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Wentworth Miller is Simply the Vest

Wentworth Miller is Simply the Vest

Wentworth Miller cracks a smile for photogs as he grabs his daily java fix for two at Starbucks in Los Angeles on Saturday.

This is the third day in a row the 35-year-old Prison Break star has been photographed at Starbucks! (See: Thursday and Friday)

10+ pictures inside of Wentworth Miller being simply the vest

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wentworth miller vest 01
wentworth miller vest 02
wentworth miller vest 03
wentworth miller vest 04
wentworth miller vest 05
wentworth miller vest 06
wentworth miller vest 07
wentworth miller vest 08
wentworth miller vest 09
wentworth miller vest 10

Photos: ZFI/Dave/
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  • hm

    nice.. lol

  • bokili


  • Elle

    he’s gorgeous(:

  • mary

    He’s very sexy. Did he go to the same starbucks??

  • mary

    I just checked the pictures, he went to the same starbucks on thursday!!

  • nice_girl

    Nice vest, nice sunglasses, freaking ugly shoes!!!!
    Why did i bought 2 coffee’s?Is there someone new in his life?

  • ion_ion

    A croquer notre Went comme d’hab quoi !!

    Contente de le revoir !!

    Gros bisouxx just jared !!

  • Orange Clockwork

    Dude…he’s wearing the SAME DAMN THING he wore yesterday.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    huh.. déjà jà vu?

  • em

    #8 – I don’t think they are the same shirts. Similar though. The one yesterday was plain blue, the one today has small white stripes.

    Thanks Jared! He looks great!

  • nice_girl

    You’re wright.At least yesterday i wore some other shoes:(

  • me

    i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there are many pics from him in L.A now because he is not in texas to shoot prison break

    hes in L.A till April
    we can look forward to many pore wentworth pics

  • me

    i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there are many pics from him in L.A now because he is not in texas to shoot prison break

    hes in L.A till April
    we can look forward to many pore wentworth pics

  • V2

    Love these! He’s gorgeous. :D

  • lola

    How. Thrilling. Snore.

    –read my blog at

  • Maria

    Absolutely gorgeous

  • sara

    I looooooove this shoes :)

  • ana

    he is handsom as allways and i hope he’s not buying coffee for his boyfriend :((…

  • soraya.fandewenty

    thank you very much jared for pictures,actualy i was there when he took his café i ‘m so happy because i saw him in this starbuck i’m a tourist in L.A and i was sit down on a table with my husband and when i saw him i recognized him and i was very suprised and i was enjoying he was alone as yo know so my hansband walked to him to tell him i was a fan of prison break and i would take a ‘photo’ from him and he was agrees he’s very calm and beautiful , an angel, we don’t call him ‘fish’ in the first season in france but ‘gueule d’ange’(angel face) waouh he’s better in real life my husband is jealous but he likes the show and has talked to him and asked if there are a fourth season coming in and he answered yes and that he is happy to come back to work soon (may maybe) and that he miss work,the show…oooooooohhhhhhhhh girls his voice God bless this ‘creature’…… dreams coes true i met my favorite actor!!!

  • woman from venus

    Seriously those paps are not doing their jobs. Wentworth coming out of a Starbucks is not interesting. Wentworth coming out of a Starbucks with two drinks is interesting. Follow him dammit and find out who the second drink is for;)

  • anais

    i saw him getting out of the starbuck but i was on a car he’s wonderful, beautiful, i’m a tourist in L.A

  • Stanley

    the man likes his Starbuckle!

  • Giulia

    Again?? Oh Lol and he’s smiling!!! Did he read this blog???

    JJ u r the best as usual!!!

  • i hate miley&ashley tisdale


  • Mad_Hatter

    is anyone else wondering who the other drinks are for??
    got me curious.

  • MaryW_24 aka SaRcAsM qUeEn

    are you all thinking what im thinking?

  • me

    the should follow him to see for who this second drink is!

    how can they let him go without not following him to find out

  • [marie]

    At least he’s smiling for these pics… =)

  • http://lol14 went fan

    HE CAN BANG ME ^_^

  • Kyra


  • madonna

    He looks so American now!

  • Miller

    So nice to see hes ok not hearing from him in ages, then we get 3 days worth of Went heaven piccies :) :) Loving the whole look the vest (sexy) his hair and the stubble WOW!! he looks so happy and damn fine. :-* :-*

  • watchme

    He’s DA BOMB!!!

  • who?

    I get so excited seeing these candid pictures.

    I love him so much
    Keep smiling Went! I hope he’s happy

  • http://SAKKS.COM cHA CHA


  • Lucy

    Wow! There he goes again! He looks gorgeous! As always!

    And please, somebody needs to find out who is getting the other coffee!!!
    He may have someone… *silent tears*

  • shmeeee

    He looks much happier in these pictures.
    Keep smiling Went!
    We love you <3

  • Sylvia

    A tourist met Went in a Starbucks in LA??????????????????????
    Damn DAMN DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I slept in that starbucks and all I got was a caffeine headache!
    Life is just not fair…


    Question: which is that starbucks, there are so many in LA ?

    I planned to go to california the next year and i’d like to go in this starbucks, where he uses to go, not to meet him (i know i don’t have many chances to see him), just like that.


    where is this starbucks in LA ? There are so many in this country…lol

  • deeplyinlove

    Maybe he should switch 2 Mountain Dewi, opps, mybad, typing that is, Mountain DEW, has a lot of caffeine, only need 1 not 2.

  • balumina

    mamma mia! ma cos’è quest’uomo…
    please went…. keep smiling to us!
    I guess the coffee is for someone hidden at home
    someone who needs to be protected from our jealous posts.
    and it’s the best thing he could do.
    well done went, keep going!

  • aifos

    i love you!!!
    i need more photos of this beautiful men!!!
    thank you jared for the photos!
    WENTWORTH TE AMO!! (wentworth i love you)

  • Kiki

    The other drink was either for his bf Luke or his friend Amie. Maybe the 3 drinks were for Luke and Amie. Maybe they are doing threesomes, who knows. Oy! He is probably freaking out which is why he needed to go to the clinic.

  • young

    soraya.fandewenty #19..
    you’re so lucky. congratulations..
    i’ve seen him once..
    and heard his voice.. wow..
    his voice.. i’ve never heard of one like him..
    i remember and will.. forever eventhough i forget what he looked like..
    the best voice in the whole world..

  • Suz



    AND on the third day Went created a smile……… :)



    Thanks JJ

  • caribbeangal

    He’s smiling ’cause he’s saying to himself “We did it! We broke out of Sona!” hahaha

  • oakling

    Aaaaagh! That pun made my brain explode.