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Nicole Kidman: Bump in the Road

Nicole Kidman: Bump in the Road


Nicole Kidman takes her tiny baby bump and goes running with her buff trainer in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The 40-year-old expectant mom and country singer husband Keith Urban are expecting their first child together in July.

20+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman‘s bump in the road…

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nicole kidman bump road 01
nicole kidman bump road 02
nicole kidman bump road 03
nicole kidman bump road 04
nicole kidman bump road 05
nicole kidman bump road 06
nicole kidman bump road 07
nicole kidman bump road 08
nicole kidman bump road 09
nicole kidman bump road 10
nicole kidman bump road 11
nicole kidman bump road 12
nicole kidman bump road 13
nicole kidman bump road 14
nicole kidman bump road 15
nicole kidman bump road 16
nicole kidman bump road 17
nicole kidman bump road 18
nicole kidman bump road 19
nicole kidman bump road 20
nicole kidman bump road 21
nicole kidman bump road 22

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  • sARAH

    umm.. cool. =]

  • Diama

    she’s pretty

  • joliefan4life


  • Orange Clockwork

    DAMN! Break me off a piece of her trainer!

  • adri

    i hope baby is in good conditions, i think she is trainning a lot. but If doctor authorizes…. ok…

  • whocares

    She doesn’t look any bigger than she did two months ago. Maybe it’s time to lay off all the exercising.

  • RC

    I bet you $10, that man is gay.

  • Helena

    When is she due because her bump is so non-existent!

  • kufan

    Instead of being with her “buff” trainer, she should be with her GORGEOUS husband in Denver tonight! KEITH ROCKS!

  • JIm

    she’s doing right to do phisical activities. It’s good for her and for the baby, she’s an incredible healthy woman

  • takeiteasy

    I would rather be with the “buff” trainer than at a Keith Urban concert.

    I bet Keithypoo is hoping the trainer is gay too!

  • legs

    how far along is she?


    her ‘bump’ looks so odd. I would have thought she and Angelina were both at the same stage, and Angie’s bump is so pronounced.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    lol @ jolie stalkers.

  • really

    Where is the bump now? For being half-way through the pregnancy – there is nothing there! What happened to the naked belly bump the other day?

  • evelyn

    I think Nicole is not really pregnant. Her announcement that she’s pregnant was in early January 2008. By this time if she is really pregnant, her belly should have grown big already.

  • C

    Love Nicole and Keith. She’s looking so healthy. Being soo tall and the black shes wearing makes her look even slimmer but you can see the rounder midsection!

  • wanj

    Jeez! Enuff of this exercising…. Lawd, isn’t it a bit vain to be so scared of gaining an ounce when preggers? Get over yourself Mrs Urban!

  • jenn

    This is NK first pregnancy she won’t sow as fast as AJ.

  • la-dee-da

    Is it my imagination or does the trainer have a stiffy?

  • takeiteasy

    It’s got nothing to do with not gaining weight. Scientific evidence suggests that fit mothers have babies that are more alert and with greater motor skills than babies born to mothers who don’t exercise. It also makes the birthing process easier and shorter.

    The “bump” will also change shape according to the baby’s position and at her stage, I’m sure baby is moving around and changing position frequently. Not every woman’s bump size is the same.

  • Mike

    She like a angle.I saw she is always dating in millonaire dating site” W e a l t h yL o v i n g.c o m”.I found she fall in bad ill and the baby is not…That is true?

  • Patty

    “Is it my imagination or does the trainer have a stiffy?”

    HeHe. Noticed that too. No wonder he’s holding that jacket in front of him. Keith better hurry back to LA.

    I wonder how much Nicole pays her men to be at her beck & call. This trainer was with her all last year in Australia. He must get paid well to not have a life of his own.

    The bump seems to have disappeared today.

  • Chey

    The bump didn’t disappear; you can see her jacket is pulled tight over her abdomen.

  • jk2000

    Does anyone really care that she’s pregnant?

  • justa mia

    @#25 Or if she is showing enough or exercising too much? Or if her trainer is gay?

  • Dancer

    For all of you pregnancy doubters–give her a break. She is 5′ 11″ – of course the pregnancy won’t show like it does in a shorter woman. I’m 5’9″ and I made it to the fifth month before I had any type of bump and then delivered an 8.5 lb baby. She is much taller than the average Hollywood actress and has more room for a baby to stretch out.

    And those of you criticizing her exercising–she doesn’t appear to be taking chances, she is being monitored. Research has shown that exercise is good for pregnant women–healthier babies and easier deliveries. She really wants this baby according to everything she has said–I truly don’t believe she would put it at risk.

    Go Nicole!

  • msguidedmama

    also, it is not uncommon for “older moms” to obsess over their weight- I am sure she is trying to keep the weight gain a minimum. Kinda sad considering she has wanted to be pregnant since married to Tom!

  • jen

    how come her bump got smaller??

  • she needs to take it easy

    She is an “older” mom with a history of miscarriages.

    She needs to take it easy with all the exercise.

    If she is due in July, and this is March, she is around 5 months pregnant, 2nd trimester, and should be showing more, first time mother or not.


  • LD

    I’m with you #16. This is BS, just as part of Katie Holmes pregnancy was. I completely think Suri was born earlier than the given birth date. As for Nicole, no women who is over 40 and has a history of miscarriages, exercises that much. Plus, the botox, supposed drinking and travel. Overnight, she will go from barely showing (above) to a huge stomach, mark my words.

  • cricket

    She’ spends way more time with that trainer than she does with her husband. Maybe he’s the father of this maybe baby .

  • phoenix

    wish the best for Keith&Nicole! can’t wait to see the baby…

  • esther

    Her trainer is really really buff ! Maybe a bit too much, but I guess that’s part of the job…

  • Cranium

    i see a bump, but not on her. @_@

  • _

    even if you are in shape before she NOT an athlete and one can exercise without intense activity like spinning and running which are a lot even for the unpregnant. She’s obsessed with her body not the baby’s health or even her own. I worked at a gym and healthy active people come in all shapes and sizes, especially with age. Super skinny is an effort especially when pregnant.

    She doesn’t *need* to work out so much for an easier pregnancy (Angie sure didn’t —all you need is a couple yoga sessions a week) she wants to ensure that she doesn’t gain weight.

  • JunoFirst

    Geeesh, too much criticism here for Nicole. Let her be people. And yes, it’s important to stay fit. Most OB doctors advise pregnant women should not gain over 25 lbs altogether, as that should be baby and water weight. I couldn’t do it, and end up gaining over 35 lbs, and my OB scolded me! Balled my eyes out after I left the doctor’s office and bought a snicker bar! And end up with a C section 2 months later. Yeah I should have exercise more, but that was moons ago.

  • lola

    Hey, some people didn’t realize I was pregnant at 7 MONTHS. So this is nothing to worry about. And the exercise is healthy- way better than the typical American tradition of binging during pregnancy, then either moaning about the excess weight for 15 years, or (if you’re in Hollywood) dropping it within 4 weeks using crash diets and maniacal exercising programs. Now, what sounds healthier to you?

    –read my blog at

  • notbusy

    Good grief. I can’t believe people are measuring Nicole’s bump! I thought the photos of her bare belly a couple days ago would put to rest the silly comments about her not being pregnant. Nobody even knows when she’s really due so you can’t say how big she should be. If Nicole were 5 feet tall, she would be bigger, but she’s REALLY tall. That baby has plenty of room to grow inside!

  • zoe

    i cant believe people are thinking that nicole’s pregnancy is a fake….why would she do tht?its plain stupid. and #31….seriouslyyy? enough with suri not being katie or tom or whatever. what you’re saying there is the real BS.

  • fakename

    He has more of a bump than she does

  • AMS

    Wow. Like I saw on another blog in regards to these pics of NK and her trainer. ..forget NK’s bump, look at the bumps on the trainer……I meant the arms, get your minds out of the gutter!

  • Beatrix

    JunoFirst, IMHO sometimes it’s just not possible to keep the weight gain within designated limits if your body has other ideas. I exercised quite a bit and didn’t overeat and still gained over 35 lbs. Even my OB said she gained over 35 lbs. with each of her pregnancies, no matter what she did or ate. So don’t feel bad!

  • howdy

    she is sooo thin . . . thinner than a nonpregnant woman

  • spot

    she always seems like she wants to kill that baby by overexerting herself. She should just sit down, rent a lot of movies, buy a lot of books, watch entire seasons of Tv shows, and eat everything in sight.
    She’s pregnant. She can finally relax for nine months.

  • dean

    NK “history of miscarriages” is all part of her divorce from the tiny one. She had to say all of that so people would forget he was sterile.
    Suri does not belong to tom kh was pregnant when they met This picture was taken 4 weeks after they met:

  • Nicole m

    Some people do not show until they are almost due. My mother is 4’11 and when she was pregnant with me, her belly did not start showing until she was seven months. (My family use to tease her and say she wasn’t pregnant at all or that she was hiding me) =)

    But anway, I do think she is exercising too much. But I do not know sh*t about exercise and pregnancy. I know she wouldn’t do this if the doctor told her it wasn’t good for the baby.

  • Booner

    so which bump are we talking about ?

  • Emma

    I’m confused. These pictures are from the same set where she exposed her (very much pregnant) belly!

    Why did Justjared choose to omit all the belly photos? Finally the cretins and haters had to shut up since we can actually see her exposed belly, but these four-five pictures are the only ones missing here. Hmm..

  • High risk pregnancy!

    Nicole has admitted that she has had two miscarriages. So with her age and history, she is considered a HIGH RISK pregnancy! I don’t believe that she is taking it “easy” as she should be doing her pregnancy. I have seen pics of her exercising strenuously for the past two weeks straight (looking really tired and worn out ).

    The only thing this woman cares about is staying skinny! It’s NOT about the health of her baby but Nicole’s own vanity!!!

    AND yes to you all, exercise is good for those pregnant mothers who are NOT at high risk. Nicole could do some walking, light yoga, or pilates.