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Britney Spears - "Break the Ice" Music Video Preview

Britney Spears -

Britney Spears has been given the cartoon-treatment in her latest music video for “Break the Ice”, UK’s The Sun reports.

“Break the Ice” is the third single off Brit‘s latest album, Blackout.

The music video looks like straight-up anime and apparently it was her own idea!

“She told label bosses she wanted a cartoon version of her celebrated Toxic clip,” reports The Sun.

Mmmm really?

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  • Helena

    She’s so fúcked up now, they can’t even get her to make a music video.

  • Orange Clockwork

    LOVE IT. And this is coming from someone who HATES her.

  • TT

    NOT REALLY!!!!



  • sasha

    first! wow!! that’s all I can say. Can’t wait to see it!!

  • babyv the best


  • sandie

    She had to come up with that idea because she is looking chunky and bad these days and I guess the camara & the retouch brush can’t do much for her anymore.

  • amanda

    I can’t wait for this video! yes, I know her vocals go through massive surgery in the studio but she’s always been a great performer. please get better Brit!

  • maria

    blonde is better on her

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Wishing her all the best. Hope she gets her medical issues taken care of so she can finally be happy again.

  • kellygrrrl

    Dear Britt – get thee to a good breast surgeon, STAT

  • alex

    u just can’t please everybody. if you cant say anything good to a person, just shut the f*ck up. You said that this is britney’s karma, well i cant wait to see what your karma will be for dissing somebody who don’t even know you exist.

  • t

    good idea, she had no business trying to work on a music video at the time

  • Eva


  • legs

    she and her cartoon version aren’t lool-alikes. lol.
    but seriously, i think she’s having a direction on her life now – hopefully it’ll last.

  • aj

    I love it! It’s something new for her because she never did a cartoon video and it was her idea so i’m behide Britney 100% in what ever she wants to do. You guys have something bad to say about her all the time and I feel like that’s not right! I hope this video turn out great and since it’s a cartoon, I hope it’s something like Toxic or better!

  • Paris

    Fake Pleaseeee!
    I Don’t Believe!

  • Love It!

    I don’ t it should be as a cartoon. I wanted it to be like this!

  • the dq

    Ya, really and this is because she’s a washed up has been. Never could sing worth a sh** and now she can’t dance, so she has nothing left. Her acting is pretty darn bad too!

  • Mrs Miller

    I hope she is dropped by her record label. Britney is a thick cunt whho should be locked up for life. It’s a shame 2Pac, Notorious BIG and Ol’ Dirty Bastard are dead and Britney is still alive

  • lola

    Good IDEA, but what talentless bozo came up with that cartoon??? She looks horrid in the cartoon version! And actually sort of decent in the live one.

    –read my blog at

  • shannon

    ok as much as britney spears dont deserve wht im gonna say i luv this song! is’t one of her best of her album

  • Britney is a true Goddess

    love the idea , and my god she looks so perfect in the golden dress

  • montana mike

    this is no different from the real thing-her whole life is pretty much of a fucking cartoon, and she’s the wascal wabbit

  • grace

    At least her cartoon looks like it has had a bath this decade. Can’t say the same thing for the flesh and blood version. Step in the right direction, I say!

  • neil


  • dan

    i think it’s better off than a video in which she barely dances and looks chubby with skimpy outfits…

  • give her a break!

    i wish her all the best. it’s something new for her and after all it was her idea, no matter what the haters say. it just gets me frustrated how she’s never right, the haters always talk crap about her and she never wins. i think the reason why she decided for an animated music video is because she’s afraid the media and people will pick on her again like they did when “gimme more” and “piece of me” came out. and i agree with # 11 and 15. i also can’t wait to see what the karma will be for all those people dissing her without being able to walk a mile in her shoes!

  • nina


  • tiago

    I love new clip anime of Break the ice!

  • deaniebean

    its gotta be a lie cause why else would she be practicing for it:S

  • Nikki

    The reason shes not doing a video is because she is pregant . thats why . so there is nothing wrong with her ,,,, /!!!

  • sorry

    i really liked the track (especially demo version, a better beat mix).

    but the video is not promising anything. sorry for this good song.

  • Tannis

    Her own idea, akin to toxic, yer right! This video is a Ghost in the Shell rip off from start to finish, the song even sounds like the start music to the tv series, except its not as good. And if you dont beleive me heres a list of exactly how it rips off GitS.

    Ghost in the Shell, starts with the heronie jumping off a huge building to smash through glass and take out her target.

    Throughout all of Ghost in the shell are images of clones/cyborgs within floatation tanks, the image of britneys face getting so close to the glass,liquid surface is a direct rip off.

    The interface on the tank womans head is the same shape as the vr file interfaces used in Ghost

    And the building exploding like that, can you say fiirst climax in Stand Alone Complex.

    The only way she came up with this idea is if she’d just watched Ghost in the Shell, more likely one of her PR people heard the track and made the link cause muscially the song could fit in to a Ghost episode.

  • animefan

    Wow most of you ppl are assholes, this video is really good regardless of her personal life. I mean if you hate her so fucking much, why post a comment or waste you time watching the video. You have to be a very spineless ignorant person to do something like that. I love her music. And i bet she makes more moeny then all of you fuckers who hate on her. Its not like she gives a shit about your comment

  • lolserisously

    LOL i love this video and i feel that animefan is right, i mean why did you waste your time on this music video. If you hate Britne so damn much why watch it or even post a comment. I bet you ppl who talk about her, are the type of ppl who gets their a.s.s whooped everyday after school then goes to cry to your mommy like a little b.i.t.c.h LOL It so funny to watch ignorant ppl, without you the world would be boring Lol.

  • standup

    Tannis i dont think that its like goast in a shell at all. Yeah its futuristic but its different somehow. And no offence this song is not a rip of of ghost in a shell. My friend owns the soundtrack and this is nothing alike. And lastly who give a s.h.i.t that she starts off jumping off a building, so many animes start off like that. And just because there are cyborgs and clones doesn’t mean anything also. And anyways i dont see why ppl watch that stupid anime anyways

  • http://britneyspearsbreaktheicevideo syaiful

    very different other have her videos,good 4 to wacthing,this single have sexy rythm,like cry me a river from justin timberlake,but i think why her hair stylle blonde again,have had it.look like miss “umbrella” rihaana a crazy hot with her hair cut,come on her gift new something to her fans all around the world.dress code to must to be different,like slave 4 U video,a good model dress code,me against the music video to,show to bring stylle crazy hot.& i was her can choose her singles to the next FREAKSHOW sexy rythm too,her voice look a sexy,TOY SOLDIER maybe different her other music.succes ya with BREAK THE ICE video,good idea from it.

  • http://britneyspearsbreaktheicevideo syaiful

    O M G her new clip,very simple.why her anime not like final fantasy pictures,very sa,little pretty.

  • sexyboy

    i want to have sex with her sqweez her bobes untill they bleed then slowly take of her shirt next braw lay my head on her chest then i want to take of her bottoms and kiss her virginia and rubb it then i want to rub my balls on her bare ass

  • mike

    what the hell is that, its horrible first off the cartoon is ugly it looks nothing like her its just weird looking second the video them and action doesn’t not relate what so ever to the song words. i love her music and she’s been threw alot that cool i respect that she wasn’t able to make a real video,this time its the people making the video that screwed up.