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Lisa Marie Presley Scolds Media, Announces Pregnancy

Lisa Marie Presley Scolds Media, Announces Pregnancy

Lisa Marie Presley is pregnant with her third child but is not happy about the way media handled pictures of her gaining weight.

Under the subject, “Confirmation Under the Gun,” Lisa Marie writes on her Myspace:

“After being the target all week of slanderous and degrading stories, horribly manipulated pictures and articles in the media, I have had to show my cards and announce under the gun and under vicious personal attack that I am in fact pregnant.

Once they got a glimpse of my expanding physique a few days ago, they have been like a pack of coyotes circling their prey whilst eerily howling with delight. Starting with a London publication and then New York and Chicago all writing false defamatory degrading stories about all of the dark possible reasons I could be putting on weight. The US tabloids have been calling all day wanting confirmation on all kinds of insane theories.

They couldn’t wait to find out if my weight gain was because I was just overeating, in which case It would be open season and they can do the old following in her fathers sad and unfortunate demise story again or less interesting for them and probably much to their dismay, I could just be pregnant and therefore have a legitimate reason for weight gain at which point they should probably wipe the saliva off of their fangs and put them back in their mouths or they may expose the black little souls that they are.

Now that things are confirmed, hopefully they can stop all of the harassment and I can stop dodging the continuous bullets.

It is unfortunate that I couldn’t have announced something that is this much of a blessing and that has made us so incredibly happy under better circumstances.
How they have handled themselves with this has been nothing short of irresponsible and disgusting.

Pardon my seething contemptuous tone but ladies, You KNOW if you were pregnant and you felt you were expanding uncontrollably by the moment as a result and the worldwide media started badgering and harassing you for it, plastering you everywhere in an unflattering light, you would be mortified as well.


This will be the first child for Presley, 40, and her husband, guitarist and music producer Michael Lockwood, 46.

Presley has two children from her previous marriage with Danny Keough–daughter Riley, 18, and son Benjamin, 15.

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51 Responses to “Lisa Marie Presley Scolds Media, Announces Pregnancy”

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  1. 1
    JENNIE Says:


  2. 2
    heloo Says:


  3. 3
    pete Says:

    poor girl

  4. 4
    lisa fan Says:


  5. 5
    ness Says:

    who’s leslie marie presley??

  6. 6
    Wannasmile Says:

    Good for her…of course you are going to gain weight if you are pregger’s….the media sucks when it comes to placing a spotlight on a woman’s weight during this time….

  7. 7
    Jules Says:

    US media sucks period.

  8. 8
    piper, with a low Says:

    Good for her.

    The tabloids have been unbelievably obnoxious and out of line lately.

  9. 9
    justjazz Says:

    Congrats tto Lisa marie Presley.
    Yeah you tellh em girl!

  10. 10
    denise Says:

    She’s a public figure. She shouldn’t be surprised that people comment on her appearance. If she knows the stories are untrue she should have ignored them. Who cares what they have to say if she knows the truth?! I think what bothered her is being called fat.

  11. 11
    rima Says:

    Good for her!!! The press can be such scum some times.

  12. 12
    slacker chic Says:

    she should be glad that anybody gives a **** about her ass at all.

  13. 13
    Ha! Says:

    Uh, I think what bothered her was exactly what she said. She was being hounded and harrassed by the press over something that was absolutely none of their business AND being ridiculed at the same time. Way to try to negate what she was really saying.

    The media sucks. Period. I am not in agreement that the media should be able to say whatever they want about people because they happen to be famous. That is simply excusing *sshole behavior.

  14. 14
    Wedontreadtrash Says:

    I want to day that for the most part, NO ONE BELIEVES THE TABS!! People are not stupid, and most of us look at the tabs and mags tag line and just laugh at such crap!! We don’t read the trash, would not EVER put out cash for something that would best be recycled for toliet tissue. Lisa Marie, do the same. Good Lord, girl!

  15. 15
    slacker chic Says:

    she should be glad anyone cares at all about her ass. what is she even doing besides living off her dad’s money?

  16. 16
    Brandy Says:

    She’s a nothing. She is a very depressed person who has been unhappy her entire life! She’s NOT pretty and I always thought she was a closet lesbian, she just has that BUTCH thing going on. She is a waste and never has and never will have her father’s charisma. Instead she got her sulky mom’s looks and attitude! Her mother looks like a freak now because she’s had so much plastic surgery, she honestly looks like the joker! Poor Elvis in that he was miserable his whole life because he got hooked up with Pricilla, who bore him a miserable child. Even when they were at amusement parks when she was a kid, Elvis would be smiling and laughing and Lisa Marie would be sitting there with a scowl on her face. We were the same age, and I asked my Mom, why is that kid unhappy when she’s at an amusement park? My mom said that she was a prime example of how money can’t buy happiness.

  17. 17
    cari Says:


    I have to disagree. I don’t read tabs, but I am always surprised at how many seemingly smart people do. And the real problem these days is that so called legit news agencies are repeating stories that come from tabloids and reporting the stories as FACTS.

  18. 18
    loris Says:

    calling someone a nothing is kind of harsh..guess your mother didn’t teach you that.

  19. 19
    lmp Says:

    nobody ever said money should buy happiness. how do u know shes not happy? u’ve never seen her behind closed doors. lets see you get harassed and told lies about, think ud be a f-ckin ray of sunshine? highly doubt it. shes owes us NOTHING.. she doesnt hafta smile if she doesnt want to. lord knows i wouldnt want to. cant trust anyone either. someone obviously leaked news that she was pregnant. some friends.

  20. 20
    Preesi Says:

    Her hubby is FUGLY!

    And weird….

  21. 21
    Life is good Says:

    Yep the media loves the “she is too fat, she is too thin” stories, then i their two faced manner go “lets blame the magazines that show beautiful and thin models and OH MY GOD !!! That model there is so thin…. wow when did so and so put on so much weight….”

  22. 22
    lola Says:

    I totally understand and agree with her…poor celebrities!

    –read my blog at htto://

  23. 23
    eugene Says:

    she should have just kept quiet and kept the media speculate. pregnancy is a private issue, the media don’t have a right to invade her privacy. she’s not even that big of a celebrity or a public figure, and the media had no right to pry into her business. she’s not elvis, and he died 30 yrs. ago. get over it.

  24. 24
    eddie jones Says:

    amen brother, the media is out of control. All these celebrities that become celebrities would kill for the attention, once they get it, they don’t want it. I never recall LMP wanting it, but boy being the daughter of elvis is going to hand it to you.

  25. 25
    oakling Says:

    I totally hear her about the media, but… why doesn’t she just STOP READING THAT STUFF? They’re not going to stop writing it.

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