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Rachel Bilson is Marilyn Monroe

Rachel Bilson is Marilyn Monroe

Rachel Bilson stocks up on healthy pick-me-ups for her and her sister, Hattie, at Jamba Juice in Los Angeles on Friday.

The 26-year-old Jumper star paid tribute to Marilyn Monroe by wearing a t-shirt with the icon’s face on it

Sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

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99 Responses to “Rachel Bilson is Marilyn Monroe”

  1. 1
    Maja Says:


    and again nice pics of her :)

  2. 2
    tessa Says:

    I love Rachel

    Thanks Jared

  3. 3
    silent_tears Says:

    JJ: her sister is called hattie

    beautiful… like always

  4. 4
    k Says:

    I love her, but those shoes are awful and her sister’s name is Hattie.

  5. 5
    Orange Clockwork Says:

    No, she’s not.

  6. 6
    edie Says:

    At least she wasn’t naked…ugh.

  7. 7
    Helena Says:

    Why do you keep posting her? What has she done that is so special?

  8. 8
    nil Says:

    I love Rachel:)

  9. 9
    peter Says:

    My beautiful Rachel :)

  10. 10
    mrs channing tatum Says:

    i like rachel

  11. 11
    becky Says:

    she’s so pretty.

  12. 12
    cute Says:

    she’s so beautiful even really casual

  13. 13
    [☆F a m o u s☆] Says:

    didn’t we see these pictures yesterday?

  14. 14
    gia Says:

    still not loving the bangs.

  15. 15
    Rebecca Says:

    You would think with as many times as she’s been photographed this week, she was on the A list. or some crotch flashing, fresh from rehab starlet. Seriously, what is the interest in her? I don’t get it….at all

  16. 16
    Marta Says:

    I love her style! and love her sunglasses

  17. 17
    Liss Says:

    so cute

  18. 18
    lola Says:

    V. cute outfit. If only she could act…
    –read my blog at htto://

  19. 19
    Laura Says:

    Gorgeous as per. Love the cardigan and she’s one of the only people that can pull of red ray-bans.

    I still don’t understand how she looks so young though. I can’t get over the fact she’s 26 – she looked older in the first season of The O.C. than she does now.

  20. 20
    slacker chic Says:

    she has been dressing SO cute lately.

  21. 21
    carla Says:

    Wow, I love how people are coming on here pimping their own blogs LOL.

  22. 22
    ocsethummer Says:

    The only think that would add to her cuteness is Adam Brody by her side.

  23. 23
    sam Says:

    I love Rachel, a lot, but the bangs need to go.

  24. 24
    jackie Says:

    I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! her sunglasses

  25. 25
    André Says:

    she’s been looking so beautiful lately!

  26. 26
    lalalala Says:

    she is way prettier and dresses way nicer than dumb ass Vanessa Hudgens!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 27
    Madison Says:

    forget about Adam. She has been dressing very cute lately.

    Is she dating Hayden?

  28. 28
    lisa Says:

    She is still has on her H necklace!!!

  29. 29
    Ciara Princess Harris! Says:

    Ciara was already photoed wearing the same shirt but in a shocking red color.

  30. 30
    Purplehearts Says:

    The H is for Hattie and she is soo obvious as a pap tipper!

  31. 31
    ouch Says:

    Another glowing review. The critics love her acting.

    “The performances are, with one exception, pulseless, especially the leading lady, one Rachel Bilson — a nullity who would be fortunate to make call-backs after a snuff film audition.”

  32. 32
    Kx3 Mommy Says:

    Thanks Jared…keep the Rachel pictures coming…we appreciate it! I do miss seeing her with Adam, even though it’s been awhile. Yes, to answer an above question, she is dating Hayden. Seems like she falls for the men in the workplace!! Someone else mentioned the first season of the OC and how she looks younger than she did then…a lot of that has to do with her being tremendously skinnier than she was back in ’03.

  33. 33
    purplehearts Says:

    @ 32

    She nor Hayden have confirmed they are dating, Hayden has stated No in a few interviews and made it clear he was single on Jay Leno. Until there is proof no one should say yes or no to the dating rumor.

  34. 34
    Stephen Says:

    still beautiful! No matter what people’ll say!

    But you post a lot of her!

  35. 35
    In Denial Says:

    Rachel always looks so beautiful, though i have to admit she can do no wrong in my eyes!

    She’s wearing the H necklace, H for Hattie!!!

    Right now with all the hatred coming from Hayden fans, i seriously hope she’s not dating the guy!!!

    Love ya Rachel

  36. 36
    SOO_TRUE Says:




  37. 37
    Kanani Says:

    She So Pretty! I still watch the O.C. cause of her haha!

  38. 38
    The OC Fansite Says:

    Love Rachel. Beautiful as always!

  39. 39
    oh_please Says:

    Why is this impbitch is damn everywhere and what has she done to contribute to society or even to Hollywood other than being in ****** movies and tv show?!
    Oh and the frizzy bangs and the fake hairlights is so over done, its not even edgy anymore. Get real & be original!

  40. 40
    ocsethummer Says:

    TV’s steamist love scenes

    Adam and Rachel scored 10 on the list

  41. 41
    irina Says:

    She looks great

  42. 42
    Frankie Says:

    I just don’t understand this, why is she ALWAYS on these pages, I like this site but the infatuation is hard to deal with. It is obvious surely to most that she is press tipping. Jumper wasn’t well received including her performance by critics and viewers alike and yet we see her everyday like she is an A list star.
    I can only assume JJ is getting a percentage of the profit from printing her images.

  43. 43
    maxie Says:

    looking forward to more pics of her and Hayden.thanks jared

  44. 44
    claire Says:

    haha she got that shirt at target! she always said she loves target. cute!!

  45. 45
    In Denial Says:

    @ Kanani

    Me too!!

    She’s perefect in the OC
    So funny
    And people say she’s a bad actress, she was the best thing on the show, IMO, of course ;)

  46. 46
    ArcticMonkeys Says:

    nice Pics ^^
    Thx Jared <3

  47. 47
    ha Says:

    The amount of interest this girl gets on this and other sites is not commensurate to her limited level of talent.

  48. 48
    Heartandsoul Says:


    Fat chance that will happen the fake romance is over with and Hayden isn’t in LA anymore..seems he is back home..where he said he was going once the tour was done. She is jobless and a horrible actress she best stick with modeling seems she can do that over acting anyday.

  49. 49
    lalalala Says:

    she is the only o.c star who has actually done something so leave her alone ppl.

  50. 50
    In Denial Says:

    @ lalalala

    So very true!!!

  51. 51
    Sara Says:

    I’m gonna have to agree with Purplehearts- RB’s a pap tipper. She’s photographed way too often.

  52. 52
    Heartandsoul Says:

    You can la la la all you want doesn’t change the review or the fact the movie died after 2 weeks the only reason it did well was for Hayden and Jamie Bell..she can’t act and that was apparent..

    Actually NOO on the only star in who is working her ex lover boy Adam was in Liman’s Mr.and Mrs Smith and is in a Justice Legaue movie..Barton is actually working more then Bilson.

  53. 53
    ocsethummer Says:

    Adam has also done Smiley, The Ten, Thankyou for Not Smoking, Death in Love and starred as the lead actor In the Land of Women with Meg Ryan.

  54. 54
    fey23 Says:

    Thanks JJ for these pics!!! Supersweet Rachel *LOVE*

  55. 55
    e Says:

    on her way to toronto… with haydens mom.. god i really didn’t want to think this was true at all.

  56. 56
    Heartandsoul Says:

    Canada didn’t promo Jumper yet..and I feel that she leaves to do more touring, His mom has a son who lives in LA..Tove and she does see him a what Hayden said in CTV back last and sis usually visit him there..I wouldn’t read more into this then we know..I say it’s more interviews in canada for Jumper or pr press..wait and see.

  57. 57
    Kx3 Mommy Says:

    Mischa has done freaking squat since being fired off the OC…Bilson is WAY more motivated and talented than her…I loved the OC, but Mischa Barton was fake and unbelievable as her character Marissa. The only thing that Barton has done since the OC was score herself some DUIs!!! Rachel Bilson is getting the right kind of publicity…so what if she is photographed doing quotidian things; at least she keeps her act clean and is successful in her acting.

  58. 58
    e Says:


    ok, good points.. all true.

  59. 59
    tasty Says:

    #55 This sucks so bad… Regardless of if he is dating her or not now, but dragging his parents into this juz sucks. So much for wanting to keep low profile life. Ugh

    Don’t waste your $$ on Jumper, I watched 10,000 BC and it is way much better. Famille Bell is hot hot hot!!!!

  60. 60
    lisa Says:

    @#56 Jumper was released in Canada over 3 weeks ago. I doubt she’s traveling there to promote the movie.

  61. 61
    haha Says:

    heartandsoul is one of the many socks who just cant stay away

  62. 62
    You Didn't Hear This From Me! Says:

    Jumper promo is over. Hayden and Rachel are dating. denying is awful. :lol:

  63. 63
    You Didn't Hear This From Me! Says:

    I told you all earlier that Rachel will be leaving on a flight soon to Canada (but I did not say when) to be with Hayden and I was and am right. there she go off with Hayden’s mom to go be with Hayden. I hope they have fun!

  64. 64
    luv Says:

    Jumper promo is still going its not full force but they are still doing things here and there. She was going to Toronto for a fashion show and interviews for Jumper.

    Those pictures do not prove much at all.

  65. 65
    dr jube Says:

    She does nothing for me as an ‘actress’ but she always looks great!

  66. 66
    bebe Says:

    @ 64

    A fashion show? What fashion show?

  67. 67
    2 the monters tht r Hayden fan Says:

    God, i just wished this was not true!
    I don’t know at first (way back in march 2007) when i saw pictures of them, i was happy that she was happy, i still am (of course), but i don’t know, she could any other guy, except the guy with the most obnoxious fan crowd.
    And now since they’ve swore not to come here anymore (because the think they are the ones who’s giving her attention, rotflmao), they come here with other names.
    They deny, on and on and on they’re dating, yet they say the most ridiculous things about Rachel, someone who is nothing to them, i mean if you really were indifferent to someone would talk about this someone on and on and on????
    They hate her with GREAT GREAT PASSION!!!
    They say they could care less who’s Hayden dating, but it doesn’t like that, it looks like THE EXACTLY OPPOSITE!!!
    They say they’re married, they have boyfriends, THEY HAVE A LIFE, yet they spend their time in front of a computer debating that he’s not dating her, they’re just a showmance, that he, in fact, can’t stand her.
    Yeah, that is what they think they are. Two co-workers who are exploiting their on screen characters for the sake of the movie that in fact hate, HATE, each other!
    How pathetic can someone get???
    purplehearts, lexie coop, ravenden, irishdreams, i’m talking about you!!!

    I just hope that if they’re dating, IF, it’s nothing serious…
    I hope she moves from him, QUICKLY!

  68. 68
    tasty Says:

    Although I don’t feel that they are dating, I would rather they are than not. It just seems so sad to waste so much energy- even as far as getting their family involved in publicity just for a movie promo. Especially the movie is really bad.

  69. 69
    bebe Says:


    Why is it that you don’t think they’re dating?

  70. 70
    STUPID FOOL!! Says:

    @ #62 & 63,

    Oh yeah right? You pathetic loser! I remember you said distinctly on Rachel’s visit w/ her Grand father Rachel was taking the early morning flight to Canada on Thursay. NO! Rachel was spotted @ the bank on Thursday and getting smoothies for her and Hattie on Friday! You were pretty adamant about that and you sure sounded like you knew H/R! Show’s how much you know? Yeah! She flew out on Saturday with Alie. So??? We have to wait and see what happens! Since, you DON’T KNOW SH*T ABOUT SH*T! :)

    Fashion show sounds logical. Rachel loves coming to these event’s and isn’t fashion week going on all over the place now?

  71. 71
    You Didn't Hear This From Me! Says:


    No darling I did NOT give any specific date on when she is going to Canada.. Look back and read again,since you want to deny and get mad at the truth Im not a stoopid fool. Grow up!

    We will not be seeing much of Rachel for A VERY LONG while now,since she is going to…Im soory since she IS IN CANADA! I hope they both are happy and that all that matters. Im glad to see her hanging with mommy. Tove also was in LA but he took a flight at a very ealier time than Rachel & mom.

  72. 72
    You Didn't Hear This From Me! Says:

    Hayden and Rachel are dating and its pitifull as hell to see his obsessed fans to tell lies on him and to disrespect the people in his life (Rachel) you people need to really grow up and definatley get a life,because there are important things to do in life other than this!

    They are dating. end of the story. stop denying.Be happy with who he choose to date.

    Im done with this.Bye!

  73. 73
    stella Says:


    Can I ask you a question? Why are you giving all this information on the internet, at a gossip board of all places? I would think that anyone who knew anything at all wouldn’t say a word. I know anyone who know’s the Christensen’s at all would never say anything. So who are you?

    I highly doubt that you know anything whatsoever, because no one who knew the Christensen’s would ever say anything. So if you do know anything, you most be from Rachel’s side of the fence. Or you’re completely insane and you’re just making all this stuff up. And if you are from Rachel’s side of the fence, I’m sure Hayden wouldn’t be too happy about you spilling ANYTHING. Especially on a gossip board.

  74. 74
    lisa Says:

    Well, look at the bright side…If she has indeed gone to join him at the farm, then this should be the last Rachel Bilson thread here at JJ for quite some time.

    That’s what you all wanted, right?

  75. 75
    Loser Says:

    Fashion shows go on all the time all over the world and Hayden has said he and the whole cast were friends, they all hung out in each others trailers on set and he has had them to his farm. I say this is a cast weekend for them all to have fun. Rachel seems to only have a luggage bag for 1-2 days. Allie is always in LA with Tove. Rachel is far from a Farmer girl which is what Hayden is, a farmer boy.

  76. 76
    tasty Says:

    @ 69

    For the most obvious reason- there are no signs of a couple that is in love. But oh well, if they are willing to go as far as bringing out the mom to show that they are dating then I am not going to question it any more. Because I would think it is pretty low for those people to think of this idea just for publicity and for Hayden to allow it. And I don’t believe in the convenience of them travelling together.

  77. 77
    tasty Says:

    @ 69

    For the most obvious reason- there are no signs of a couple that is in love. But oh well, if they are willing to go as far as bringing out the mom to show that they are dating then I am not going to question it any more. Because I would think it would be pretty low for those people to think of this idea just for publicity and for Hayden to allow it. And I don’t believe in the convenience of them travelling together.

  78. 78
    lisa Says:

    @ #75 That was only her carry-on bag. If she’s staying longer, she most likely checked her other luggage when she got her boarding pass.

    As I eluded to earlier, if she returns in a few days I’m sure she’ll be front-and-center right here on J.J. But if she stays in Canada for an extended period, then this should be the last RB thread for a while.

  79. 79
    Heartandsoul Says:

    She flew business class meaning it was business she was going for..not pleasure..

  80. 80
    lisa Says:

    You obviously don’t fly much. “Business Class” is just a term. Anyone can fly Business Class. I do it all the time, and not for business. In fact, there is no First Class offered by American Airlines when flying from LAX to Toronto, only Coach and Business Class.

  81. 81
    Loser Says:

    Don’t you think if they were together we would have seen real proof pictures by now? This is probably for the cast party Hayden was talking about doing to celebrate.

  82. 82
    2 the monters tht r Hayden fan Says:

    This post is dedicated entirely to purplehearts, she posts on IMDB with this same name, and she thought my #67 post was from applejack47 who’s also from IMDB, sweetie, you’re wrong!!!
    I browse IMDB forum, but i stilll, STILL, don’t post there!
    Yeah, as i mentioned before, the names i mentioned before, you’re all P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!!!

  83. 83
    purpleheaRts Says:


    Yes I posted on IMDB so what? I have every right to post whatever I want where ever I want.

    If you wish to further this you know where to find me.

  84. 84
    Lacey Says:

    They’re dating. BUT I don’t see it lasting long at all. Like someone mentioned above, that’s not a couple in love. There’s no passion there. So I’ll give it another couple of months, four tops.

  85. 85
    2 the monters tht r Hayden fan Says:

    @ #83

    Did I say you do not have the right to post there???
    Read my post again Haydentard!!!

  86. 86
    Rachelfan Says:

    @ #85

    Why are you bashing someone who had not posted on this blog until you bashed them?

  87. 87
    2 the monters tht r Hayden fan Says:

    They hadn’t bashed Rachel HERE!

    I honestly think they’re still posting here, but not under the same names!

    Go to IMDB and see what they’re saying of Rachel there, it’s not nice sight!!!

    Oh and the only time i bashed them is on my previous post that i called her a HAYDENTARD…
    They call us RAYDENBOTS, they call Rachel phony, batcrap, troll, dwarf among other things, so why are they getting upset by that???
    Sensitive much???

  88. 88
    Voice Of Reason Says:

    I’m actually 2 the monters tht r Hayden fan, I’m also She’s Pregger’s and You didn’t hear this from me.

    You see I’m obsessed about Hayden Christensen. I want to have his child but I caaaannnn’t!! I live all the way in Australia and live far from him. I hated Lola Skye and got rid of her by harassing her so badly.

    Rachel I guess is tolerable and I want her with Hayden so Lola never comes in the picture again.

    Ignore Raven, Irishdreams, Purplehearts and Lexi. They are not the same person but are friends and say thing’s that make sense. I know I don’t make any sense but Rachel is awwww so sweet and I want her and Hayden awww so bad! I’m pathetic and stupid I know!

  89. 89
    2 the monters tht r Hayden fan Says:

    @ #88

    Are you crazy???
    You need treatment!!!

  90. 90
    Amber Says:


    No darling you are posting under “Voice of reason” because you are mad at her for calling you out. YOU ARE ! NOT HER!

    get a life,you must be RAVEN. GET A LIFE!

  91. 91
    purplehearts Says:

    That was not Raven, I emailed her telling her to read that because someone posed as VOR

  92. 92
    Amber Says:


    Whatever. You expect me to believe that sh**. Well I don’t. You need help and you need a life. you…no,All of your fake names need help!

  93. 93
    purplehearts Says:

    @ Amber

    I do have a life thank you. It is my job to check these sites & Raven didnt post as VOR she was barely around today. It was someone else, Im not sure about all the fake names on here but alot of us have been on other boards posting not here.

  94. 94
    voice of reason Says:

    I guess I know what I post and the other one was not me, nice try, may want to re-think the speach though.

    You socks must be a bit upset with the latest pictures, kind of makes your thoughts worthless-don’t you think?

  95. 95
    voice of reason Says:

    I guess I know what I post and the other one was not me, nice try, may want to re-think the speach though.

    You socks must be a bit upset with the latest pictures, kind of makes your thoughts worthless-don’t you think?

  96. 96
    isnt_it Says:

    They just make me nauseous… IIICCCKKK!!!

  97. 97
    say-it-isnt-so Says:

    If sicking truth to be told, there goes another HC’s LAPSE OF JUDGMENT or better put LAPSE OF IDIOCY… CRINGE!

  98. 98
    carlito Says:

    I’d touch her!!!! And with my 2 hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. 99
    tjr1 Says:

    More Madonna Thefts Uncovered (Part 4)- Marilyn Monroe

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