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Abigail Breslin is My Sister's Keeper

Abigail Breslin is My Sister's Keeper

Little Miss Sunshine breakout star Abigail Breslin plays it cute in a few skirts on the set of her new film, My Sister’s Keeper, in Pasadena, Calif. on Thursday.

My Sister’s Keeper is a movie about a young girl who sues her parents for the right to make her own decisions about how her body is used when a kidney transplant is planned in order to potentially save her older sister. The Notebook‘s Nick Cassavetes will direct.

According to Wiki, Dakota and Elle Fanning were originally set to play the sisters but Dakota changed her mind when she found out she would have to shave her head to play the leukemia-suffering character of Kate. Elle dropped out along with her sister, and they were replaced with Sofia Vassilieva (pictured below) and Breslin.

DO YOU THINK Sofia’s head is really bald or she’s wearing a bald cap?

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  • Nic


  • wall

    good little actress

  • krung krung

    i love love Breslin, she’s very very cute in the movie Lil Miss Sunshine, loved the part when she had her dance talent, so cute.

  • Julia

    I love Abigail! Amazing little actress.
    I don’t know if Sofia is actually bald. I would imagine yes. If she could wear a bald cap, wouldn’t Dakota have kept the role?

  • gaki

    I love Abigail Breslin, and I think the spunky attitude the synopsis used to describe her role fits her personality.

    I think they really shaved her head. Dakota wouldn’t drop out that quickly if her sources told her it wasn’t true.

  • Marie

    This is perhaps a bit far fetched but isn’t tha the girl in medium? Can she even shave her head is she is a main character in a show? Anyways my guess would be that that is a bald cap

  • Nando

    What ska.nky miniskirts for a little girl.

  • Bailey

    sofia DID shave her head for the role. that is not a bald cap.

  • willow

    I am tired of every child role going to Breslin. I’m not looking forward to watching her in the American Girl movie at all.

  • Amy

    My mother read the book and wouldn’t stop talking about how great it was for weeks.

  • xXxxX

    first of all ms. breslin is a snotty little b. i. t. c. h. who always gez what she wants second of all she’s a terrible actress and third of all of course that’s not a cap, if it was I’m sure dakota fanning would have kept the role…

  • candace

    Yes, it is the girl from medium, and she had really long beautiful hair, which would be nearly impossible to hide under a cap, whereas dakotas hair is kind of thin and probably would have looked better after growing back from being shaved….

  • MseB

    She is bald.

    Dakota Fanning and her little sister were originally supposed to play the parts but the one didn’t want to shave her head – so they replaced them.

  • remember da truth

    The person calling Abigail a bi tch sure sounds like one herself, and a spoiled little snotty one, at that.

  • Sander

    I’m looking forward to this movie. Good book, but very sad. I never liked Dakota Fanning, but love Abigail!

  • Rayt

    Im gnna boycott this movie. WTF would dakota have to shave her head? F—ing idiots. I will never see this. Abigails getting every kids role now, just cause of her *undeserved* oscar nom.

  • naty

    I red the book she dies at the end, at least on the book didn’t like the book

  • Madi

    I love, love, LOVE this book, and I was really upset that the Fanning sisters got the roles of Kate and Anna, because I don’t think they can act at all. Now, I would never shave my head for anything, but then again, I’m not actor. Actors are supposed to do what their role calls for, and it’s clear Dakota is not that serious of an actress if she wouldn’t shave her head for a part. Natalie Portman did it for a role.
    But I’m not complaining. I love Abigail Breslin; not sure about this girl, but hopefully she can pull it off.
    Rayt – Dakota would have had to shave her head because she’s playing a dying cancer patient.

  • Nina

    THANK GOD Dakota Fanning dropped out, I can’t stand her. I love Amy Poehler as her on SNL though so funny.

    Abigail is so cute, I’ll probably watch it now that she’s in and Fanning is out

  • chris

    I’m looking forward to watching this movie

  • imogen

    i am so glad abigail is playing the part in stead of dakota!
    no offence to any dakota fans but i think she is a spoilt brat who acts like she is 17! Abigail is so much cuter and she has much more talent! and if the rumours are true then it proves that Dakota has nothing in the business, as looking like the part is part of acting

  • maz

    On her role Kate in My sister’s Keeper]: There are scripts when you fall so much in love with your character. And if you are lucky and offered this part you should not tempt your fate and go to the greatest extent to be/to play this character. If you have an opportunity to do that and you do not, it’s shameful. Shaving my head was the least I could do for Kate to experience the degree of her isolation and outcast from a ‘normal’ healthy life. It is like balancing between two realities

    read it in her bio on imdb, very intelligent girl and speaks alot of languages and wants to learn farsi! as an afghan deeply impressed! can’t wait for the film, the book was amazing made me devour alot of jodi picoults books!

  • okayalready

    Breslin is NOT taking over for Dakota. Sophia is taking over for Dakota. doesn’t dakota make 3-4 movies a year? If she shaved her head she would be in wigs for a year. ..
    By the time Sophia has to be back for Medium she’ll probably have enough to put extentions in or something. Damn, she had beautiful hair though.

  • kat

    Loved the book…SO happy that Dakota and Elle aren’t playing the roles of Kate and Anna. They’re decent actors, but I think Abigail and Sophia will do a better job. The Fanning’s are a little overrated, I think.

  • Izzie

    it seems like she is REALLY bald o.o’

  • meeee

    omg i read this was amazing..cant wait to wacth this..

  • justa mia

    Love Abigail…she is always natural and sweet in interviews and her movies, so far, have been very entertaining. LMS was adorable and she deserved a lot of credit for its success. Go Abigail!!!!!

  • Linny

    Yeah, Sofia shaved her head for the role.

  • lola

    That’s fantastic! It’s one of my favorite Jodi Picoult books, ever.

    –read my blog at

  • TJ

    Jodi Picoult has some great books, but my favourite is ‘My Sister’s Keeper’. I’ve been looking forward to this movie for ages and have to admit I don’t particulary like Dakota Fanning that much- but I don’t really know anything about her sister.
    Anyone thought that Dakota might have been jealous because her sister would have had a bigger role?

    I’m glad Abigail and Sofia have the roles.

    # 7. That skirt is nothing- it’s not even that short and you’re just being stereotypical.

    # 11. How on earth would you really know what Abigail is like? Seems more like you’re speaking for yourself there….

  • b


    how would dakota get future roles if she shaved her head. all you people saying dakota isnt serious in this business, find out the facts. contracts were signed and dakota was NOT to shave her head. they movie would have been amazing with the fannings. good luck now.

  • Leonidych

    Not only Sofia shaved her head, but her brows, too.

  • Rayt

    # 18 I know that you idiot. But these days whats the need to shave the head, use a bald cap! And in the book Kate has all her hair anyway. This movie will be shit.

  • Rayt

    Dakota would be ripped to shit for being bald, she gets ripped to shit for doing anything now anyway. Abby is the overrated one. Wtf did she get an Oscar nom for LMS? She didn’t do anything spectacular in that role at all, sure she was good but not worth an oscar, it’s so beyond me why they picked her. Now she’s getting every role for kids because they think she’s the best. And everyone’s backing her up on here because she got the nom. It’s all bullshit. I won’t see this movie, the media have handled this “Dakota being replaced” thing so fucking badly that I’m just going to refuse to see it. Nick Cassavetes is a dick.

  • :-)!!!

    I loved my Sisters Keeper. Since I have read it I have been anticipating the movie. In fact ‘The Lovely Bones’ by Alice Sebold is also a favorite book of mine being turned into a film – can’t wait for both of these!

    As for all the negativity at Abigail Breslin – why so harsh? Just wait until the movie comes out and judge her then.

    I will admit I was disappointed when I heard Dakota and Elle were pulling out just because Dakota wouldn’t shave her head, because I feel this will be an award winning film. But I am delighted Sofia has the role of Kate, and I am equally happy Abigail will play Anna.

    Does anyone know who will play the mother?

  • Home

    Rayt, you need to change your tampon or if you’re a guy, go have a beer.


    Don’t want to watch the film? Your loss entirely. However, the way that you have ranted continuously about this subject, I believe you will indeed watch the film ;)

  • breezy

    Dakota was willing to do a brutal rape scene in hopes for an Oscar which could affect her for her lifetime, but shaving hair it will grow back in time.

  • Jenny

    I can’t believe Sofia shaved off that AMAZING hair she had !!!! She had that reeeeeeeally long blonde hair, and she’s such a pretty girl… But I guess it does show she has guts though.And i think she’s a great actress.
    I like abigail too, she’s really talented.
    I haven’t read the book, but I have heard of it. sounds like a good story ..:)

  • JJ

    I love love love love this book. Read it in two days and couldn’t put it down! Had me in tears! But I was kind of glad the Fanning girls were out because I can’t picture them in this role especially since imo Elle is far to young to play Anna. But I’m also having trouble with Cameron Diaz as the mother. Other then that I think Abby and Sofia will do an excellent job in the roles. I hear Alec Baldwin is playing the lawyer which is cool since in the book he’s kind of quick and witty!

    And I can’t believe people would actually bad mouth children by calling them bitches (whether it be the Fanning’s or Breslin) Get over yourself! These are kids for goodness sakes. Some people are just jealous that these children have more money then they could of dream of having!

  • Pheph

    I LOVED the book… but i am really upset about the casting… i think they should have picked someone that looked like they were 13… however, abigail is MUCH better than those fanning kids… making dakota fanning out to be a 16 year old? what were they thinking… i will still see the movie, but i have a feeling it’s going to be a let down

  • kaykay

    The people who love the book should know that the ending is changed for the movie.

  • Cierra

    I LOVED this book. I read it in one night, one sitting. I even cried. I’m sad the Fanning girls are not going to do the movie because I simply love Dakota but I also love Abigail and She’s gonna be amazing!

  • Lauren

    can i just say … Dakota is probably one of the most dedicated actresses out there, she couldnt just shave her head, i mean she has other movie roles she is working on and things coming up, so she wouldnt be able to just do it, she has to think of the upcoming projects…

    a good make-up artist + fanning, could have = a good bald cap application … Dakota’s hair could have been hidden underneath (im studying special effects make-up and my hair was hidden underneath one just fine) dunno why they didnt do that

  • http://comingsoon Hollywood1Hugefan


  • amanda

    i am SO looking forward to this movie!!! i LUVVVVVV the book….very sad…but i think abigail breslin is perfect!! she’s so cute….and i think its mean of u to say that about her…….this movie better be GREAT or else im gonna bawl my eyes out:)

  • shgf

    I think Sofia looks hotter then she ever did on medium. I always wanted her to cut her hair and now she shaved it for a movie. Medium was to little for her talent, i hope this movie propels her career. the fact that Sofia was willing to sacrifice all her super long thick blond hair for a movie and the fact that Dakota whose hair is not that long or thick shows that Sofia will go places that Dakota won’t. Natalie Portman got a buzz cut for V and when she was in the professional they had her cut her hair for that role. Abigal is not a spoiled brat as someone said, if any thing Dakota is since she pulled out for having to shave her head. I doubt she had other roles lined up, plus she could have worn a wig. Abigal may not have been Oscar worthy but some one thought she was. I hope Sofia get a nomination for this movie, she shaved her eye brows and head for this role, hats off to you, you are more beautiful now then before.

  • Kleinthz

    I very-very love Abigail Breslin she’s sooooooo C..U…T..E..
    She beautiful,and yeah I see…her face like Heather O’Rourke(Carrol Anne,Poltergeist I,II,III)

  • lexy

    i’m so excited for this movie! i loved the book and i love abigail breslin!

  • satie

    i lovvve dakota n abigail…