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George Clooney Wedding in the Works

George Clooney Wedding in the Works
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  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    rge Clooney; what an exceptional actor. He is so talented and amezing :)

    ¦== ===¦

  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    Clooney; what an exceptional actor. He is so talented and amezing :)

    ¦== ===¦

  • Helena

    “Video footage of The Hills stars Lauren and Lauren going grocery shopping”

    Oh, it’s not like we see them enough… *roll*

  • shoes4life

    I knew it! If this news is actually true, I had a very strong feeling that this girlfriend was going to be the one for George! Maybe after George has seen how the settled life is treating his friends like Bernie Mac, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, CZJ, Julia, and of course Brad so well, he probably see that it is not such a bad thing after all and he may have decided to give marriage another try. We may see baby boy or girl Clooney’s in the future.

    Congratulations to them and again if true, I hope they are preparing for the major media circus that will be surrounding them.

  • legs

    marriage? wtf?!

    btw, i like george.

  • samara

    I need to hear him say it,” iam getting married” but he probably wont if he does decide to do it, he’ll be numb about it…I just cant believe it…need more to go on..George the bachelor getting married, yeah right

  • Jailbird

    no way he’s getting married. he vehemently expressed the fact that he would NEVER marry and NEVER wanted children. this story is bullsh*t

  • Mel


    Why I did to deserve this? why god why? George is getting married and not to me :(

  • lola

    He’s not getting married. His publicist has already denied what this stupid restaurant person said. And besides, would really believe what some restaurant worker says just because he lives in Lake Como? I remember the mayor of Lake Como confirmed that Brad and Angie were getting married at George’s mansion last summer! So I think it’s best that we wait until we hear it officially before we jump to conclusions. I read the publicist’s denial about this latest rumour on msn. Check it out yourself!

  • Miapocca

    I guess this was teh guy who spilled the beans on Tom Cruise psycho video…pathetic cult worshipper…more and more folks are seeing the light!..ahahah

  • Miapocca

    okay…it might be possible..he is getting old, he is finally coming to the realisation that no adult woman with her own money and career will be impressed by his sick ways…

    Some folks are not bachelor by choice, but rather their behaviour repel women away adn viola , they become hailed as lover boy..the man has issues and only gold digger and some one looking for a meal ticket will put up with shit if it means being told what to do, enjoying sex even if it sucks and going Shopping galore…see katy holmes, seperate bedrooms and all, she still shops like its goign out of fashion

  • Rae

    I wondered how long after the Oscars date it would be until we got OMG Wedding! stories. She’s a skanky cocktail waitress he picked up in Vegas who is pretty much paid to be his girlfriend. He didn’t make it this far in Hollywood by being stupid enough to think she’s in it for love and give her a ring, and therefore half of his fortune. Seriously people.

    Definite yes to the too far, Obama. He’s like the latest celebrity fad. He needs to step away from Hollywood.

  • Miapocca

    You can pick up a waitress and still fall inlove with her even if you know she doesnt love you but has an eye out for rubies and diamonds..ahahha…its pathetic but they say payback is a bi-tch and clooney may just get back what he dished on all those Gfs..he played with along the way!

  • funny girl

    Clooney’s rep denied it today on People’s site. And Miapocca many dont believe the lies on TomKat except tabloid junkies like you.

  • Jina

    I am sure that TomKat story is blown out of proportion…most rich and powerful men DO have a list of women they would be interested in, hell even poor guys have a list from their town who they would like to marry!

  • glove

    oh no.. I WANT GEORGE :(

  • TiredofthisCrap

    I hope he has a pre-nup. After her complaining and whining at the Oscars, she has definitely painted herself as a bitch. Really can’t see him marrying a woman who stated she needs to get away from him at weeks at a time, but hey who are we to judge. Well, Good Luck to the happy couple. God will cry at this wedding.

  • Giselle

    E news and the fashion police said Clooney should retire and the new leading man of Hollywood is Patrick Dempsey. They also said the couples they really wanted to see at the red carpet was Brangelina and TomKat. Those couples should help elevate the spiraling ratings of the Oscars on TV.

  • delurking

    poor haters all over Clooney because his lady love is not royalty background. Only gullible ones dig this sleaze and the TomKat garbage is so 2005. Its so from the Andrew Morton playbook as in recycle all the trash from 2005 to the present and make a book make lots of money from it.

  • Miapocca

    To foolish tomkat lovers: sorry lady..I dont see why the need to pick on me when the story did not originate from myself and its been floating on ther internet since SCAR JO fessed up on her interview…If you will note, I offered my opinion that was not directed at you…go f-uck miscaviage and get teh hell of the boards..obviously your brain had been sucked dry by David and his fellow midget!…what an a-rse

  • It’s pure gossip

    I don’t believe it. Georgie Boy is not the marrying kind. He might get married when he’s in his fifties or sixties.

    If George decides to marry, it’s because he already realizes he is getting old and wants one woman who will love him when he no longer looks so good and his sex life has wilted. She is a lovely girl, but George wasn’t waiting for the “right one.” He’s had many right ones in the past.

    George doesn’t want any children either. That’s not going to change, even with Brad Pitt being his close friend.

  • anonymous

    beautiful and every interesting couple , that you want to read about , all the time, they look so good together and i am very happy for them.

  • Miapocca

    who knows George might suprise everyone….of course he may have had a right one each time, they just give up and move on..but Goerge can also afford to buy love in his old age…who knows a big ole nurse to carry him around , scold and love him forever..ahahhahah

  • http://MillonaireRomance Mike

    That’s so happiness.She is so sexy and pretty.I just saw she is always dating in millonaire dating site”W e a l t h y L o v i n g.c o m”.Is she really fall in bad cancer?Is she really has a baby with him?

  • anonymous

    take it easy funny girl # 14

  • stefanie

    Yes, a bit too much Obama.

  • john

    George Clooney is getting married my ass.

  • TiredofthisCrap


  • TiredofthisCrap


  • Miapocca

    yeah right a prank..I dont think so…they seem to be having way too much fun..ahhaha…it will be nice to see him married just so we can have news of the awful divorce that surely follows every marriage in hollywood..

    Who knows , the aging George will now become so bitter , he will become gay and hate on women…

    This will make a good movie ahhahah

  • Tammy

    The story about Matthew McConaughey’s baby name is probably not very credible! They said in the story that Dave Grohl named his son Everly Bear… Um, nope – that was Anthony Kiedis. And Dave Grohl has a daughter… named Violet!

  • carol

    Josh was really dating Helena? and its over…