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Alessandra Ambrosio is Pregnant -- IT'S OFFICIAL!

Alessandra Ambrosio is Pregnant -- IT'S OFFICIAL!

Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio just announced she’s pregnant on her official website! Speculation of the 26-year-old’s pregnancy began over a month ago.

Here’s what Alessandra had to say:

“Hi everyone!

First of all, i would like to wish a happy new year to everybody and say that i have been really busy working a lot. Also, I would like to announce some really great news! My boyfriend Jamie and I were surprised in the beginning of the year with some delightful news that we are expecting our first child together!

This is a dream come true and a really special moment in our lives! I’m very happy to say that our baby looks healthy and that we are really excited to be mom and dad and raising a child together. I hope this year for you all has started full of amazing surprises like it has been with me.

For the time being, I ready to start to enjoy and dedicate myself to this new chapter in my life and I hope to be working soon enriched by our love for our new baby.”

Just Jared on Facebook

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  • sasha

    Awww…how wonderful. She is GORGEOUS!

  • gfdg


  • sasha

    What a beautiful announcement on her website.

    Conratualtions beautiful lady!

  • the shiznack


    another one bites the dust

  • the shiznack

    her douche bf totally looks like a wifebeater

    check out pics of him – that lil fecker has evil eyes i tell ya, EVIL!

  • jacinta

    where can i see pics of her b/f?

  • the shiznack


  • sasha

    Oooops……I meant congratulations beautiful lady!

  • the shiznack

    try gossip girls

  • the shiznack

  • the shiznack

    i love it when the ‘first’ losers arent actually first lmao

  • Kate

    just kidding i hope her baby is born with a tiny head.
    and big ass that gets stuck coming out of her vagina!!

  • Kate

    wtf you can’t say v a g i na. that is bull

  • the shiznack

    thats not very nice Kate

    its not like shes giving birth to a future $cientolgist

  • Kate

    i hope her baby gets stuck coming of her vag.

  • Kate

    i hope her baby gets stuck coming of her vag.

  • the shiznack

    there is something fishy bout that photo?

    take a good look folks

  • lily

    awwww. good for her.

  • spot

    she needs to eat something or that child will be retarded

  • yobs

    keep the tradition Ale, and have your baby born in Brasil :)

  • ihavenolife

    my fave victoria’s secret model now that giselle isn’t working’ for them anymore. she’s adorable and yet so sexy. she looks good preggers as well. speakin’ of giselle… where is she?

  • sasha

    Why so hostile Kate?
    Is your boyfriend in love with her but knows he can’t ever have her so he is settling for you?
    Your venom indicates this is quite personal to you in some way.

  • bukan nama sebenar

    i also think the pic look unreal

  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    Absolutely that photo is unreal :)

    ¦== ===¦

  • jennifer

    seriously, alessandra ambrosio is the most gorgeous woman out there. I can’t think of anybody who tops her looks.

    ANYWAY does anybody know where there are any pictures of her boyfriend? I haven’t seen what he looks like.

  • ewww

    wow kate. somebody is a BIT JEALOUS

    alessandra is BEAUTIFUL and I agree with sasha.

  • eddie jones

    now just how in the world did this happen. a close personal friend of mine said adrian rhodes is really the father, you can see him at or his myspace at once the baby is born, we’ll see who it looks more like, my bets on adrian rhodes.

  • required


  • pool

    ewwwwwwwwwww!!! ugly pregnant biatch

  • Helena

    I don’t know who she is, but she seems like a nice person so congratulations!

  • irina


  • Ms. scorpia

    Happy for her, she need more meat on them bones anyway!

  • Ana

    oh I bet her baby will be soooo damn cute!!!!

  • Rita

    Congratulations to Alessandra!!!

  • remember da truth

    Irina, you are right. Some people have such bitterness in their hearts it eats them up.
    There is so much ugliness on celeb blogs and I think it’s great social commentary. The world is overpopulated and that means a lot of mediocrity out there. Just think how beautiful the world would be if people who are so miserable they have to attack celebs would just disappear off the face of the earth.

    People open their mouths and say more about themselves than they do about the celebs, and are too stupid to know it. They show they are fat, ugly, mean, bitter, angry people. As one person put it “celebs deserve it” — in other words, if you are rich, famous, talented, and beautiful, you “deserve” to be attacked by those who are losers. Why is that? Those who are lucky and succeed in life deserve to be applauded, not attacked.

    If you have the energy and drive to attack those better off than you, use it to better yourself instead. Your attacks on celebs don’t improve you, but if you get your act together, you just might be a happier person.

  • zephi

    Just to reply to #36 even though I never criticize or insult celebrities. BUT the bitterness of some people towards celebrities is somewhat understandable. We are living under so many inequalities and when we find celebrities enjoying the best the world has to offer without having the qualities needed to succeed..such as intelligence perhaps, it pushes a nerve on some people. Obviously they themselves create the greater wealth for these people since they’re so obsessed with their lives, and hence so many darn celebrity gossip sites, mags, etc..
    Bottom line: Stop focusing on celebrities, and start fulfilling your own!

  • slacker chic

    it seems like she has been around forEVER.

  • Jessica


  • Lola

    Omg she’s so thin..

  • http://lol dirrty


  • remember da truth

    Zephi, Your bottomline is the truth. But people insulting looks (especially on models! or actors or actresses known for their looks), and weight, and things like that — that is just pure jealousy.
    Sure, we all know Paris Hilton is a skank, raised improperly, has only her parents’ name and money for her qualifications. But that’s obvious and if people ignored her, she would go away.

    To say it hits a nerve and that’s why people do it? That’s what I’m saying — it shows your own weaknesses, your own points where it will hit a nerve when you attack a celeb. If you are disgusted someone has fame and wealth, go make a name for yourself in your own field, and gather the riches and acclaim for yourself! If you are upset by someone’s weight, go get a nutritionist and work out.

    If someone’s good fortune bothers you, for whatever reason, especially if they have done nothing to harm you, YOU are the one with the problem!!

  • najeeba
  • Oh Angelina

    She’s one of the most beautiful models ever – and she’s certainly wearing pregnancy well.

    Congrats to the new mommy and daddy!

  • lola

    Awww, how sweet! That’ll be one cute baby! I derided the rumors all that time back, saying that she probably just got to a normal-person weight for a while…oops.

    –read my blog at

  • dfg

    very happy for her.
    im not saying i dont believe her or anything, but is that picture real or photoshopped?

  • Regina

    She looks like an anorexic girl with a pot belly.

  • Jossie




    hj vou escrever td in portuguese hihi

    liiiiiiiiindaa de viver, por dentro e por fora!! queriiiidaaaaa

    orgulhoooo Brasileiro ^^

    mta saúde pra futura mamys e seu babe

    Deus abençoe sempre!! adooooooro

  • marina

    mysister in law is tall and small boned, her torso looked like that when she ws pregnant, and after 3 kids, she is slim like a teenager. I wish I had that metabolism ! :( I will surely bloat when pregnang. Congrats to alejandra, , being a succesful model won’t stop her from having a family when young

  • lola

    Very cute. Can’t wait to see the baby, haha. It’ll be adorable.

    –read my blog at