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Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr (sans boyfriend Orlando Bloom) departs from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

Kerr, 24, recently landed the UK cover for Harper’s Bazaar. During her interview, the Harper’s reporter noticed the photo background on her BlackBerry showed her and Orlando kissing—and not in a “just friends” sort of way.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a phone,” she insisted. “That’s always my problem. I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s LAX lift-off…

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398 Responses to “Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off”

  1. 1
    876 Says:


  2. 2
    ricki Says:

    Cute! I wonder if she was going to visit Orlando! I think they are a really sexy couple and I hope that photo of them kissing becomes public.

  3. 3
    The shiznack Says:

    ever since some one mentioned she looks like a cabbage patch kid

    ive been put off heavily

  4. 4
    haha Says:

    you can tell when she walks through barefoot her legs aren’t really that long. She is only 5’7″

  5. 5
    lol Says:

    That outfit’s really unflattering too. Makes her look too bulky at the top, like a man.
    Watch her ‘profile’ sky-rocket with Orli association.

  6. 6
    joe Says:

    I met her at Sydney airport the other month and she really is tall and gorgeous.

  7. 7
    Lc Says:

    she’s not that great of a model, i think it’s funny that she’s only famous for “dating” orlando

  8. 8
    anthony Says:

    she’s adorable

  9. 9
    to 6 Says:

    sorry Joe, she is only 5-7″. She was wearing heels when you saw her.

  10. 10
    anyone Says:

    Wow look at her smiling, she is soo happy that she being photogrphed by the paps like always, she is soo ugly look at her face is greasy and her hair looks bad pulled back lke that it makes her cabbage patch face look more round. And whats wrong with her chin it looks like there is a zit their or somthing.

  11. 11
    too funny Says:

    she was in LA but didn’t get to go to any oscar parties but even the dlisters tara reid and rumer willis did.
    NO WAY she didn’t want to go to that.

    Interesting, I can see why people would assume if she was in LA she was visiting him but then she was in LA the weekend of the oscars and he went to three parties without him and someone told the press he was in Asia. Hmmm???

  12. 12
    too funny Says:

    meant to say without HER, not him.

  13. 13
    bataglio Says:

    …surprised that there are no comments about how flat her asz is… c’mon

  14. 14
    @13 Says:

    give it time.
    but it is funny that she is walking on her tip toes when she has to take ‘
    off her shoes. She doesn’t want to be busted for being short and she knows the paps are there.
    You can tell here her legs are not that long.

  15. 15
    UYYUSy Says:

    she is very charming. BTW,.. I have seen her BLOG on a celebrity site named ” M arryM illionaire . c o m”..It’s very hot there.

  16. 16
    Jorgia Says:

    She didn’t go to that Night Before Party either, did she?
    No excuse for that one even if you do buy the early shoot excuse
    for the Prince/Madonna one.

    Everyone brings their s/o’s to parties. It isn’t like a red carpet where its work. That’s so weird.

  17. 17
    test Says:


  18. 18
    oscars Says:

    I know, it wasn’t like he was working …like the baftas or anything like that. It was strickly a party! Why bf or gf would want to stay home both night?

  19. 19
    Jorgia Says:

    btw: How did they reconize her? These must have been call ins. No one knows her on her own, certainly not the paps yet.
    She isn’t that famous.

  20. 20
    @ 9 Says:

    Height: 5’9” – 175 cm Bust: 34 Waist: 24” – 61 cm Hips: 34” – 86 cm
    Shoes: 7½ Dress: 8 Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Brown

  21. 21
    Cranium Says:

    why is she wearing sunglasses indoor? it’s not like the flash from the papz is blinding her or anything. geez.

  22. 22
    karma baby, karma Says:

    aren’t both their careers in the shi++er?

    What do either of them have going on?
    She’s on her way to host some dlister thing
    with Brody Jenner but thats it.

  23. 23
    Lucy Says:

    100% Not a beauty:
    A beauty is someone unique with a great heart and has that original look where you have to glance twice. They also have their own body type and some outstanding features. What does Miranda have??? Plain girl, no one would notice her. Dull and has no style sense on her own. I think all people can be pretty on the inside, but as a fan of fashion, I am madly disapointed in her ditzsy self centered comments and interviews. There is nothing that rocks or is hot inside her or out. No style. Whats so special? simply forgettable and boyish, messy, plain, boring, but i respect everyone

  24. 24
    @20 Says:

    it’s called lying you fool!

    You can tell by the pics without shoes she is not that tall
    Reading what you got from some site of hers or whatever is like
    reading the weight on someone’s drivers lic.
    Do you think they always tell the truth there too? Duh!

    Besides, not only can you tell from these pictures but Orlando is at least 5’10″ and she is slightly taller or the same height when she is wearing her 3-1/2 to 4 inch heels. She is not 5’9″.

  25. 25
    exactly Says:

    no 24 year old is going to miss a Prince party.
    When you are that age you can stay up all night no problem.
    There had to have been another reason.
    Trouble in Kerrbloom? You stay home -while I go out and party
    with all my a-list friends.

  26. 26
    Lucy Says:

    100% not a beauty (with respect)
    forgettable, not unique, no… as in no…. great features, plain, messy, boyish, no style, no inner beauty, not a fashionista/artist, and fans have been disapointed in her ditzy interiviews self centered comments and unoriginaltiy as a person…yawn

  27. 27
    Lucy Says:

    100% not a beauty (with respect)
    forgettable, not unique, no… as in no…. great features, plain, messy, boyish, no style, no inner beauty, not a fashionista/artist, and fans have been disapointed in her ditzy interiviews self centered comments and unoriginaltiy as a person…yawn

  28. 28


  29. 29
    to 27 Says:

    you forgot short!

  30. 30
    Linda Says:

    I agree with the not at all pretty comment and overrated. There is nothing wrong with being very short or very tall or height. Its all in how you work with it and carry you’re body and personality. This miranda girl is an embarresment to that, she works nothing. beauty =not even there

  31. 31
    @ 24 Says:
    I believe her managers site over some teeny bopper guessing roughly her size from pictures on the web.

  32. 32
    josh Says:

    never been to this site before, but this girl has nothing, nothing, zip, natta, no one would look at her, and i have read some of her comments and they are self centered, silly, and kind of mean,
    nothing super about her, won’t have a career, exact opposite from pretty
    try to be nicer who ever you mir-an-duh! or who????

  33. 33
    eric Says:

    never heard of her and never want to
    boring—-not pretty—and mean

  34. 34
    to 31 Says:

    LOL! You must not be following along. Her people also lie about her age all the time.That is an open joke so of course they would also lie about her height and measurements.

    believe what you want.
    I know what I can see.
    Why don’t you just try and tell me Tom Cruise is 5’11″

  35. 35
    riki Says:

    She wasn’t in LA during Oscar weekend. She was in New York and shot an add on Monday. People always forget these little details in their moments of jealousy. At least he’s had sex with her.

  36. 36
    ed Says:

    #35 a lot of ppl have had sex with her… and??

  37. 37
    silly girls Says:

    The same rag that said she was in LA is the same one that said Orlando was in Asia. How stupid do you have to be to believe any of their claims? Oh yeah, I forget who I’m dealing with. Nevermind.

    She was working in NY, and wasn’t in LA on Oscar weekend. It’s kind of hard to go to a party if you’re on the other side of the continent.

    Her career is taking off, and he is getting ready to sign for another film (in addition to ‘An Education’), now that he is back from his break.

    I guess all of you haters are happy to have another post to bash on. Did that last one ever make it to 1000?

    Hateful, sad, sad, people.

  38. 38
    rhoda Says:

    And this proves she is with orlando- how exactly??

  39. 39
    Huh? Says:

    How can you girls claim that she is 5’7″?
    If she was that short, she would never have been able to do runway. And she has done a TON of runway.
    The only way a 5’7″ model could do runway, would for her to be such a big name, they could ignore the height problem. So what’s it going to be? Are you going to admit that she is indeed, 5’9″, or are you now claiming that she is a big name in the industry? Hmmmm?
    Can’t have it both way, haters.

  40. 40
    ed Says:

    #37, er… we aint all girls here u kno!

    u dont sound hateful in the slightest honey *rolls eyes*

  41. 41
    @38 Says:

    It doesn’t.
    Neither does all of your hatred prove that she ISN’T with Orlando.

  42. 42
    eric Says:

    Orlando has done some interesting works and been a kind humanitarian. Who knows if they are together…who cares? she is nothing special and not pretty inside or out. exact opposite of beauty and not unique. trashy very trashy mir. girl

  43. 43
    ed Says:

    maybe thats the reason we never see her outta 4 inch heels!

  44. 44
    @ 37 Says:

    Sorry! But the paper that said it was her pet rag the DT. She talks to them all the time.
    There was even a small interview about her and some other chic that she was spending time with there. IF they are in her favor why would they make that up out of the blue?

    Even the people that came to her defense said the shoot was in LA on Monday.

    What makes you think she was in NY on Sunday?

  45. 45
    @ 37 Says:

    also IF she was in NY doing a shoot she could have EASILY had the dt fit that into one of their daily spots on her. That would have cleared up alot.
    Even the LA times who claimed they spoke with her said it was because she had to get up early for the shoot. Not that she was in NY for it. It was the LA times-not NYPost.

  46. 46
    @ 39 Says:

    Its easy. Look at the pics of her with no shoes. You can tell her legs are not that long. She looks like Kate Moss height.

  47. 47
    Sellout Says:

    It’s not hard to figure that she’s been in LA with Orlando. She lives in NY why is she in LA? She didn’t go to any of the Oscar parties because this is the foolish way he calls himself keeping his privacy. He lets the girl do all the exploiting while he plays Mr. Privacy. She’s probably headed to Miami there’s some D list party she’s hosting there according to this blog

    She appears to love the paparazzi and attention she’s getting off his name which is a huge turnoff but the company you keep speaks a lot about you and it turns me off more regarding Orlando. I think he’s nothing but smoke and mirrors. He seems like this superficial LA guy. A Hollywood sellout with all his cheesy Japanese commercials.

  48. 48
    rhoda Says:

    she is so a booty call- god obvious!
    hate? nah. thats way too strong.

  49. 49
    DT? Says:

    Soooo you’re claiming that she gave her her “pet” rag false information about Orlando being in Asia? How does that even make sense to you?

    And to #46. I’ll bet Miranda’s people will be thrilled at the comparison to Kate Moss. I guess that she IS a big enough name to get away with only being 5’7″ on the catwalk.

  50. 50
    rhoda Says:

    is orlando in la?

  51. 51
    eh Says:

    She was in LA for a photoshoot with Delta Goodrem…

  52. 52
    @51 Says:

    when was that shoot. Oscar weekend or this week?

  53. 53
    Dolly Says:

    “She was in LA for a photoshoot with Delta Goodrem…”

    She supposedly did that photoshoot on the Feb 25th two weeks ago. Why is she just now leaving? Probably because she was hanging with her new bed buddy and claim to new found fame Orlando Bloom who I now find as tacky as her.

  54. 54
    @51 Says:

    February 26, 2008 11:00pm

    OVEREXPOSED singer Delta Goodrem has joined photogenic forces with Queensland model Miranda Kerr.

    Delta, who just lost her record deal in the US, and Miranda hooked up yesterday in an LA studio for a photo shoot for a major magazine.
    Delta has been in LA for a short while and was joined at the weekend by her fiance, Brian McFadden.

    He was only there for a few days before he headed back to Australia on Monday for media commitments to promote his latest musical venture.

    The former Westlife singer had just come off supporting the Backstreet Boys in a Boytown meet Boytown experience.

    As for Miranda, there was no Oscar’s party.

    Her beau, Orlando Bloom, instead was in Asia on work-related business, leaving Miranda to fend for herself on Oscars night.

    The two have struck up a romance that is now becoming very public.

    They were snapped canoodling in a London street and were spotted having a romantic dinner together in New York on Valentine’s Day.

    But Miranda is not the only one fending for herself without her partner.

    Delta was also spied having dinner in a West Hollywood hotel on Sunset Boulevard – without Brian.,23739,23283083-5012980,00.html

  55. 55
    Beauty Says:

    Even dressed down, with very little make-up, this girl is gorgeous. Beautiful body, too.
    She’s my favorite Angel.
    Orlando’s a lucky dog.

  56. 56
    @47 Says:

    how sad if that is what he tells her. You can’t go to a party because I have to pretend to be private. But yet they went to a holiday party in December. Why the backtracking?

    I agree though, he is as tacky and low as she is.
    They will both become a laughing stock together.

    oh, and who said her career is taking off? lol. She has no contracts besides vs who hardly uses her. She is 25!!
    Please do tell what movie buddha boy is about to sign.

  57. 57
    Lovelace Says:

    SHE HAS A HUGE PIMPLE ON HER CHIN. I was coming here to say how hot Vicky Secret models are but that pimple turned me off.

  58. 58
    ed Says:

    yeah, she would come in handy if i wanted to cook a fried egg on her face. orlando u lucky dog!

  59. 59
    @49 Says:

    no one said she was pretty like Kate Moss. Just not tall
    She always has on 4 inch heels.

    if you refuse to acknowledge the lenght of her legs in those pictures with no shoes I can’t help you.

  60. 60
    rhoda Says:

    lmao ed
    why does she have the EXACT same clothes on from the last time they were togethet in ny????

  61. 61
    rhoda Says:

    lmao ed
    why does she have the EXACT same clothes on from the last time they were togethet in ny????

  62. 62
    @ me Says:

    i love u

  63. 63
    caREER? Says:

    how do you figure her career is taking off?
    She has been at it for 10 years and now she isn’t hardly
    working. Please explain yourself.

  64. 64
    rhoda Says:

    orlando just likes her for her bedroom skills when u have been at it since 14, well thats a lot.

  65. 65
    ed Says:

    @rhoda – cos shes a scruffy bint who dresses like a gay sailor. u shud be at the docks dear, not the airport!

  66. 66
    @59 Says:

    “no one said she was pretty like Kate Moss. Just not tall
    She always has on 4 inch heels.
    if you refuse to acknowledge the lenght of her legs in those pictures with no shoes I can’t help you.”

    I’ll acknowledge that NO ONE can tell the length of someone’s legs in a picture, if you acknowledge that there is NO WAY a model can do runway at 5’7″, UNLESS you’re on the level of (not talking about looks here) Kate Moss.
    You are looking at a picture with no reference points. I am looking at the fact that a 5’7″ model could not do runway unless she was a household name (like Kate).
    Does that help you?

  67. 67
    rhoda Says:

    she is… she is orlandos private hooker, so yeah shes kind of docks.

  68. 68
    rhoda Says:

    her lips are like a fellas!!!

  69. 69
    not in ny Says:

    All the write-ups that came to her defense after the oscars placed her in LA. It would have been so easy for one of them to say she was in NY for a shoot and it would have made a world of difference.

    The LA times, Page 6, Star Mag, DT and their affiliates, none of them mentioned being in NY. All references to the shoot were in LA.

    try again.

  70. 70
    rhoda Says:

    maybe he likes fellas lips round his withered deak

  71. 71
    @66 Says:

    dude, it’s called SCALE. Does that help YOU!

    I can tell by the pictures -she is not 5’9″
    the same way if you showed me a picture of Cruz Becham I would be able to tell you he is not 5’9″ either.

  72. 72
    rhoda Says:

    lol @71
    i find your bluntness rather refreshing! lol

  73. 73
    ed Says:

    she has one hell of a fat ass. lose some pounds girl!! chubby *****!

  74. 74
    riki Says:

    #69, you follow this too closely. you need a life. and those write ups can be wrong. ever hear of that?

  75. 75
    @71 Says:

    Scale requires a reference point. A known height/size beside another object. You can’t tell height in a picture without a reference point. Why do you think that convenience store doors are marked for height? Because you can’t tell from just a picture. For example, I loved the Transporter movies, and their star, Jason Stratham (sp?) always appeared larger than life. I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that he was 6’2. Now how do you think I felt when I met 5’8″, Jason? I was shocked. You see, there were no size references in those films. There was no way to tell.

    And you still haven’t answered how Miranda could walk runway at 5’7″.

  76. 76
    LOL Says:

    One poster says that she has a flat ass, ed thinks that she has a fat ass.
    Make up your minds people!

    Women work very hard for an ass like that.

    Baby got back!

  77. 77
    rhoda Says:

    do they number 76? then they shouldnt not unless they want orlando sticking his tiny kok into it

  78. 78
    awe, poor riki Says:

    is that the best answer you can give when you
    are wrong?
    I doubt they were all wrong and I’m sure Miranda
    would have said otherwise if given an oppertunity.
    We all know she isn’t she with talking to the press or
    sending a message when she wants to
    Bottom line it was already known she was at an LA
    shoot so she couldn’t change that.

  79. 79
    @rhoda Says:

    My goodness, you’re a vulgar little child aren’t you?
    Vulgar and dumb. Not a good combination.

  80. 80
    rhoda Says:

    lol its called having a laugh 79.
    god lighten up, im a nun really/

  81. 81
    ed Says:

    im very sure she has to work hard to get an ass like that, scoffing mcdonalds, kfc and pizza hut all day just cant be easy!

  82. 82
    Frankie Says:

    Frankie isn’t with her. I wonder if she left her with Orlando again?

  83. 83
    ed Says:

    Frankie: she probably ate him already!

  84. 84
    sorcha Says:

    who cares about frankie?

  85. 85
    @ed Says:

    Yeah, Victoria’s Secret is famous for hiring cows to model their underwear.
    *rolls eyes*
    I guess you must prefer his old girlfriend, Kate. She’s back to looking anorexic again, so she should be just right for you.

  86. 86
    Tantara Says:

    Frankie is looked after by her friend Sarah.

  87. 87
    ed Says:

    pmsl #85!! dont u open your eyes when u look at the vs models? they either have fat thighs, fat asses or fat bits n bobs. never mind rolling your eyes – try opening them once in a while. shux!!
    no dont prefer kate either, dont know much of her to be honest!

    who cares about frinkie? obv she didnt when she was chewing on his lil leg!

  88. 88
    paedo Says:

    I love mirandas body, the less woman like the better, i loved Kates body too, she told me she was going to stop looking 12 and put weight on so I dumped her. Thank god the school uniform fit Miranda too.

    Love Ya

  89. 89
    ed Says:

    dog eat dog world eh!

  90. 90
    @86 Says:

    Darn, I was hoping for some more dog walking pics. I think that it is adorable when we see Orlando walking with that tiny dog in his arms. She’s such a pretty little Yorkie.
    Is Sarah in NY or LA?

  91. 91
    Tantara Says:

    Sarah is in NY.
    Miranda has only been in LA since last Thursday, she did a shoot for Elle.

  92. 92
    ed Says:

    so she aint been there 2 weeks then tantara?

  93. 93
    mirandailoveu Says:

    she is so beautiful, i love herrrr

  94. 94
    @Tantara Says:

    Thanks for the update.

    Elle, huh? That’s great news. Good for her.

  95. 95
    ed Says:


    can i ask how u kno all this info? u dont have to go into too much detail but just the gyst wud be good :)

  96. 96
    Tantara Says:

    No only thursday.

  97. 97
    @96 Says:

    what about the shoot with Delta?

  98. 98
    Tantara Says:

    I have known her for 3 years.

  99. 99
    ed Says:

    sorry to pry tantara, may i ask how u kno her? u work with her or family friend? so many ppl claim things, its hard to tell the real from the fakes :)

  100. 100
    Sorcha Says:

    ..And yet another “insider” comes out the woodwork- although saying that thr anon who posted earlier today said there would be reports on Miranda and Orlando- is this what they meant

  101. 101
    @100 Says:

    The poster you are referring too on the other thread made it seem the reports would be negative. The kind of slammed ob calling him gloomy instead of bloomy so it isn’t like they were shipping anything.

  102. 102
    @Tantara Says:

    You have to remember the rules….on Just Jared, the only “insiders” who are taken at face value, are the ones that say nasty things about Miranda. They can be wrong on all facts, across the board, but as long as they say something nasty about her, they will be believed. You could post pics of the two of you together, taken every year since grade school, but if you say anything nice, you are a “fake”.

  103. 103
    Tantara Says:

    I am a friend through her modelling.

  104. 104
    peter sutcliffe Says:

    randa at an airport aww how sweet.

  105. 105
    Project Alice Says:

    You know VS is not some small company no one has heard of, yet Orlando STILL has to be mentioned to make people care. And not just here but her in HB interview as well.

    That’s just sad.

  106. 106
    ed Says:

    i see, thnks for telling us :) any idea wot miranda is up to next?

  107. 107
    @103 Says:

    You answered all questions except for the one about the Delta shoot in LA on the 25th.

    Are you only referring to this trip being since Thursday or are you saying she didnt go to LA for that shoot with Delta?

  108. 108
    Tantara Says:

    There was no photoshoot with Delta. This is the first time she has been to LA for a while.
    Miranda is at the Victoria’s Secret Party tomorrow evening- I’m sure it will be a great success for her as she is the main host for this. VS are going to begin using her more in their promotions. She has a busy year ahead- please keep supporting her she is aware of it all and so grateful.

  109. 109
    @105 Says:

    VS is a big company, but if you asked me to name their top three models, I couldn’t do it. So, of course, they will name Orlando in every article for recognition, just like they always name Leo in every article about Bar. I had no idea who Bar was, until she hooked up with Leo. The association is natural.

  110. 110
    @Tantara Says:

    That’s good news.
    I think that she is gorgeous.

  111. 111
    ed Says:

    thnx tantara :) which issue of elle will she be featured in?

  112. 112
    Sorcha Says:

    are those orlandos aviators she is wearing?? I know he has some like that. Saying thatt tho they seem right for her face so maybe not, mens are usually bigger lol

  113. 113
    @108 Says:

    The Daily Telegraph is her biggest supporter. They give her more positive press than anyone. Why would they write a bogus article on her?

  114. 114
    tantara Says:

    She will appear in MAY Elle.

  115. 115
    tantara Says:

    Delta is in the MAY Elle with Miranda, maybe that is what they meant.

  116. 116
    @Tantara Says:

    How tan are you Tara? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    Thanks for answering the questions.
    I’m sure you can understand that its hard for people to
    take an anon at the word competely.
    I wonder if there is a way to confirm the Elle shoot. Is it mentioned
    online or anything?

  117. 117
    ed Says:

    thankoo :)

  118. 118
    @113 Says:

    Are you serious?
    Why would a rag print a story that they made up?
    This is the DT we’re talking about.
    She didn’t go to the Oscar parties like they said she would, so they made up a story to cover their own asses.
    You find that surprising?

  119. 119
    ed Says:

    the daily telegraph get it wrong. they said bloom would be in asia when he wasnt!! bogus bogus!!

  120. 120
    @115 Says:

    The dt article is posted earlier in the thread. They were very specific about the dates.
    Is there anyway you could be mistaken about when she left NY for LA?

    They are such great supports of Miranda’s I wonder why they didn’t just say she was in NY all along instead of saying she was in LA when people were asking why she didn’t go to the oscars.

  121. 121
    tantara Says:

    Not at will be mentioned on her site in the next few weeks.

  122. 122
    @118&119 Says:

    If it was a normal rag I would think the same but these are the people who always get quotes from her and report on everything she does.
    They wouldn’t write anything that wasn’t supportive of her. I don’t see why they would make it up if they could just ask her for a direct answer.

  123. 123
    @120 Says:

    Because they didn’t know, and couldn’t be bothered to check their facts.
    You’re forgetting that Orlando wasn’t in Asia, either. They publish what they think the public wants to hear, and let the facts be damned.

  124. 124
    @121 Says:

    Thanks, but with all due respect even if she and Delta end up in Elle Mag in May it doesn’t mean the shoot wasn’t really the 25th.

    The DT wasn’t the only place where it mentioned her having a shoot that day. There were several sources and all said it was in LA and the reason she didn’t go to the parties.

  125. 125
    @123 Says:

    but the point is they have access to her to ask her.
    They like her so they usually get it right and wouldn’t be in her best interest to screw it up.

    Did you read the article posted in this thread? Why write all that a week or two before it actually happened? that makes no sense. It says she and Delta had the shoot on Monday as they write about it on Tuesday. That sounds more logical to me. How would they know about the shoot two weeks before like that? Read it again.

  126. 126
    @122 Says:

    OK, here’s another one. You actually don’t believe every star that is “quoted’ in these types of papers are actually giving statement to them, do you?
    Often “quotes” are things taken out of context from past interviews, and pasted into the article to suit the whims of the editors.
    And I wouldn’t call then supporters, either. Her name has been in the news due to her connection to Orlando, and they know people will be curious about her. So they published a few articles on her, as a hometown girl making it big, to sell papers. Not to support her.

  127. 127
    @123 Says:


    It makes much more sense that the DT was right on this one. How could they write about something that hasn’t happened yet?
    Tantara said delta was with her now-but that is easy to say if the shoot already happend and will come out in May but it was really shot 2 weeks ago.

    Wonder if its true that she was just in la since thursday or if someone just wants people to think that.

    February 26, 2008 11:00pm

    OVEREXPOSED singer Delta Goodrem has joined photogenic forces with Queensland model Miranda Kerr.

    Delta, who just lost her record deal in the US, and Miranda hooked up yesterday in an LA studio for a photo shoot for a major magazine.
    Delta has been in LA for a short while and was joined at the weekend by her fiance, Brian McFadden.

    He was only there for a few days before he headed back to Australia on Monday for media commitments to promote his latest musical venture.

    The former Westlife singer had just come off supporting the Backstreet Boys in a Boytown meet Boytown experience.

    As for Miranda, there was no Oscar’s party.

    Her beau, Orlando Bloom, instead was in Asia on work-related business, leaving Miranda to fend for herself on Oscars night.

    The two have struck up a romance that is now becoming very public.

    They were snapped canoodling in a London street and were spotted having a romantic dinner together in New York on Valentine’s Day.

    But Miranda is not the only one fending for herself without her partner.

    Delta was also spied having dinner in a West Hollywood hotel on Sunset Boulevard – without Brian.,23739,23283083-5012980,00.html

  128. 128
    @126 Says:

    as already said the DT isn’t like any other rag when it comes to her.
    I think her old pr person carly use to know a reporter or something. I forget exactly how the story goes, but they never write anything bad about her and they make note of every little thing she does to give her press.
    Either way, in this case it makes more sense they had it right and someone else is just taking those facts and now saying they happened two weeks later. How would the dt know what happened yesterday if it wasnt happening for two weeks? Its a very random article if the Delta wasn’t in LA then either, don’t you think? THere is no motive for them to make that up in that way.

  129. 129
    @125 Says:

    and I quote from page 2…..DT Feb 26

    “Delta, who just lost her record deal in the US, and Miranda hooked up yesterday (Monday) in an LA studio …….

    As for Miranda, there was no Oscar’s party.

    Her beau, Orlando Bloom, instead was in Asia on work-related business, leaving Miranda to fend for herself on Oscars night. ”

    This one article includes a KNOWN lie about Orlando. Why would you believe anything else in it? They didn’t talk to Miranda, or they would have known that Orlando was not in Asia. Like someone else said, they were trying to explain why they were wrong in their assertation that Orlando and Miranda were going to debut their relationship at Elton John’s party.
    They never talked to her.

  130. 130
    @127-128 Says:

    I don’t understand where the ‘two weeks’ is coming from. Kylie may, ideed, have had her shoot on Feb 25th, but Miranda just had hers. They are in the same magazine, not the same shoot. Is that what you don’t understand? I’m confused.

  131. 131
    @130 edit Says:

    I meant Delta.
    I guess that I automatically think Kylie when I think of Aussies.
    Don’t know why.
    Don’t even like her.

  132. 132
    ~K Says:

    She doesn’t look that happy as she usually does when the paps are around…

    What’s wrong, MK? Got pissed at what they write about? Lost your “friend”? Or are you just tired?

    Great they have pics of her check-in but can’t tell where she is heading…how silly is that?

  133. 133
    @132 Says:

    She’s not at check in, she’s at the security checkpoint. And you can’t tell where someone is going unless you see them at the gate. Have you never been in an airport?

  134. 134
    @130 Says:

    Where is kylie coming into this?

    The point is that the paper is saying on the 26th that ‘yesterday’
    both Delta and Miranda had a shoot together for a major mag.

    How would they write that on 2/26 if it didn’t happen then but just happened this weekend? In this case I think its much easier to believe the dt. If for some reason TanTara does know it was Elle, its easy for her to say it was just this weekened now instead. For whatever reason she or whoever want people to think MK wasnt in LA before thursday. I hope that makes sense.

    Its easier for TT to pick info from an old article and say it was now then it is for them to write things two weeks in advance.

    btw: where did Tantara go? Hard questions maybe.

  135. 135
    @Tantara Says:

    please explain

    in post 108 you say there was no shoot with Delta
    and in 115(or113?) you say they are in Elle together.

  136. 136
    @134 Says:

    I posted later that I meant Delta.
    No, the point is, is that the paper was wrong about Orlando, so that proves that they DID NOT talk with Miranda. What I was trying to say, was that the DT may have gotten wind of Delta and Miranda being in a magazine, and that Delta had her photoshoot on that Monday. Since they were so sure that Miranda was going to be in LA for Elton’s party, they assumed that they would be shot the same day. But just because they are in the same magazine, doesn’t mean that they were in the same shoot. I guess that we won’t know for sure if they are pictured together until the issue comes out. Then we will know who was right.
    But the DT never talked to Miranda. You just can’t ignore the ‘Asia’ statement. They lied. Plain and simple. And they got caught.

    As for TT, well it’s after 3:00 am in NY right now. I imagine that she went to bed.

  137. 137
    @136 Says:

    But who lied?

    You always have to look at motive.
    Either way it is a dumb lie, no question…so its just a matter of who is dumber.

    But motive?
    The dt is writing glowing articles about her all the time. They want her to look good.
    Someone lied..and I would tend to think it was Miranda or her pr before I would anyone else. Maybe they didn’t think people outside of oz would be reading it and know if he went or not? If the Rumer thing wouldnt have happened we would not have any pics at all of him.

    Why would they pull Asia out of hat? Not sure.By the time of that writing they wouldn’t have known for sure if she HAD NOT gone to an oscar party unless they were told. It was Tuesday oz time but really written sometime on Monday for the US. All pics and reports were not in yet.
    Some might have popped up of her-how would they know that?

    The article sounds like it is trying to cover for her not being with him there. Why not just ask her pr person for a comment? Or maybe the did.

  138. 138
    gabo Says:

    she’s is fkin HOTT, with 2 T’s, everybody shut up

  139. 139
    Project Alice Says:

    @109; well maybe not top three but I know you could name at least one. Heidi Klum! And who doesn’t know Adriana Lima–she is used in almost everything that VS does. She was even in the commercial they had for the super bowl.

    If things keep up this way she [Miranda] will come to be known as “girlfriend of” and personally I don’t see how that is a good thing. Especially not for someone trying to branch out into their own thing.

  140. 140
    Jaded Says:

    Awwww, JJ, just when the other thread was about to reach 1K comments! Shoot.

  141. 141
    ~k Says:

    @133: I thought those pics were from two different points on the airport. Sorry, I don’t spend my time looking closely at these pics of this ugly woman. No need to get tasty.

    @Jaded: I think, we should go back to that old thread and make it complete. ;-)

    @”everyone discussing when the shoot was”: What difference does it make to know whether she was in town for the shoot by the 25th or by now? Orlando didn’t take her to the oscar-events anyhow, the DT wrote crap concerning him being in asia and she will be in an issue of a mag together with Delta anytime soon. Are you trying to dig up reasons why she didn’t go to the parties if she was in town two weeks ago? I think, if she has been in LA with the last two weeks, they’ve become really REALLY careful. Because there hasn’t been one reported sighting, not to talk about pap-pics…so maybe they are not an item anymore or they hid very well on Mount Doom.

  142. 142
    ~k Says:

    By the way: Wasn’t that tv-thing in florida any time soon? So she could be heading to miami, couldn’t she?

  143. 143
    Rayt Says:

    She looks like Katie Homes.

  144. 144
    Jaded Says:

    @~K, well, they both dissapeared for awhile, so I guessed it would mean two things. Either they broke up, which I for some reason doubt, or they are together busy with make up sex. :) We still don’t know which version is closer to the truth but I would bet on the second. Good for them!

    BTW, those really are the same clothes she said her good byes in when we last saw her in NY. lol Maybe he makes her wear them for days to make her pay for the stink story. LMAO

    And LOL at the people’s faces behind her at these pictures! They all look like thinking “who the hell is she and why do they take her picture?”
    I wonder if any blogs will adopt this story. No one really seems to care about MK unless it has something to do with “boyfriend Orlando Bloom”. Way to build a career!

  145. 145
    Herald sun article Says:

    Dated March 5:

    “Miranda has Britain covered

    DEMAND for hot Aussie model Miranda Kerr just gets stronger.

    The latest addition to the stunner’s rapidly growing resume is a cover shot of the April edition of Harper’s Bazaar in Britain.

    The magazine goes out to 250,000 British readers and is highly respected in fashion circles.

    Kerr has gone from strength to strength since she was selected as a Victoria’s Secret model, but she isn’t letting success go to her head.

    “I do not think you ever get used to seeing yourself on the cover of a magazine,” she said. “It is exciting and daunting all at once.”

    The squeeze of Hollywood A-lister Orlando Bloom, Kerr is in Morocco for a shoot before heading to Los Angeles this week to work with Victoria’s Secret, and then to her home base in New York to finish her book, a healthy guide for young girls called Treasure Yourself, with her editor.”

  146. 146
    ~k Says:

    “Kerr has gone from strength to strength since she was selected as a Victoria’s Secret model, but she isn’t letting success go to her head.”

    Huh? Whatever…

    This article sounds like “Everyone is covering the HB-story. We might write something about it too.” And 250.000 readers doesn’t mean that they all specifically read her article. Those are the subscribers and the mags that get send to the news-stands. Doesn’t mean it gets bought…

  147. 147
    Herald Says:


    If the Herald was right, she was in Morocco, then went to LA for a shoot this week(which was after the 5th the daythis was written)

    The Herald is not a tabloid so no reason to lie.
    Therefore, it could still go either way.
    I bet TT was someone looking for attention and she was in LA for the Delta shoot oscar weekend, then Morocco(when the herald pics up) and back for VS, now Miami.

    Or maybe TT was mistaken about part of it. HS says from 3/5 she goes to LA ‘this week’ meaning she could get there by Thursday of last week.

    Didn’t other people who were defending her not being at the oscars all say she was in LA too? Couldn’t that have easily said if she was in NY. You know she likes to talk when given a chance.

    The Herald isn’t a gossip rag so they don’t follow it as much and no need to think anything of the OB connection.

  148. 148
    K & Jaded Says:

    To K and Jaded
    I hope English isn’t either of your first language. You both come across like you can’t follow a point. You go back and forth all day every day conflicting with your own post.
    The reason the dates made a difference was to see if Tantara was lying and how long she was in LA.
    She has lots of reasons for being in LA, as the post above says.
    Just being seen at the airport does not automatically mean she has been there two weeks

    I guess with the new Herald Sun article it means she wasn’t in LA for two weeks anyway.

  149. 149
    anyone Says:

    Wow I cant wait to hear more about this book, I wonder how many mothers would actuly buy that crap for their daughters. I think Cabbege patch is a bad role model for young girls. She hasnt done anything useful or shown any proof to why she wants to be a role model. All she does is pose around in her underwear, it’s ridiculous. Where are all the real role models when you need them. Oh yeah and I wonder how her book does not that many poeple even knows whos she is, maybe besides the fact that she thinks shes Orlando’s gf. It’s like what are poeple going to say when they see her book, “Oh is that that one girl who is with Orlando Bloom, oh man I need to read that book”.

    I think she is only doing this book so that poeple think she is a good person trying to help young woman, but really she cant take care of herself. And the real sad part to the story is that Orlando is being used to boost her so called career, like I said befor no one really knows her beside the fact she is leeching everyone famous including Orlando to get press. I always know there was somthing fishy about her.

  150. 150
    anyone Says:

    Wow I cant wait to hear more about this book, I wonder how many mothers would actuly buy that crap for their daughters. I think Cabbege patch is a bad role model for young girls. She hasnt done anything useful or shown any proof to why she wants to be a role model. All she does is pose around in her underwear, it’s ridiculous. Where are all the real role models when you need them. Oh yeah and I wonder how her book does not that many poeple even knows whos she is, maybe besides the fact that she thinks shes Orlando’s gf. It’s like what are poeple going to say when they see her book, “Oh is that that one girl who is with Orlando Bloom, oh man I need to read that book”.

  151. 151
    It's there people Says:

    It appears that Bubbly and Gloomy are together indeed. Notice the ring, notice the watch and notice the same clothes, just as he does. Makes it hard to tell when events happen when the clothes are the same. More to come on these two…

  152. 152
    Elle Says:

    the DT said it was a shoot for a major mag with Randa and Delta.
    That could have been the Elle one then.

    The Herald says she was in LA the next time for work with VS around 10 days later after a stint in Morocco. Even with her getting there on Thursday fits with that HS piece.

    It really does add up that both articles were correct.

  153. 153
    eric Says:


  154. 154
    ~k Says:

    @#148: No, I can follow your point. The only problem is WHY THE F+++ DOES IT MATTER WHERE SHE WAS??? I don’t care if she was in Morocco, LA or Taka-tuka-land at this point…so why still talking about spilled milk?

    And I don’t know Tantara but she comes across like either one of MK’s friends, MK herself or one of her pr-people. We will see if she was right with the Elle-issue, the homepage-announcement, etc… This all sounds a little bit like planted marketing to me. I could be wrong but it sounds strange.

  155. 155
    Asia Says:

    Maybe he did go to Asia at some point -like right before that when he left NY,so they through that in as in excuse not thinking there would be pictures.

  156. 156
    @154 Says:

    because people were assuming she had ben in LA for 2 weeks hanging out with Orlando just because she was seen at the LA airport and that obvious wasn’t the case.

    And it does make a difference if she was in LA working oscar weekend since that would place her there and still not going.

    still following along?

  157. 157
    @154 Says:

    I hope someone who calls themeselves Tan-Tara is not her pr person, although it might explain a lot of things.

  158. 158
    ~k Says:

    @#156: The same I said before. If she was there with him the last two weeks, they obviously hid pretty well. So, bottom line is that we meant the same. If she has been in LA seen with him I would care. If she has been in LA not seen with him I don’t. If I did the second thing I would have to care about every **** she makes.
    I would like to see if she goes to London with him while shooting that film?

  159. 159
    @145 Says:

    Can’t find a link for that aricle in the Sun. Can someome post it if you find it.

    Also, I think that is a tabloid(ish) type paper also. I think it was being confused with the Sydney Herald that is the respectable paper there.
    Not the Herald sun.

  160. 160
    Jaded Says:

    @148, no English is not my first language, but I don’t see a contradiction. I never said I knew where she was at a certain date. I just said she disappeared for awhile, which is no big deal, she’s not (yet) famous enough to be followed around by paps, but he was gone too, and we usually get a few pap pics of him walking his dog or at least some sightings. I thought, regarding the relationship of these two, disappearing would mean one of two things: break up or make up. To me, her appearance at LA hints at the latter, but as said, I know nothing, I never claimed to have any insider knowledge. I just gossip about theories for the fun of it.

  161. 161
    Interesting! Says:

    @151, the ring hmm… interesting! Well problem solved no need to debate it, they’re together and all the best to them. I’m out, the way they handled it was weird, really weird. Good luck in the future Orlando, I am not buying the “image” anymore.

  162. 162
    @37 Says:

    Yeah, apart from the sad, sad, hateful etc. etc…

    what makes you think Orlando is about to sign on to a new movie (besides An Education)? I do hope you are right.

    I really like that Miranda doesn’t use lots of makeup, spend hours on her hair and which clothes to wear when she is on her own time – makes her more natural.

  163. 163
    @161 Says:

    that ring isn’t on her ring finger.
    What’s the big deal?

  164. 164
    @159 Says:

    This is the full article. The MK bit is buried midway through:

    Songbirds’ musical about themselves
    5 March 2008

    NEW besties Rachael Beck and Kate Ceberano are pooling their talents to write a musical together.

    The pair hardly knew each other before starring on It Takes Two, but they hit it off and are using their downtime on the singing quest to write the stage show.

    The duo found that they had a lot in common, including the stress of trying to balance a hectic workload with motherhood.

    They decided to make the similarities in their lives the subject of a musical.

    “We just met and clicked,” Beck said.

    “The musical is about birds in a cage, which is like a metaphor for our lives and other women facing the same pressures.

    “We’re having a lot of fun writing it — and it is great, we can give ourselves all of the good parts.”

    The pair expect to take the two-hander on the road this year.

    Miranda has Britain covered

    DEMAND for hot Aussie model Miranda Kerr just gets stronger.

    The latest addition to the stunner’s rapidly growing resume is a cover shot of the April edition of Harper’s Bazaar in Britain.

    The magazine goes out to 250,000 British readers and is highly respected in fashion circles.

    Kerr has gone from strength to strength since she was selected as a Victoria’s Secret model, but she isn’t letting success go to her head.

    “I do not think you ever get used to seeing yourself on the cover of a magazine,” she said. “It is exciting and daunting all at once.”

    The squeeze of Hollywood A-lister Orlando Bloom, Kerr is in Morocco for a shoot before heading to Los Angeles this week to work with Victoria’s Secret, and then to her home base in New York to finish her book, a healthy guide for young girls called Treasure Yourself, with her editor.

    Keanu in town

    HOLLYWOOD heavyweight Keanu Reeves is heading to Melbourne next month.

    He will be in town on April 14 to promote his flick, Street Kings.

    Reeves, who made The Matrix films in Sydney, is expected to be the guest of honour at a red carpet premiere of the thriller that night.

  165. 165
    derick Says:

    there is nothing wrong with looking free and natural but SHE IS SO MEAN, VAIN, AND 100%NOT PRETTY

  166. 166
    l.a. times Says:

    the daily telegraph put out that delta/miranda piece 2/26 oz time but that is really Monday AM 2/25. That was before all the rumer rumors were making the rounds so they didn’t know what was coming next.

    then two days later 2/27 the l.a. times also referrs to a shoot-but says she stayed home to get her sleep. They probably couldn’t deny the shoot at that point since there would be documentation of it. Still never said her being in ny was a factor.If she was in ny why not the ny-post page 6.

  167. 167
    6 Says:

    She is only about 5’7″ and it is easy to tell it. Orlando is almost 5″11′ and when she stands next to him in four inch heels they are about the same heigth, If she was 5’9″ she would tower over him in heels that tall. I have read other places that she is not as tall as her bio says, and they have tried to lie and say she is only 22 when she will turn 25 next month. For models it is all about shelf life. She has been modeling for 10 years and she doesn’t have much to show for it. A lesser known VS model and one they don’t use very often.

  168. 168
    pale patty Says:

    Yes, if you look at the bottom of her butt cheek to the bottom of her legs you can tell she isn’t that tall.Those are not long legs.
    She is standing on her tiptoes for a reason. She is afraid someone will see her flatfooted.

  169. 169
    My Sharona Says:

    @163 I think they are referencing the ring b/c it looks like a ring Bloom was seen wearing recently but that’s my guess.

    As for her height, if they can’t get her age straight then why the height? She’s probably 5’4 and 28 years old. Orlando is probably 5’8 and 36 years old. Who knows?!

    Still cannot believe the book Treasure Yourself, WTF??????????????

  170. 170
    @169 Says:

    no kidding.
    why doesn’t she just write a sex manual for young girls and teach them how to please their older men.
    At least it would be more honest.

  171. 171
    Jaded Says:

    I always laugh when twenty-something people write an autobiography or a manual on life. How much do they know? Whatever.

  172. 172
    My Sharona Says:

    OMG I googled the book and there are people wanting to know when it comes out so they can buy it b/c she is a VS model. Again I say WTF, I knew nothing of this girl until the Orlando connection and with all that has been said as of late, is Treasure Yourself, a guide to striking poses in panties, f-king Orlando Bloom or whipping?
    What is the world coming to…geez!

  173. 173
    nah Says:

    #151-???. Oh stop messin’ with ‘em.
    Rings ain’t the same and not even on the correct finger, and as for the watch and clothes-wtf? So she wears clothes, a ring and a watch and that’s proof they are together?
    And yes of course it doesn’t mean their not together either so…..?

    Of course we’re going to be hearing more about these 2, that’s what Hollywood Golden Couple PR is; she likes bragging and Mr. Privacy really doesn’t mind it. He wouldn’t choose to be with her if he truly did.

    So she’s been working the past 2 wks and he’s been????. Just like the last weeks they “disappeared” and everyone started doing the celebration conga. Too soon.

    Face it. Everyone’s just going to have to wait and see if the txt message post was accurate. No offense anyone, but I ain’t holding my breath.

  174. 174
    nah Says:

    #151- forgot to add. I like your nicknames for them.
    I can see the play on his name, but is it also short for Gloomy Gus?
    Soooooooo long ago; oh the memories……

  175. 175
    Jaded Says:,2933,337011,00.html

    Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom Caught in Lip-Lock

    Australian native Miranda Kerr, the newest “Angel” on the Victoria’s Secret team, may still be acting coyly about her blossoming bond with Orlando Bloom, but all was exposed in her recent interview with the U.K. version of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

    After insisting that she and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor were “just really good friends,” the reporter apparently noticed a very interesting photo on the supermodel’s BlackBerry wallpaper. The snap reportedly showed the genetically blessed pair in a, well, pretty passionate lip-lock. Whoops!

    We can’t help but question the communication in the rumbling romance: New York-based Kerr was in Los Angeles for a photo shoot over Academy Awards weekend, but according to her home-grown publication The Courier Mail, she was “fending for herself” as Orlando “was in Asia for work-related commitments.”

    Hmm — so how did he end up Kerr-less (and instead getting super-friendly with Rumer Willis) at the Oscar soirees for both Madonna and Prince ?

  176. 176
    Lol Says:

    I just read that too, lol how about this…
    The duo were apparently partly brought together as a result of their common spiritual belief of Buddhism. Orlando has spoken out many times in the past about his Buddhist beliefs, and Kerr recently stated: “I practice Japanese Buddhism. At the heart of it all, it’s about practising peace.”

  177. 177
    6 Says:

    They are calling her his girlfriend and I think she probably is. There is no accounting for tastes. I think that he is not what he seems. He puts out this boy next door sweet guy vibe, but I believe he is actually pretty raunchy and a bit of a prick. That is why he likes Miranda she is pretty raunchy and dirty too. It does look like she is wearing one of his watches and I am sure they spent the time she had in LA ******* each others brains out. Not that it would take much because between them I doubt there are many brains to lose. Just because someone looks like they sweet and sensitive doesn’t mean they are, and I think he is for sure not at all what he looks like. I think his personality would match the looks of someone more like the guy from the Sopranos.

  178. 178
    Britgirl Says:

    According to an article posted at Olove Orlando is supposedly in London filming his movie.

  179. 179
    well he's good in bed... Says:

    Does this count for anything…

    ORLANDO BLOOM has been branded as “one of the greatest love gods on the planet” by a former girlfriend.

    The handsome young actor was romantically involved with pretty CHARMAINE GARCIA before he shot to fame and made quite an impression on the smitten student.

    Charmaine sighs, “With Orlando, it isn’t just the sex but the whole experience. I can only describe him as one of the greatest love gods on the planet. When he looks at you with those smoldering brown eyes, you feel like you’re the only girl that matters. You’ll do anything for him. He’s completely mesmerizing.

    “He really knows how to show a woman a good time in bed. And let’s say that when he’s in full bloom it’s a magnificent sight.”

    The love struck Brit continues, “He has this way of making a girl feel very, very special straight away. It’s all to do with his eyes. They’re so hypnotic it’s almost as if he has a third eye. You feel he’s ravishing you with those eyes all the time. He misses nothing.”

  180. 180
    book Says:

    What kind of response is she gonna get aout a book that says Treasure your self, when her picture is posted under that E headline.She is ******* Orlando Bloom. That is the role model for young women everywhere. She could probably tell them about her juice diet and how to pretend you are ******** every guy in sight from the age of 14, And there should defenitly be a section on how to dance drunk on the top of tables and then drape yourself over all the random guys watching the show. That is something every young girl should learn. That book of hers is a joke and if she keeps acting like this I wonder who will publish it

  181. 181
    maybe Says:

    well it seems we now know what she’s been up to these past two weeks. what a coincidence and how timely!

    as for Bloomie(speculation alert!)-
    if he’s supposed to start filming soon, could he already be in the uk?
    even if it’s a small side role, i’d imagine there is still prep work needed like determining makeup, wardrobe, script reviews and rehearsals, yes?

    even if they were together in LA just these past few, it seems odd not to have at least a dog park or starbucks sighting or something, either alone or together. guess it can be done.

    suppose we’ll know soon. after this vs show she’ll have nothing to do but go back to ny and finish that book,right? seems to me that could be easily done from london too. phones, emails, texts couriers. they seem to have that down pat.

  182. 182
    @179 Says:

    and will everyone who actually believes that garbage please step this way for your frontal Lobotomy. that old story has gone around for years, along with the one that he had a one night stand with a girl from one of his movies, and she was less then impressed with his skills. Said he was quite selfish if I remember right. I think he is too wrapped up in himself to be too great in bed. But he surely has had enough practice so he must have picked up some moves, and what he doesn’t know I am Miranda does. Of course I am afraid they both may have picked up a few other things too, herpes, etc anyone?

  183. 183
    Jaded Says:

    @179 I’m not sure I wanted to know that, but I guess it’s too late now. :) Anyway, thx.

  184. 184
    175 & 176&177 Says:

    Fox news is referring to the HB article. That is old news.

    Funny how they also mentioned the Asia thing there so that doesn’t mean Fox is up to date on anything.

    #177: If you read the rest of the thread you would see she had gone to Morocco and if she was in LA she didn’t spend all the time with him since he was off at oscar parties…TWO nights, Not just the one night.

  185. 185
    to britgirl Says:

    is that a recent posting?
    is it possible to bring the link to the article itself? Not olove link.

  186. 186
    Britgirl Says:

    Here’s the original article link from olove that says he’s in London

  187. 187
    Canoodler Says:

    I thought he just had a bit part?

    How do I get a book deal, I also canoodle with people???

  188. 188
    hohohoh1 Says:

    So Foxnews is also questioning the relationship situation too?
    They sure are on the forefront of breaking news aren’t they? Must be those “fair and balanced “convictions of theirs that slow them down!

  189. 189
    to britgirl Says:

    thanks for the link but I didnt see that it said he is there now.

  190. 190
    Jaded Says:

    @187 Not any people, only love gods. :D

    I keep falling off the chair laughing. Bloom, the love god. ROTFLMAO

  191. 191
    Britgirl Says:

    “thanks for the link but I didnt see that it said he is there now.”

    Perhaps you should learn how to read and interpret.

    “The film’s producers have quite a task on their hands – the Café’s owners want it all back to normal for their usual footballers and young pop stars by the weekend so everything will have to be put back in a frenzy.”

    BY THE WEEKEND. As in they have to be finished BY THE WEEKEND.

  192. 192
    Canoodler Says:

    I have to agree this whole Bubbly/Gloomy ( I also enjoy those names) situation is hilarious. Who knew Gloomy was such a freaky but fickle pickle. I love the posts that are just to cause confusion.

  193. 193
    hohohoh1 Says:


    What? Where?……oi.

  194. 194
    to britgirl Says:

    Well Okay then!
    Thanks, I wasn’t arguing, I just read it fast and didn’t
    see the last bit there.

    Thanks anyway.

    I hope he has been there a while-like since last Wednesday at least

  195. 195
    Mindy Harker Says:

    He IS in London has been for about 10 days now.

    The ring is NOT Orlando’s ring!!

    I saw him in Bijous at the weekend, he was with his sister and a group of friends, so hot in the flesh, not so in the media, spent most the night stood near the group, that’s how I heard he has been there for 10 days he was eyeing all the girls up in the club, especially the blondes with their tits out.

    I was dying to ask him for a dance,managed to keep myself civil lol

  196. 196
    hohohoh1 Says:

    To BritGirl-
    I’m sorry too. Didn’t read down far enough.
    Thanks for bringing it over.

  197. 197
    waitingintheweeds Says:

    Hmmm. It seems a lot of puzzle pieces are being turned over today. Fitting together now with some others on the table too.
    We’ll see.

    Of course, we need to remember that Bloom did spend his time sneaking around and cheating and hurting another person. And it would seem he does stil go clubbing, and leering, and probably(?), although he’s apparently learned to keep it very quiet since the accident.
    But we already figured that, right?

  198. 198
    #197 Says:

    Interesting how things can change over night. Last night with pix of her at LAX everyone thought for sure they had been spending the last two weeks together.

    Now we learn he is in London and most likely there at least since the weekend if he already started on this project.

    She was in LA for the oscar weekend and didn’t go either night. Then she left for Morocco and didn’t even get back to LA until Thursday (even fitting with the HS article-not just an anon poster)

    Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

  199. 199
    rhoda Says:

    Mindy- is Bijous a good club?? I haven’t heard of it.
    Did you hear him mention Miranda or a girlfriend at all? Didnt he end up coppong off with a woman/

  200. 200
    rhoda Says:

    BTW- why should he only have a “bit part”? just because he isnt the lead doesnt mean that he wont appaer in the film a lot. He is playing the leads best pal, so he may be in it loads!

  201. 201
    tasteless Says:

    I think that anyone who ended up with him would have a serial cheater on their hands. If they are one two then they would get along fine. I doubt he has it in him to be faithful to one girl. I think he likes to sniff all the posies and then sample them too. Maybe when he is old and not so hot he will find some young thing that will love him for his money. And seeing him as a Daddy makes me laugh. I doubt he would be a very good one since it requires a person to be selfless and he seems to be a pretty selfish person.

  202. 202
    computer cooties Says:

    She is carrying a apple lap top, I wonder if Orlando got computer cooties from her. Somehow I think he is way more media savvy then he pretends to be. Texting, emails, and you gotta believe he has googled himself, I think he is a big liar when he says he doesn’t understand it at all. I bet Miranda has taught him lots of things.

  203. 203
    to 202 Says:

    I think he hasn’t said that in a while now.
    He has lied about a lot of things but maybe that
    was he didn’t know but has caught up a bit.

    I think its funny when people say he lied just because
    they see him with a blackberry. Everyone is going to
    have to catch up at some point.

  204. 204
    funny Says:

    She looks like she is lapping up the attention. She has that silly assed smile on her face, but she is trying to play it cool with the shades, but she sure isn’t tying to hide. She likes it that they are there. She wants them to ask her questions about her ******* Orlando Bloom. I want to know why someone was there taking pictures of her, it is not like she is really anyone important. And I thought stars flying first class had all that waiting in line and security stuff done away from most people. In all of the pictures of Orlando at airports I haven’t ever seen him going through security, I assumed for VIP’s they had separate stations out of the public eye, you know away from the great unwashed, of course they was she looks in these pictures she is kinda unwashed, and according to her Orlando is too.

  205. 205
    brandon davis Says:

    brandon davis was in town. Maybe she hung out a bit with him this past weekend.

  206. 206
    @201 Says:

    Yea, picturing him as a husband/father makes me cringe now.
    I doubt he realy wants a family life anyways, not the way he chooses to live-just another It Boy lie for the squeelers.
    If it does happen, I feel sorry for whatever girl (and it will be a girl-not a woman) ends up the breed cow. He won’t give up his parties or other women for anything. He won’t love her,or any of them truthfully, not wife, children, mistresses, more than he loves himself.

  207. 207
    richard Says:

    she’s ugly inside and out and who cares about all of this, she just wants attention and why to we all debate someone’s private life and if orlando didn’t appear by her name, no one would care

    labels/names aren’t everything, and in real life this girl is nothing

  208. 208
    Her boots were made for... Says:

    Damn that Jared, you guys were SO close to 1K. Oh well perhaps on this one!

    I hate the boots btw.

  209. 209
    jackson Says:

    i don’t care about this unattractive person and please show no more pictures and go support some real talent

  210. 210
    fox news Says:

    lol. Thats a funny article. Seems they are making a little jab at her too.

    Even they are like “Asia”? We all saw the pictures.

    still love to know why those Demi/Rumer pictures went to sydney and no place else.

  211. 211
    belly Says:

    she has a poochy belly, doesn’t her yoga help with that. I thought super models where supposed to have poochy bellies

  212. 212
    i understand darling,but Says:

    Richard dear-You are absolutely right darling on all points;but this is a gossip site and we will speculatetittertsktskopinionate when we are here and even though it might be a picture of her above this thread and even though all 3 of her fans try with all their little might to keep the focus it will always end up being about ORLAAANDO darling because as you’ve noted yourself she is nothing without his name attached but really what does she expect from being merely another notch on his bedpost why really she could have learned so much about the real him if she’d just paid attention to what his own fans(!) were saying about him why this whole mess could have been avoided! Don’t you agree darling?

  213. 213
    @210 Says:

    They went to OZ to make a point that MK has been spilling too much lately and it MAY not be true.

  214. 214
    jack Says:

    mur-an-duhhh? who? i know, but who cares, shes nothing inside or out

  215. 215
    so Says:

    Let me get this straight,
    1. Was she in LA during the Oscars?
    2. He was in LA for sure and not Asia right?
    3. She went to Morocco for a period of time
    4. She was only in LA for a short time early this week.
    5. Orlando was not in LA while she was this week he is in London
    6. So is there any time they have maybe spent together since he left her sobbing in NY?

  216. 216
    to 215 Says:

    That is definetly the way it appears today…but of course a wrench could be thrown in at any moment now! LOL.

    but yes, all reports did say she was in LA that weekend.

    I do wonder about our anon girl, TanTara. She was very likely right about the time Miranda got back in LA since the next morning someone posted an article saying she was coming from Morocco sometime after the 5th.
    I wonder if she is ‘in the know’ but yet still lying and (cough, cough, friend of MK’s, cough cough) doesn’t want it to appear she was in LA earlier since it doesn’t make her look good not going to any parties. It did seem she got caught in her lie and has not come back. It doesn’t make sense the telegraph would make something up two weeks in advance.

  217. 217
    so Says:

    So if she was in LA over the Oscars he left her at home two nights for sure, maybe she actually went to the parties with him and no one mentioned it since she is really pretty much a nobody at least in their eyes.

  218. 218
    to 217 Says:

    Then don’t you think the DT, The LA Times, Star Mag, Page 6… of them would have said she was there? They all made a point of saying she wasn’t and page 6 said ‘no where in sight’.

    The LA times especially was written a couple of days later in what seems to help her save face and yet they still said she didn’t go but was home sleeping.

    If she was there I doubt the rumers about the other women would have come out the way they did.

  219. 219
    MAYBE Says:

    Since she is wearing the same clothes and looks about as messy as she did when she said gb to Orlando in NY, these pictures are from her getting on a plane just after he left in NY. Just because they say they were taken in LAX doesn’t mean that they were. It seems odd that she is wearing the same exact outfit several weeks later, and that she looks as greasy and messy as she did too. Maybe since they were already at the airport in NY following Orlando around they ran into her getting on a plane.

  220. 220
    ed. Says:

    ummm what a dirty, ugly, tacky, plain, mess

  221. 221
    LIGUID Says:

    I wonder how she talked her way through security with the bottle of liguid (juice maybe) I thought it was only 4 ounces or less and it had to be in a plastic bag. You can only carry on liquids that have been purchased at the airport after you go through security. She should know that since she travels so much. I wonder if they made her throw it out or if she shook her ass and they let her keep it.

  222. 222
    wow Says:

    That zit on her chin is like a ****** stoplight. I wonder how they covered that up for her photo shoot or what ever she was doing for VS. With the greasy face she has I am not surprised

  223. 223
    rhoda Says:

    Will she mention her lover if asked at the VS party, whats the betting she will do the coy crap again… Maybe she will have that riding crop there and use it on men who play TWISTER at the parrty- god how lame these VS parties. I bet she would become a PLAYBOY bunny if she could. I wonder if Orlando does a Leo and frequents the PLAYBOY MANSION parties? Anyone>>??? lol

  224. 224
    rhoda Says:

    RE Greasy face.
    Hasn’t she heard of mineral make up? Dahhhling it is just the BEST for greasy slimy skin like yours! And it only takes a few mins to apply, please Miranda- stop subjecting us to your slimy greasy face liek this, if you are gunna be doing these set up pap pics at least do yourslef up! I KNOW you think you are all that but believe me YOU ARENT!!!

  225. 225
    Georgia Lass Says:

    Yikes! I thought the book was called “Pleasure Yourself” and it wasn’t meant for young people.

  226. 226
    jackie Says:

    no fashion, plain, ugly, desperate, very very desperate

  227. 227
    sillybilly Says:

    Yikes! Why is her face so greasy? Did Brandon Davis give her a facial too?

    *throws up in mouth*

    Ugh, I actually got a visual! Someone shoot me…please…seriously.

  228. 228
    li Says:

    Maybe that is why he likes her. His grooming habits to not appear to be too stellar, so it is nice to have a girlfriend you can hang out with, greasy faces, unwashed bodies, dirty clothers, they are a match made in heaven. Wonder if they buy lots of air scenter

  229. 229
    South beach Says:

    Well, she’s in South Beach:

    Her and that Vanessa whatsit. They strike me as quite similar.

  230. 230
    lol! Says:

    she’s with Brody and Vanesa M.??? That is sooooo very dlist its not even funny.

    No way you can tell me she wouldn’t have wanted to go to the A-list oscar parties!

    ROFL! That is bottom of the barrel for events. So so so very dlist

  231. 231
    rhoda Says:

    Ugh silly cow!
    God are these parties one bit Orgy or what?? Kind of weird IMO

  232. 232
    Brody? Says:

    Who is this Brody guy?

  233. 233
    carolina Says:

    absolute 100% not pretty

  234. 234
    VM vs MK Says:

    Am I correct that there are only two pictues of the cabbage but a ton of dlister Vanessa?
    I know she use to host an MTV show but she is getting kind of old and way of any list , dlist might even be generous at this point. But she is still more known then cabbage girl and got more press?

    Wasn’t there a rumor in fall of 2006 that Orlando had a fling with Vanessa after he hosted a trl show or something? Wouldn’t doubt it knowing what we know now. Boy gets around.

  235. 235
    anyone Says:

    Wow she is so desprete, she will show up to any d list event if the media was their. It’s funny how the press mostly took pics of Vanessa instead of her. She really isnt that famous unless her name is linked to Orlando’s. I bet she thought she would be smart to mention Orlando right befor she went to the miami event so she would get more press and be photographed more, how pathetic.

    I hope she hooks up with Brody so she will leave Orly alone. I bet he is fed up with her at this point she was just useing him.

  236. 236
    @234 Says:

    I remember hearing that rumor too, maybe her and Vannesa can compare notes.
    M do you think he is stinky
    v the trick is to hold your nose until the ****** is over and then breath deep through your mouth. That is if your lucky enough to actually get an ****** out out of him/ He fades fast
    m Yeah it gets old faking it, he gets off so fast I am barely there

  237. 237
    dlist heaven Says:

    In the US she is hardly known at all.
    But of course her friends at the dt will probably run something on
    this tomorrow or the next day.
    Last we heard from them they said they were waiting to hear
    word on if she was still with Orlando or not.
    That was a weird thing to say but maybe they found out
    and will go back to spilling the beans tomorrow.

  238. 238
    carolina Says:

    who cares about her? tacky and messy

  239. 239
    sillybilly Says:

    I’m sorry but I fail to see these “curves” some people are talking about she has. Even next to most of the other Angels she looks skinny . She looks like a prepubescent boy in that bikini!

    Maybe she’s Orli’s body double or something, that’s probably why they’re really following each other around LOL. I know I’m gonna piss some folks off but not one poster on this board can admit with a straight face that his body isn’t horrible. Just saying.

  240. 240
    bataglio Says:

    some chick out there must be insanely bitter towards this miranda whatever. to sit here and reply to all posts (@x, y, z), and rip on something so utterly irrelevant (5’7”, 5’9″, who gives a sh_it, the girl is hot, she’s a VS model, what’s a couple inches, hah!) – so obsessive and sad, lol.

  241. 241
    jAMES Says:

    bataglio, you must be a paedo to like that body!! haha paedo paedo,
    God if you are a straight normal man why dont you fancy women with breasts and curves?

  242. 242
    jAMES Says:

    I think Karolina is the hottest VS model, women are meant to look like women Bataglio, unless you are gay, have gay tendancies or paedo ones! hmm…

  243. 243
    jAMES Says:

    And by hottest I mean BODY

  244. 244
    join us Says:

    At least we can admit we are interested you on the other hand read through every post and then reply, but then try to act like you aren’t obsseive. You must want to be part of the gang. You had to read what over 200 posts to get it all, seems like you are touch obsseive yourself little one

  245. 245
    i hate miley&ashley tisdale Says:

    what is she drinking?

  246. 246
    i hate miley&ashley tisdale Says:

    what is she drinking?

  247. 247
    jAMES Says:

    No news on the VS party thus far????

  248. 248
    jAMES Says:

    I see they have taken a new VS PINK model on, an 18 year old- isnt PINK Miranda’s speciality?

  249. 249
    carolina Says:

    not a beauty no poise, body, elegance, or presence

  250. 250
    jAMES Says:

    Theres some more pics at GETTY.
    This plain jane LOVES herself. What a joke! Look at the way she poses!!

  251. 251
    bueno Says:

    Come on I dont believe this tell all didnt say anything at this party!

  252. 252
    mia Says:

    Tantara = Miranda and one of her family members/ minions.

    The kerr family is obsessed with reading what people have to say about her. HEY MIRANDA! She checks this site every few days.

  253. 253
    mia Says:

    pre: her lack of bookings.

    after her 2nd VS runway appearance at the end of last year, miranda had gained weight and was noticably fuller-faced and curvier, which was quite noticable in promo photos of her. the weight gain was because she was so happy/busy/partying/working all the time.

    she has lost out on a lot of jobs because of it, hence her current less-busy modeling schedule. when she gets stressed out her eating problems come back severely – she is currently fasting/ dieting to lose weight to get more jobs and in these photos it’s obvious she’s near-skeletal again. she is also stressed because this orlando affair has blown up in her face and she has lost a lot of people from her life due to her actions.

    it’s funny because i almost felt sorry for her but then i saw recent photos of her and she has started wearing the $US5000 yellow/orange diamond ring again. i felt sick when i noticed cos that ring *(as she proudly told me mid way through last year) was given to her by the married laywer she was having an affair with last year. yes, when she was still with jay. how can she wear it without feeling guilty?

    i have no respect or sympathy left for her.

  254. 254
    Jaded Says:

    It’s a pretty sad world if healthier looking women don’t get photographed as much as skeletons. :(

  255. 255
    For Now Says:

    Hi Mia,
    Nice to see you back. Interesting about that ring. It does seem strange that she would still wear it and not feel embaressed by it – but at least it’s not Orlando’s ring as some were starting to speculate LOL.

    Tantara being MK or someone in her camp, well that’s an idea that’s worth keeping in mind. I found her post (108) a bit ironic – “She’s aware of it all and grateful” Hehe, I doubt she’s that grateful for the JJ gossip crowd – this hasn’t exactly turned into a MK fan board.

    So, after all the recent gossip, are you still of the opinion that OB and MK have split up? Is she still claiming she dumped him? I’d love some more info here (and I’m sure I’m not the only one!)

  256. 256
    @all Says:

    ROTFLMAO this board is so damn entertaining!!! Airheads full of s**t makes for great comedy. As if you bobbleheads wouldn’t pee your pants if you were at a d-list party or looked as good as Miranda on her worst day. HaHa like any of you would sniff at the money she makes or f***in Orlando boy. Keep dreamin’ ladies and keep posting cuz the laughs are priceless.

  257. 257
    Jaded Says:

    Like someone who cannot possibly imagine anyone feeling anything but envy of Ms. MK isn’t funny enough. :P

  258. 258
    lollol Says:

    thanks Jaded! some of you thinking your in a higher moral place on JJ is even funnier!

  259. 259
    @253 +256 Says:


    So that would mean she was indeed doing Jay, the lawyer and Orlando all at the same time?
    Lovely girl. I would love to know if Orlando knows and when he knew about the lawyer, but we probably will never know that.

    @256. Glad you got some laughs. I do think MK reads here and I would even bet has posted before. I wouldn’t be surprised if the poster on the last thread “the truth”(251or so) was her or a minion.
    She sure was defensive and bitter about Rumer willis and didn’t sound like she was in on some joke! LOL
    I think she likes to say that the gossip makes her laugh but I seriously doubt it. The word gets out there and her rep is damaged for it.
    Yea, I bet she tries to brush it off that everyone who talks about what she has done is just bitter and jealous and must evny her or want Orlando. Sorry, but many people here are not Orlando fans either.
    Miranda is not liked on her own merits alone.
    Are you one of the few who will be celebrating her 25th birthday next month with her? Or is she going to celebrate her 23rd? Lying ho!

    Oh, and don’t forget, we know what Miranda looks like without the photoshoping, no one is envious of that girls looks. Dimples are only cute if you are six years old. I’m sure its much easier for her to beleive anyone who post here must be ugly or insecure but it just ani’t the case. Did you not see the pictures of her outside her apartment? THAT is what she looks like withour hours of warpaint. Or even the less harsh ones of her and Brandon Davis here on Jared. Below average if you ask me.
    If what Mia said is true maybe she is also stressed because she is about to turn 25 reaaaallll soooon and doesn’t have much to show for it in her career. VS is not the be all to end all and she hardly works for them.

  260. 260
    peekaboo Says:

    It that is a $5000 us dollars ring I am the queen of england and if you know her then Natalie Portman is my buddy buddy then. *snorts*
    You’re pathetic as much as her.

  261. 261
    wow Says:

    If it is yellow diamonds it is probably very expensive, coloured diamonds dost much more than white ones. It looks like she has the same ring on in the Blackberry pictures. I agree that just believing some anon, poster may be a stretch, but I don’t know what the cost of that ring has to do with why you want to attack her. I think you just don’t have anything better to say Miranda so you are gonna make her seem like she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Maybe you should drink some more juice and purge again. After reading your interviews, and I pretty much do believe you are as shallow and stupid and manupliating as others have said. You are your own worst enemy.

  262. 262
    orly? Says:


    So none of us would sniff at the money she makes “f***in Orlando boy”?

    Well that confirms another label we can use for her then.

  263. 263
    @260 Says:

    Sorry Peekaboo, but people who know Miranda have posted her many times.
    Lots of what they said was found to be true, even info on her brother.
    Don’t know much about this ring or if it is for sure the one Mia is referring -she didn’t say, the one is these pictures-but either way there isn’t a great look at it to be able to tell.
    I’ve seen cheaper looking s–t go for thousands on shopping channel anyway so who knows.
    Also, I remember seeing a blk ring on KB one time and thinking it was cute but nothing special. Then some tab came out with those who wore what things and had her ring there saying whoes it was and that it was like 50k or something. I was like whatever, it looks cute but not 50k worth of cute. So you never really know .

  264. 264
    WHOA! Says:

    Just over at Olove and somebody on the “An Education” thread said she knew someone at that Cafe -whatever and this person confirmed that they are shooting there but that Bloom has withdrwan from the production!!

    Yes yes, I know it is just hearsay now, but it comes from a regular poster there. If true, it will be confirmed officially i guess…..

    IF TRUE(disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer) I wonder why?
    I know I have my theory… and it seems to be a long time coming. Here’s hoping for the best.

  265. 265
    NAH Says:

    Nah #264. I’ve gotta agree with others over there. The club staff are probably just lying to avoid any of that theatre craziness from the summer. Can’t say I blame them. Some of those girls are already talking about taking their savings and going over to stalk him again.Good Lord.
    Besides, as long as he’s working it means less time for getting into karmic trouble, so to speak.

  266. 266
    peekaboo Says:

    Sorry dude but every jerks can come over here and claim whatever he wants, it’s not just a chance that we are in a place where speculation is running wild. Why on earth I should believe to an insider rather than another one?

  267. 267
    @264 Says:

    I really hope that isn’t true. If it is, then yes, I also have to wonder why and I too have a few theories about things that may have been a long time coming. Here’s hoping for the best indeed.

  268. 268
    if Says:

    Say it is true, that he pulled ot of Education? why do you think he may have done that. He seems to disappeared entirely. I have heard rumors of rehab, I have rumors that the bad pr since the accident has really taken a toll on him emotionally, maybe he is in a relationship with randy girl and wants to give it a chance, maybe he likes not having to bathe or being anywhere at a certain time. What do others thinK?

  269. 269
    6 Says:

    maybe that smart ass grin on her face means she has orly boy tucked i her luggage. He looks like the type that thinks with his **** and she may just have the experience and moves to keep him interested. It is not as though he would be with her for conversation, but then I don’t think he wants much conversation, i doubt he is very good at thinking or talking either.

  270. 270
    ta Says:

    If she does read and post here do you think she tells Orlando what they are saying. He may be getting a big education about what a lot of people think of him.

  271. 271
    dunno Says:

    dunno whats up with the film but until we get at least a little more confirmation on that one I don’t want to see the rehab rumors going wild again. I know someone started that here last time and it wasn’t true. If he signed up in the first place just so recently I doubt he would pull out for that just as fast. Doubt much has changed in the past few weeks with him.
    If he did pull out maybe its to do another movie with more potential.
    We don’t know so lets at least try to serach around a bit for more info before we start saying he is in rehab.

  272. 272
    others Says:

    Say it is true, that he pulled ot of Education? why do you think he may have done that. He seems to disappeared entirely. I have heard rumors of rehab, I have rumors that the bad pr since the accident has really taken a toll on him emotionally, maybe he is in a relationship with randy girl and wants to give it a chance, maybe he likes not having to bathe or being anywhere at a certain time. What do others thinK?

    Others think that people shouldn’t believe everything they read. Others think that to take wild jumps based on no facts means your tinhat is on a little too tight.

  273. 273
    @271 Says:

    I agree completely with you on all points.
    Calls for control.

  274. 274
    @271 Says:

    Agreed. Well said. Let’s wait for a litte more info before letting the speculations run wild.

  275. 275
    @271 Says:

    Agreed with everything but since everyone speculates wildly based on even less than this why should this be any different? Leopards don’t change their spots.

  276. 276
    @272 Says:

    You act like the poster made a defnitive statement that it was true. All they said was IF it were true what do others think might be the reason, and I didn’t see any rumors being started there, only repeating what had already been said at other times. Geez this place is all about gossip and speculation, if you want for sure facts this it not the place to come. I think the posters questions were valid and not offered in a manner that indicated that they thought it was for sure true. If you don’t like gossip this is not the place for you. Go over to Olove they don’t gossip there, they just worship.

  277. 277
    Yup Says:

    and off we go!

  278. 278
    @276 Says:

    Yes, exactly, repeating what had been said at other times and were wrong. So the point is -why assume it again so fast.

    go ahead, do what you want.
    I’m sure you will find some takers

  279. 279
    lol Says:

    you think no one repeats rumors here, oh please tell me what board you are reading, cause it ain’t the same one I am lookin at.

  280. 280
    teehee Says:

    See ‘randa. It ALWAYS ends up being about Orlando.

    Of course, to occupy our time, you could mosey over to the new KB post where she and her costars talk about her partygirl ways. Some of them at least.

    Hmm. Bozzie, Dunst, Kerr…..seems you could speculate/triangulate a few things there.

  281. 281
    6 Says:

    Hey, maybe poor Orlando has sunk so low he is gonna show up at this sad little place in Florida. I mean Ashton’s party is kind of a come down for him isn’t it?

  282. 282
    who is this? Says:

    is this Cher Coulter here with K-boz?

    I think Cher seems like a cool person and seems like a good friends to both KB and OB but for the life of me I can’t see why this woman is a stylist.

  283. 283
    check it out Says:

    OU got in some trouble cuz of somethin said on there and some people have been trouble for one of Orlando’s friends lookin for info on him and didn’t someone steal pics from family ???? now maybe he is pulling out of the movie……………..what is goin on!

  284. 284
    @283 Says:

    huh what are you talking about. What is OU? what friend say did what. I think you need to stop smokin whatever you have

  285. 285
    @282 Says:

    that is cher, lol she’s giving x17 the finger in last pic.

  286. 286
    over react much? Says:

    I read the apology at OU( Orlando Uncensored).
    Not a huge deal. Someone said something about one of Orlando’s friends and people starting bugging that guy for info.
    Not a good thing to do but how in the world does poster 283 link that to having anything to do with Orlando POSSIBLY pulling out of a movie I don’t know.

    I won’t repeat the guys name again but I have a hunch it was about the same person who has been mentioned here before as well.
    Not significant news about that person, just that people were trying to contact him for information about Orlando.

  287. 287
    hmmm Says:

    hhmmm. maybe mr.cryptic is right and bloomies legal eagles are starting to come down hard on everyone and not just paps

  288. 288
    over react much? Says:


    lol. Relax people! Man, Orlando fans are so freakin’ hasty.

    It’s not about Orlando, but a friend of his.
    The person who posted that ‘apology’ is the same person who posted on the last thread-a two mile long “i will never post here again’ post.
    Needless to say, probably a bit of over reaction.

    I think one of OB’s friends was contacted because some person info was given out, or at least an indirect way to contact him. Of course we all know how Orli fans can be so he probably got a million people wanting ‘insider’ info. Nothing law suit worthy, just annoying to the person.
    Especially if it was from one of those social sites. Its not a crime to try and contact that person unless you harass them. Its probably just that this person got tons of new best friends.

  289. 289
    ~K Says:

    I’m not here for one day and he is already in rehab…wow!!! LOL

  290. 290
    LOL Says:

    and he is roomies with Kirsten, coz they have so much to talk about. I hope they let him bring his dog, and I bet they make him take cold baths every morning. Rehab is the chic celebrity thing to do you know and he has always been one to follow the trends.

  291. 291
    interesting Says:

    I think it is funny that the only reason people are the least bit interested in her is because she is linked with Orlando. If it comes out that they are not a couple and have no intentions of being one then what is she gonna do for attention. I doubt JJ will keep posting on her if her connection with Orlando goes up in smoke. She must be panicked stricken trying to keep that whatever it is going.
    I bet she will do just about anything he wants to make sure her name keeps getting linked with his. Seems desperate to me.

  292. 292
    lol Says:

    #289- Now now. SHHHHH! We’re not allowed to use the “R” word remember? Euphemisms are apparently ok though. LOL.

    #290-LOL! Oh but don’t you know their careers are resuscitated after?

  293. 293
    sad Says:

    i am not sure if fame and fotune are worth it. If my private life was discussed to this degree and with this much detail, i would be curled into a fetal position in a closet somewhere playing with my lips and drooling. But maybe all the money and freedom they get with the whole package make it bearable.

  294. 294
    bointhehouse Says:

    Now you know why no one can find him these days… he’s in the closet!

  295. 295
    Jaded Says:

    @290, what, rehab? No, that is sooo out nowadays! Pregnancy is in though, and baby is the new accessory! Boy, I’m not so sure if I’m ready for that. :) But I guess no one will ask me. ;)

  296. 296
    ? Says:

    so you are saying he should come out of the closet, hmm interesting

  297. 297
    Jaded Says:

    @296 and it’s not the first time we’ve heard that one either. :)

  298. 298
    Hillary Says:

    imagine it, male pregnancy will be even hotter, why else would he go into hiding and drop out of a movie!

  299. 299
    funny Says:

    i would like to see him with a baby bump, and swollen ankles and a cute little waddle. I wonder whose it is, or maybe he went the artificial route, or maybe he is adopting that seems to be trendy these days.

  300. 300
    @299 Says:

    I don’t know why. He’s just gonna give birth to a Cabbage Patch Kid. Or a kilo. *runs out of thread*

  301. 301
    Jaded Says:

    No male pregnancy pls, that comes with man b00bs! I’m definitely not ready for that one! (too late, I have visualized it already, dang…)

  302. 302
    @301 Says:

    He already has man boobs. Remember those X17 pics of dinner with Leo?

  303. 303
    Jaded Says:

    Any non-skeleton guy has boobs if leaning forward. If he kept his back straight it wouldn’t look like that.

  304. 304
    bueno Says:

    OMG A glorified page 3 girl>>

    Is it just me or does she look like a man laid down? lmao

  305. 305
    sillybilly Says:

    OMG! Where the fuccc are her tits?

  306. 306
    josh Says:

    ugly girl

  307. 307
    anyone Says:

    Wow you can see her ribs, she statng to look like Orlando’s ex bones.

  308. 308
    scary Says:

    That is scary looking, and not sexy at all. Orlando has always said he wouldn’t do total nudity in a film I wonder how he feels seeing her displayed for all to see. 2003 she was just 20, sometimes descions made at that age are not always the best ones.

  309. 309
    Hi Sophie!!!! Says:

    Or do you like to be called Tantara??


    Ding Dong the witch is dead! It’s time to sing….it really really is.


    Mia, you’re amazing. Thank you. Whoohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and about the DT…yea, they were silent last week for a reason. A very good reason.

    Ooh, happy day…it was a happy day…

    awe, don’t you hate when guys say: “ifonly the circumstances were different”…”sometimes the right people come into your life at the wrong time”. It’s all code for he just isn’t into you and by ‘if the circumstances were different”…they really mean if the circumstance was that you were someone else.

    Oh, how I wonder what Orlando thought when he saw that HB article. Bet there was no more hiding behind the lies and he knew she really did play the press. Wonder how Miranda felt about those Rumer pictures going to an aussie tabloid?

  310. 310
    Wasp Says:

    #309. What is going on? They have split? Where is this news?

  311. 311
    josh Says:

    ugly unhealthy messy stupid mean not nice person

  312. 312
    silly Says:

    When people talked about Miranda and her friends posting here I thought it was a bunch of hogwash. I mean the girl is almost 25 although she doesn’t want to admit it. She has a life and why would she want to read this crap. But after reading that interview with her, I think she and her friends and enemies might post here after all. Her interview was so very high school, that I think that is where she is stuck emotionally and mentally so I can see her not being able to resist reading all her press even if it is crappy press. She seems the type that would make scrap books of every mention or picture that has every appeared about her. And mommy and daddy probably do too. I wonder if they are proud of her even though she acts like a ****. They are her parents and they ushered her into the world where there are drugs, meaninless sex and few morals other than do what you have to. to ever you have to, to get ahead. It is not a world most parents would want for their daugther I believe. It makes them believe that the only thing of value they have to offer is their body and their looks. Not a very healthy outlook on life.

  313. 313
    Wasp Says:

    BTW doesn’t Miranda look like Brendan Fraser? The resemblence is uncanny!! Urgh Orlando you have been having sex with a boy/man! lmao

  314. 314
    hey miranda Says:

    Just wondering what you will do next? You won’t get another famous boyfriend, unless you go to the level of a brody jenner. Word spreads fast. No one a-list is gonna want to take on your reputaion especially knowing how you have used people in the past.
    Oh dear, you might have to make it on your own talent. Your 25 year old talent ! Bahahahaha.

    I wonder if E online will write a headline “she USE to f Orlando Bloom”.
    You should hope so since you probably won’t get much more press than that so take what you can get girl.

    Did your parents keep that E online article in the family scrapbook with the Daily Telegraph “you are a sl++” article? They’ve got a real collection now don’t they?

  315. 315
    @312 Says:

    yes, the have posted here.

    hey sophie, sup?

  316. 316
    DRONTAL Says:

    Why is y’all going on as if they have split when I can’t find anything saying that. I doubt they have!

  317. 317
    DRONTAL Says:

    Girls- girls-girls-
    If you are thinking they have split because of people saying it because they “know” her then be careful… It may backfire, I’m not saying you are wrong, because hellfire they MAY have split, I’m just saying caution ladies- if more pics/quotes come out you will look fools falling for “insider” stories hook, line and sinker.

    I want them to split as I cannot stand her squidgy face around him! But I don’t want to be premature.

  318. 318
    irish lassie Says:

    #309 couldnt agree more!! ;) ;) ;)

  319. 319
    bataglio Says:

    @241 – yes, big t-its turn me off, too cow-like. whatever in the he-ll made you think i’m a guy… so quick to jump to conclusions

    @the ‘join us’ genius – one doesnt need to READ, merely paging down reveals your obsession w/this chick, your insecurities vis-a-vis her, and the fact that you very likely know her somewhat well but know you will never shine as brightly as her. just so amusing to see a no-name like kerr garner this number of posts solely due to a hater, such a reverse effect. lilo’s only got 15 or so posts, kerr is obviously hotter than lilo, wow! good thing you’ll run out of aliases w/your limited processing power, otherwise miranda would be on par with brangelina’s posts, and that’s no mean feat on jj…

  320. 320
    @319 Says:

    lol. if you didnt read them how would you know they weren’t post all in her favor? Duh!

  321. 321
    @319 Says:

    And you call others venomus. You seem to have a touch of the snake in you my dear. I can think and reason and act my age instead of like someone permantly stuck in the role of high school mean girl. I think an advanced degree from a good college may make for a longer career arc than hers will be. And as far as looks go, I would match mine against hers anyday. The thing is that is not all there is to me, I can also add, subtract and put more than two sentences without giggling like a 16 year old. In 2 years or less people will be saying Miranda who, but I will have the makings of a life long career that depends on brains and not using my body as a sex object. I am feeling pretty good about that.

  322. 322
    irish lassie Says:

    It makes perfect sense to me why a lot of girls seem to like her- they arent threatened by her non curves and average looks.
    If she was blonde, drop dead gorgeous and had a “usual” curvy figure with breasts, I think they would be singing a different tune..
    As for feeling jealous of her, why should I? Her face is a bit yuk,her body is nothing special, I look great in a bikini and my underwear as Ive often been told.
    I wasmore jealous of Kate Bosworth’s face, at least she has a classic beauty look and really good bone structure!

  323. 323
    eric Says:


  324. 324
    Take it to the bridge Says:


  325. 325
    abc is as easy as 123 Says:

    You lot are pathetic, she’s absolutely gorgeous and any body saying other wise is dong so out of jealousy because i bet she pisses all over you lot in every department and that obviously must grate on you like hell haha PATHETIC

  326. 326
    errrrrrrrrrm Says:

    I can’t believe that people actually go out of their way to log on to this site in order to just ***** about people they’ve never met before. You can say what you like about Miranda but i bet she would never be sad enough to stoop so low. I hear there’s a LIFE on sale on ebay maybe some of you should pop along and put in a bid if you catch my drift

  327. 327
    deeply Dibbly Says:

    I love her, she’s as HOT AS HELL

  328. 328
    Jaded Says:

    OH, the PR section logged in. :)

  329. 329
    ~k Says:

    Seems we are all talked out concerning this topic. *shrugs* Just the usual “She is hot”, “No she’s not”, “yes, she is”, “Go, get a life…” etc. She is boring when she is not with OB.

  330. 330
    8675309 Says:

    You assume all have not met her?
    That isn’t the case.

  331. 331
    mariah Says:

    She’s sweet and has great personality.Considering Orly, they are beautiful together.

  332. 332
    @325 Says:

    love love love your response. anyone who doesn’t think the cabbage is pretty is a fat jealous hater? you keep telling yourself that honey, I’m sure it makes you feel better.
    let me be specific for you. the dimples look like dents. her face is greasy. her boobs are flat, her face looks squished,she has no real stand out features, her nose has a weird point, her lips are not full-especially on top. she does not have the making of a great model.
    yes, she did some underwear work, (pushup bras are great)but she will never be a classic.
    in fact, the clock is ticking…tick tock, tick tock….it’s almost her 25th birthday. time to celebrate the end of her career.

    and to the person that said randa would never ‘stoop so low’ to post on a board about people she didn’t know, your really the best comedian of them all. she has done worse many times.
    i also would consider long term cheating(with more then one person possibly) on a boyfriend who gave the world for her a lot worse.

    but please keep us laughing anyway.

  333. 333
    @328 Says:

    That is funny, it is odd how all the good stuff comes in clumps, makes me wonder if she is doing it. Look at the times, sounds like she and her friends have an coordinated effort going on. Maybe if she gets enough people to log and praise her she can tell herself that the rest are crazy jealous haters. That way she can pretend she is still the super model on the cusp of a huge career with the Hollywood hottie on her arm.

  334. 334
    hmmmm Says:

    This is interesting ml?in_article_id=533669&in_page_id=1794

    How does he get out of a contract at the last minute like this. And maybe he did make a flying trip to Asia around the Oscar’s time or right after, and Miranda thought she could use it as an excuse. Or maybe he really was in Asia and those pictures that were so oddly put out by Demi were to make everyone think he was in the States. They could have staged those pictures anytime. Some people thought the pic with him and Jen at the before Oscar party looked odd. I can’t believe he would turn down a role in a great British film to do Kung Fu, maybe he thinks the stuff he did as Legolas is what made him popular so he is gonna go back and do some more of it. Reclaming glory. I think for him it is all about the money, and they love him in Asia so they probably were willing to pay him a lot more than the British indi film wanted to, especially since his was a supporting role.

  335. 335
    wow Says:

    When it shows up on MSNBC it kind of makes you wonder

    I am beginning to think maybe the stinky story wasn’t a plant after all, and didn’t his old girlfriend complain that he wasn’t the cleanest person in the world

  336. 336
    @334 Says:

    the oscars pics had P-diddy and CD and Rumer..all in the same clothes from oscar night. Doubt they were going that far for the silly joke.

    Also, there were several reports of people seeing him there-not just one or even two,

    there was also the blog sighting from the night before of someone who is a friend of an olove member so she wouldnt lie.

    btw: I think you are the same person who started that rehab rumor here and possibily the other fansite you frequent. You always jump to the wildest conclusions with no evidence at all. At least try and think it through a bit. Speculation is one thing but dauym, you take the cake. Think first.

    If he went to asia again, it might have even been after the oscars, its been a few weeks almost or perhaps a day or two before.

  337. 337
    @334 Says:

    also, he was seen in LA with real picture proof just a day or two after the oscars so no need to assume he had to go to Asia oscar weekend and pictures were doctored just because you read something that suggest he might be in a movie.

    the picture with him and JA was in Variety. They are not a sleaze rag that doctors pictures and what would be a motive for them to say he was at some night before party? Gee wiz, calm down. Or give Carmen a call.

  338. 338
    Jaded Says:

    I think I’ll wait for confirmation for more reliable sources about his pull out from this movie. I like to get news from different places before I give them credit. Might just be me.

    @335 – too bad Heath Ledger died, they used to include him in these lists too. Now it would be tasteless. And Keanu was a favourite to be mentioned in articles like this. Even Brad Pitt in his younger years. Remember? Guess it doesn’t mean a thing. And even if it would, how many of us would be close to these guys on a daily basis to smell them? So as long as they do a good job, I just don’t give a damn.

  339. 339
    @335 Says:

    Why does that mean it couldn’t have been a plant by randa or her people?
    That article just means they are all picking up on the old story. Just like how fox news just ran yesterday something about the HB story. They are just late to the game with the stuff that has been floating out there for a while.
    MSM gossip is not much better then any other gossip blog.

  340. 340
    @336 Says:

    for someone who doesn’t like to jump to conclusions you sure jumped to a lot of them here. I have no knowledge about him other that what I read, so how would I know anything about rehab, so WRONG, I didn’t start any rumors. I gossip and speculate based on what is published like every one else does. And cue the werid twilight zone music, now you have knowledge of what sites I visit. Spooky, and again WRONG. And do you believe the aliens actually landed at Roswell too?
    Tell me what site am i supposed to be hanging out at, maybe I am missing some good stuff out there?

  341. 341
    @336 Says:

    I think the poster was just commenting that since he was gonna be invloved with this movie, and Miranda’s people put out a message that the reason she didn’t go to any oscar parties is because he was in Asia, that maybe he really was in Asia, if not on Oscar nite maybe some time round then. that sounds like it could happen

  342. 342
    pnk Says:

    He might have gone again but I doubt he would be concerned about photoshopping pictures to make it seem he was in LA.
    What about this is that serious that he would need to do that?
    But yeah, he might even have lied to her and then came back early and went to the oscars. If so then he would know she does talk to the press for sure.

  343. 343
    Booyaks Says:

    My guess is that in NY the HB info came out as she did not look happy when he left. Granted it could have also been b/c the paps were there or she was just sad he was leaving. Who knows… just my thought.

    I hope his next role is astounding and helps resurrects him. The UNO commercial was hot but a play off his carefully constructed image, which is now in question. He is a hot commodity but whats underneath is less and less appealing.

  344. 344
    @334 Says:

    I thought in NY she loooked kinda desperate. Like she had followed him to the car even when he didn’t want her too, hoping he would relent and they could work out something. Like that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when your boyfriend and you have had a fight and he has to go and you want it resolved before he does. He didn’t even hardly look at her or speak to her and she was standing there looking like her dog had died.

  345. 345
    lol Says:

    I thought people who visited his other fan boards didn’t come here to hang out with the crazies. seems I was wrong. Wonder why those who have sainted him would show up here to read all this crap about he and his chicklet.

  346. 346
    hmmmm Says:

    Hmmm. The DM site about the possible new movie says the article is no longer available. I didn’t get to read it;what did it say specifically?
    I’d be disappointed if he backed out of the Indie to do this. I think he needs to repair his reputation and mend some bridges in the UK and its industry. I thought taking the “An Education” role kind of signaled he was willing to come back and be a team player so to speak.
    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  347. 347
    hmmmm Says:

    Should have added: plus, I think the ‘education” movie itself sounds interesting.
    I really don’t want to see him attempt another action hero/star role. Enough already!

  348. 348
    dm post-to 347 Says:

    This was on imdb. I think its a cut and paste of the dm post

    Orlando Bloom gives his bit-part the chop
    Not sure if this is true or not but Daily Mail reports that Orlando has given up his role in An Education to star in Johnny To’s movie The Red Circle. The rumour about this Hong Kong kung-fu flick has been around for quite some time but there hasn’t been any confirmation or official press release about it and Angie wrote to the Event manager of the Cafe de Paris and was told that Orlando has pulled out of An Education production.

    Orlando Bloom is doing full on martial arts training for a Hong Kong kung-fu movie. It means Bloom has had to drop out of the small role he was going to take in An Education, which has just started production, with Carey Mulligan playing a teenager in Sixties London who comes under the spell of a charismatic – and totally unsuitable – older man played by Peter Sarsgaard, who introduces the girl to a high-living lifestyle. Bloom was to have played a friend of Sarsgaard’s character. Instead, the fastrising Dominic Cooper will play Bloom’s role.
    Mr Cooper will be seen this year in the screen version of the hit musical Mamma Mia! (still in the West End), and opposite Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes and Hayley Atwell in The Duchess. Meanwhile, Bloom is limbering up and getting fit to be in Johnny To’s movie The Red Circle, which will film in Hong Kong. By the way, An Education is based on a memoir Lynn Barber wrote for Granta – it was adapted for the movies by Nick Hornby.

  349. 349
    link Says:

    linked worked for me

  350. 350
    Jaded Says:

    Some fans are hyperactive; they have already added this to his Wikipedia entry:

    In 2008 he signed on to play a small role in the British film An Education[16] but dropped out to take the lead in Johnny To’s film Red Circle[2].

  351. 351
    ~K Says:

    @ DailyMail: What kind of stupid picture is that? I’m waiting what will happen next. Either way he is doing a movie although I have to admit that “An Education” might be the better choice.

  352. 352
    hmmmm Says:

    Thank you both #348 and #349.
    This Daily Mail seems to speak with authority, but is it a reputable source? I don’t live in the UK and don’t know. If not, it seems odd that they are the first to have this news. I now get the feeling this might be true.

    The Red Circle is the movie we saw him in Hong Kong for this past Fall? Hmm. What I remember reading about it did not make it seem like a kung fu movie. More dark and cynical, where you don’t really like any of the characters but still want to see how it ends nontheless.
    But who knows what they’ll do to it to market the movie-and Bloom.
    Sad to see him turn his back on a quality indie-and the UK-again.

  353. 353
    Lean mean machine Says:

    At least with this new movie, he’ll lose the man boobs and get back to a lean mean fighting machine! Damn-yum Kingdom of Heaven yum-yum!

  354. 354
    wow Says:

    Well this is turning into a day isn’t it?
    On the one hand, we seem to have/maybe/pretty sure/think we can start breathing agian reason to warmup our joyful voices, but then he turns right around and goes back to making questionable choices.

    Hope this doesn’t hurt his rep anymore. After all, production had already begun, and Indies don’t have the wiggle room to accomodate for such things like a big Hollywood production would.

    Hate to see him choose a bigger, splashier, slicker,bigger paycheck
    project over a smaller high quality show-what-you-can-do piece. Wonder if there is a Team Hollywood vs. Team UK tug of war here?

  355. 355
    Jaded Says:

    Easy! It’s not sure yet. He was in HK months BEFORE he got the role for An Education, so his people must have been aware that he will have to work in HK. Which means the makers of AE were probably informed too. There must be ways of organizing schedules. These people are doing movies for living, you know.

  356. 356
    @355 Says:

    If there is a tug of war, its clear what side he’s chosen. Has been for some time now, considering so many of his choices.
    Money and fame, money and fame.

    So, who’s to lay money that “An Education” will make it to the Baftas and Oscars, and the other will just be another Orlando Bloom trying to be a Leading Man movie?

  357. 357
    @355 Says:

    He met with the Director last fall. Sounds like he signed for the movie just recently.
    Which might mean he WAS in HK that week before the Oscars;which might mean the DT was correct in reporting what they’d been told….
    except he certainly made it back in time to party-alone-didn’t he?
    Hee. Whoever said this was like a puzzle coming together was right.

  358. 358
    @357 Says:

    You mean he certainly SNUCK back in time to party alone. Why yes he did.

  359. 359
    Jaded Says:

    Not all tiles match and they have to be hammered to place, and the picture makes no sense, but yes, it’s coming together, congrats.
    ~K, I miss you!

  360. 360
    @356 Says:

    So, who’s to lay money that “An Education” will make it to the Baftas and Oscars, and the other will just be another Orlando Bloom trying to be a Leading Man movie?

    It would be poetic justice for that to happen. I think he likes to hear about how wonderful he is, and when you weigh being the lead in a movie shooting in Asia, where they practiacally have given him godlike status, with more than likely a huge paycheck, against a smaller part in Britian where he is kind of a laughing stock and with a small paycheck I don’t think he has the maturity to understand which one is better in the long run. If he had thought of the long run, he wouldn’t have made some of the stupid career and personal choices he has. I also think he has this huge expensive company who reps him and they want their cut. Didn’t he say they didn’t want him to do that play last summer. What do you think their % was of it, compared to some mindless blockbuster type they probably wanted him to do. I think he made a good choice then, and if he had followed it up with responsible behavior, instead of acting like a teenager on spring break he could have used it to build a solid reputation. Looks like the teenager side has won.

  361. 361
    @358 Says:

    lol. I had wondered that as well.
    When the dt first hit with that article someone suggested
    that he might have lied to her and told her he was going to be
    in Asia longer then he was.
    Some guys just aren’t good at breakups! LOL

    Maybe she told that to the dt before she saw all the reports from the oscars and the Rumer Rumors.

    Then we get the stink bit. Then after that pictures to aussie tabloids.

    Of course, that’s if he even went that week.

  362. 362
    @358 Says:

    as already mentioned in this thread earlier, it is very likely that someone did speak with the dt at some point about that article
    since they knew early that she did not go to any parties. All reports weren’t out yet and that was before people were mentioning all the people he was suppose to have flirted with, so how did they know she wasn’t there unless they were told.

  363. 363
    vf Says:

    It is funny that the blurb on Kate Bosworth that appears when you search Orlando has 16 comments. She is much better known then ththis Miranda girl, yet because she isn’t datin the bloomer anymore it is all about the funny lookin girl. She has to want to hang on to him, she has never got more attention in her life. Seems people are interested in who he is *******, just like E says.

  364. 364
    asia revisited Says:

    ahhh, so if he did tell her he was in Asia and she told the dt that as late as Monday/Sunday before all the news about his flirting came out-that must mean not only was she in LA but she didn’t stay with him either.That would be hysterical if she only found out he was in town when she saw it in the gossip columns.

    Very interesting. That’s a motive for telling someone they can’t stay with you, tell them you will be out of town that weekend.

  365. 365
    confirmation Says:

    …will be coming soon.

  366. 366
    FOR THE RECORD!! Says:

    Miranda is one of my closest friends!

    You stupid children are just jealous that she had been dating Orlando! How immature.

    Miranda is beautiful both inside and out, you all don’t know her, she is so much fun and cares for children and animals, she is not this brute you think she is. I know she works hard for where she is and what she gets out of it- she deserves everything.

    Men are drawn to her like Moths to flames, she can’t help what she has been given, Orlando was just one of those men, she didn’t have any affair, Orlando was after her for months, kept calling her but she kept saying no, it was only after she split with Jay, and agreed to meet orlando in October that they got together over the next few weeks. He was enamored of her!! Face it lots of men are! He was just lucky!

    I’m just coming here to stick up for my wonderful friend who all you are doing a great injustice to!

    Now please, just leave her alone and get your own lives!!!

  367. 367
    sure honey Says:


    Right, they just ran into each other at the hotel in April having only met once before in December of 2006.

    Then of course she didn’t stay in touch with him over the summer when he was in London but they just became gf/bf immediately after she broke off with Jay. How does that happen if they didn’t have the chance to get to know each other?

    And what about all those meeting getting in the aussie press, her favorite rag no less, everytime they met. They made the oz press before the new york press. funny how that happened.

  368. 368
    sure honey Says:

    Oh and please tell me why the youtube video of Miranda in June of last year-when she was still with Jay- had Orlando’s name attached to it if she wasn’t using him at that time. If they weren’t having a thing no one else would know to put his name there.
    It is a Miranda photo video and it has Orlando Bloom in the tags.
    Can’t say someone wasn’t trying to get press off his name as early as then.

  369. 369
    irish lassie Says:

    FOR THE RECORD… some people arent jelus that she dated Orlando, far from it! Orlando is a scabby hoss of a man who has had about 60 sexual partners, i do have my standards! Aslo her looks? Do me a favour! She has NOTHING I want, I have a good body myself because i work hard for it, I have been compared lookswise to a young Elizabeth Taylor(not being vain here either just saying what Ive been told a lot) , so no I’m not jealous of her looks either , her fame? Nah wouldnr ever wanna be famous, its awful! Her money? Nah seem to be well off myself thanks, can afford most of what I want. So whats left??
    You forget “Mirandas friend/miranda” that people who post here say they know you/Miranda, so shouldnt they also know if they are being staright which I KNOW some have been? And they dont sing her praises!!
    She didnt cheat? I disagree.

  370. 370
    irish lassie Says:

    Oh and I am sure they prob had an affair since DEC 2006 when they met at the VS show in LA

  371. 371
    @366 Says:

    Yes there is a lot of obvious hate and jealousy around here and it has become a bit immature and over the top. Most people posting here don’t know Miranda and don’t really have much to base their opinions on (apart from tabloid rumors and anonymous posters who claim to have insider information; much as yourself actually).
    I’m sure Miranda is a nice and decent person who probably makes some mistakes like most other people but that doesn’t make her the biggest ***** in history. I hope she isn’t too bothered about what’s being said here. The good news is that the moment she stops dating Orlando the hateful remarks will stop… Look at the latest couple of Kate B threads on here, they got almost no comments. A year ago those would have been full of the mean speculation and hate now being displayed here. Funny anough, at that time all posters claimed that they simply disliked KB for her and it had nothing to do with her being Orlando’s GF, just as they say with Miranda, and yet, their dislike has somehow vanished to such a point that they no longer feel compelled to comment on the Kate boards/JJ threads.

  372. 372
    irish lassie Says:

    Part 3- do forgeive me lol

    Also how on earth then did Orli boy get her phone number from her?She must have given him it- but why do that if she knew he fancied her yet loved Jay and “didnt want to know orli?” no she gave him it because she wanted him to call obviously!!!
    Maybe they met before the VS party, after all how did they become “close friends” so fast?
    Also sweet Miranda also cheated twice before Orli baybee….

  373. 373
    @366 Says:

    we’ve seen the pictures of her dancing on the tables drunk and hanging over several men in one night. Please don’t insult us with the sweet innocent girl histroy rewrite.
    So was Stephen Dorff just so crazy about her too that her pres agent had to tell the paper about it?

    How did Orlando get her number if she didn’t want him calling her all the time? Hard to believe he was harrassing the poor girl if she was begging him to stop interferring with her relationship with Jay. Bad Bad Orlando.

  374. 374
    @366 Says:

    She reads this stuff? Do you realize how much of an ego she must have that she would deliberatly come to a place to read gossip about herself. If she was secure in how wonderful she was, and secure in her relationship with Orlando, if there is one, she wouldn’t give a darn about what a bunch of people on a gossip blog think. The fact that she follows it tells me she loves attention and news about herself so much that she can’t resist reading it all. She acts like a teenager, with the stunt about her cell phone, she is a 25 year old woman who has been modeling for over 10 years, has traveled, and yet she is so desperate that she has to make sure to let everyone know who she is ********, and then she gets upset because some people think her behaviour is crass. She leaves a two year relationship that she said was so important to her, to then hop in bed with a man who wanted her to cheat on her old boyfriend, and she did this less than a month after they broke up. She sure got over this love of her life quickly didn’t she, And whay would she want to be with Orlando if he is the kind of guy who goes after a woman who is taken? It doesn’t speak well of his character that he doesn’t respect that she was in a committed relationship, and that he was willing and eager for them to cheat on her boyfriend. This is who she considers a honorable good man. Of course that is I accept your premise that they weren’t cheating and didn’t start ******* until the day after she dumped they guy she loved for two years. Which I don’t, I think she was looking for a big name to attach her star too, and she was willing and eager to hook him from the moment he expressed any interest in her. I think she started cheating with him almost immediatly and did it behind her boyfriend’s back because she didn’t want to let go a sure thing until she thought she had Orlando hooked. If he is so enamored of her, why did he leave her crying in NY, why didn’t he take her to any Oscar parties, why was he pawing another woman in LA after they hooked up in October If that is enamoured he sure has a funny way of showing it.
    You don’t make sense lady.

  375. 375
    comedy hour Says:

    thanks for the laughs tonight, really. The cable is on the brink so you’re really providing a service with the creative writing.

    but back to reality for a minute

    But did he really know her? Of course he might have thought he liked her if she is coming across like the angel she pretends to be.
    He didn’t know yet about how she had the press on speed dial or
    the other things. That came later, like the second Jay was out of the picture.
    Its easy to be sweet and charming when its all a few hook ups here and there. Its another when you actually get to know the person.

    So do I have this right? Orlando was knocking her door down but she just wouldn’t leave Jay but then just gave him a call once they broke up? Where does the lawyer fit in there?

    I wonder if she is thinking she wants to tell her story but I hope she is smart enough to know the truth will really come out if she goes to the papers again. Not many people look at those pictures from April and think nothing was going on there.

    I bet guys were drawn to her like a moth to a flame. They know the girls that put out.

    If Orlando was soo enamored by her, why did he treat her so bad especially from Christmas time on? Could it have been that from Oct-Dec is the time he actually really got to know the real her and he was done!!

    Is she still keeping the buddhist religion or is she done with that too?

  376. 376
    So Their Done? Says:

    The argument that the people here don’t like Miranda because they are jealous she dated Orlando doesn’t make much sense to me considering Orlando is getting just as much hate. People don’t seem to like anything he’s doing these days including the Victoria Secret model.

    #366 speaks of the Orlando/Miranda relationship as in the past tense, I figured it was over although I doubt it was ever a relationship. I think Orlando wanted some a$$ and Miranda wanted some publicity. She happily used his name over the past couple of months and he probably happily got laid for it. Welcome to the world of showbiz kids where loose morals run wild.

  377. 377
    So Their Done? Says:

    “Is she still keeping the buddhist religion or is she done with that too?”


    BTW, how are all these “insiders” finding this old thread?

  378. 378
    just saying Says:

  379. 379
    hm Says:

    how many of them did she do that night? Maybe she had a fivesome, She looks drunk of stoned and she was really working it for the camera. This is the beautiful inside and out Miranda that loves children and animals. Looks like she loves other things. She doesn’t look to beautiful in these picturs.

  380. 380
    anyone Says:

    She is disgusting and thithy hag who sucks the life out of the men she is with at the moment. She is a vile creture who needs to return to the whole in whigh she came from. Im getting so sick of her greasy cabbage patch face. It is horriable that she thinks she is a good role model for young girls. Maybe in her book she can teach you how to cheat and use men for money and fame. Pose around in your underwaer to get what you want and stave yourself on juice fasting to lose weight becuase you shouldnt be happy with yourself. Oh yeah I forgot lie about your religon to impress people so they think you are a good person.

  381. 381
    also saying Says:

  382. 382
    ~K Says:

    @#366: True, we don’t know her. But also true is the fact that your “wonderful friend” has done nothing against her destroyed rep yet. Even worse: The very moment you think “That’s it! She can’t milk that story any longer!” an interview in the HB comes out that has absolutely nothing interesting to say about her in persona but everything about panties, “I wanted to be a nun” (yeah, sure! *rolls eyes*) and tacky whipping-games with bloomie. Even if he is just a friend,…or not?…”it’s just a phone” *giggle* PLEASE, how immature and silly is that? So far, Ms Randa hasn’t shown any quality that enriches somebody’s life.

  383. 383
    ~K Says:

    PS: @Jaded: Been missing you too! ;-)

  384. 384
    Jaded Says:

    @366, you said “she had been dating Orlando”. Thank you so much for using Past Perfect Continuous tense, all the really jealous fangirls of his are relieved. They’ve been waiting for this for, like, an eternity! ;) The posters on this thread? Not so much. The majority dislike Orlando. But thanks again. Do post some more!

  385. 385
    Birthday Fun Says:

    Not a fan of Miranda but to those criticizing the pics of her dancing and getting wild on her birthday, there’s nothing wrong with doing a little bit of that. She was only what 21? What’s wrong with having a wild fun night on special occasions? None of you have ever done that on a special occasion? It’s not like you see her doing it all the time.

  386. 386
    New post Says:

    New Miranda Post. At the rate they are appearing we’ll never reach 1,000 comments on any of them.

  387. 387
    Jaded Says:

    Thanks @386, I almost missed it.

  388. 388
    @385 Says:

    It was 2006, she turned 23.-not 21.

    You sound like a friend who is in on the lie.

  389. 389
    @388 Says:

    23, 21 as long as she isn’t a mother out dancing on table tops getting drunk. She was celebrating her birthday. The reason I am defending that is because I’ve done it and a lot of my friends have and it doesn’t make us ****** or bad people. It’s just fun on a special occasion. As long as you don’t make it a habit I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  390. 390
    Gabrielle Says:

    she is gorgeous. i met her in person this past week at the VS Pink party in Miami Beach. and she IS tall. so, for all of you who are claiming that she is 5’7″…she’s not. i’m 5’7″ and she was barefoot and standing next to me. she was atleast 2 inches taller.

  391. 391
    @ haters Says:

    Not like she was MARRIED to that Jay guy, big freaking deal. She’s young and hot. It’s hard to keep your head on straight when the world is being handed to you on a platter, you’re 21, and men are all over your feet. You losers have no clue what any of that’s like. Sh_it ladies, some guy holds the door open for you and it makes your day. “Wow, some guy paid attention to me!”, LOL.

  392. 392
    @391 Says:

    lol. She was 23 not 21. Is she lying to you about her age also?

  393. 393
    @ haters Says:

    LOL, you must be told you miss the point often!! WTF is that like, wandering around with a mini-brain?

  394. 394
    @393 Says:

    married or not she was in a committed relationship. Someone was lied to and cheated on. Is that what she is telling herself to help justify it, that she wasn’t married yet? It says alot about her character but I am sure she will keep lying to herself instead of taking a long hard look in the mirror and facing what she did and why she is in the position she is in.
    Besides, it wasn’t just with Orlando, she cheated with others as well.

  395. 395


  396. 396
    matt Says:

    you people on ur computers are just jeoulous cause U are allfat *****, miranda is beautiful, you ***** are probably all fat ***** with no lives, so ******* go get one…. ******* *****

  397. 397
    Baby Says:

    i lovvve miranda repin us Aussie gals!!! <3
    she is gawjus and lucy do you have anything better to do than tell us how ugly you rekon she is wen most ppl no its not true wat u say were u chosen to be a vs model exactaly they didnt choose her because she was apparetly according to you ugly!!?? ur probably some ugly really jealouse girl who sits on there computer looking at other girls and sayin there ugly even if she were ugly she has inner beauty that u will neva have!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
    her and orlando are great togetha!!!!!!
    goooooo miranda woooooooohhhhh keep up tha great work gal HOPE TO SEE U IN AUS SOON!!!!!!!!!

  398. 398
    a5 Says:

    you are all so negative! perhaps some jealousy? she is a beautiful, spiritual and wonderfully down to earth woman. I applaud her success and wish her all the happiness….perhaps you could all benefit by embracing some kindness and compassion in your lives.

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