadn’t done it it wouldn’t have happened. But do you really think that when she was 16 she would have known: “Oh, when I’m older I’m going to star in High School Musical and become really famous. No, I don’t think so. And she didn’t even had a reason to apologize. I mean it’s her life and her decision. But still she apologized. So why can’t you appreciate that. She didn’t even lie about it. Many of you said that her mother was crazy that she didn’t punish her or whatever. But don’t you think that is punishment enough. She will always stay a role model to me and many other fans.

    Or is it because you like Ashley:
    Many fans think that just because they like Ashley they have to hate Vanessa. They feel like the need to choose. But that’s not true. I mean they are best friends. Ashley even calls Vanessa her twin sister. So they must be really close. And what do you do, you bash her best friend. Do you really think she would appreciate that? Just think about it. They are 2 really beautiful, amazing young woman. Why choose if you could be a fan of both. (Although I’m a bigger Vanessa fan, Ashley is really great too).

    Or is it because she took Zac away from you or she is the reason Zashley doesn’t exist:
    I just have 1 question. Who has to live the life with one of them. Zac, don’t you think so. So what gives you the right to decide who she should be with. It’s obvious that Zac is really into Vanessa (Look at those pictures of the palm springs festival). And many many more pictures and sayings of him about Vanessa prove that. He and Ashley are friends. Why can’t you just Accept that. I also heard that people were teasing Zac because he had a poster of Vanessa hanging in his room (I thought that was so sweet). Also Ashley is dating Jared. And she looks really that. So you as a fan should appreciate that. And Vanessa didn’t take Zac away from you. Do you really think you have a chance with him. Vanessa makes him happy. And as a fan of Zac you should be happy if he is happy. No matter if you don’t like the person he is with. So just be happy for both of them. It is really rare to find your true love at such a young age. I think they are both lucky to find each other. It was fate. And people say Zac is too good for Vanessa. How do you know that? Do you know him personally? No, I thought so. Most people just look at the looks. It isn’t about looks. And even if it was, Vanessa is really beautiful so even than he isn’t too good for her. And he doesn’t think he is too good for her. If he did he would have dumped her a long time ago. I mean they have been together for more than 2 years by now. That has to mean something. And people think it is only for publicity. If it was then they really are good actors. I mean if they can act the way they look at each other. They really deserves an award for that. And really I really think there love for each other is really strong. I mean they make so much people happy. For example I saw those palm springs festival photos at Sunday at the next day I had school after a holiday. I really didn’t want to go. The whole day I was sad because the nest day I needed to go to school. I know I’m crazy but I really hate school. But than I saw those photos and I was squealing like crazy because I was so happy. There love can make so many people happy and we aren’t even in it. They really inspire me. And I also heard that at the thunderbirds premiere when they didn’t even knew each other Zac said in an interview that he wanted t work with that girl (meaning Vanessa). And what happened a few years later they work together in High School Musical like Zac said is was fate. And he thinks she brings a sparkle to everything. If that isn’t love than I don’t know what is! And why support Zashley or Zikki or any other couple if you can support a couple that actually exists.

    Vanessa really is amazing. I mean she becomes really annoyed with the paparazzi, but still she takes the time to greet them. And she really cares about her family. She is like a normal girl even though she is so famous. And there are some people who hate her because she is more famous than your favorite actress. There is no need for that. I mean she didn’t do that. It’s because we all like her. And really you don’t have to be a fan of hers or you don’t have to like her. Just don’t bash her. She really doesn’t dese

  • jodie

    don’t care abt her.:P

  • Vanessasupporter

    She really doesn’t deserve it. And I’m sure Vanessa is going to prove that all to you, with Will her album or another project of her. And if you don’t like High School Musical doesn’t mean you automatically have to hate her. And think about it what if all those hateful comments really get to her. She is going to think really bad of herself, and it would be all you fault. Do you really want that?

    I really hope I changes some of your minds, and if I didn’t at least I tried.
    And I’m sorry for my spelling I am not good in English. I live in Holland.

  • jenny

    very gorgeous vanessa!!!!!
    i saw those pix of vanessa on stage
    i cant wait to see thisMovie
    she looks cute in that dress where can i get it
    she sings so the movie will have an album good
    for vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessasupporter

    if you don’t care about her than don’t bother to come here.
    She really looks amazing by the way.
    Zay is soo lucky

  • laura


  • Nathália

    Será que sou a primeira brasileira a comentar?
    Tenho certeza que nesse filme ela terá muito sucesso!
    Daali Vanessa!!


  • Vanessasupporter

    if you don’t care about her than don’t bother to come here.
    She really looks amazing by the way.
    Zac is soo lucky

  • ***

    I think she is talking to Ashley. I think I can see Ashley’s picture on her phone when I zoomed it.

  • angel

    I can’t wait to see Will! ^_^
    thanks Jared!

  • bobbi

    Boring, as usual. Can’t stand her.

  • Studmuffincrazy4_LIFE


  • Studmuffincrazy4_LIFE


  • Studmuffincrazy4_LIFE


  • http://justjared zanessa fan

    I miss zanessa.

  • just the facts

    laura @ 03/06/2008 at 9:33 am

    Thanks for letting us know how you feel about yourself. It’s always difficult to make such things public but now that we know we’ll understand when you comment again.

  • chickie

    So tell me Vanessa fans how do you feel about her getting busted for underage drinking by an undercover cop?

    Aw yes, of course it’s not true…she would NEVER do that. Well not to worry , I read they are gonna just sweep it under the carpet for this little act of stupidity and pretend it did not happen.

    She is a wild girl to the core of her and this squeaky-clean image for disney must be driving her crazy!!

  • may
  • may

    Sorry . . advance the screen to picture #3

  • Karen


    I know it won’t matter to you but Cosmo Girl withdrew that article because it was false. It was proven with pictures that she wasn’t even in LA but was in in Austin, Texas at the time. It is REALLY HARD to get arrested in LA when you are actually in Austin where there is movie cameras all around filming you. How MUCH proof do you need to know that rumor was a lie??

    There was also another website blasting the Cosmo Girl report because there was no proof of what they had written and they even had pictures to disprove it. So there!

  • liefy

    i love vanessa hudgens
    she’s awesome!!!!
    she rocks!
    she’s probaly talking to zac!!

  • Joey

    So basically…this movie is going to have the same plot as High School Musical, awesome.

  • Michelle

    Yay! Another Vanessa update. Thanks JJ!

  • april

    Yeah ! She looks beautiful ! Thanks JJ

  • meg

    Chickie I read the same articel about her drinking and even her own mother called her stupid!

    Yeah this chick is going to self-destruct in time. She is a far cry from a role model and Disney has their hands full with her. It just amazes me how naive so many people are about her actions.

    Efron needs to cut his losses with this one as soon as their HSM#3 deal is over. She spells trouble. But hey, “wink, wink….” we know nothing bad they print about her is true!!

  • Michelle

    Hey chickie, get your facts straight. Vanessa was in Texas filming at the time of the “supposed arrest” in California. There are pics of her on the set to prove it. If she did get arrested, wouldn’t the tabloids and all the blogs out there be feasting by now with her mug shot as proof??!?? *rolls eyes*

  • vanessahudgensfan

    oh that fuckin article is just a lie…
    how can one person be arrested in another place?
    imagine, from california to austin?

  • sam

    I love those pictures, she looks adorable!

  • meg

    My , my, cheerleader Karen….a bit testy this morning.

    Of course the article is not true……what were they thinking? Why make up such a salacious story about such a sweet girl??

    We are all fools…..don’t you think?

  • chickie

    Michelle perhaps she’s not as important to the rest of the world as to you , and the tabloids could care less about her.

    Publicists for celebrities are great at cover-ups or haven’t you ever heard that?

  • SOFF