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Jennifer Aniston to Guest on Eli Stone?

Jennifer Aniston to Guest on Eli Stone?

Jennifer Aniston and costar Owen Wilson film more scenes for their new movie, Marley & Me, on Monday, which is currently filming in Miami, Florida.

Marley & Me is scheduled to open Christmas Day 2008.

Aniston may make a guest appearance on the ABC drama Eli Stone, reports Star. It’s most likely rubbish but do note that Eli Stone stars none other than Angelina Jolie‘s first husband, Jonny Lee Miller.

A source says, “Jen‘s been joking if they got on screen it’d be the best excuse to kiss him.”

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  • klace

    Dear Jennifer:

    I am pleased to see you are considering appearing on “Eli Stone”. Now if only you would realize that you are stupidly rich and have a fun job and wipe that miserable look off of your face. If you can’t figure out a way to be happy with all of that, you don’t deserve to be.

  • jello

    Jonny Lee Miller was Angelina’s first husband.

  • Hjhg


  • http://jUSTJARED Bijoux

    I thoght Man was “above” TV now lol

  • Aniston awarded

    look at title awarded to Ms Aniston . check out link with pic

    Celebrity B[tch-fests, famous one-night stands and Man of the Year…Jennifer Aniston!

  • getoverit

    klace @ 03/10/2008 at 11:47 pm Dear Jennifer:

    I am pleased to see you are considering appearing on “Eli Stone”. Now if only you would realize that you are stupidly rich and have a fun job and wipe that miserable look off of your face. If you can’t figure out a way to be happy with all of that, you don’t deserve to be.

    pfffffft assuming you’re a brangelina….well look at your girl sour puss before dissing on Aniston…and OH BY THE WAY…she’s FILMING A SCENE!!! SInce she can act, she looks upset unlike SOMEONE ELSE WE KNOW WHO HAS BOMBED AT THE BOX OFFICE LAST 3 TIMES OUT

  • what did she say?

    Why would she be joking about it, unless she is competing with Angelina as usual.

    Jennifer is such an immature woman, and doesnt she know that JLM is engaged to a much more pretty woman than she is?

    Btw, she looks ugly in that pics. She and Owen dont have any chemistry, looks like they are bother and sister.

  • dig this

    Hjhg is one stupid SOB just like her fradulent of a idol the Maniston

  • goree girls

    Well, Jonny Lee used to be called the Brit Brad Pitt. Stupid STAR Magazine forgot to mention he has a fiancee, Michele Hicks, and they set a wedding date recently for the Spring. But, I’m sure Jen can make short work of that


  • shenanyginz

    well i love eli stone so personally i’d love to see her guest star but not to get back at angelina… that’d be immature.

  • kisJLMgoodbyejolie

    hoooooohoooooohooooo what a SLAP to jolie this would be. I hope it’s true….joie can KISS JLM good BYE BYE…he’s getting married and working with jolie’s biggest THREAT….bwahahahaha. YUP, YUP, no more “down in the dumps” call to JLM…he’s told her to piss off…and his fiance had to tell her to quit calling him. Wonder why Brad isn’t enough.

  • youshouldtalk

    #7 Btw, she looks ugly in that pics. She and Owen dont have any chemistry, looks like they are bother and sister.

    Yeah, jolie has MUCH more chemistry with HER brother, especially when she toungueing him for the cameras.

  • ghost

    Seeing Jennifer standing with her legs apart, seems to be an E-Hollywood true story! Only the twelve -year olds on this blog can dispute this fact. The truth about her is on the net, you just need to be able to read to find it. This is fun!!! Can anyone show me I’m wrong. Bs if you said you can.

  • MEL

    He was her first husband not second! And this is the man she used to make arrangements with (friends with benefits) for hotel rendezvous after divorcing Billy Bob right? They’ll sure have some interesting stories to swap!!

  • Wyatt

    The tv girl doesn’t do tv anymore. Unless of course it means she gets to kiss Courtney

  • jule

    Can she just go away! She’s pathetic!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what you paid for these pictures, Jared, but you got screwed. The smiling, laughing, having a great time pics are on OK, Access Hollywood and Page Six. You need to ask for your money back, boy. Did you get a blue light special? LMAO

  • klace

    She always has a miserable look on her face. I couldn’t care less about “Brangelina”. I think all parties involved are far more fascinated wtih themselves than they ought to be.

  • simply slimmy

    I am sure her gay publicist planted this story once again. typical. I think Aniston loves the intrigue in life. Knock it off b*tch

  • legs

    jen can do whatever she wants with jlm. i don’t think jolie would care.

  • anonymous

    haters are so jealous what is all these defensiveness about , why should it matter to any of the haters if she even get married to one of the exes or not , they are not angie’s husbands any more are they? she doesn’t own them , they only thing you guys and angie have to worry about is brad not any body else.

  • legs

    nobody cares actually. lol!

  • Jill

    getoverit @ 03/10/2008 at 11:59 pm

    Well, Aniston has Jolie beat in that department. She bombed at the box office her last four times out. Bomb #5 will be released on 12/25/08.

  • Can this hag just leave?

    Who gives a hoot what this low-life woman do?

  • katie n

    The story about a bratty, disobedient dog!! No wonder they look angry and unhappy. Unruly children and dogs sometimes do that couples. I also think it is his choice to have the dog in the first place and so I think she is acting more pissed at him.

  • you hens live in past…….

    Another day with jenn and dog another thread sos.

  • Nicole

    Aniston NEEDS to go back to TV, that’s all she’s ever been good at it. Her talents can work there, but the big screen needs a bit more to work.

    And I wouldn’t put it past her to try and get at JLM to get back at Angelina – but I doubt JLM would fall for it, he’s too good a friend with Angie to even consider it.

    I’m finding these on-set pictures boring, actually. She has no chemistry with Own Wilson. I have a bad feeling about this movie.

  • anonymous

    thanks so much jared for the jen’s beautiful pictures they are awesome it reminds me of the summer breez and it temted me to go to beach tomorrow because in here (los angeles ) is going to a very sunny day, and i am going to enjoy it alot at the malibu beach and i have you to thank for , with these gorgeous pictures , you should try to post these type of pictures for us more often. thanks again. you’r awesome as usual.

  • you hens live in past…….

    Does Jen have canadian guy stashed at her house?

  • you hens live in past…….

    #11 jen you are trying to be in high school all this shit and drama so funny ,angie and Brad are parents no time for school kids drama how funny 40 year old trying so hard to be young ,,no matter age will get you…..ha ha drama..silly bitches.

  • nicole kidman fan

    Blah. Boring as hell.


    OMG..what did she do to her face?? That’s embarrassing. I mean everyone that sees her big anvil shaped head and fug face on screen will see the drastic change in her face – why do actors mutilate and freeze and implant themselves to death. She is the biggest insecure passive aggressive narcissist ever.

    …and please Jonny lee Miller, loves and respects Angelina Jolie. They’re grown ups. He also would be very much aware of the pathetic coattail riding parasitic TV sit-com leech named Aniston who, together with her monster PR agent, have conpsired to permanently latch onto Brad and Angie’s back like a stubborn tick.

    As a result, Miller sure as hell wouldn’t entertain the idea of maniston’s no talent azz stalking him and his show, and further creating more tabloid circus ‘team’ nonsense.

    Star Magazine is insane. My guess is, this is yet another way to garner press for Aniston by Huvane (her PR queen) – as usual, like with most of her leaks and plants to the tabloids, it will be denied in a few days or they may just leave it out there. That’s their typical MO.

    See, when Maniston doesn’t have a phony relationship to hype to create interest in a shared film with some comedy king that she’s riding the coattails of, she goes back to playing the 3 year pity party and victimization by Brangelina card – hence you’ll have all these tabloid stories linking her to the Jolie Pitts (showdown at oscar party, jen invited to JP wedding, Jen starring on Eli Stone, X-mas with the Pitts, etc.).

    It’s her publicist that does it, with her sanctioning. It’s been three years, and Huvane’s strategy to get his client press, has not changed. It’s incredibly sad really.

    it seems like Brad and Angelina have accomplished so much, raised a family, had babies, saved the world, saved Nola, been inducted to US Council on Foreign Relations, been critically acclaimed for their work….they are legends already.

    …and yet there’s Maniston, as usual…a 40 something former TV sitcom player…forever spinning in place like a silly old hamster on a wheel — whining and moping and planting stories in tabloids…riding the immense waves and coasting in the wake of the movie stars, that she just cannot stop stalking….


  • micro

    There’s something about Jen’s face.

    Her face seems tight., particularly around her eyes, and around the mouth. May be the surgeon pull too much skin to the back. May be that explained why she was absent from the press for a while.

    Probably too much botox freeze.

  • before and after

    look at the before and after

  • Jill

    Oh Jared, for God’s sake, give me a break. Why are you holding my comment? All I said was there is no way north of hell that Angelina will give a damn if Aniston runs off with Jonny Lee Miller. Why should she care if Aniston wants him? She’s got Brad, and that’s all that matters to her. If Miller and Aniston eloped tomorrow, Angelina would send them congratulations and a wedding present.

  • TJ

    Somehow she has managed to soften her features. May be it’s the bangs.

  • KEYS


  • Nininani

    Oh my god, she shorten her chin ha ha. !! She looks better before all this surgeries.. Sad..

  • Oh yes

    another aging actress with frozen forehead.

  • LULU

    This is what I don’t get about JA does she really think the general public doesn’t realize she is burning her bridges in Hollywood? All this co-star speculation has to tick off the victims like Jason Lewis saying he had never met her — that’s cold. Why would Jonny Lee want to participate in BS like this that is supposed to ridicule AJ or shed AJ in a poor light?

  • hahaha

    JLM and JA are perfect match. Both of them are ugly, no talent TV actor/actress. One was dumped by AJ. One was dumped by BP.

  • ens

    Oh Jennifer…Jennifer…Jennifer

    When are you going to “grow up”? Really grow up, emotionally & intellectually. Do you really think Jonny Lee Miller will go down to your level? In case you have forgotten, Angelina’s ex-husbands are friends with her. Just what Cliniqua said, they respect her. It is known that never did they say anything negative or say anything during interviews that would put Angelina in a bad light UNLIKE YOU. Jonny was never a manipulator, was never a user, whether directly or indirectly. He never rides in his ex-wife’s coattail, NEVER. I believe that if Brad & Angelina didn’t fall in love in 2005, she could have reconciled with Jonny as they are getting out as friends during that time too.

    Now, by your wish or insinuations of your wanting to be a guest on Jonny’s show (by joking or by your agent’s manipulation), do you really think this would affect Angelina or Brad? Hahahaha….You’re so pathetic Jennifer. You are so shallow. I wonder how did Brad was able to tolerate you during your merger.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Poor thing. She really is looking like a sadder and MUCH older version of Jan Brady. Except Jan had a better nose. Who was her surgeon? And what did he have against her? She should have gone with Ashlee Simpson’s nose surgeon. For someone who spends so much money on cigarettes and trips to Courteny Cox’ house, why did she penny pinch when it comes to getting her nose redone? poor thing. That Friends’s curse is taking its toll on er. No hit films. That dog will get an Oscar nom faster than her and this is hard on her, I am sure. I do feel for her. Poor thing. At least she has Courtney’s daughter. She is not completely alone. A man and kids and a career is not everything.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Legs looking kind of stubby there – is it for the role? Liek a Robet deniro, I gained wieght for the part thing? Or do you only do that for serious films and not fluff like this reshash? Jen gets A for COntinuous Hopeless Effort though. At least she really believes she could ever become a real actress. Gotta give her points for imagination and fantasy.

  • micro

    Is she trying to look like Linda Evans? in TV Dynasty????

    Compare her hairstyle with Linda Evans, those bangs.

  • Marieme

    “Eli Stone” is such a fun show and Johnny Lee Miller is incredible in this role. He’s so very talented – he makes the show. It would be fun to see Jennifer on the show. I’m not a fan of hers, but I’d watch it!

  • neil

    I like Johny but if didn’t know it was a fact I would never have believed he was married to Angie. But then I feel the same way about Rebbeca Romain married once upon a time to John Stamos.

  • legs

    world peace guys.


  • GLenda

    Angie couldn’t care less about JA and JLM. Angie is probably so bored with JA because she just refuses to move on. Maybe JA should go and have a pity party with her good friend Oprah and take Courtney along …… why can’t these women just move on???

  • ens

    Unsolicited advice to Jennifer:

    -reflect & do not commit the same mistakes again

    -improve your craft by attending workshops etc.

    -make peace with yourself by forgiving your own self & accepting that failures are always part of one’s life…just don’t forget to own your faults

    -be happy….REAL HAPPINESS can only be realized when you don’t step on other’s toes.

    -move on