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Win Free MP3s From Pepsi Stuff

Win Free MP3s From Pepsi Stuff is giving away free Pepsi Stuff points to three lucky winners, so you can buy your favorite DRM-free MP3s and TV shows from Amazon!

And in addition to music, Pepsi Stuff features mp3 players, cameras, HD home theaters, and other cool prizes.

HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL WIN: Three winners will receive one 100-point gift cards each. One song is just 5 Pepsi points, one TV show is just Pepsi 12 points.

ENTER TO WIN: Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published) and three winners will be chosen at random at the end of the “Win Free MP3s From Pepsi Stuff” contest. One entry per person per day. This contest ends Friday, Mar. 21 @ 7PM EST. U.S. residents only. Good luck!

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    Love your website!!!

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    i love pepsi. hahahaha. i really dooo

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    That would be awesome to win!

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    Just Jared and Pepsi, Hey thank you for doing this! You rock!

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    I come to this site everyday, better than Perez and Dlisted for sure.

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    always on your site!!!!

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    Great Prizes! OOOO Pick Me!

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    love this site! i hope i win : )

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    i love justjared!

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    YEs! gimme my mp3

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    Jenny Says:

    :D if i win i am going to dowload supernatural like a mofo.

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    Jules Says:

    Give me more Gerard Butler, oh yea…pass the Pepsi…

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    Jake Says:

    Cool contest

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    Dina Says:

    It’d better be me! :D
    If seriously, good luck everyone! :)

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    Sara Says:

    I love the pictures and check it a few times a day to see new. Great job!

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    2Btru Says:

    You’re my favorite Jared next to Padalecki.

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    Nicole Says:

    Hopefully none U.s citizens can enter

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    Natalie Says:

    Pick meee!!

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    I’m crossing my fingers….and toes…and legs…and my eyes!!!!

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    Good Luck for everyone!!

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    Go Jared. best gossip blog

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    I would love to win this prize for my brother. Pick me, please!!!

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    love your site :)

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    enter me!

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    love this website!!! i want those free songs so bad!

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    yay pepsi

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    From Estonia with love :D
    Good website

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    Great promotion! Love your site, especially the Hugh J pics!

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    cool and i hope you post more hugh jackman news :)

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    You’re the best JJ, next to Brangelina and Pepsi. Wink, wink.

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    Wow that a super cool prize and your site and pepsi both rock

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    Hey Jared its your JJ lover ALL DAY LONG! I cant get threw my work day with out you buddy…keep up the good work! OXOX Elaine

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    here’s hoping I get picked!

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    Love to join, thanks a lot

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    Nancy Says:

    I go on your site everyday!
    LUV JJ!

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    Pepsi is so much better then coke. Period.

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    Hello Jared :o)

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    Ooo, ooo, pick me, pick me =p!

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    I love, your a legacy and a boredom saver on my Blackberry haha bless you child.

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    love diet pepsi

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    awesome prize!!! =]

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    That is awesome. I need an mp3 so badly =[

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    Woot! So happy I frequent this site. Love your site Jared, keep up the great work. =)

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    Awesome!! Thanks Jared!!!

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    Maybe I’ll actually win something…doubt it. ^^

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    Pick Me!!!

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    I need to win a zune!

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    I’m repping for the Filipino’s ou there! =D

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    Teresita Says:

    AHH I LOVE PEPSI! lol, i can actually tell the difference b/w all the different kinds of pepsi products. like diets, caffine free, etc

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    Fun website! Great prize.

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    I really love your site. I visit everyday. Best regards.

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    I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I go on it daily!!!! you guys rock.

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    I love justjared. Especially when you post info. up about zanessa. I just love you guys so much.

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    hope my name will be picked :D

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    What a cool site you have. cool prizes.

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    please pick me!

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    Please. I want to get the Pepsi hoodie and only have 53 points so far!

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    love to enter contests…love even more if i win. thanks!

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    I’d love to win!! Thanks for the chance!

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    Nice Blog….What are you doing for your bday party this year? Since I doubt I’ll be invited, I would not mind some Pepsi points instead ;-)

    Happy early Bday greetings….

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    Love your site Jared! I read it daily.

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    Thanks! great contest

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    sweet!!! i’d love those tv shows for my zune!!

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    Kevin Says:

    Too bad it’s for US resident’s only :/
    good luck to everybody, love the site JJ

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    Josette Says:

    I love the Pepsi Stuff promotion! Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win some points!

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    Nel Says:

    Well, I won’t suck up or anything like most of the comments. But I’ll just let you know that visiting this site is like an addiction that won’t stop… I especially am obsessed w/ the stalker pictures.

    Thanks for reading, Jared!

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    ana Says:

    i wanna win!!!

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    shah Says:

    Hi Jared. Sweet site (and NO.. I’m not commenting just because I want the AMAZING mp3 players!!). This site is just fricking schweet. It’s just jared..

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    itzzzkimmm Says:

    I absolutely love your website Jared! It’s great seeing another Asian American person having success. =]

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    fun, a contest! Your site is great JJ. Love it!

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    i love this site, your so much better than perez hilton!!!

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    I love your website! You have some great pictures and comments!. I check your site several times a day, keep up the good job!

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    that would be soo sweet!

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    Wow, awesome contest. I’m so glad that I found this site, and Im addicted to it.I converted some friends too from P***i,lol. Keep up great work, and Im crossing my fingers to be a winner!!

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    sarah T Says:

    Wow, awesome contest. I’m so glad that I found this site, and Im addicted to it.I converted some friends too from P***z ,lol. Keep up great work, and Im crossing my fingers to be a winner!!

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    Mrs. Smith Says:

    Great Job Jared!

    BTW, I loved those Jamba Juice coupons. Hope we get some again soon. Thanks!

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    Mrs. Smith Says:

    Sorry, I meant to put another email addy. Hope it’s OK>

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    thats so cooL!!!

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    WOW!! Pepsi and FREE music?! Two of my favorite things! I hope I’m picked! *fingers crossed!*

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    i love your website! i read it religiously and my friend says she actually knows you!

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    I’m not a lucky person xD but whatever o/

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    Pepsi points … I am saving for that ipod :-) PLEASE PICK ME …..

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    great site

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    My first visit to your website. Awesome. I’m sure this will not be my last visit. Thanks for the chance at winning a prize. Gonna go forward this site to all my friends. Thanks again

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    Does it matter that I don’t drink soda?? :o)

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    Yeah !! Good luck to me then…

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    I’d “heart” to win! :p ( don’t wanna suck up, but you too rock)

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    Thanks for bringing this site to the forefront. Cool stuff on Jennifer Garner. Good luck to everyone who enters and have a blessed day.


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    hope i win!

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    I am on this site so much!! I LOVE YOU JJ!

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    I love you Jared :D

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    Trying again for the PS points…

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    hurray for Jared and Pepsi!

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    Thanks so much Jared!

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    I love your website! it helps gives me wht sites i should try and wht nott


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    here’s to hoping I get picked.

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    Thanks again! Happy Monday!

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    Woot, another post!

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    Spin to Win!

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    Pepsi Points For Me?

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    Dadaly Says:

    Oh my goodness. I’ve been the Pepsi fans for many many years. Now i think this is my prize. And I’ve been waiting for buying things from Amazon. And now, my god it is my time to win this. Thanks you very much Jared!

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    Andre Says:

    WOw, i love it!!!

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    Mary Cowles Says:

    Thanks so much for the great prize. Your site is great! I hope I win. See you tomorrow.

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    Sounds great!

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    Great site, great pictures, great info……keep it coming!

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    Good luck everybody

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    mike Says:

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    mike Says:

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    dARYL WHITE Says:

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    Ernest Says:

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    Dana Says:

    Pepsi for me…and not just for the free stuff!

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    Lynn Says:

    Please pick me i would love 2 win

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    Dadaly Says:

    Haha, love the Pepsi’s prize. It belong to me. Hehe!

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    dna_327 Says:

    thanks and good luck to all

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    Tina dL Says:

    Please pick me…

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    Thanks Jared :D

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    Thanks for this great contest Jared. i love your site.

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    Happy Tuesday! Thanks for the contest.

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    i want those points badly!! great site btw! :)

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    Another day, another try.

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    Happy Hump Day! Thanks again for the contest!

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    Another day, another try

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    Come on Jared – pick me for this prize.

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