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Taylor Locke: Mischa Barton's New Boyfriend

Taylor Locke: Mischa Barton's New Boyfriend

Headband-sporting actress Mischa Barton showers her new boyfriend, Rooney guitarist Taylor Locke, with hugs and kisses at a lunch in West Hollywood on Thursday.

According to People, “Later, the actress stopped by a memorial concert for filmmaker Brandon Schantz at the Roxy, where Locke‘s band performed. Barton headed straight backstage – then took her spot in a booth to get into the music, clapping with her arms above her head at the end of each song and bopping her head to the music. After the show, Barton retreated backstage again before coming out with her beau, holding him around the waist and kissing him on the lips.”

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  • cute

    she’s a pretty girl but god i hate her clothes

  • Ariana.S

    ooo ok

  • natalie

    i always thought taylor was hot.. i had such a crush on him in middle school.. so this kinda sucks. haha

  • Wannasmile

    homegirl is turning into a hippie…

  • Helena

    She’s trying too hard to look all 60′s.

  • becky

    ewww her legs are ugly. and her headband is just stupid


    that is the ugliest outfit ever…..


  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    i’m sorry but i gotta do it again. this time gotta make it a double.


    who?!? who?!?

  • hello

    i really just don’t like her.

  • ace tomato

    She looks incredibly stupid. The only way she could be worse dressed would be if she was on fire.

  • ck

    Looking at these two makes me want to shower repeatedly

  • Cranium


  • ☆ Paradise ☆

    :-) She is so pretty. She has the most beautiful face :-)

    ¦== ===¦

  • Laura

    Summer Roberts style; “Ew!”

    I was never a fan of her on The O.C., she was always my least favourite of the main characters but at least she seemed to have an ounce of beauty and class while she was on the show. Now she looks terrible with that incredibly fake hair and stupid 60s hippy clothes.

    I’m always glad to hear of stars from The O.C., as it was and always will be my favourite show, but she’s an exception to the rule. What does she do? Works on crap ass movies that no-one goes to see.

    I liked Rooney when they were on the show but if he is silly enough to date her, then they deserve each other.

  • me

    they look like a ’70s couple

  • katie

    love taylor locke.

  • rory

    she’s gotten horribly out of shape. i guess she was never really in shape, unless flagpole counts as a shape.

  • Fi

    The blonde hair looks awful on Mischa but I love her clothes! I also really like Rooney so this is kind of cool. Besides, as long as it’s not that twat Cisco Adler (or whatever his name was) I’m happy for her!

  • Ana

    her style is kind a weird lately…
    and my gosh her legs!!! +___+ she just HAVE to loose some weight!!!!!!!!

  • kl

    This girl has the absolutely worst taste in men I have ever seen. Everyone she dates looks like they smell.

  • Emma

    I just saw a episode of oc and remebered how much I liked her oc character

  • go sox

    Don’t get it……she’s a pretty girl, but has awful taste in clothes AND men. He looks like another guy who’ll treat her like trash and cheat on her.

  • alena

    she’s gotten really wide. blame the munchies!

  • mary

    This outfit is just ridiculous. What, is she on her way to an audition for the live action version of Pocahontas. What a tool.

  • Elise

    At first I thought she was wearing a costume and was on a movie set, but then i remembered she has no career anymore!
    Who seriously cares about her anymore??

  • Kirstie

    i met him[and the rest of rooney] when i went to a jonas brothers concert.

    they are the nicest guys ever!

    if shes happy…why does the rest matter?

  • wowza!

    woah, very very 60′s/hippie.
    nott liking it so muchh! : /

  • Mischa always looks HORRIBLE.

  • Obsidian

    Apparently, nowadays, for young starlets, being pretty/ beautiful is no longer enough: one has to be / look interesting… Mischa hasn’t been (seriously) working in a while so, her PR / Agents told her to be featured as often as possible in gossips magazines. she does well in that area but is she landing any real role? not really. There must be something wrong with her since other girls much less talented get work…

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    She is so lovely and pretty.I just saw she is always dating in millonaire dating site”W e a l t h y L o v i n g.c o m”.Is really fall in bad cancer?Is she really has a baby with him?

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  • legs

    she looks ridiculous in her clothes. lol!

  • anonymous

    Mischa has gained too much weight. She is still beautiful, but her legs are too big and her face is too round now. I also dislike her hair colour. She looked better when she was on The OC

  • notengodinero

    She resembles someone who was in Taylor’s life the past couple of years… Allison Robertson! Google it and you will think the same.
    But, Taylor….. WHY? Allison has it all; brains, beauty, humor and she KILLS on the guitar (she should have given you some tips while you were dating). Were you getting sick of being in the shadow of your girlfriend the past 5 years because you’ll never compare to her? Possibly!

  • Loopy

    I’m sorry….she actually left the house wearing that??!!!
    She looks absolutely ridiculous!

  • Stanley

    I like them as a couple! Rooney was prominantly featured in many episodes of the O.C.!!

  • rob

    sure her outfit is ridiculous, but it’s her dumpy 38-year old librarian body that makes it hard for her to look good in anything

  • jv

    Mischa looks kinda hot as a blonde, but I still prefer her dark-haired, like she is here:

  • sarah

    Mischa’s boyfriends always look ugly:(

  • J

    @ jv
    these maxim pictures are totally!! adapted! she has’nt got such thin thighs..
    misha has got the worsest fashion taste i’ve ever seen.

  • kate

    everyone has their own taste in fashion. and you know what? mischa can wear whatever the hell she wants.

    i think its ridiculous that you people are ridiculing her for being overweight. If she lost the weight you guys would probably say shes anorexic. its ridiculous.

    You have no right to judge her relationship with Taylor. I think they really like each other. Its also nice to see her in a relationship again. She seems really happy.

    About her career, I know a lot of people think she hasn’t done anything since the OC. Bull sh**t. She has done nine films. Two have already been released, but they were UK films. They actually did really well. For instance, her Closing the Ring film was directed by Richard Attenborough and starred Shirley Maclaine. It was nominated for best picture at the Irish television and film awards. It is now premiering in australia. I also heard Mischa was pretty good in the film.

    Mischa has six other films coming out. Many of them sound really good. Just beacuse she isn’t doing big box office films doesn’t mean she isn’t working. I actually prefer that she is doing more independent films.

    However, her film at sundance was supposedly amazing. I stars Bruce Willis and I have a feeling it will do amazing.

  • Starsmudge

    I’ve met Taylor before after a Rooney concert. It was the worst experience ever! He was really condescending and rude. Worst guy ever. She can do so much better.

  • lalalalala i love waffles

    haha when i saw the link to this from the-n i instantly remembered that rooney was on the OC so i guess they already knew eachother.

    she looks like a total hippie

  • lilian

    She is so BEAUTYFULL and he is more then just UGL!!! why is she dating that ugly ugly ugly “man”? oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wina

    Uhm. Okay.

    This just broke my heart. And I know that it’s really none of anyone’s business, but WHATEVER.

    Rooney is my favorite band in the whole entire motherfucking planet. :D they are to me what the beatles were to the babyboomers. No matter what, their sound will remain on my favourites list. BUT I JUST HAVE TO SAY: IT BOTHERS ME SO FREAKING MUCH THAT TAYLOR’S DATING MISCHA. OMEGHADDD. I SO WANTED HIM AND DONNA R TO WORK OUT. I MEAN. :(( WHYYYYYY???????????

  • Disa

    mischa barton is so cool. I am a fan of o.c. and i like benjami very much. mschas boyfriend is so stupid.
    i want to see mischa barton but the problem is that i am from germany

    mischa i love you

  • Ireneo

    I love marissa cooper, but I just can’t deal with Mischa Barton. I fell in love with marissa but mischa is just not like marissa.

  • LuckyL

    She’s such a f*cking loser.