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Miley Cyrus Goes Mile High

Miley Cyrus Goes Mile High

Miley Cyrus spends time with her friend Mandy Jiroux, and get mile high on her private jet in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Miley was also traveling with her mom Tish and sister Noah.

On Access Hollywoood, Miley met Marcia Brady (Maureen McCormick) – joining two famous teens from two different times! Miley‘s dad Billy Ray was also on set as he was on a photo shoot with Miley for the 2008 Country Music Television awards.

More pictures of Miley getting mile high…

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miley cyrus private jet 01
miley cyrus private jet 02
miley cyrus private jet 03
miley cyrus private jet 04
miley cyrus private jet 05
miley cyrus private jet 06
miley cyrus private jet 07

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  • zanessa110

    i hate her

  • tay




  • tay

    not only was she mile high, she also looked HIGH! MWAHAHAH

  • Steph_b_247

    I think it’s Jiroux.

  • alliepushedplay

    dude i love miley & mandy :)

  • http://justjared zerfonluver

    she looks gothic, but mandy looks cute!!!!!!!

  • girlleader1

    spoiled brat much!?!
    she has her own private jet n shes only 15!
    i don’t even think any of the HSM cast has one and there like wayy more popular than she is!

  • G550

    Anyone with enough cash can have access to a private jet, even if you don’t own it outright. Co-op, lease, fractional ownership. One of the most highly regarded – and successful is netjets. See:

  • giissie

    wasn’t mandy’s last name Jiroux
    i love the miley and mandy :)and their show:)

  • 008

    O_O why is she alll overrr the placee X_X

  • Joah

    she has a private jet!?!?!?! wut a brat…

  • ?

    she looks lost or sad :[

  • nik

    i’m sooooo tired of her!!

    she get’s a frickin post everyday!

    && most of us HATE HER!

    so do us a favor & quit postin stuff
    about her!!

  • DGC

    Why is it weird to have a private jet? She is famous and she has enough money, so she can buy one. But she does not look ugly. She is more beautiful than a lot of you guys.

  • noahfan=]

    WHERE NOAH ????????????????????????????

    please.. post more pic of noah cyrus PLEASE..

    i like miley in a pony tail =

  • Black_hearts_4_ever

    Hate Her!
    But I like Mandy!

  • Mariana

    loveee her =)

  • Maria

    everyone just needs to shut up bout saying rude things
    just because she’s going in the private jet, doesn’t mean it’s hers
    she may need to get somewhere quick, and that’s the only way to do it
    and it makes more sense, cuz she is on a tour bus for the tour

  • igotyou

    people need to realize her father was famous and he more then likley has much more $ then she does so that’s probably HIS private jet :p

  • julia

    isn’t she dont with the tour?

  • Emily

    julia: its probably the tour in a different part of the country… i also heard this time she’s going on tour with aly & aj, so that may be it

  • Dee

    She’s not on tour with Aly & Aj, Aly is costarring in the film Vanessa Hudgens is in. Will. She looks good, though. And the private jet thing doesn’t make Miley a brat. It makes her rich, whether she’s leasing, co-owning, whatever. She has more money than you, that doesn’t maker her bratty, that makes her successful. Well…actually she has more money than 99% of Americans. Do your thing, girl!

  • zanessa110

    igotyou , yeah i thought the same thing. its prbably her fathers jet. i mean miley is famous, but she isnt like super rich. the only reason her tour wwas sold out was because of the jonas borthers. and she only got the role of hannah montana because of her rich,famous, and talented dad.

  • alalal

    mandy’s so pretty

  • alalal

    mady’s so pretty

  • bbya


  • me

    jeez people, RELAX!!!!

    This may not be HER own jet, it may be a rented one. Or when Disney lends her while touring.. ( she was on her way to houston for one last stop) plus, if it WERE hers, she works extremely hard for everything she has, so how would that be spoiled??

    She looks cute! =)

  • bbya

    and of course she has a private jet. She’s daddys little princess. Yuck.


    “This may not be HER own jet, it may be a rented one. Or when Disney lends her while touring.. ( she was on her way to houston for one last stop) plus, if it WERE hers, she works extremely hard for everything she has, so how would that be spoiled??”

    actually, it’s her private jet. my neighbor did the sound work on her tour, and her parents made a deal with some company that they would give her a private jet to fly from venue to venue so she wouldn’t have to ride in the tour bus.

  • oh my

    what is wrong with you people?! HALF OF YOU SOUND LIKE JEALOUS FREAKS. Chill out. Miley is one of the hardest working kids in show biz- if it were her jet, she would deserve it.

    With that said, its most likey rented. I high doubt she own the plane.

  • gracie

    why do you ppl think she owns the jet? she doesnt own it….dont you guys know that you can rent private jets?!?!….well anyways miley looks pretty! and so does mandy!

  • I might like her if she wasn’t in my face every day.

  • Joah

    well compared to most ppl yes shes rich, but to other celebrities, shes not make a whole lot more…she brought in like 3.5 million in a year, which is pretty impressive, but others make much more than her, and other ppl who are not celebrities happen to make more as well…just so tired of seeing her everywhere with that stupid peace sign…

  • gracie

    and miley isnt on tour anymore she was on he way to a rodeo in houston where she was preforming at a sold out concert

  • me

    And for whoever said her tour only sold out because of the JB is pretty much retarded. Sorry. The tour was extended WITHOUT the JB and it sold out JUST as quickly.. so think twice. Miley is insanely popular.. way before the JB made it huge.

  • lola

    Yuck. She really needs to lay off the lip plumper- she looks OLD.

    –read my blog at

  • cris.

    people, relaxx
    she ahs the houston rodeo tonight
    so she’s on teh plan ehading from LA TO HOUSTON.

  • Joah

    yah i agree with lola, she needs to lay off that stuff, well at least she doesnt hv to try so hard to hv those pouty lips (like at the oscars…ughh…and all her other pictures)

  • uch

    um lip plumper? ever thought about how they could just be her natural lips??

    geez, some of you are so strange. Hating on someone because she makes peace sign poses? How ridiciulous. Atleast shes staying out of trouble… not flicking off the paps.

  • JB#1fan

    uh JJ she’s done with the Best Of Both Worlds Tour… She’s working on her movie…. and for those of you who say she sucks well then you have problems cause she must be awesome if she has her own private jet and is getting posts every day.

  • tay

    i think she’s on her way to the rodeo…


    they torture animals at rodeos. =[

  • kindra

    wow im so glad im not the only one defending her now.[: I love Miley she is my idol, and Dee thanks loads! You stole the words from me!! DONT CLICK THE POST IF YOU HATE HER. Its that effin simple fucktards.

  • Oo.

    Can you please stop posting stuff about her. She gets like 50 comments. Lower the posts from ervery day to every month. Gracias.

  • Joah

    haters post to show how much we don’t like her, just like how miley fans post to show how much they love her…its that simple…

  • me

    SHE IS A STUPID BRAT….i sooo sick of HER

  • bella

    If you look at the picture with her mom and noah in it, Noah looks like she dyed her hair because i know that it was darker, It’s like the color of the hannah wig O.o

    How old is she like 7?


    i think miley is a LESBIAN, she said she loves melissa etheridge!!

    omg lesley!

  • mandy

    what is wrong with you people
    1. if she went on a normal plane it would be crazy with fans and the jonas brothers have a private jet, no one is bitching about that
    2. so what if there is a post about her everyday, get over it, its for people who want to read it like me, if you dont want to read about it, don’t go on and post a comment, you have no lives. why would you post it if you are tired of her its not like jared is going STOP posting thats what he does. if you are sick of her then stop god damn complaing and move on
    3. i hate all these people that bash others without knowing them. how is she spoiled? she makes her own money and lots of it but doesn’t let it go to her head. like if you made that much im pretty sure you wouldn’t bash her like this.
    4. i dont’ get why you are tired of her. its like britney being everywhere and her little sister. im tired of that but you don’t see me complaing constantly all you are just jealous or soemthign waste your own time for soemthing better, that is if you have a life and not like reading things on people you hate? give her a break shes trying to live a normal life with annoying jerks like you.
    miley’s awesome and i hope she continues her great success.
    hope i can meet her one day and become friends.
    FRIGGGGG to mean people