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Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr (sans boyfriend Orlando Bloom) departs from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

Kerr, 24, recently landed the UK cover for Harper’s Bazaar. During her interview, the Harper’s reporter noticed the photo background on her BlackBerry showed her and Orlando kissing—and not in a “just friends” sort of way.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a phone,” she insisted. “That’s always my problem. I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s LAX lift-off…

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miranda kerr lax airport 01
miranda kerr lax airport 02
miranda kerr lax airport 03
miranda kerr lax airport 04
miranda kerr lax airport 05
miranda kerr lax airport 06
miranda kerr lax airport 07
miranda kerr lax airport 08
miranda kerr lax airport 09
miranda kerr lax airport 10
miranda kerr lax airport 11
miranda kerr lax airport 12
miranda kerr lax airport 13
miranda kerr lax airport 14
miranda kerr lax airport 15
miranda kerr lax airport 16
miranda kerr lax airport 17
miranda kerr lax airport 18
miranda kerr lax airport 19
miranda kerr lax airport 20
miranda kerr lax airport 21
miranda kerr lax airport 22
miranda kerr lax airport 23

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  • eh

    She was in LA for a photoshoot with Delta Goodrem…

  • @51

    when was that shoot. Oscar weekend or this week?

  • Dolly

    “She was in LA for a photoshoot with Delta Goodrem…”

    She supposedly did that photoshoot on the Feb 25th two weeks ago. Why is she just now leaving? Probably because she was hanging with her new bed buddy and claim to new found fame Orlando Bloom who I now find as tacky as her.

  • @51

    February 26, 2008 11:00pm

    OVEREXPOSED singer Delta Goodrem has joined photogenic forces with Queensland model Miranda Kerr.

    Delta, who just lost her record deal in the US, and Miranda hooked up yesterday in an LA studio for a photo shoot for a major magazine.
    Delta has been in LA for a short while and was joined at the weekend by her fiance, Brian McFadden.

    He was only there for a few days before he headed back to Australia on Monday for media commitments to promote his latest musical venture.

    The former Westlife singer had just come off supporting the Backstreet Boys in a Boytown meet Boytown experience.

    As for Miranda, there was no Oscar’s party.

    Her beau, Orlando Bloom, instead was in Asia on work-related business, leaving Miranda to fend for herself on Oscars night.

    The two have struck up a romance that is now becoming very public.

    They were snapped canoodling in a London street and were spotted having a romantic dinner together in New York on Valentine’s Day.

    But Miranda is not the only one fending for herself without her partner.

    Delta was also spied having dinner in a West Hollywood hotel on Sunset Boulevard – without Brian.,23739,23283083-5012980,00.html

  • Beauty

    Even dressed down, with very little make-up, this girl is gorgeous. Beautiful body, too.
    She’s my favorite Angel.
    Orlando’s a lucky dog.

  • @47

    how sad if that is what he tells her. You can’t go to a party because I have to pretend to be private. But yet they went to a holiday party in December. Why the backtracking?

    I agree though, he is as tacky and low as she is.
    They will both become a laughing stock together.

    oh, and who said her career is taking off? lol. She has no contracts besides vs who hardly uses her. She is 25!!
    Please do tell what movie buddha boy is about to sign.

  • Lovelace

    SHE HAS A HUGE PIMPLE ON HER CHIN. I was coming here to say how hot Vicky Secret models are but that pimple turned me off.

  • ed

    yeah, she would come in handy if i wanted to cook a fried egg on her face. orlando u lucky dog!

  • @49

    no one said she was pretty like Kate Moss. Just not tall
    She always has on 4 inch heels.

    if you refuse to acknowledge the lenght of her legs in those pictures with no shoes I can’t help you.

  • rhoda

    lmao ed
    why does she have the EXACT same clothes on from the last time they were togethet in ny????

  • rhoda

    lmao ed
    why does she have the EXACT same clothes on from the last time they were togethet in ny????

  • @ me

    i love u

  • caREER?

    how do you figure her career is taking off?
    She has been at it for 10 years and now she isn’t hardly
    working. Please explain yourself.

  • rhoda

    orlando just likes her for her bedroom skills when u have been at it since 14, well thats a lot.

  • ed

    @rhoda – cos shes a scruffy bint who dresses like a gay sailor. u shud be at the docks dear, not the airport!

  • @59

    “no one said she was pretty like Kate Moss. Just not tall
    She always has on 4 inch heels.
    if you refuse to acknowledge the lenght of her legs in those pictures with no shoes I can’t help you.”

    I’ll acknowledge that NO ONE can tell the length of someone’s legs in a picture, if you acknowledge that there is NO WAY a model can do runway at 5’7″, UNLESS you’re on the level of (not talking about looks here) Kate Moss.
    You are looking at a picture with no reference points. I am looking at the fact that a 5’7″ model could not do runway unless she was a household name (like Kate).
    Does that help you?

  • rhoda

    she is… she is orlandos private hooker, so yeah shes kind of docks.

  • rhoda

    her lips are like a fellas!!!

  • not in ny

    All the write-ups that came to her defense after the oscars placed her in LA. It would have been so easy for one of them to say she was in NY for a shoot and it would have made a world of difference.

    The LA times, Page 6, Star Mag, DT and their affiliates, none of them mentioned being in NY. All references to the shoot were in LA.

    try again.

  • rhoda

    maybe he likes fellas lips round his withered deak

  • @66

    dude, it’s called SCALE. Does that help YOU!

    I can tell by the pictures -she is not 5’9″
    the same way if you showed me a picture of Cruz Becham I would be able to tell you he is not 5’9″ either.

  • rhoda

    lol @71
    i find your bluntness rather refreshing! lol

  • ed

    she has one hell of a fat ass. lose some pounds girl!! chubby bitch!

  • riki

    #69, you follow this too closely. you need a life. and those write ups can be wrong. ever hear of that?

  • @71

    Scale requires a reference point. A known height/size beside another object. You can’t tell height in a picture without a reference point. Why do you think that convenience store doors are marked for height? Because you can’t tell from just a picture. For example, I loved the Transporter movies, and their star, Jason Stratham (sp?) always appeared larger than life. I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that he was 6’2. Now how do you think I felt when I met 5’8″, Jason? I was shocked. You see, there were no size references in those films. There was no way to tell.

    And you still haven’t answered how Miranda could walk runway at 5’7″.

  • LOL

    One poster says that she has a flat ass, ed thinks that she has a fat ass.
    Make up your minds people!

    Women work very hard for an ass like that.

    Baby got back!

  • rhoda

    do they number 76? then they shouldnt not unless they want orlando sticking his tiny kok into it

  • awe, poor riki

    is that the best answer you can give when you
    are wrong?
    I doubt they were all wrong and I’m sure Miranda
    would have said otherwise if given an oppertunity.
    We all know she isn’t she with talking to the press or
    sending a message when she wants to
    Bottom line it was already known she was at an LA
    shoot so she couldn’t change that.

  • @rhoda

    My goodness, you’re a vulgar little child aren’t you?
    Vulgar and dumb. Not a good combination.

  • rhoda

    lol its called having a laugh 79.
    god lighten up, im a nun really/

  • ed

    im very sure she has to work hard to get an ass like that, scoffing mcdonalds, kfc and pizza hut all day just cant be easy!

  • Frankie

    Frankie isn’t with her. I wonder if she left her with Orlando again?

  • ed

    Frankie: she probably ate him already!

  • sorcha

    who cares about frankie?

  • @ed

    Yeah, Victoria’s Secret is famous for hiring cows to model their underwear.
    *rolls eyes*
    I guess you must prefer his old girlfriend, Kate. She’s back to looking anorexic again, so she should be just right for you.

  • Tantara

    Frankie is looked after by her friend Sarah.

  • ed

    pmsl #85!! dont u open your eyes when u look at the vs models? they either have fat thighs, fat asses or fat bits n bobs. never mind rolling your eyes – try opening them once in a while. shux!!
    no dont prefer kate either, dont know much of her to be honest!

    who cares about frinkie? obv she didnt when she was chewing on his lil leg!

  • paedo

    I love mirandas body, the less woman like the better, i loved Kates body too, she told me she was going to stop looking 12 and put weight on so I dumped her. Thank god the school uniform fit Miranda too.

    Love Ya

  • ed

    dog eat dog world eh!

  • @86

    Darn, I was hoping for some more dog walking pics. I think that it is adorable when we see Orlando walking with that tiny dog in his arms. She’s such a pretty little Yorkie.
    Is Sarah in NY or LA?

  • Tantara

    Sarah is in NY.
    Miranda has only been in LA since last Thursday, she did a shoot for Elle.

  • ed

    so she aint been there 2 weeks then tantara?

  • mirandailoveu

    she is so beautiful, i love herrrr

  • @Tantara

    Thanks for the update.

    Elle, huh? That’s great news. Good for her.

  • ed


    can i ask how u kno all this info? u dont have to go into too much detail but just the gyst wud be good :)

  • Tantara

    No only thursday.

  • @96

    what about the shoot with Delta?

  • Tantara

    I have known her for 3 years.

  • ed

    sorry to pry tantara, may i ask how u kno her? u work with her or family friend? so many ppl claim things, its hard to tell the real from the fakes :)

  • Sorcha

    ..And yet another “insider” comes out the woodwork- although saying that thr anon who posted earlier today said there would be reports on Miranda and Orlando- is this what they meant