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Reese Witherspoon's Mad Dash

Reese Witherspoon's Mad Dash

Sticking to a tight schedule, Reese Witherspoon makes a mad dash from her car to the Los Angeles set of her new movie, Four Christmases, on Thursday.

Reese‘s last film, Penelope, opened last weekend and only took in $3.8 million, which earned it the ninth place spot. Ouch! She produced and starred in the movie.

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  • quince

    first :)

  • Orange Clockwork

    How she won an Oscar, I’ll never know.

  • the_original_nika

    this woman has dropped alot in my consideration since she said she wants her kids to be bullied pppfffff.

  • sal

    I don’t think she meant literally bullied. I think she meant she just wants them to go through what normal kids go through and go through the hards things to make them stronger. She doesn’t want them treated differently because she is who she is.

    Also, a lot of times the magazines misquote people.

    But I have a lot of respect for her. She seems to be very smart when I see her in interviews, she is a very talented actress, and a great mother to her children.

  • lily

    love her.

  • get it right

    If you watched the interview, that is not what she said and was taken out of content. They were talking about the movie and the character Penelope who is an outcast because of her nose. She was asked if she was picked on as a child by other kids, she said yes all kids are picked on, that as a result of it we learn to love ourselves and it give us character. She went on to say that she wouldn’t want her kids to miss out on that experience while growing up because it helps shape who you become and who you really are.

    Also Penelope was a Indy film which cost very little to make, Reese has a small role in the movie. So far it has made 11 million world wide, if it takes in 20 million worldwide, plus DVD sales it will be in the green. There were no bigbuget actors on the film and she waved her salary because it was her movie. It was a first time director, producer and writer.

  • june

    LOVE HER !!!!

  • Get real

    SHE SAID “I DON”T WANT MY KIDS TO MISS OUT ON ANY TEASING AND BULLYING” it’s on tape it wasn’t misquoted.

    OH and Penelope BOMBED!!

    15 million was the production budget add distribution, marketing etc. and it is close to a 20 million budget.

    It made 6 million in Europe and 3 million here. It will not break even. They lost money and Reese’s production company lost their deal with Universal. They got picked up by New Line but New Line no longer exists. I doubt Paramount is going to green light any vanity projects for Reese.

    She better hope Four Christmases makes money if she ever wants to “produce” again.

  • loris

    She went on to say that she wouldn’t want her kids to miss out on that experience while growing up because it helps shape who you become and who you really are.

    Then that IS

  • loris

    what she said

  • anon

    Get Real…Jealous much? :):) Don’t answer that. We know you are pea green. Get a life and movie on down the road .

  • lulz

    Troll much Jack?

  • Anon

    OhMyGodot how SAD are the haters they even have to come to the Reese posts to see what people are saying and try to spread their hate, get a life losers because you cannot change anything.

  • lola

    Aw. I was hoping that Penelope would be good.

    –read my blog at htto://

  • Annie h.

    Those of you who are quoting the box office figures, you’re not considering the amount of theaters Penelope was released in. It was only in a little more than a thousand theaters nation-wide, whereas The Other Boleyn Girl (released the same weekend) was in over three thousand theaters. Penelope made more money per theater than The Other Boleyn Girl. Had Penelope been released in three times as many theaters as it was, it would have actually been in the Top 5 at the box office this past weekend.

    So, really, it wasn’t as big of a bomb as you all think. With the films that were released that weekend, considering the budget and amount of theaters releasing it (plus the amount of promotion done), The Other Boleyn Girl was a bomb and didn’t live up to expectations, much like Semi-Pro. Penelope did just fine. It could have done better but it still did better than the others.

    Recalling my days on the playground (which was only about ten years ago), being teased and bullied was a dose of reality; not everyone in the world is going to be nice. It was the catalyst to developing a backbone. If you want to protect your child from every little thing, enjoy your bubble child. Let them be blindsided and slapped by the reality of unkindness whenever they happen to run into it when they’re older.

    Reese rocks.

  • Get real

    Penelope had a wide release it was in almost as many theaters as TOBG. Not as many as SemiPro but just as many as about six of the movies that kicked its ass.

    Please stop trying to make Reese seem perfect and apologize for every stupid thing she says.

    And by the way I have hated Reese for years (long before it became a trend). I think she is pompous, self righteous, over rated and over paid.

    Please do not confuse me with the new haterz from camp Gyllenhaal.
    I am one of the originals.

  • Get real

    I should say dislike. I don’t “hate” Reese but I do not see the halo above her head that so many other people see.

  • pellegrino

    she’s a fcuktard

  • lucia

    I saw a piece by a Hollywood insider who says that when studios want to cut a star down to size they get them to produce a picture or direct one, knowing it will probably bomb and damage their reputation. This may be going on with her. Many more flops and she won’t be getting 20 million for a job. She’s getting along in years too. She’ll need lots of botox and a good plastic surgeon.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you just come out and say Penelope FLOPPED, just like her last movie, Rendition. Maybe Reese will become humble – NAH. Little Miss Type A Control Freak will be the same arrogant priss she’s always been. Most over rated actress in Hollywood. I am one of the original haters, too. I have always seen through little Miss Innocent. Ryan ran – now Jake should run and save himself.

  • Anonymous

    Annie h – not to be rude, but opening the same day as Penelope was The Other Boleyn Girls (Scarlet and Natalie). Here are the numbers. I’m sorry – but Penelope is a collasal flop. These numbers are through last night, March 6th from Box Office Mojo.

    Number 3
    1166 theaters
    Per theater average $519

    Number 11
    1196 theaters
    Per theater average $174

    Penelope had more theaters, and 1/3 the per theater average of Boleyn Girl. It’s a flop. The media should call it a flop, just like they did with Katie’s and Eva’s movies. It’s a flop.

  • Anonymous

    Get Real says She better hope Four Christmases makes money if she ever wants to “produce” again

    Speaking of 4 Christmases – huge budget on that one and Vaughn is coming off two big flops – Fred Claus and the total embarrassing disaster called Wild West Comedy Show, pulled from the theaters after a week. And they’re still filming 4 Cs – been filming since December. If anyone can run up production costs, it’s Vaughn. Reese had better hope to Hell that one’s a success or it’s over for her. She and VV are the two most over rated actors in Hollywood.

  • Erica

    Penelope was better than I expected. I really loved that movie. It was a disappointment that they weren’t as big of a success as I wanted. Everyone should go watch it!

  • Nicola G

    She’s starting to look A LOT like Kirsten Dunst!! Jake’s influence, perhaps… ?(Dunst is the LOVE of his life)

  • vana

    What is the facination with this fugly woman,her acting skills are just ok not that great.She is the jenny mccarthy look alike i think they were separated at birth. This bitch is not worth 20 mil. are you fucking serious, The jonny cash movie was not worthy of an ocar, the bitch cannot sing her way out of a wet paper bag. Another a hole in interviews these celebs are so full of themselves they actually believe all their hype. I hate when they use that stupid baby voices and wtf talking with their hands bitches ,wtf are they using sign language.a holes. I prefer a bitchy celeb at least you know where they are coming from thse goody 2 shoes are so full of themseves they expect us to believe their hpe they are the worst and laughing all th way to the bank.

  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    She has talent, personality, style and star quality :)

    ¦== ===¦

  • Anonymous

    Bombed again last night. Number 12.

  • zoe

    so much for the haters…i think she’s a great person with a a great personality. she might not have deserved the oscar but she’s definitely a good actress!

  • twittypoo

    Penelope was better than I expected. I really loved that movie. It was a disappointment that they weren’t as big of a success as I wanted. Everyone should go watch it!

    The idea that the public would want to go see a movie about the problems of a pig-faced woman is ridiculous. Reese shows she doesn’t know what the public likes by producing it.

  • Anonymous

    I find the backlash against Reese interesting. The more she zapped, the more people really look at her and say, WTF is this woman about? Well, Reese is about Reese and no one else, not even her children.

  • twittypoo

    What is ominous about 4 Christmases is that the director appears not to have made any successful movies during the 2000′s. In fact his credits seem pretty dim. I wonder why Reese would think it smart to get into a movie with a “mediocre”? director. Perhaps she is so egotistic that she thinks she can carry any movie she is in. WRONG. She didn’t make Rendition a success and she didn’t make Penelope a success. Given that Jake’s movies since Brokeback have been quasi-failures too makes them a…..well let’s just say they aren’t Jolie and Pitt.

  • only good

    You need to do some homework before you post. Penelope cost 1/10th the money that The Other Boleyn Girl did to make. Just paying the salaries for Boleyn Girls cost more than making the entire Penelope movie. They had to pay the director, the three main actors, set design, location shoots and on and on. Boleyn cost tons of money to market and make, it was a big budget studio production.
    Penelope was a INDY movie mad on a small budget, Reese didn’t take a salary, Cristina Ricci doesn’t warrent big pay. James Mcavoy was not a star at the time of filming and struggling to get work, it was before his oscar nomination. The director was a first timer and was cheep as well. So far world wide Penelope & Boelyn Girls have earned the same amount. At the end of the day Penelope will turn a profit or break even. The Boelyn Girls will be a big loss for the studio.

    Penolope = Indy low budget
    Boelyn Girls = studio movie, big budget

    As for Vince, his wild west was an INDY also, it cost nearly nothing to make, Vince didn’t get paid it was his movie, there is no cast, it was more a documentry about a tour than a movie. Fred Claus is the only movie he has made recently that did not live upto it’s cost, prior to that Vince has been box office gold. His production company was also behind the Breakup, which made well over 150million worldwide.
    Four Christmases has a good script and a great cast extending far beyond Reese & Vince, which includes academy award winners a Tony winner and some popular Country stars.

  • t cup

    There is no backlash against reese , people are beginning to notice that she is not worth all the money she is being paid.,like clooney once said the era of quality actors are now gone. all these americans actors suck, Kate Blanchet is an excellent actor but you don’t see her getting paid what this woman reese is getting paid. Natalie Portman is another example if she were to get the right roles. What happens is the the big studios back a mediocore movie with all this hype and put alot of money into advertising, and how great the acting was and people start to believe this shit.The weinsteins kept saying how linsey lohan was going to get an oscar for her last movie another ex. of how big studios back these talentless actors with hype.How many good movies did it take Denzel washington to finally get an oscar the black actors have more acting depth but they don’t get all the hype.,they rather promote little Matty Damon whose movies all tank with the exception of the franchise Borne Indentity but put matty in a serious role and watch him tank like his good friend ben who can’t act for the life of him, and by the way neither can his wife. But they are the ones the studios back.Take JUno wtf a little movie which i saw and was shocked at all the hype it got and how people ate it up. Not to leave out the christian senator that went out to promote it to all the christian youth, so that they would support llfe oppose to abortion. It’s going to get worse with all these singers becoming actors now wtf stay in your gengre. Jessica Simpsom , mariah , beyonce etc. wtf.

  • Anonymous

    only good – you’re not exactly being candid about the box office on Penelope vs Boleyn Girl. Penelope was released in England 5 weeks ago and that is the vast majority of its foreign box office. Boleyn was released to UK yesterday- numbers are not in. In other countries released Boleyn has done as well after one week as Penelope did in 5.

    Wild West Comedy Show was a freakin’ disaster and was pulled after one week in the theaters.

    While you’re at it, how about a link or two to those budget numbers for both movies or just a credit by name of a reputable source.

    By the way, The Break Up did well over 200 million worldwide and Jennifer Aniston was certainly a huge draw to that movie.

    You are, my dear, blowing smoke.

  • milla

    If Reese didn’t get paid for Penelope and took a pay cut for Rendition, how come she was the top paid actress in 2007. Was she in another ‘blockbuster’ I somehow managed to miss.

  • Anonymous

    This is interesting. Forbes on their Top 100 Celebrities lists for 2006 and 2007 showed Reese’s “pay” as the following:

    Forbes 2007 $7,000 million
    Forbes 2006 $9,000 million

    Salary History by film through 2005
    Just Like Heaven (2005) $15,000,000
    Walk the Line (2005) $15,000,000
    Vanity Fair (2004) $15,000,000
    Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003) $15,000,000
    Sweet Home Alabama (2002) $12,500,000
    Legally Blonde (2001) $5,000,000
    Cruel Intentions (1999) $250,000
    Fear (1996) $200,000

    She apparently copped 20 mil for 4 Christmases, as did Vaughn, because they both are producers, among many others, on the film. I guess this is what Forbes used “justifying” her highest paid actress accolade. What a joke.

  • fronds

    Ah I see it’s the same person commenting back and forth to themselves again. At least V hasn’t hit up this thread yet with her broken English.

  • Jill

    I saw Penelope today and thought the movie was good. Both my husband and myself were the only two in the theatre and I have never experience that before. It is a feel good movie which we need more of.
    If my kids were still small I would bring them to see this.

  • only good

    It ‘s not a joke, she has worked hard and made studios millions of dollars for years. Penelope which is a low low budget movie with limited release is not expected to do well and it was screwed during ditribution, it was first picked up by IFC a divsion of Weistein at the Toronto Film festival in 2006, they went thru management changes and dropped many movies, that’s when another company came forward and purchased Penelope again (Summitt). It’s miracle the movie was able to land another companies interest and it will make it’s money back. Rendition wasn’t just her movie and had subject matter that people didn’t want to see.

    But after that Reese has been golden for the studios, bringing in well over 100million dollar box office results in both Legally Blonde movies, Sweet Home Alabama & Walk the line, all movies that the cost was way less then the returns. Just Like Heaven has also earned over 100 million dollars and Cruel Intentions was
    a movie that cost 10 million and made 75 million.

    She is being smart and so is the studio doing 4 Christmases which should be a hit just for the subject matter and the cast alone.

  • Kelly

    Reese looks really sweet and down-to-earth in photos but she comes off with an “air” about her in interviews. Especially the Leno one recently. I will never forget that one. She was very cocky. Especially when Leno said, “well, so you produced this one, right?” And she put her hand in the air like, “oh ya baby!” I’m terrific kind of attitude. When Leno said to her, “you like nice tonight.” She didn’t even say thank you, instead she said, “ya!”

    I don’t know. Jake may be able to keep her grounded or he might be the doggie on the leash. Probably the doggie on her leash.

  • Anonymous

    Only good – your heart’s in the right place, but some of your facts are off. This is Variety’s account in September of the Summit acquisition of distribution rights for Penelope. Variety also does not support your low budget Indie theory.

    “Summit Entertainment has acquired North American distribution rights to “Penelope,” starring Reese Witherspoon and Christina Ricci.
    Summit, which is gearing up to operate as a full-service studio, plans to release “Penelope” on Feb. 1. Pic’s a teen fable centered on a woman with a facial deformity who must marry someone from her own class to break an evil spell.

    IFC acquired domestic theatrical rights for “Penelope” last year at Toronto. It set release dates in April and then again in August before pulling the plug as part of its move to focus on its core business of smaller-budget indies. IFC was partnered with the Weinstein Co., which had acquired TV and homevid rights. :

  • facts

    Um, it is pointless to compare couples or actors but, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be big in the gossip world and on the entertainment shows but their recent movies, A Mighty Heart, Jesse James, the Ocean’s movies have not made a lot of money.

    All the insults to Reese and Jake are pathetic. You only make yourselves sound like obnoxious, jealous and ignorant people.

  • Anon

    You only make yourselves sound like obnoxious, jealous and ignorant people.

    Ha how very very true that is.

  • Mike

    She is so beautiful. I love her sweet smile.I saw her profile in millonaire dating site” W e a l t hy L o v i n g .c o m”.I found she fall in bad ill and the baby is not…That is true?

    Good luck to her.

  • hooter

    So people who don’t think Jake and Reese are amazingly talented, good looking and successful are obnoxious, jealous and ignorant??

    How about different people like different stars and many people find Jake and/or Reese to be stuck up, boring and ugly.

    That is also very true.

  • twittypoo

    Anon you don’t mean she earned $7,000 million or 7 billion dollars, do you? You mean 7 million.
    She makes lots per movie now after a couple of big successes, but numerous films of hers have NOT been very successful. 4 Christmasses better do great or her quote will decline in Hollyweird. I don’t like the title 4 Christmases, since it is hard to say. I think it might bomb. Oh, my. Wouldn’t that be a disaster. She better do a movie with Jakeypoo. That would pull in viewers out of curiosiity. Or they could do a TV show as a married couple of high paid Hollyweird actors who compete with each other, etc., etc., etc. Or even better one in which he is a gay actor and she is his beard. That would get LOTS of viewers. LOL.

  • Anonymous

    twittypoo – 7 million and 9 million. I had too many zeros. Those numbers are from Forbes – Top 100 for 2006 and 2007. Kinda disputes her being a 15-20 million dollar actress.

    Vaughn desperately needs a hit, too, so if 4 Christmases doesn’t work, they’re both dead meat.

  • Lin

    I totally agree with you, Facts.

  • Trine

    I give a d…. about her….