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Wentworth Miller is a Starbucks Stallion

Wentworth Miller is a Starbucks Stallion

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller drops by Starbucks and a post office before heading into an alternative medicine clinic in Mar Vista, Calif. on Thursday.

The clinic specializes in dealing with insomnia, anxiety and various panic disorders. Worried about Prison Break getting renewed for another season, Wentworth?

10+ pictures of Wentworth Miller getting his Starbucks on…

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wentworth miller starbucks 01
wentworth miller starbucks 02
wentworth miller starbucks 03
wentworth miller starbucks 04
wentworth miller starbucks 05
wentworth miller starbucks 06
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  • hmmm…..

    does his hair look like its getting some grey in it?


    Looking good as always. Jared, you just made my Friday!!!

  • Tracey

    Here he is! He looks very tired…. He is still charming….He is ready to go to Israel next week!
    Looking forward to see him more next week…
    Went-your hair is gorgeous! You look more stunning…..Cheers!

  • Jen

    Looking good as usual Woot!! I love Wentworth!

  • erin

    Thanks J! Love the scruff! :)

  • yourocks

    Good looking and sexy. He was seen on “w e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. s i n g le? or just al one?

  • Ketty

    i love him so much…!!! he is most beautiful man in the world…
    he looks so good and hot!!!

  • najeeba
  • http://EXCOMMUNICATED Tears

    Thanks JJ!

  • wet for went

    He’s alive!

  • Ana

    Can I help you my love?

  • jen

    i’m gonna melt lol

  • Ketty


  • V2

    Thanks! Looking gorgeous as always. :)

  • Sara

    He’s perfect, hot, handsome, gorgeus, …. I miss you. I want Prison Break back

  • Scofield_Girl

    WooW, He is so perfect…. Starbucks Yummy =D

  • Giulia

    thanks jared!!!

    Went is soooo cute… nice to see u again!!

  • quality time girl

    At the clinic: “Hi, my name is Wentworth Miller, and I’m an addict. I had my last fix 10 minutes ago at Starbucks, just can’t stop with the Frappuccinos.”

  • mary

    God, he is cute.

  • Nando

    He looks better with hair like this than how he has it on the show.

  • the_original_nika

    LOOL #18.
    I hope hes ok. btw love the title, haha Starbucks stallion.

  • Anonymous

    Nice try but that clinic doesn’t “specialize” in insomnia, anxiety and various panic disorders. Are you somehow trying to link Went with Heath Ledger? That’s a pretty disgusting attempt to garner readers.
    The clinic is an integrative heath clinic specializing in ALL types of holistic medicine.

  • jo

    love him

  • Lilou

    il a l’air deprimé mais il est hot!!!!

  • sus

    This clinic specializes in the following:
    Preventative Medicine
    Family Medicine
    Hormonal Balancing
    Nutritional Medicine

    and is an integrative medical clinic.

  • Just me…

    OMG!!! He’s sooooo cool and BEAUTIFUL!!
    Wentworth I love you sooooo much!!!!!

  • not telling you

    He’s packed on quite a few pounds, hasn’t he? Please Went – stay eyecandy! Don’t become Vince Vaughn!

  • http://justjared milla

    I hope you’re ok, baby boy…LOVE YOU! Go, Wentworth!!!!!!!

  • Joke

    When he stops consuming these “Starbucks Units” every day, he sure won’t have to visit the clinic for insomnia…

  • djanellia

    This is my lovely Went… he looks tired and maybe anxious…
    Please Wentworth take care !!

  • Someone

    He is so hot!Love you Went!

  • http://WWW.DDX.RO Anna


    Does anybody know if he comes to the Film Festival in Cannes (France) this year? Many thanks!

  • Lucy

    He’s sooo adorable!
    I love you, Went!

  • SB

    He is soooo cute , with grey and scrubby beard yummmme!
    I think its tacky tho’ Jared to attach any other meaning to him going to a holistic clinic thank he went to a clinic!!!!
    So he is into alternative medicine, I mean he could be getting a massage for all you know! Not cool.

  • RC

    Is it just me or he gained some pounds? I guess that’s good a sign at least?

  • mimi 78

    Greys! Greys! God, I love his greys. Too bad I’ll never run my fingers through his hair. *sigh*

  • quelqu’un


    Does anybody know if he comes to the Film Festival in Cannes (France) this year? Many thanks!
    I guess no since he has nothing to promote. He hasn’t done any movie in years

  • sueli

    Maybe that’s the place he goes for the quit smoking stuff?

  • Marleen

    He looks tired, but still hot. I hope there isn’t anything really bad with him.

  • Tee

    Where’s his boyfriend? Or has he broken up with Luke? I hope not, they were so cute together.

  • Ralu


  • Ralu

    He’s the perfect man!!!!!!!! :-<

  • cutiepie

    #38, good call sueli. That would make sense since he quit smoking, maybe he didnt do it cold turkey but is taking a different approach.

  • MEL

    He’s still hot for a man who is 36 this year!! IMHO I think Wentworth wasted a good opportunity to really establish himself. After a long time waiting for a breakthrough he finally exploded on the scene only to disappear under the radar again. Does he have anything in the pipeline??


    WHAAA wentworth!

  • lola

    I just don’t see the attractive qualities in him…

    –read my blog at htto://

  • Just me…

    Wentworth the next time you will go consulted your doctor made me a signs, I have also insomnia problems :(

    Together we can do so many things at night to stop our insomnia… We can talk for hours you can read me a book. Oh yes your beautiful voice can really help me to find my sleep!!!

    But would I still like go to the dreamland if this dream is carried out?
    I do not believe :D

  • Joke

    He just went (haha) to the clinic because of his allergic reactions to cats and dogs don’t you think?

  • sunny

    Went said on Ellen that he quit smoking cold turkey without using any chemicals… frappucinos are his drug of choice. Maybe he has something as mundane as a cold or the flu…. I would love to nurse him back to health! ;)

    Take good care of yourself, Wenty. We need you!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I certainly do hope so because I could never give up my dogs….not even for Went…. ;-)