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Charlize Theron is Sleepwalking

Charlize Theron is Sleepwalking

Charlize Theron (in Lanvin) arrives at Overture Films’ screening of her new film Sleepwalking held at the Director’s Guild of America on Thursday in Hollywood.

Charlize, 32, both produced and starred in the film. Nick Stahl also starred.

Sleepwalking, out March 14th, is the story of James Reedy (Stahl), a simple man who leads a less than ordinary existence. When his sister Joleen (Theron) seemingly abandons her daughter Tara (AnnaSophia Robb) with him, Reedy finds himself ill equipped to deal with the care of his 12-year-old niece.

25+ pictures inside of Sleepwalking woman Charlize Theron

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charlize theron sleepwalking premiere 01
charlize theron sleepwalking premiere 02
charlize theron sleepwalking premiere 03
charlize theron sleepwalking premiere 04
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charlize theron sleepwalking premiere 18
charlize theron sleepwalking premiere 19
charlize theron sleepwalking premiere 20
charlize theron sleepwalking premiere 21
charlize theron sleepwalking premiere 22
charlize theron sleepwalking premiere 23
charlize theron sleepwalking premiere 24
charlize theron sleepwalking premiere 25

Photos: David Livingston/Getty Images for Overture
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  • 008


  • legs

    i’m not really into her gladiator dress but she looks pretty.

  • Lori

    I actually like the dress, but not her. I’ve read she is a real diva.

  • gina

    A cold woman and another Marion Cotillard.


    I just read her blog on a celeb site called ‘S earching M illionaire DOTcom’.can’t believe she is also a good writer.

  • happy

    She looks great!

  • a

    if you look at the 2nd pic, you can see her EXTREME backhair. ha

  • zoe

    i actually like her dress. it really suits her body. she looks gorgeous but #4…how is she another marion cottilard? charlize’s been known in the hollywood industry ages…

  • zoe


  • bolishopin

    damn so faking hot as usual… real nice dress and heels!!!

  • becky

    aww she’s so pretty !

  • Martin

    to UYYUS: You read Charlize’s blog?? Can i have the link please?

  • mio
  • soso

    she’s one of the most beautiful actress in hollywood

  • celebaddict

    I love her dress, she looks cool!

  • TINA

    She looks absolutely stunning wow, from the dress to the hair to that hotness face im speechless , i love this talented down to earth private woman some outrageous whores in hollywood should take some note .

    Thanks jared !

  • suus

    Well, I am sorry, but she has always the same stupid pig look on her face, no expressio at all…

  • Marie

    She is just stunning the Grace Kelly and the Kim Novak of nowadays , she personify the elegance and class so beautiful and lovely .
    As for lori and gina or should say the same old obsessed addicted jealous hater ? this all what you have found you loser ? depesrated to bash pathetic loser someone you don’t know personally ?go find some help you ridiclous jealous ho i feel sorry for the ppl like this.
    She is one of the most low key ppl form the time she is working in this industry all the ppl who work with her say how much down to earth , lovely and respectable she is everyone ,and i met her personally in canada for a Rolling Stones concert what an adorable woman she was going out after the concert i cross her outside told her hi she was so sweet and simple she stoped say hi to me and let me take a picture of her she was radiant i have the picture , i would never forget that day thank you charlize !

  • Marie

    Oh forget to include “suus” in the list of the same old pathetic hater and sure ( ugly) , wow i feel bad for you really you know you can find some solution to your problem the therapy at the beganing could help you to spew all your ” obsessive jealous hate” you’ll start to became normal ,some exercises to take a deep breath as well.

  • Lydia

    Breathtakingly Beautiful as always, she is so funny she cracks me up at the Harvard University she has a lot of sense of humour she was hilarious there hahaha,i love this talented woman she doesn’t take herself too seriously and what a brave woman the destiny of this woman is incredible with all the horror she has gone through i say hands down for your courage in your place i will go crasy or shoot myself easily ..i admire her courage she is a survior, so i say thanks for the real lesson of courage , thanks for your modesty and generosity .

    Thank god for the private , talented , humble , low key ppl who knows the real life like charlize in hollywood .

  • Love me some charlize

    Omg she is so beautiful ! one of the most beautiful actress i’ve ever seen ,i love her stunning eyes her sensual lips her hot cheek bones her feminine face feautures her rocking body , a statuesque beauty ,and how can i find a dress like this i love it it’s so original class/hot and 40′s at the same time a modern hot mix i want this dress ! she is a real fashonista .

  • Mediterranean

    I shall always believe that Charlize is the best life-partner for George Clooney.

    The problem is her past and the way she is now. She has a clean past, she is elegant, graceful and has class. When you look at the girlfriends George has had in his life, they are exactly opposite of Charlize.

    But why not? Maybe one day!

  • Chelsey

    I’ve met Nick Stahl! wahoo.

  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    By the way, her hair looks pretty good and her makeup is always magnificant :-)

    The definition of perfect.

    ¦== ===¦

  • Nic

    She has beautiful eyes.

  • bear

    she is the most beautiful actress in hollywood today. Seriously she makes Scarlett Johansson and Katherine Heigl look like the Walmart versions of her. lol. That’s how pretty she is.

    And she’s a damn good actress if anyone’s seen Monster, that’s one of the best performances of all time.

    And she seems to have a really cool personality. All you people that have bad things to say about her are just jealous haters because everyone that knows Charlize has said how cool and funny she is. And even her ex boyfriend said that she was perfect in every way and had no flaws at all. If you ex is saying that about you, that must be good.

    Everyone close up on her eyes in the last pic! OMG they are BREATHTAKING !!

  • ricki

    She’s beautiful, but forgettable.

  • ricki

    Forgot to add, I just can’t bring myself to watch Monster. No interest in that film.

  • angel eyes

    lydia/ yeah definitely if i was in her place seeing my father death face to me i will loose my mind and finish in a psychiatry, what a lesson of courage she got all my respect for it , especially whene we hear some actresses who are born in beverly hills with a famous rich parents and said they want to suicide because they were ” bored” im wondering what they will have done then if they were in the place of charlize and lived that drama , i admire her for chosing loving the life and being positive and the way she handles her life and succed after a nightmare like this , big up ! oh and she is so gorgeous and talented .

  • http://justjared.buzznet.COM omar

    she is so hot !

  • bear

    yeah guys Charlize has had a rough life and very dark past and that’s why her work in Monster is so powerful because she uses her past demons. I was reading this article about how she saw her father get shot and killed when she was 15. And she saw someone in a burning car get their head blown off by another person when she was only 5! T
    his woman has seen a lot in her life and by all accounts is a good person that is very grateful for her success in hollywood. And she’s drop dead gorgeous and has an Oscar. So her life seems to be going much better.

  • bear

    maybe forgettable to you Rick but not to me. When I think about the most beautiful blonde in hollywood I always think of Charlize Theron and not these other overrated Scarlett Johansson and Katherine Heigl. Charlize to me stands out as the only blonde who would fit perfectly with the lieks of Lana Turner and Veronica Lake in the old hollywood days.

  • lola

    Oh, wow. She looks bloody fantastic.

    –read my blog at

  • sophie

    Her acting just blow me away she is terrific ,she is famous by her own hard work and talent and not by a scandals or by a famous parents like most of the bitches of hollywood, we don’t see her face on the covers of the tabs every week , she is rare we see her only in the premiers of her movies and the awards shows whene she is nominated , she is a class act .

  • celebrityfanchat rap

    she is beautiful

  • dt

    Dress is gorgeous. Another Dior?

  • dt

    Dress is gorgeous. Another Dior?

  • estella


    It’s lanvin i find it gorgeous as well , She looks fabolous .

  • whatever

    Charlize Theron is the best looking actress in the world! There are many that are beautiful or pretty, but Charlize is #1. She has the elegance and glamour of Grace Kelly. NOBODY else can touch that! And she is an amazing actress!

  • hypocrite

    Yawn. Go do some more PSA’s about fake women in Hollywood Charlize – add yourself to the list hypocrite.

    You should start brining your makeup stylist and dress designers onto the red carpet with you. Without them – you would be nothing. Keep caking that makeup on, hypocrite…all while you tell everyone else to stop wearing it. .

  • hypocrite

    ricki said: She’s beautiful, but forgettable.

    I agree! She is a big YAWN and is only better than average when she uglies herself up. Her failed attempt at wearing less makeup in the forgettable In the Valley of Elah – only showed how she tries too hard to be known as a “serious actress” — thing is, Charlize, you need your looks to keep your name in the press. No wonder the majority of comments about her are about her superficiality (her looks). That’s all she has and that’s all she’ll ever have.

  • pathetic bitch

    Hypocrite you again ???? i see that your deseparted hate and jealousy is going beyond the madness poor desperated loser i think even the psychiatry can do nothing for you , you obsessive disgusiting hater why this obsessive hate toward a woman you don’t even now personally just beacuse you have a problem with your own self you’re jealousy is pathetic do you realise at least that you have a problem you piece of shit?? cuz most of the freaks don’t release it …..

    You wish you could look like her you ugly deperated bitch even in your deepest dreams , from her talent to her natural beauty to her class to her exemple courage to her generosity your idol the puffy talenteless attention ho honassan should take some notes you’re the biggest hypocrite ever and you wear very well your name why you don’t say that to your idol whore who is only famous for fucking most of her co workers and get fucked in the elevators and make a 4 time in a month an hiv test as a slut why you don’t tell to the hypocrite of your idole who keep saying ” im tired whene ppl say im hot ” and all what she do is getting half naked in the magazines you hypocrite and you got the nerve to came here hating on charlize who is a respectable class act who is recognized world wide by her talent with your ridiclous no-sense idiot dumb crappy comment this all what you have ????, hating on her because she is beautiful hahahhahaha next try to find something else cuz you’re realy ridiclous so pathetic aren’t you tired repeating your same old crap over and over ??hahaha and do you have a life at least ?

    Her name is keeping in the press and keeping world wide by her terrific talent by her plenty awards wins and honors and nominations and not for being fucking in the elevators and for the hiv tests or for dating 4 differents guys each month as your idol .and she is one natural beauty who is not trying so hard and who is not obsessed by the look as your puffy slutty pig who btw is doing what right now ? and what she has done lately ? does she has been in all the film festivals of this year to persent and to be honored like charlize for the valey of elah , sleep walking…does she has been seen on the screen of the oscars shows that year as charlize face to tommy lee jones in their terrfic scene for in the valey of elah or in the best oscar winners actresses through the years like charlize that we saw with the other oscars actresses winners who had been mentionned in the history of the oscars and the cinema for their talent , does she have an oscar for best leading actress ?

  • shut the fuck up already b

    oh i see that she finally took her name this time…
    tell us what does your idol has ?(apart being famous for the slutty acts with benicio del toro , jared leto,josh hartnett,timberlake…. ..and showing her fake breasts on the magazines ) is she recognized as an actress by the profession and has an oscar nomination at least ?? and which are the infogettable movies your idol has done lately ?? i see that now she is so desperated that she turns into music with some cheap boring songs well it’s not suprising that said a lot about her career..and that’s what i call ” attention with any cost”.

  • hypocrite

    LOL! I love getting you to show your true colors. What a fucking moron you are! Go back to whatever third world country you live in and stop translating your crap into the English language. We don’t want to have to crack the code on understanding your rubbish. Goddamn loser. Charlize sucks and she is a superficial hypocrite. End of discussion. Bye bye.

  • hahahaha

    You don’t need to show your colors you’re already a dumb idiot full of hate jealous loser without life we already know that’s you are an obsessive pathetic desperated hater a poor desperated jealous bitch you make me laugh your jealous-hate is hilarious make me laugh really hahahhahahaha with your old ridiclous idiot crap comment with non sense cuz you found nothing to say hahahaha go back to your freaking pathetic world you’re living in and try to get a life , Btw i didn’t know that the psychiatric hospital allow their patients to use the pc .. hope next time they’ll isolate you and shows you some good exercises to throw your excessive obsessive jealous hate poor think , and hope they’ll not forget to prescribe you your usual pills .

    Charlize is an amasing talented ,beautiful,,brave, class act woman famous and recognized around the world by her talent and you are just a pathetic hypocrite unknown loser without life .End of discussion. Bye bye .

  • cindy

    Those johansson fans are really incredible ,they keep bashing other actresses constantly in the recent thread of their SJ they were bashing Angelina Jolie, they’ve bringed jolie saying that she is getting old that Brad will dump Angelina for S Johansson ,and now one of theme is bashing the beautiful talented charlize wow that must be really tough to hate and spend all this hateful energy to hate ppl you don’t know ?
    PS : i love charlize she is a wonderful actress and is just stunning !

  • bear

    yeah nobody pay attention to hypocrite the dumb probably ugly jealous bitch always posts on every single Charlize post bashing her with stupid shit. It’s a joke.

    And Charlize Theron is way way way more beautiful ANd talented than overrated Scarlett. Scarlett has to be the most overrated woman in hollywood today. People just look at the bottle blonde hair and big boobs and think she’s so great. And you can tell Scarlett i s way into herself. Bitch thinks she’s Marilyn Monroe.

    She’s not ugly by any means but she’s certainly not all that. She has a very average face. Charlize’s face is way way prettier and she’s just way more gorgeous and glamourous and pulls off the old glam look way betterl. Scarlett looks like she tries so hard.

    Also Charlize gave one of the greatest performances of all time in Monster. Scarlett Johansson is the most wooden actress today. How she gets the roels she’s getting I have no idea. I know that pervert Woody Allen is just obsessed with her but everything else is just her riding her hollywood hype wave. Another talentless overhyped hollywood bimbo.

    Charlize is a real actress and a real classic beauty. Scarlett Johansson and Katherine Heigl are just wanna bes!

  • hypocrite

    Cindy/cynthia – stop talking commenting to yourself. It’s sad. Go back to your third world, k?

  • hypocrite


  • hypocrite

    I don’t know what you are talking about with AJ – but I don’t remember anyone talking about her unless other Angie fans brought her up. I mean – it was a SJ thread – not an AJ thread.

    Your dumbass probably brought her up in the first place – just like you did in this thread. I never say anything about Scarlett when I talk about the hypocrite Charlize. It is always your dumbass bringing her up.