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Nicole Kidman: Bump in the Road

Nicole Kidman: Bump in the Road


Nicole Kidman takes her tiny baby bump and goes running with her buff trainer in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The 40-year-old expectant mom and country singer husband Keith Urban are expecting their first child together in July.

20+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman‘s bump in the road…

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  • Emma

    And your medical qualifications are…?

  • Emma

    Nicole is very hard on herself and perhaps too much of a perfectionist, but I doubt she would do anything that would jeopardize this pregnancy, which he has longed for for so long.

  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    She’s looking so healthy :)

  • katiee

    She looks fabulous! as always. Very very healthy.

    And obviously people she wouldnt do anything to jeopardize here baby!!

  • Mediterranean

    What’s wrong with her tummy? One day big, one day small. She told the world that she is pregnant on the day she had sex wth her husband? Then this tummy is normal.

    Her due date can’t be July. Or something is going on fishy with this pregnancy.

    I can believe anything because she was married to Tom Cruise….

  • Ezwan

    which bump are we talking about here? Nicole’s or the trainers? thats kinda huge package..

  • Raquel

    Running!!!!!! Gosh she is pregnant??? Why all these celebrities only think of their beauty first? She should think on her baby health, she could have some serius problems because she is running!!! I though she was mentaly normal but I’am now seeing that she isn’t….

  • elodie

    new justin chambers pics jared! at wireimage

  • To Emma

    Just plain simple COMMON SENSE! IF you love your baby and you’ve had two previous miscarriages (admitted by Nicole herself), then you take care of your body and do NOT over exercise! I have seen Nicole exercising every other day for the past month on other websites and wearing herself out. It’s NOT normal for someone like her with her history and age to work out harder than most women who are NOT pregnant…

  • JIm

    Are you a doctor? She’s an adult ans she knows what she’s doing.
    Doing physical activities helps to smooth the birthing process.

  • MEL

    I think what Nicole is doing is what every pregnant woman out there should be doing, staying healthy not making excuses! I do not believe the 2 miscarriages claims, ok maybe just the last one and it was not Tom’s baby hence the divorce.

  • Article about 2 Miscarriages!
  • loveNicole

    DANCER is right, she is a tall woman i know what it is like even though i am not pregnant. when you’re tall you look skinnyer and more taller so it must be b/c of her height that her tummy is still not that big and you know Nicole is a taller then the avarage height. but i still love her and one of the reasons is her height. :)

  • hala

    read #27 comment very well

  • cristine

    she looks like an alien

  • french girl

    CLINIQUA @ 03/09/2008 at 7:07 pm

    her ‘bump’ looks so odd. I would have thought she and Angelina were both at the same stage, and Angie’s bump is so pronounced.
    heyyyyyyyyyyyy CLINIQUA
    angie is pregnant with twins nicole is nooooooooot SOOOOOO that’s why her bump looks thinnier plus nicole has always been skinny and pretty like that i think she looks GREAT!

  • really

    I have a question about jogging while pregnant. If jogging/running is hard on your joints because of the high impact on your bones, how is that impact good for a fetus inside the womb? Wouldn’t that be the same reaction for the fetus?

  • nivole

    Good for them. Nicole is a hottie. Nicole’s proofile was found on “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. I am wondering what she is loooking for on that sitee.

  • remember da truth

    Geez, what is wrong with people that they think normal exercise is excessive and being obsessed with weight? if she works out every day, that’s what we ALL are supposed to do!!

    No wonder America is so fat! you people think exercise is excessive! I guess she should be sitting on a couch eating ice cream?

    The only thing I wonder about is the type of exercise. I would think swimming would be better than jogging while pregnant.

  • bubbaness

    It’s not excessive if she’s always worked out at that level, which she has. The reason she’s not showing much is partially her height and partially because her abdominal muscles are so tight from being in shape that they hold everything in. Running won’t hurt the baby- the uterus is designed to absorb shock and movement.

  • notbusy

    JLo and Christina A. both went on stressful concert tours where they danced and sang on stage while very pregnant! I think Nicole is doing it the right way and is keeping fit and healthy.

  • . . .

    NO I don’t think “normal” exercise (and that would be 30 minutes every day plus if you’re over 40 it’s good to lift weight to maintain muscle) is excessive….normal exercise will not lead you to have a hollywood body (I’m a runner and have run races, worked at a gym etc.). But spinning and running every day is excessive and indicative of a body issue…there is something called exercise bulemia.
    She could walk for a half hour or an hour a day and do yoga and if she was just interested in health but not get the body shaping and calorie burning she is so obviously seeking.
    She just wants to look like she was never pregnant the day after she delivers because all the stars b/4 her have allowed this to be the norm.

  • minx

    She is constantly exercising.. Weird, considering it’s her first baby, she’s 40 and had trouble getting pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, exercising while pregnant is great but done in moderation .. she seems to be overdoing it. I’d definitely stick to yoga, swimming and walking rather than running at this stage.

  • Jill

    She doesn’t even look pregnant. Knowing the trouble she has had all her life getting pregnant, I’m surprise she is out jogging. Is she afraid to gain weight ? Low birth weight babies are at risk from all sorts of problems. I’m surprised she is risking this. At 5 months pregnant, she should be looking PREGNANT !! Scary.

  • C

    It’s all in what you wear. Her zip is hiding the bump.. SHe has one, we saw it the other day. She is soo tall and there is lots of room for the baby to grow long rather than out, like a shorter person. People start showing at different times throughout there pregnancy, there is no set rule of how you should look at a particular time. Give the girl a break she is staying healthy which is more than a lot of American’s can say.

  • shhhhhh

    #20 la-dee-da @ 03/09/2008 at 7:50 pm
    Is it my imagination or does the trainer have a stiffy?

    I think it’s his balls pulled up in those tight shorts. he he

    I agree, we should be seeing a bigger bump by now.

  • notbusy

    Nicole has the same long/thin body type as her father and sister. Its in her genes. I think her workouts are more to relieve stress and stay emotionally healthy. It will help her with her delivery too. She knows what she’s doing.

  • remember da truth

    #72 What makes you think 30 minutes ever day is normal, and what makes you think that Nicole is doing more than that? People saying she is “constantly” exercising are seeing a few pictures taken for a fleeting moments out of a 24-hour day. Get real, people!

    Women are not supposed to gain more than 25-30 pounds during pregnancy. The baby itself is less than ten pounds! Women are so used to using pregnancy as an excuse to overeat, be lazy, and then blame their thighs for being fat for ten years afterward! Nicole is healthy and always has been.

    Working out is NOT exercise bulimia, and wanting to not carry around extra, unnecessary weight after pregnancy is not some sort of disorder!

  • jasula

    How nice, but why do they need a trainer to go running?? Can she do that by herself?? I guess when you have a lot of money…

  • Dancer

    I can’t believe all the criticism about this woman exercising. I’ve known pregnant women who run far longer and exercise more strenuously than Nicole. They all worked out before they were pregnant and continued to do so after. It is my understanding from my doctor that when women are pregnant the medical professionals tell them not to do stomach crunches and exercises that focus on the stomach muscles. If they ran and swam and spun etc., before pregnancy, then they can continue to do so.

    For those of you criticizing her having a trainer (Jasula #79), hell if I had the money, I would have one too. Not only is it a real motivator–he is probably making sure that every thing is okay with the exercise and the baby!

  • Yeah Dancer!

    We know that all trainers are medical professionals who are specialized in the development of fetal growth…

    NOT! NOT! NOT!

  • Nicole looks

    like an a** for working out so hard!

    All those on here thinking Nicole is some wonderful mum.
    Think again!

    Nicole’s adopted kids with Tom Cruise chose to be with their crazy scientiologist father, NOT HER!!! Connor and Isabella are both old enough to choose which parent they prefer to live with and looky who they chose: crazy TOM over ice cold b*tch queen, Nicole.

    Mommie dearest anyone???

  • diane

    I think she looks old and ugly

  • really

    Very well said Nicole looks!

  • LADY T

    Nic looks great and I am so happy for her and Keith…I do think that she’s exercising more now than before her pregnancy which is a little odd. I can’t wait for the CMA awards to see what bump revealing gown she will wear. It’s her first pregnacy and she has a right to show off even if it was her 100th. And as for the Nic is tall and has always been skinny, so has many other actresses but no one seems to berate her nor should they but people can be so bias at times. God bless her and her family …

  • Dancer

    #82 No, they did not choose Tom. They wanted to stay in one place and wanted to stay in LA, so Tom was the one that stayed put. Plus, I believe according to documents filed in the Smoking Gun from the divorce, the kids were suppose to be raised jointly as Catholics and Scientologists, but Tom increasingly left out the Catholic part. She is in L.A. now and you can bet she sees the kids daily. She is intensely private and has said so many times about the kids and their privacy. She doesn’t pimp them out like Tom. I know people that have worked with her and she talks to the kids daily, emails them and the kids visit her and she visits them. Unlike Tom she doesn’t make a production out of it so the paps can photograph it.

  • notbusy

    Excuse me but Tom took Suri and Katie to Germany with him for 3 months over the summer while he was working and he left Bella and Connor behind. And actually stuck them in a Scientology camp for the entire time he was gone. He was photographed all over the place with Suri and Katie. There was not one photo of Conor or Bella in germany because they were never there and believe me if they had been over there Tom would have made sure they were photographed. I don’t think they live with him now either.

  • really

    #85 – LADY T – CMA awards??? Sorry, but I hope she isn’t pregnant until November! But who knows – she might milk it until then!

  • the_boyfriend

    Aww, it’s nice she’s expecting.
    omg He’s packin! ;)

  • Jbo

    I still don’t believe she’s preggo. It just looks like she needs to take a dump.

    My best friend is 5’11″ and slender and looks MUCH more preggo and she’s due in AUGUST….

  • shaye

    Who gives a **** any more. She hides everything that is wrong with her body anyway. She is 40 years old has wrinkles after being preggers she’ll have everything fixed and say It’s all natural. Give me a break.

  • sweet

    Being tall and skinny does not stop you from showing in your pregnancy early. I am as tall as Nicole and as slim as her too, and with my first baby I was showing at three months.

  • Jenn

    Nicole is awesome! She seems very healthy and her baby will probably be, too. Some of the posters here are incredibly judgmental and ignorant. I laugh at you… har har har.

  • celta

    A woman with a history of miscarriages running? I’m no doctor but it seems terribly risky to me.

  • Tink

    no wonder the trainer has a stiffy i seen some pics over on flynet that show nicole lifting her shirt and he is helping her or something and i am thinking dang if she is not shy about lifting her shirt for him in public what is that man seeing behind closed doors oh and btw has ice queen seen bella and conner while she is in LA i bet not its probablyy way to hard to fit into her busy exersise schedule but y I got an idea Nicole maybe take a walk with your kids instead of running with your trainer

  • notbusy

    Her time with her children is her business. She doesn’t have to put the kids on display to prove anything to anybody.

  • Jim

    There is a picture of Kidman in the Daily Mail, I think, and with it an article suggesting she is abusing the use of botox to make her face look smooth. The article says her face is getting a ‘bat-like” appearance and a botox MS says she is abusing the product. One nice comment was the she was getting ready to star in a new movie entitled “Batface returns”. LOL

  • http://yahoo Allie

    she will be a healthy mommy

  • cricket

    THe doctor was complaining that Kidman is giving Botox a bad name.Woman are scared of it because they don’t want to look like a frozen mummy like Kidman.She seems to spend more time with Mr Trainer than either her kids or her husband.Wonder if that;s how she finally got pregnant spending all her time with her trainer instead of her husband..Kinda of a pattern with her.Didn’t Tom suspect the trainer of knocking her up right before he dumped her. Keith Urban might want to consider a DNA test if she ever does manage to push out a kid,