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Kate Bosworth: Bite Me, Burger!

Kate Bosworth: Bite Me, Burger!

Kate Bosworth and model boyfriend James Rousseau grab a bite to eat at Bite Me Burger Restaurant on Campbell Parade alongside Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia on Friday.

After burgers with a few pals, the pretty pair then headed to North Bondi Italian Restaurant for an after-dinner drink before calling it a day.

Kate is down under for a very special wedding–but not her own! The 25-year-old Superman Returns star is going to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of one of her best friends, Jacqui Louez.

Kate and Jacqui became close friends in 2005 when Kate was filming Superman Returns in Sydney. Jacqui, then her personal assistant, is marrying record producer Louis Schoorl.

15+ pictures inside of Bite Me Burger Kate Bosworth

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kate bosworth bite me burger 01
kate bosworth bite me burger 02
kate bosworth bite me burger 03
kate bosworth bite me burger 04
kate bosworth bite me burger 05
kate bosworth bite me burger 06
kate bosworth bite me burger 07
kate bosworth bite me burger 08
kate bosworth bite me burger 09
kate bosworth bite me burger 10
kate bosworth bite me burger 11
kate bosworth bite me burger 12
kate bosworth bite me burger 13
kate bosworth bite me burger 14
kate bosworth bite me burger 15
kate bosworth bite me burger 16
kate bosworth bite me burger 17
kate bosworth bite me burger 18

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  • cat

    feed her !

  • Nikka


  • MM

    Did she actually eat anything because she’s back to looking like an ano again. I think she has a problem her weight is always slightly up then way down.

  • liz86000

    My God… Her legs!! It’s terrifying!

  • jujubee

    You could drive a truck between her thighs!!!

  • Fabio

    she looks so disgusting an unhealthy! and she always wants to look like a model but SHE DOESN’T!

  • Susan

    Kate is so pretty but she’s too thin. It can’t be that it’s just the way she is because she looked great in her movie Blue Crush.

  • jujubee

    She did look good in Blue Crush.

  • hmmm…..

    it really disgusts me that hllywood demands girls be severly underweight and thats what young teenagers are lead to believe they need to look like in order to be beautiful.

  • Josie

    She’s so cute
    her smile is so happy
    she’s there for her friend’s wedding

    people always look at BC, well she put on weight for that role, look at young americans she was a tiny girl before BC

  • bejeebus

    ummmm……that eating disorder of hers seems to be rearing it’s ugly head again. i thought, last time round, she blamed it on being emotionally distraught over orlando? what’s her excuse this time?

  • JOsie

    She never blamed anything on Orlando, and she’s definitly skinny but not as bad as it use to be

  • mossy

    people are just as bad as the hollywood execs, too fat this, too skinny that, it’s enough to drive anyone to an eating disorder. f cking leave her alone.

  • KC

    It’s not our fault if she’s skinny and unattractive why should no one comment on it? If you can say an actress looks good then why can’t you say they look bad? It’s the truth.

  • bejeebus

    i didn’t say she blamed it on orlando….i said she blamed it on being emotionally distraught over orlando…..there’s a difference.

  • JenAh

    Ew! Somebody give that girl some food….how gross!

  • Poor Little Ano

    I remember a rumor that Orlando had to force feed at times. I wonder if she’ll put James thru the same thing. Poor guys falling for this vapid, clingy wench. She has that I’m vulnerable and need a man to cling to thing going on.

  • Helena

    She probably went to the toilet after, if you know what I mean.

  • Sebastian

    if she only knew she’s so gorgeous,she should stop fingering her throat and eat normally and hit the gym,these artists don’t know how to live well even though they have cash!

  • Sienna

    She looks beautiful!

  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    She looks so cute in the face and hair. She has talent, personality, style and star quality :)

    ¦== ===¦

  • Keira knightley

    And then, they come to me and say “Keira, you’re skinny !”…

  • ghost of gene rayburn

    Can’t wait to see who or what she blames her weight loss on this time around. Maybe she’ll pin it on Xenu.

  • Nic

    They look matched up pretty well and they are both cute. He’s overly thin, too. His “skinny” jeans are baggy on him.

  • Xenu

    Hey, don’t pin this one on me, #23. My thetans could never survive in that wasteland of a body.

    “I remember a rumor that Orlando had to force feed at times.”

    Maybe he laced the food with arsenic and wanted to make sure she got the full dose.

    Okay, that was low even for me, and I really should be ashamed of myself. I’m not, though.

  • Jen

    I think a strong wind could blow them both over.

  • tina

    Sneeds to actually get this right “Chew, and swallow!!! ” Not “Chew and throw up” She looks anorexic~!

  • FairComment

    Doesn’t anyone realise it’s a trick of the camera lens? If you look carefully at all the pictures you’ll see there is a kind of “fish eye” distortion. This has the effect (a bit like those mirrors in old fashioned fun fairs) of making anything in the lower part of the picture look really thin. That’s why her legs look thin. It’s a typical paparazzi lens used when you’re really close to a subject (ie they’re coming towards you on the sidewalk) but you want to get the full body in the picture. I’m surprised such an obvious camera trick can mislead so many people into writing so much rubbish!

  • Ashley

    She is starting to look really thin again. Not as bad as she used to be, but definitely gross.

  • Lilyanne

    Yes, they look thin but not in a sickly way. Half of Hollywood is that thin and the other half is getting criticized because they are too fat. We are way too critical of celebrities. When has “just right” become fat and “thin” become anorexic? No wonder so many have “issues” with food. Not everyone is at one end or the other of that weight spectrum, most fall pleasantly in between, but are picked on anyway.

  • Tiffany

    “people always look at BC, well she put on weight for that role, look at young americans she was a tiny girl before BC”

    Sorry, but even back in her Young Americans days she had some boobs and a little bit of hip. She looked like a small, but healthy teenaged girl. Now she’s just skin and bones.

    Anyone who says she doesn’t have an eating disorder is delusional. She’s had the symptoms for years. I think she tries to fight it herself (with the up in weight occasionally), but she can’t do it on her own. She needs to get help and she needs to stop jumping into relationship after relationship without giving herself time to deal with the pervious breakup. Maybe being alone for a little while will help her work out who she is so that she can get well.

  • lola

    Oh no! She’s too skinny again.

    –read my blog at

  • spilled milk

    Man, are her fans in serious denial. As usual.

  • wow

    She looks pretty bad – you know someone is TOO skinny when their knee-caps look that huge. Poor Kate B :(

  • Sunny

    I am so sad to see her back in the throes of her eating disorder again. She’d been looking so great until recently!! Now? skin and bones again.

    It’s tragic.

  • agathi

    sophia bush is perfect kate bosworth is a freak

  • hmmm

    I wonder if this will put an end to all of the…”oh, she looks so happy with someone who REALLY cares about her….She looks beautiful now that she has found true love….Orlando was toxic, see how much better she looks since she got away from him…Orlando was allowing her to become anorexic, he is to blame….why doesn’t Orlando do something?… If he loved her she wouldn’t be so thin….etc.”….crapola.

    She needs professional help. Obvious to anyone with eyes. But she can’t be helped until she is ready.
    Poor thing. I never have liked her very much, but this is just sad.

  • bukan nama sebenar

    eekkk….skeletor queen!

  • legs

    is she starving herself?

  • blundht

    “FairComment”, you are an idiot- there is no distortion present IN EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN ONE of those pictures. She looks SICK in ALL of them. If there was an angle or distortion issue, there would be at least ONE picture in which she would look remotely NORMAL.
    This girl is sick, period. Are you kidding me?? The camera usually ADDS weight, so you can imagine how horrible she must look in real life…

  • FairComment

    “blundht” – you obviously know jack shit about professional top quality cameras. No camera “usually” does anything. Every lens has a different effect. And you can’t tell me the photographer had time to change the lens during that little sequence. No, s/he used one lens which happened to have this effect on legs when you see the full body profile. So don’t expect ONE picture to look normal. And anyone who starts off a reponse by calling someone an idiot clearly doesn’t have the ability to argue the case properly.

  • not impressed

    FairComment, cameras can do alot of things but I doubt they can make your knee caps protrude. But I’m sure you will explain that with your fabulous extent of camera knowledge since your very eager to give it…

    And anyone who says Kate Bosworth is just a naturally skinny girl, umm ya….. Enough said.

  • this is sick

    OMG! These are some freaky pics!!! LOOK AT HER KNEES!!!!!!!
    And remember that the camera adds 10 pounds, right? She must look like a skeleton in real life. I think this is just as bad as the pics of Nicole Richie way back when… This girl sure has weight issues, now I’m not a psychiatrist but this is not healthy thin. She definitely has some kind of eating disorder. I don’t understand how anyone can say this is not sickly…

  • *

    aNOREXIA O bulimia?

  • Tiffany

    “And anyone who says Kate Bosworth is just a naturally skinny girl, umm ya….. Enough said.”

    To #42: That picture is fake. You can find the real pic at any Kate Bosworth fansite. She’s has an eating disorder, but has never been That skinny. If she had she’d be in the hospital with multiple organ failure. Before you post stuff like that make sure it’s true.

  • Mike

    Is she really alone? She is dating in millonaire dating site” W e a l t hy L o v i n g .c o m”.I found she fall in bad ill and the baby is not…That is true?

  • bex

    well i think she looks great shes my thinspiration nd i wish i had a figure liikee herss nd its not gross !!!