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Jennifer Aniston & Me

Jennifer Aniston & Me

Jennifer Aniston is spotted on Thursday with co-star Owen Wilson on the set of their new film, Marley & Me, currently filming in Miami, Florida.

Marley & Me is an adaptation of John Grogan‘s bestselling memoir about an incorrigible Labrador retriever.

According to Variety, “Marley is the yellow lab adopted by Grogan, a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and his wife. Their idea was to give them a taste of parenthood, but the dog proved to be a hyperactive handful. He wreaks havoc, gets kicked out of obedience school and gets even worse when the children begin to arrive, yet becomes an indispensable part of the family.”

Jen, 39, and Owen, 39, were recently seen filming another scene yesterday in Miami.

Marley & Me is set to open Christmas Day 2008.

10+ pictures of Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson and me…

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jennifer aniston marley and me 01
jennifer aniston marley and me 02
jennifer aniston marley and me 03
jennifer aniston marley and me 04
jennifer aniston marley and me 05
jennifer aniston marley and me 06
jennifer aniston marley and me 07
jennifer aniston marley and me 08
jennifer aniston marley and me 09
jennifer aniston marley and me 10

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  • Orange Clockwork

    Jennifer Aniston & I, sweetheart.

  • sweeetrish23

    she is really pretty!!! absolutely gorgeous…..can’t wait to see this movie… love you Jen…..

  • pokeman

    chiniston’s face looks old in pic #1 with that dress.

  • angel

    actually it is correct to say jennifer aniston and “me”. you only say “and I” if you are going to add something to the sentence, like “jenn and I went to the park…..” otherwise you leave it at “me”

  • katie n

    She seems to have bondedwith the dog. that is good for the movie. Labs are the cutest dogs and the book was a sensation. Good for JA she needed a good script. I loved her as Rachel in friends. I hope she would be able to reinvent herself for this movie. it needs more complexity of emotions.

  • jimmyz

    Orange Clockwork – Duh! He’s referring to the movie Marley & ME! Don’t you get it? You’re so slow…..

  • angel

    my previous message was @ #1

  • Maniston

    BIG UGLY CHIN!!! She should have had a beard instead of the wig to cover up that chin!!! The wig can’t hide that manly chin!!!

    She looks like a drag queen!!!

  • goood

    she’s looking kinda tired!

  • Rosebud

    They could not have picked a worst person to play the part in the movie. I loathe JA–she will ruin what could have been a great movie. But alas, it won’t.

  • Mediterranean

    Something is different with her face, something but I can’t figure it out.

    Finally, she changed her hair style.

  • melatonin blues

    Yes, something has changed she’s had some work, maybe filler? Her face is definitely different. Amazing that she allowed them to put that wig on her head as she likes the middle parting so much.

  • Tiger

    Wow she looks great there. I really like her hair like that!! Her nose looks different but maybe it is because of her new hairstyle. She looks really cute in these pictures

    This movie looks adorable. She is the smart one, keep it simple and certainly working with a dog keeps it simple.

    I bet her and Owen Wilson will be adorable together on screen. I will see this in the theatre. i love movies that revolve around dogs.

    Thanks Jared!!

  • Hello jello

    she looks nice…the movie should be good!!! i will for sure see it!

    just wait…brad and angie insane fans will start posting on here very soon…lol!

  • Helena

    Jennifer Aniston & I, sweetheart.

    You idiot. The film is called Marley & Me and Jared took the title from the film. Not so smart now.

    Anyway, I really like Aniston’s fringe.

  • Sasha

    Here goes the PR Machine. Jennifer cannot carry a movie without the help of Brad and Angie.
    This movie is good for both.
    One is a drunk the other on suicide watch. They are made for each other and should date.
    I love the quote on Brad’s Bike “My Sweetheart the Drunk” enough said .
    It should read “My Ex Wife the Drunk” :)

  • well…

    Has the defination of “absolutely gorgeous” changed? See Halle Berry or Catherine Zeta Jones for the true defination of beauty. Aniston is pretty in an average way.

  • well…

    BTW she had her hair this same way in Rock Star. Of course that was before the many operations. Do a side by side comparison. You’ll see.

  • go sox

    You’re right, hello jello. But I see some already above. Why are they so nasty? Jolie-Pitt fans have what they want. So why can’t they leave this girl alone? She’s moved on, and she looks great. There is NO reason to keep harassing her . I wouldn’t consider myself a huge fan,and could care less about what Brad does, but I do have an issue with why pitt-lolie fans can’t leave her alone, and make CONSTANT digs at her looks. It’s SO immature.

  • Regina

    I’m not shocked by the pathetic negative comments here. It’s all under the same name, because whenever I go onto another blog, there’s always positive comments. Just keep insulting someone you don’t know, it’s pathetic, but oh well, that’s life.

  • Kelly

    The people that hate on this woman on every thread written about her are PATHETIC. You complain about anyone that says anything even remotely negative on any of Saint Angelina’s threads, yet you can still spout negativity on JA’s threads? I don’t understand the hate. The people you’re idolizing don’t hate her, why should you? I like them both, and none of you that hate Jennifer Aniston are prizes I’m sure. Pathetic.

  • shoes4life

    Some books don’t need to be made into a movie and this one sounds like one of them.

  • ghost

    Bimbo at best! Put your legs together Jen, I can smell half of hollywood from here.

  • Dl

    Not a fan, but she actually looks nice with the new hair style.

  • bet


    Oh ye . You are reminding me a person of your idol, who herself admit to it.

  • Tiger

    go sox, the joli/’pitt fans have one purpose and one purpose only, to make their idols look bad. I almost feel sorry for the jolie/pitts for having such hateful fans. They refute all the good they portray to the public with their toxic chatter. Best to ignore them and they will slither back into their hole in the ground where it is cold and heartless so they can feel at home once again.I believe the jolie/pitts would be embarassed by their so called fans, but you never know, maybe there is a reason this is the type of fans they attract..

    I think the public is pulling for Jen to make a successful come back. This movie sounds like a great start. Best of luck to her.

  • adri

    Her hair is nice, she looks beautiful.

  • matt

    I hope her and Brad will get back together.Brad doesn’t look happy nowaday with saint jolie.he did look more happy with Jen.he looks old and tired,and it seems he is kinda embarassed about Jolie and her kids.

  • bet

    i can see the loones shout, chant , angry , frustrated since they see her picture a couple of time working. You go girl make those misreable bragnloones more misreable. Eevery time they see her piture they get more angry and frustrated.

  • bet


    You are more dullistional than bragloones. You are more confused than Brangloones. It is not a good place for you. Get out of the thread.

  • anon

    the reason Jen looks amazing is that she gave up smoking, is working out and eating a good diet….Brad brought out the worst in her, now she is detoxifying

  • steve

    i might see her yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • without Brad

    I used to want them back together but now after seeing Jolie and Brad,I don’t want him to come and ruin Jen’s life.she looks great but Jolie looks worde than ever,she lost everything and she doesn’t look hot or sexy or even beautiful anymore.she is always tired and it makes me believe it is brad to make his women look worst.

    and oh don’t make me start on Brad,he look like sh*t,have you ever seen him with his kids lately specially Shiloh??he is just not around Jolie and kids anymore,he is already bored and tired with them and he will cheat on her again.believe will happen and he will leave her and her one of Jen’s friends told,he don’t know what he wants.and he will get bored sooner than later and will leave.

  • without Brad

    I forgot to add look at brad nowadays.he is hardly seen with his kids and he always is on the set.he never spends time with them anymore and Jolie also is always with her eldest son who she was used to be with before Brad.just should feel sorry for their other three kids.especially Shiloh,not only her mom doesn’t love her but also her father can care less about her.he never spends time with her.even I saw one pic of him in boat and he was totally ignoring her.poor little girl.I guess they will put all those three kids in orphanage after their split and Jolie will just keep Maddox with herself,like past.


    She’s very, very, very ugly!

  • Besane

    Oh wow, whatever happened to her face—too much sun and bad living habits like smoking and marijana. It is really taking a huge toll and fast. Look at her mouth and around her lips—dry dry dry… take it easy on that sun, Miss Aniston. Also “cute” is such a euphemism for someone who can’t be described as beautiful or pretty, but hey, we understand. But “cute” on a 40-yr old has the sound of “well preserved” which she is. The 3rd picture is truly horrifying—which surgery did she have this time? Her face looks so different from her last movie. Another ahem, “deviated septum”? LOL

  • get over it

    without Brad

    You are obviously mentally ill.

  • Tiger

    without Brad. I don’t agree, I think they love all their children.

    You should let go of your hatred. Besides, this thread has nothing to do with Jennifer’s ex husband or his girlfriend. Don’t lower yourself to the jolie/pitt fans level.

    Does anyone know if the dog playing in this movie is trained be to in the movies? It is probably a challenge for the director to work with an animal actor. Surely the trainer would be on the set. I hope they go behind the scenes and show the public how that is done. I would find that very interesting. Surely the people starring in the movie would have to bond with the animal.

  • just wondering

    why do actors lie about nose jobs and say it was just a deviated septum? I also had a deviated septum corrected and my nose looks the same. The nose shouldnt change in appearance because the correction takes place inside the nose. Aniston obviously had another rhinoplasty since her nose definitely looks different. She may have had a deviated septum, but she also had another nose job too.

  • andrea

    that haircut doesn’t look good on her,it makes her look older.

  • cari

    I loved the book so I hope the movie is just as good.

    Aniston’s hair looks good at least… but what is up with her big toes? And her shoes seem to be too tight. That has to hurt!!

  • yuck

    Those are some nasty toes.

  • Love her

    she looks amazing!!!

  • samara

    same o movie, same o style. boringggggggggggg

  • Anonymous

    Frankly, I don’t see her beautiful at all.

  • justa mia

    She looks great – very pretty. If she had surgery, then it came out well. At first I thought her face looked a little fuller and that maybe she had put on some weight but she still looks very slim as usual. So maybe she has had some work done. I don’t mind as long as she doesn’t end up looking like Joan Rivers.

    I’ll enjoy this movie if it is half as good as the book was. Heartwarming dog story.

  • anonymous

    she has a gorgeous baby face and she’s so stunning in that dress.

  • anonymous

    to : justa mia

    the change in her is the bangs.

  • David


  • sus

    she looks absolutely amazing just gorgeus i just love her new hair cant wait to see her in movies again