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Wentworth Miller Craves Caffeine

Wentworth Miller Craves Caffeine

Wentworth Miller grabs his daily caffeine fix at Starbucks in West Hollywood on Friday.

Later in the day, the 35-year-old Prison Break star was seen buying two soft drinks from Rite Aid.

Wentworth is scheduled to visit Israel next week to launch the ‘Yes’ HD channel, according to yNetNews. March 11 is his expected arrival date–the same time the third season finale airs in the Holy Land.

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  • SAm

    i love him!!!!!!

  • Rima

    I wish Angham works with him in her new music video!!!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    jared, are you recycling pictures? cause i could of swore i seen these yesterday. lol

  • http://whatrallpeoplestupidorisitjustme NUMMY

    Hello again…..2 sightings in 2 days HURRAY!

  • sabatini

    he doesn’t look happy.
    he usually has a smile for the paps.
    he doesn’t look well.

  • Ken

    I love him !
    More info about him :

  • young

    went again.. wow..
    i’m happy to see him in jj two kinds of shots in one day..

    sorry, went..
    ’cause i like your paparazzi’s shots.

  • the shiznack

    is this nut craaazy!

    dont go to Israel some Palestinian (or however u say it) dude will bust a cap in ur @ss – dont u watch the news

    rolling around in a tank couldn’t protect ur @ss in Israel !

    heres a tip take Bar Rafaeli with u and use her as ur shield, yeah, ok good look Went

  • the shiznack

    say hello to Jeebus while ur there to mate

    much obliged

    p.s. bring me some holy sand back and when Bar is dead just leave her body there nobody likes her in Israel anyway

  • the shiznack

    where did my hate filled rant for Bar Rafaeli come from….?

    thx a lot mother, u heartless bi*ch

  • sona

    Oh, Went. You’re going to keep Starbucks in business, aren’t you?

  • sasha

    Something’s not right with Wentworth.

    Something is going in in his life that is not good.

    JMHO of course. He just doesn’t look like his usual self.

  • suh

    HOOOOOOOT! wow, i love him!

  • Gay

    he is buying a drink for his boyfriend.

  • Giulia

    is this my lucky day?
    2 sightings in 2 days!! WOW!!

    He looks well as usual… maybe a little annoying because paparazzi are stalkering him in these last 2 days…

  • the_original_nika

    oh giulia hes barely stalked lol.
    well, well… PB passes on Israel, who knew!!! oh… if anyone wants to stalk him just go to every starbucks there is lol, eventually you´ll find him.


    3 drinks: 2 coffees and 1 frappucino…they’re 3 persons !

  • i wonder..


    maybe they are having a three-way!

  • Ralu

    so you love him… I LOVE him MOREEEEE

  • Ralu

    right… why cant he look bad… maaaaaaaan he’s human…. he sleeps alot and drinks alot of cofee… man smth gotta be wrong with that ,lol….

  • Ralu

    paparazzi get on him, yupiii, dont let him gooooo :D :D

  • went_philippines

    Finally, a news about our dear W~E~N~T~W~O~R~T~H!

    I miss him so much :-(

  • Just me…

    What a beautiful Saturday morning!!
    The sun is shining and I discover new photograph of my darling!!!
    Wentworth I love you!!!

    Thanks JJ ;)

  • Ana

    Maybe 5 persons: 1 frapucino, 2 coffees and 2 soft drinks
    I love you so much

  • AShlee

    uummm yum. so does that meen its the end for prison break? or is there a season 4??? luv u went!!! :)

  • Sara

    Five persons, could it be a metting to prepare Israel’s travel or maybe something about Four Season of Prison Break or maybe Dracula’s Proyect?
    I need you, I love you, I want to se more

  • Sara

    Five persons, could it be a metting to prepare Israel’s travel or maybe something about Four Season of Prison Break or maybe Dracula’s Proyect?
    I need you, I love you, I want to see you more

  • Sara

    There are more photos on FCoWM and Pb redemption.

  • Susan

    There are more pics in FCoWM and Pb Redemption. He looks amazing

  • Ellis

    hes so cute *_* <- the new best wentworth fansite

  • summer
  • shell

    What I really want to know is how does that man keep his skin so beautiful? I’m telling you if I drank all of that sugary crap (and I have!), my skin would be a mess! So, Went if you read this please let a fellow sugar junky know!!

  • sally

    i think he has some desease or something cz he went to that clinic..
    he’s wearing the glasses and he’s almost wearing the same clothes from yesterday..he’s worried..or he’s annoyed by 2 things:
    -he doesn’t wannat go to israel(he’s muslim and israel hates muslims),and he’s against the mureders that happens in there(have u seeing the news:115 person died most of them are palestinian kids)..
    -he’s worried abt prison break and the whole situation..
    take a big look at he’s eyes side,,he seems like having ansomnia..

    i feel bad for him…and for those kids in palistine

  • mimi 78

    OK, Went, a piece of advice. If bombing starts, run down to the basement. Do not use the elevator (personal trauma). Avoid large groups of people… Shite.

    In case you need food, I got some leftovers from war. Rice and beans from USA. When you’re in Europe or the Middle East it’s considered fancy stuff. ; )

    Seriously, take care and have a safe trip, hon. And if you have time, stop by. We’d love to see you here in the Balkans.

  • dicaprio lovaah


  • http://lol went fan

    I can’t believe Wentworth is only 23.

  • Lyn

    Ooh, he is so hot

  • carla


  • someone who think of you

    He should report his trip for his safety and that one of the pepole who will wait for him outside the studio, hotel !!! I don’t know with all the security all around people will be a little nervous ??!!

    I’m sure that Went will take the good decision.

    Take care of you Went !!

    NB 1 : To everybody here : He’s good, don’t worry about him !!!!

    NB 2 :Wentworth if you read this message :

    Please No shave anymore you hair !!!!!

    NB 3 : you are my best one MR MILLER !!!

  • Wentlove

    @sally#33: he’s not muslim!!!!where did you read this???
    and@went_fan:he’s only 23????he turns 36 next 2nd june!!!!!!
    I think he’s in a relationship…glad for him but not for me!!!!

  • http://lol went fan

    Whut? He’s not 36! Wentworth is 23. I should know because I’m a Went fan. But it’s weird cause he looks much older than me.

  • nina

    Am I the only one who’s seeing the gray on his head?!

    I was surprised, but then I realised he’s 35 or so.

    Damn, he looks soo young!

  • lola

    Nope, don’t see it.

    –read my blog at

  • saki

    He’s 35!!
    but he is soo hot!

  • Wentlove

    Went_fan,I’m not so sure your a true fan…. you can read his biografy on every blog dedicated to the Pretty!!!Wentworth Earl Miller III was born in Chipping Norton,outside Oxford,in the U.K. on 2nd june 1972…..blah blah blah…….
    anyway Sally he’s goin’ to visit Israel because he wants to discover his origin’s land:his grandfather was a german-jew….I don’t think he could be a muslim…(anyway no problem with this…)

  • cynthia

    he’s sooooooooooooooooo hot (L)

  • Cindy


    He’s not the first celeb to go to Israel people, get off whatever drug you’re on and use your brains!!! Trips to Israel when it comes to celebs is nothing new.

    Besides their fans are a lot more hardcore than fans in west.

    Did I mention already he looks good with hair!!! good =)

  • Anna

    You’d better stop with the grey, extra pounds, not well, 23 and old! I am 4 before 30 I can imagine how wonderful 35 can be! And he’s reading JJ since everybody wants to know gossip about themselves. JJ is the best at providing it! It will make him feel bad! Poor Went!

    Hmmm, but then he’ll need serotonin and he’ll get chocolate ice cream and we’ll get other pics of him! mmmmmm

    Frappuccino mmmmm! ;o)

  • http://lol14 went fan

    So why does he looks so young n sexy then? He looks about 23. I know cause there is a boy in my class that looks like him and he isn’t 35 so Wentworth is probably about 23. No way could he be 35, that is so old!!
    He seems really mature and intelligent in his interviews.
    I could never date someone like that, so I’d be more compatible with
    the mentally impaired Milo Ventimiglia.