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Marko Jaric is Adriana Lima's Boyfriend

Marko Jaric is Adriana Lima's Boyfriend

Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima flirts with with Serbian NBA star Marko Jaric after a Sunday night dinner at the Little Door in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The 26-year-old Brazilian supermodel and 29-year-old Minnesota Timberwolves guard have been dating for at least several months. (They were first publicly outed back in November.)

10+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric‘s Sunday night out…

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103 Responses to “Marko Jaric is Adriana Lima's Boyfriend”

  1. 1
    gia Says:

    he’s cute.

  2. 2
    Regina Says:

    Shes beautiful but hes ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

  3. 3
    Milli Says:

    Is she knocked up too? She looks a bit healthier than her usual skinny self.

  4. 4
    Orange Clockwork Says:

    I’d totally do him.

  5. 5
    shabba Says:

    i don’y see whats so great her, she’s pretty yeh but not spectacular

  6. 6
    stellartes Says:

    I love Adriana….she is one of the prettiest….suprised to see her looking a bit more curvy…on the pic from the side she looks pregnant…but who knows….maybe she had a big
    Boyfriend is cute and looks like a nice guy….that’s what matters…that he is good to her.

  7. 7
    aleksandra Says:

    napred marko

  8. 8
    mery Says:

    why Adriana

  9. 9
    mery Says:

    omg I don´t bielive

  10. 10
    Annabella Says:

    Without the heavy make up…SHE IS SOOOO PLAIN! He’s cute.

  11. 11
    Rae Says:

    I like her. She has always seemed like one of the sweet ones. Lucky guy.

  12. 12
    admin1 Says:

    She’s not pregnant she’s wearing layers and the angels are bad, she was at the biofit launch a few days ago and looked thinner than usual, you can’t gain visible weight in 6 days. Alessandra is the only pregnant angel right now, no other. They’ve been dating since October, and she’s said in interviews she is in love with him.

  13. 13
    dicaprio lovaah Says:

    She is soo beautiful

    JJ-why did you pic the worst pic of her to put up?? kinda mean ..

  14. 14
    yobs Says:

    gabo!!! OMG!!!!!!! jkghfkgjhdfgjkdhf!!!

  15. 15
    limafan Says:

    i don’t like him much but if she’s happy it’s ok i guess

  16. 16
    josie Says:

    She sure looks pregnant! And is that an engagement ring?!

  17. 17
    Marko's fan Says:

    they look HOT together! cant wait for more pictures of them.

  18. 18
    ☆ Paradise ☆ Says:

    :-) Adriana is so pretty. She has the most beautiful face :-)

    ¦== ===¦

  19. 19
    admin1 Says:

    She’s not pregnant this was 6 days ago.

    As you can see she’s very thin, the images are just at bad angels. And the ring she’s wore since November, it’s not an engagement ring.

  20. 20
    Jughed Says:

    Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street….

    Is she really going out with him?

  21. 21
    natalie Says:

    what the…

  22. 22
    WTF! Says:

    He should take off the mask, doesn’t he know Halloween isn’t until October

    As for her, I think she needs glasses

  23. 23
    [☆F a m o u s☆] Says:

    lmfaooo.. look at that schmucks face. lmao

    i don’t believe this shiit. marko looks like a boxing neanderthal.

  24. 24
    admin1 Says:

    LMAO I think you have it the other way around.

  25. 25
    Lisa Says:

    He’s hot. She’s gorgeous.

  26. 26
    Chris Says:

    He’s kinda crosseyed..

  27. 27
    mery Says:

    come back Lenny shauhsauhsuahsuahua

    aiai portugues agora

    esse kra é muito feio…
    Adriana onde vc foi arranjar isso

  28. 28
    celebrityfanchat rap Says:

    she looks bad on those pics

  29. 29
    zd Says:

    and you’d think she can get any man in the world..I wouldn’t date this ugly guy if they paid me money, he is hideous, so what the hell is she thinking!!!!

  30. 30
    jess Says:

    good for adriana if she is happy good for her Love from brazil for you girl!

  31. 31
    lily Says:

    love her. she’s my favourite angel. she does look suspicioulsy “fatter” in these pics. her bf is fug though.

  32. 32
    sANJA Says:

    He is a player and a fug you guys are right. I am originally from Serbia and I am good friends with Marko’s cousin. He used to date all these gold-diggers back in Serbia and has been an attention ***** for a long, long time. He is known for that! He dated chicks considered to be prostitutes such as Sandra [Milechenko] Nikolic who claims to be a model and yet was sleeping around for money during 1990s…
    He is so FAKE.
    She, on the other hand, seems to be nice and pretty and I really feel bad for her at this point.
    I just wish she could read Serbian and so to be able to read one of his interviews..

  33. 33
    sonja.i Says:

    Oh, gees! I actually thought she was gorgeous????????
    Ewwwwww. :( I think Serbian pop singer Xenia Pajcin is much HOTTER than her.
    Marko Jaric, on the other hand, is my countryman and I think he is just a regular looking Serbian guy. There are many MUCH better looking athletes in Serbia.

    I just want to say hello to fellow my countrywomen Aleksandra & Anja and I kind of agree with Anja’s comment, an attention ***** part, in particular. LOL.

    Sonja, London, UK.


  34. 34
    sonja.i Says:

    Oh, gees! I actually thought she was gorgeous????????
    Ewwwwww. :( I think Serbian pop singer Xenia Pajcin is much HOTTER than her.
    Marko Jaric, on the other hand, is my countryman and I think he is just a regular looking Serbian guy. There are many MUCH better looking athletes in Serbia.

    I just want to say hello to my fellow countrywomen Aleksandra & Anja and I kind of agree with Anja’s comment, an attention ***** part, in particular. LOL.

    Sonja, London, UK.


  35. 35
    x Says:

    She’s so pretty.

  36. 36
    SHIPIT Says:

    It’s Cyclops!

  37. 37
    Biljana-14 Says:

    Bravo Marko. Tako i treba!

  38. 38
    hot guys n ugly girls Says:

    Ok all you haters need to STFU!
    Marko Jaric is too hot and sexy. Y’all need to get your eyes checked.
    Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder. It is an inherent universal fact
    that Marko is a sexy cute guy and can do better than bang gross
    girls like Adriana Lima. So don’t be dissing!!
    Although Adriana is really ugly, at least she can see Marco’s hotness!

  39. 39
    ☆ balkan pride ☆ Says:

    He’s a serb!
    omG disgustinggg!!!
    get a real man Adriana, you don’t deserve crap like this

  40. 40
    Princess Says:


  41. 41
    amle Says:

    She use to date Lenny Kravitz. This guy is fug. Lenny is totally sexy.

  42. 42
    Adriana Says:

    Adri needs to lose weight, but she’s NOT pregnant. She has said she’s a virgin and intends to stay that way til marriage—let’s hope it’s true.

    Jaric is ugly. Adri has terrible taste in men.

  43. 43
    sonja.i Says:

    “balkan pride” you stupid Albanian terrorist. You are just jelaous because your ugly ass could never come close to a pretty girl that Adriana is.

    You Albanians are full of it..
    What else can you do instead of HATE Serbs who by the way had to feed your stupid PARASITE asses!

  44. 44
    carol Says:

    I cant believe that! He is so ugly!

  45. 45
    AlessandraJordan Says:

    What is wrong with her?
    Shes a Victoria Secret Model, what the hell is she doing with him
    he looks like he is CRACK. shoot.\

  46. 46
    Hey Says:

    I refuse to believe this.. hes so ugly
    This reminds me of Hallie berry and her man… I hate to see beautiful women with cavemen

  47. 47
    goran Says:

    Marko,ozeni je !

  48. 48
    AK-P- Says:

    A ovima si nam pricao ;- )

  49. 49
    AK-P- Says:


  50. 50
    Poor girl Says:

    Let me tell you something, poor Adriana is going to regret giving this guy her number. Marko Jaric, while playing in Italy, was nicknamed “Don Juan de Marko”. He is a complete manwhore. Google some of the chicks he has been with. He was even with Russian billionaire Melnichenko’s wife, Sandra, and dumped her a number of years ago. He admitted he started out being Adrian’s “friend” after they met at a charity event, but that he couldn’t go after her because she was engaged. He kept up the friendship, though, and then worked at getting her number for months once she was single. He said it took a while and he had to go about it in a completely “new way” before succeeding–refusing to elaborate on exactly what he did (see? pimp won’t share his secrets). He is playing her, making her think he is a sweetheart. He’ll probably get into her pants, and then dump her. Even if he isn’t getting any from her, he probably cheats on her everwhere he goes…Actually, scratch that–he won’t cheat on her until he bangs her, cuz he knows she’d hear about it and he wouldn’t get in there. He makes me sick…Poor little virgin, out with this big bad wolf…

  51. 51
    Ceca Says:




  52. 52
    kev Says:


  53. 53
    Marko's fan Says:


  54. 54
    Biljana Says:

    Don’t be hating on Marko! Yes she is much prettier then him but if they are happy and love each other then thats all that matters! LOOKS aint everything!

  55. 55
    bbb Says:

    he must be giving really hard *****,otherwise she wouldn’t be dating to him.

  56. 56
    Jebac Says:

    ma jedi bre govna mamu ti na tarabu!!! :)

  57. 57
    Jebac Says:

    U kurac

  58. 58
    luna Says:


  59. 59
    wee Says:

    Adriana is such a beauty.and everybody who says she is not, is ****…. jealous

  60. 60
    cancan Says:

    she is a goddess but not in this frame. It s very normal every famous beauty use their make up power but don’ t forget that she has a natural beauty too.

  61. 61
    Adi Says:

    Adriana is the hottest women ever,and i think that Marco is hot too.
    They are a great couple :)

  62. 62
    vujste Says:

    ni ja ne verujem da je ochito ne inteligentni dripac smuvao Adrianu, I also can`t believe that one NON inteligente guy is with Adriana, Marko`s eyes are too close to each other – thats the sign of low inteligence, I am from Serbia too and I know he is not too much smart ( just like all group sport players)!

  63. 63
    Marco Says:

    LOL, the guy will marry her to bang her….

    I’d do it too, 2 weeks after they’ll break up.

  64. 64
    Vania Says:

    Ala je ruzan:) Tako je to kada se trci za lovom. Moras da spavas sa odvratnim liovima…

  65. 65
    erleta Says:

    you really know how to write bollshits !! [serbians]

    we’ all know that adriana is from KOSOVO.there’s nothing serbians could do about it.i dont care she is dating a serbian [like she really reading what you write about them] ,please…

    dont worry,its just other bollshit that serbian use to write !

    keep admiring our beatiful faces !!

    and keep dreaming that KOSOVA is yours

    hahahahahaa ASSHOULs

  66. 66
    Georgem Says:

    WHY WHY WHY WHY…….The world is still nice with you single Adriana

  67. 67
    victoria Says:

    WOW she had a boyfriend didnt know that is she still modling for victoria serect ?
    funny thing is that store took my name (victoria)
    well i hope the best who cares if she is pregentant or not if she is happy and healthy that is what really matters most ..
    adriana lima is pretty and hot i hope she is still in modling tho
    cuz i am gonna modle too

  68. 68
    dini Says:

    shem come from my wilage in kosova, i have fucked her

  69. 69
    cooliesss Says:

    wooooo sexy serb babies

  70. 70
    luna Says:

    Adriana i love you,honey.She’s beautiful-hot-sexy and nice girl =)

  71. 71
    ITsnaimtime Says:

    Marko jebem ti zenu lol Pa ona je glupa ko kurac cim je za tebe osla. My gf is hotter then her, with and without make up!

  72. 72
    ronnied Says:

    Stop the madness! She”s the next Diana Ross!

  73. 73
    Ze das Coves Says:

    Como é k uma mulher como a Adriana vai arranjar um gajo destes… ele nem aproveita a beleza dela com aqueles olhos…

    mal empregadinha….

  74. 74
    nina Says:

    Ma ovaj Marko je krshina kad stane pored nje, Adriana uje pojava za njega!!!!

  75. 75
    darko loparcan Says:

    svaka cast marko

  76. 76
    juan Says:

    That smuck is with her?!?!?

  77. 77
    Cp6uja Says:

    a sta fali finoj SRPSKOJ zeni?

    sto mora biti majmunce iz dzungle?

    a sta je cak i gore: katolicko majmunce!

  78. 78
    veryglamour Says:

    … nice ……

  79. 79
    veryglamour Says:


  80. 80
    victoria,GREECE Says:


  81. 81
    jehona Says:

    ooook hes good. but why the hell he is spouse to be serbian. serbians are jackasses. damn.

  82. 82
    ana Says:

    adriana lima ne e losa ama nase katerinace ivanovsko si e najubavo taka li e MACEDONIA

  83. 83
    Rebeca Says:

    Oh,God are you really so dump?Marko is a basketball player from Belgrade,Serbia,and he is really a nice guy…so what if he is not Mister of the universe,if Adriana loves him!If you,guys think you`re better looking than Marko,then,why aren1t you with Adriana Lima?Wish them luck:)

  84. 84
    Jelena Says:

    E,ovako,koga boli kurac uopste sto je Marko ruzan?Ako je njoj dobar,meni je jos bolji…nije ni ona neka LEPOTICA…SA GOMILOM SMiNKE,SVAKA DRUGA DEVOJKA MOZE DA IZGLEDA TAKO…Mani me prica o njenoj nevinosti…ciste gluposti…KOSOVO JE SRCE SRBIJE!!
    Who gives a **** if Marko is ugly..?Adriana maybe loves him,maybe his money…maybe he loves her..maybe he just wants to bang her…Who cares..she will never be with anyone of you,so won`t he…so get a life…btw,she is not that pretty at all…with that heavy make up,every other girl can be pretty just like her…

  85. 85
    Mirjana Says:

    You jealous Albanians,**** off!!You are parasites on a face of this world!Damn be 1912.when that terrible Albaina is founded…You Albanians are so dirty…like some filthy animals…Alll you know is to kill and live in your own *****…and,Hell yeah..KOSOVO IS SERBIA!!!

  86. 86
    zac efron Says:

    i love you andriana

  87. 87
    zac efron Says:

    i love you andriana lima, te amo

  88. 88
    MARKO Says:

    Mare imenjace SRBIJA SERBIA your girlfriend is beautiful i ti si lep i super ste par…

  89. 89
    sanpav Says:

    Lima is nothing special, just very wide-hipped and wears too much makeup (and it doesn’t suit her). He’s an idiot for not looking for someone a bit better, and preferably a Serbian woman.

  90. 90
    Thegreatalbania Says:

    Defination of the word Serb is Serv or Servants Serbs = Servs. Servants or Serbs came from rusia during the time when albanian descendants Illyrians ruled most of the europe so they were in need for some servants so they bought some from Russia better said they bought some serbs so they are now living in illyrian or albanian territory but we’re gonna ******* nuke them make them dissapear from here! Cant u see from Marko Jaric’s face they all look like monkeys because they were always treated like monkeys. Who gives a **** if Adriana Lima is his gf a poor girl from brazilian ghetto who shows her body to win money same as ***** just that she doesnt get banged i wont be surprised even if she does that just as Juliana Paes. **** SERBIA




  91. 91
    Micha-ela Says:

    Marko Jaric Is so UGLY look at his eyes he looks like from a RAT
    And his Nose ….illl he is so Not Bad looking
    i like men with a babyface like johnny depp and leonardo dicaprio when i see Ardiana lima i see a good looking men next to her
    she haves a babyface herself maybe he haves money and is nice but
    he looks like a not attractive to me .

  92. 92
    Jimbozo Says:


  93. 93
    turkhis Says:

    ama yaa adriana bu yakışırmı sana…

  94. 94
    jayhawk Says:

    you have got to give this guy credit, no he may be a strange looking dude, but if he can win a girl like Adriana you know hes gotta have a way with the ladies.

  95. 95
    ganaa Says:

    He’s ok. But who knows if he deserves her…

  96. 96
    Bojana Says:

    Marko Jaric is very nice, handsome and successfull….so- lucky Adriana….
    and she`s also woderful…….congrets!

  97. 97
    Bojana BEOGRAD Says:

    I read all the comments….
    People could be really jealous….that`s so sad and bad…
    Love story of Andriana and Marko should be an example…
    True, pure love.. that`s what all of us need…
    but just good people have it…
    so, you can be jelaous how much you want, despite everything, Andriana and Marko ARE and WILL BE happy !!!

  98. 98
    just me Says:

    his eyes looks wierd….

    oh fact she is OFFICIALLY PREGNANT! just check it out on google or whatever you will see the pic/news..

    marko= what happenede to his face,,,,,, =[ ?

    =/ danggg ugly is the new cute i guess now a days.

  99. 99
    serbian girl cccc Says:

    Yeayyy more beautiful serbs to the world , Hooray ! Svaka Cast Marko !

  100. 100
    misspiggy Says:

    hmm nothing special about her!

  101. 101
    Amelie Says:

    If he is hot, Omg!!!… he is just disgusting. His eyes are too small and his nose is big like an orange.

  102. 102
    adrianalima Says:


  103. 103
    Jas Says:


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