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Emma Watson @ 2008 Empire Awards

Emma Watson @ 2008 Empire Awards

Emma Watson poses at the winners’ boards at the 2008 Sony Ericsson Empire Film Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Sunday in London England.

Emma, 17, was also a presenter at the awards ceremony. Emma has been linked to rocker Johnny Borrell, as well as co-star Daniel Radcliffe, but arrived with a mystery gentleman.

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix received six Empire nominations and David Yates, an English television director was voted best director. Congrats to David!

Matt Damon
was also a big winner at the Empire’s. Check it!

20+ pictures of Emma Watson @ 2008 Empire Awards…

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emma watson 2008 empire awards 02
emma watson 2008 empire awards 03
emma watson 2008 empire awards 04
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emma watson 2008 empire awards 07
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emma watson 2008 empire awards 09
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Photos: Dan Kitwood/Getty
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  • Me


  • Ralu

    she still looks young, lol, how old is she?

  • jodie

    wow,.she looks so pretty.and she ahs a lot of fans.umm ralu. i d k either. . . how old is she?can someone please answer. . .anyone?

  • scarlet

    she is such a honey

  • vanessahudgensfan

    classic beauty..
    sophisticated personality..

  • Anne

    She’s 17 now.
    I wonder who is she wearing. I like that dress and the way it fits her

  • vanessahudgensfan

    sophisticated girl.

  • carol

    she looks beautiful as always

  • lana

    so she is not dating Daniel R??LOL!!

    no surprised there!
    she looks pretty

  • Ashleeey

    Yeah… beautiful make-up – her face is just so pretty :)

  • camila

    Emma looks wonderful.

  • nora

    She seems like a classy 18 year old, with a good head on her shoulders. The future Miley should hang out with her, not Linsey!

  • Ashleeey

    But shoes are too much… I mean not with this dress – or I’m wrong

  • John

    I want Emma !!

  • Helena

    Her eyebrows act better than she can.

  • emmarocks!!

    she looks pretty like always

    and it’s true she is dating with

    dan he told this in a interwie

    DREW x ever!!!

  • Kirsten

    Emma is cool! She’s very pretty, but she should eat more :P
    On some of the pictures she looks a little bit… uhmm… skinny…
    But still, she’s very beautiful and not another stupid girl…

  • mary

    she’s so pretty and the best teen actress

  • spike

    She’s got PERFECT eyebrows!

  • lily

    ugh, don’t pull a kirsten d emma, stand up straight will ya.

  • zanessa4eva!!

    she lookz awsome!

  • kim1891uk

    aww bless

  • Tyra

    White girls get wrinkles so soon! She is just 17 and has the same amount of wrinkles as me, I am 29.

  • shabba

    she looks like frances o’connor from cashmere mafia

  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    She is so bewitching, moreover her hair style looks gorgeous :) :-) :)

    ¦== ===¦

  • regina

    she is date daniel.they are perceft couple

  • emmz

    Emma Watson Is 17 Years Old

  • Amber

    She’s wonderful, love love Harry Potter movies. They did such wonderful jobs and I’m so happy to know they’ve won that many awards.

  • Rae

    She’s so pretty. I like her dress but I hate the shoes.

  • cheetah

    She needs someone to tell her how to stand infront of a camera. She looks like a bag of patato’s in most pictures.

    Even a prety girl with a beautifull dress and good makeup needs to get her shoulders in place. ;)

  • twittypoo

    She hasn’t branched out into other roles and movies like Daniel. If I had to say why it would be that her accent is so clipped and British that most Americans find it difficult to understand more than about 40% of what she says. I found her almost impossible to understand in several of the Potter movies. The girl needs to take speech lessons from Maggie Smith or some other English actress whom Americans can easily understand.
    I am sure she is not interested in Dan.
    No great beauty. Pleasant looking…enough. More brains than Dan, however, I suspect.

  • zzarazza

    Dress is cute, make-up too (if only the eyebrows are a bit dark) but shoes are ugly

  • Madelene

    @twittypoo: Emma has taken two roles outside Harry Potter. One was Pauline Fossil in “Ballet Shoes”, released Boxing Day 07, and Princess Pea in “The Tales of Desperaux”, to be released late this year..

    I love her dress!!

  • rachel

    twittypoo why should Emma have to take speech lessons just because you can’t understand her.

    I’m sure millions of other Americans can understand her just fine. I don’t live in the UK or the US and I can. She actually has a very clear English accent.

    I can’t always understand what Scottish people are saying but I concentrate and give them all my attention not demand that they take speech lessons just so that I can understand them. That is rude.

    You really need to save up some money, go travelling and learn about other cultures and countries.

  • lessie

    she’s real not like young american actresses thats a plus. those shoes are great but damn girl, how did u manage a wholw nite in thoses, more power to u

    the blond one who plays luna really seems like luna in real life from that pic

  • lessie

    she’s real not like young american actresses thats a plus. those shoes are great but damn girl, how did u manage a wholw nite in thoses, more power to u

    the blond one who plays luna really seems like luna in real life from that pic

  • 007

    so cutee

  • Studmuffincrazy4_LIFE

    omg i love her she is soo pretty
    i remeber i was obssesed w/ harry potter

  • twittypoo

    rachel, matter of fact I went to University in the UK (Cambridge) where I spent two years. So I am hardly unfamiliar with English speech. I find Maggie Smith and the royal family and most upper class British speech perfectly fine. It is when you drop down class wise, into the upper middle or lower, that you get the exotic accents of the sort she has. She skips over all the vowels and hits, glancing, the consonants. If you understand her fine. I find her machine gun rapid speech not clear. And I suspect I am far more traveled than you. Most of Europe, Brazil (one year) and apartment in Portugal where I spent at least 5 months of the year for years and years, Japan in addition. And you? A world traveler? LOL

  • celebrityfanchat rap

    very pretty.

  • http://MillonaireRomance Mike

    She is so clean and honest.I am crazy about her.I am sorry to she is fell in bad cancer.Is that true? I just the news in millonaire dating site”W e a l t h y L o v i n g.c o m”.I hope…but…Is the baby really …

  • qwerty

    Her arms are really hairy. But her smirk is cute.

  • justa mia

    I have no trouble at all understanding her speech. I lived in the UK for 3 years, granted many years ago. It took me about 6 months before I could understand the local dialect and was amazed to learn that the accents changed in very small geographical areas. Nevertheless, I love all the British accents.

    Sometimes, I find Maggie Smith a little challenging to understand as she cuts off her vowels too. The distinctive aspect of the upper-class British accent is that they often barely move their lips and speak from the back of the throat. Prince Charles is the best example of this unusual speech apart from his Mum. Even so, I find it most pleasant to listen to this type of speech – it’s fascinating to try to see how they make those sounds come out – similar to some of the more unusual southern American accents.

  • coolgirl

    She’s pretty, looks a lot like John Travolta’s wife..could easily pass as her daughter :)

  • ♥Xandra♥

    I Love emma….before in the first movies she was like, very small and kiddish…now she’s all grown up….Awwwww!!!..♥♥

  • twittypoo

    It is a question of pronouncing the vowels and not sliding over them. Maggie Smith and a host of British actors speak clearly but with a British accent, Not Enima, who hits the consonants and nothing else. Dan is okay until he gets excited and then his speech gets too clipped.
    BTW the Daily Mail has pictures of Enima sitting in a car with her hemline almost around her waist. She has a tendency to expose as much as she can without quite exhibiting her twat. Not really a “nice” girl, I suspect.

  • rere

    and it’s true she is dating with
    dan he told this in a interwie
    DREW x ever!!!

    emmarocks!!, can u tell me in what interview did dan say that?
    May u please give me d link of that interview? Thx.

  • Princess
  • thatgirlxo12

    I absolutely love her! she is 18 and has a boyfriend that she’s “really happy with” and it’s NOT daniel radcliffe. i especially love the shoe combination. at first i was a bit hesisitant because they’re black not white but they kind of give her this edge. i love it! she is absolutely fantastic!

  • thatgirlxo12

    I’m an American and I can understand her crystal clear. I think she’s perfect and doesn’t need to change a thing.
    Oh and whoever said she was too skinny, I’m sorry but I disagree. She’s really into playing field hockey. I think she is the perfect size for her body. And she eats, trust me.