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Kelly Rowland Admits to Breast Implants

Kelly Rowland Admits to Breast Implants

Kelly Rowland tells People in its March 17 issue that she had breast implants last October, bringing her “from an A-cup to a B-cup.”

Rowland admits, “I didn’t want to have double Ds and be a little bitty size 2 — that would look nuts!”

The 27-year-old singer former Destiny’s Child member did it for fashion’s sake.

“I was sick of not fitting into my tops,” she says. “There was this one really hot House of Dereon top (designed by Beyonce‘s mom, Tina Knowles) that I just wanted to fill that out! [After the surgery,] I put it on and I looked so good! I’m so happy. I feel complete.”

But Kelly has some wise, wise words for anyone thinking about getting plastic surgery: “It is a decision I made for myself. I like it, and that’s all that counts. For young people: Think about it before you just jump off and do something (you may regret later).”

Kelly‘s power of prayer certainly helped her in the breast of times.

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60 Responses to “Kelly Rowland Admits to Breast Implants”

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  1. 1
    Marie Says:

    haha Jared you sly devil :P

  2. 2
    olly Says:


  3. 3
    fresh Says:

    LMFAO. She got them so she could fit into a Beyonce top. LAME.

  4. 4
    Sinna Says:

    I think her reason for getting implants seems superficial and stupid. And any good designer would be able to make to clothes to fit her body type. Why would she put herself through that to fit into Tina and Beyonce sh!tty cheap looking clothes.

  5. 5
    Nando Says:

    I agree. Lame.

  6. 6
    Helena Says:

    So she got it done because of one top?

  7. 7
    Regina Says:

    I always think that people who get surgery is superficial. You should be happy with the way you are, though I’m not stopping anybody as it’s not my life.

  8. 8
    Regina Says:

    are superficial*

  9. 9
    janice Says:

    I knew it and I said it in my previous comment when this first came out. Finally she admitted it cos it was so obvious. She is a size 2 skinny girl and to just fill up like that all of a sudden is mind blowing and leaves room for questions. It has to do with so self low esteem and these days, breast is all that matters. I wish and hope that Beyonce will also one day admit that she had implants too. I have said it before and I will say it again, Beyonce also got implants, that goes to show that these girls do not have self esteem as they want to make us believe. They are still not happy about the size of their small breast and want to “upgrade” At least Kelly was being truthful. Beyonce it’s your turn now to tell us the truth.

  10. 10
    sammantha Says:

    Are u sure she only went up to a B cup?? seems quite big for a B…..

  11. 11
    summer Says:

    Yeah, a B cup. Im a B and those are bigger than mine! Um looks like she’s more of a C cup.

  12. 12
    remember da truth Says:

    Oh please, people, you think she got implants just to fill out one top? How dumb ARE people here?

    Of course she’s been thinking about it a long time and she used that as an example. And no, designers fitting clothes exactly for every body type is a fantasy. If you want to spend the money to have custom fitted clothes, sure, but most people, even celebs, want to see something they like and be able to wear it and if you have an A cup, you dont’ look right in any clothes.

    It’s not always a self-esteem issue. Sometimes it’s just being able to make your body the way you want it. Reducing breasts is also not a self-esteem issue, or staying in shape, or having a nose job. Get real.

  13. 13
    gypsy Marie Says:

    B cup my ass!

  14. 14
    remember da truth Says:

    And yeah, I have to say…… That ain’t no B cup!! She went to a C, that’s as obvious as the fact that she had implants.

  15. 15
    fresh Says:

    She said it herself, Remember the truth. She got them to fill out her shirts, and the poor girl didnt fit into Beyonces design and was sad. Then she got her boobs and she could fil them out. YAY FOR HER!!! She can now fill out a top!! *insert a healthy dose of sarcasm here*

  16. 16
    remember da truth Says:

    Perhaps you didn’t read what I said. If you are flat-chested, no clothes fit right. I have a friend who could BARELY fill out an A-cup. She didn’t have self-esteem issues, she just wanted bigger boobs so clothes could fit right and she could like how she looked in them.

    Did you read my post?
    It wasn’t one top from Beyonce’s line — she was using that as an example.

    And why do you care so much? Why does it bother you that she now has gorgeous breasts that look great in a bikini, or any other clothes? Why so bitter about someone else’s happiness with their plastic surgery? It sounds to me that YOU are the one with self-esteem issues.
    Threatened much by pretty girls?

  17. 17
    Q Says:

    Remember da truth, you pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. It’s nice to see some not-so-judgemental people here.

    I’m one of those people who was born with small breasts and it is a downright pain in the neck that I can’t wear clothes that enhance my “curves” — since there aren’t any. I’m not going to lie, sometimes it does dent my self-esteem a bit when I see something that I love but can’t wear.

    In the back of my mind, I’ve always wished that there was a way to make my cup size bigger without going through surgery (only because I’m a chicken). But get real people, you really can’t judge for something like that if you’ve never gone through it.

  18. 18
    oye Says:

    I say good on her. She’s got them done to please nobody else but herself and if having a boob job makes her more comfortable then why not? Its her body.

    There’s nothing wrong with having a boob job, I’m not sure why people make such a big deal about it all the time.

  19. 19
    whatever Says:

    Kate Hudson is not even an A cup and i remember her in some wonderful tops and dresses. Any body type can find suitable clothes. End of story.

  20. 20
    lame Says:

    Yeah, because only girls with big boobs can look great in tops.

    Cameron Diaz, Debra Messing and Gwen Stefani are only a few of the celebrities who have small boobs but manage to look good in whatever they wear. You would think those Destiny’s Child girls who preach about being strong women would be secure about their bodies.

  21. 21
    Marleen Says:

    That is not an B cup! It’s an big C or a small D.
    And she did it just because she couldn’t fit in a Beyonce top? That’s just stupid! Really stupid! If she wants to wear a Beyonce top so bad, she could just had it make smaller?
    She is really stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 22
    Jen Says:

    If that’s a B cup I’d have to say her B cup has runneth over!

  23. 23
    fresh Says:

    I dont really care that much at all. If she wanted to get them done Good For Her. But I didn’t like the reason she gave. But I do see where ur coming from. So let bygons be bygons. Peac.

  24. 24
    fresh Says:

    I dont really care that much at all. If she wanted to get them done Good For Her. But I didn’t like the reason she gave. But I do see where ur coming from. So let bygons be bygons. Peace

  25. 25
    Danz Says:

    I think people have to realize that not everyone thinks the same. Something that may be high on one person’s lists of priorities may not even be important enough to make it onto another’s. That doesn’t make one better than the other. It’s Kelly’s body and if she thought breast implants were important to make her feel a little better about herself then so be it. I’m sure everyone has at least one body part they have at least thought about getting rid of/enchancing for whatever reason. So the people who are bashing her should get off their high horse and realize that we’re all human, we’re all equal so therefore never in a position to judge someone else.

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