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Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr (sans boyfriend Orlando Bloom) departs from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

Kerr, 24, recently landed the UK cover for Harper’s Bazaar. During her interview, the Harper’s reporter noticed the photo background on her BlackBerry showed her and Orlando kissing—and not in a “just friends” sort of way.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a phone,” she insisted. “That’s always my problem. I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s LAX lift-off…

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miranda kerr lax airport 01
miranda kerr lax airport 02
miranda kerr lax airport 03
miranda kerr lax airport 04
miranda kerr lax airport 05
miranda kerr lax airport 06
miranda kerr lax airport 07
miranda kerr lax airport 08
miranda kerr lax airport 09
miranda kerr lax airport 10
miranda kerr lax airport 11
miranda kerr lax airport 12
miranda kerr lax airport 13
miranda kerr lax airport 14
miranda kerr lax airport 15
miranda kerr lax airport 16
miranda kerr lax airport 17
miranda kerr lax airport 18
miranda kerr lax airport 19
miranda kerr lax airport 20
miranda kerr lax airport 21
miranda kerr lax airport 22
miranda kerr lax airport 23

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  • tasteless

    I think that anyone who ended up with him would have a serial cheater on their hands. If they are one two then they would get along fine. I doubt he has it in him to be faithful to one girl. I think he likes to sniff all the posies and then sample them too. Maybe when he is old and not so hot he will find some young thing that will love him for his money. And seeing him as a Daddy makes me laugh. I doubt he would be a very good one since it requires a person to be selfless and he seems to be a pretty selfish person.

  • computer cooties

    She is carrying a apple lap top, I wonder if Orlando got computer cooties from her. Somehow I think he is way more media savvy then he pretends to be. Texting, emails, and you gotta believe he has googled himself, I think he is a big liar when he says he doesn’t understand it at all. I bet Miranda has taught him lots of things.

  • to 202

    I think he hasn’t said that in a while now.
    He has lied about a lot of things but maybe that
    was he didn’t know but has caught up a bit.

    I think its funny when people say he lied just because
    they see him with a blackberry. Everyone is going to
    have to catch up at some point.

  • funny

    She looks like she is lapping up the attention. She has that silly assed smile on her face, but she is trying to play it cool with the shades, but she sure isn’t tying to hide. She likes it that they are there. She wants them to ask her questions about her fucking Orlando Bloom. I want to know why someone was there taking pictures of her, it is not like she is really anyone important. And I thought stars flying first class had all that waiting in line and security stuff done away from most people. In all of the pictures of Orlando at airports I haven’t ever seen him going through security, I assumed for VIP’s they had separate stations out of the public eye, you know away from the great unwashed, of course they was she looks in these pictures she is kinda unwashed, and according to her Orlando is too.

  • brandon davis

    brandon davis was in town. Maybe she hung out a bit with him this past weekend.

  • @201

    Yea, picturing him as a husband/father makes me cringe now.
    I doubt he realy wants a family life anyways, not the way he chooses to live-just another It Boy lie for the squeelers.
    If it does happen, I feel sorry for whatever girl (and it will be a girl-not a woman) ends up the breed cow. He won’t give up his parties or other women for anything. He won’t love her,or any of them truthfully, not wife, children, mistresses, more than he loves himself.

  • richard

    she’s ugly inside and out and who cares about all of this, she just wants attention and why to we all debate someone’s private life and if orlando didn’t appear by her name, no one would care

    labels/names aren’t everything, and in real life this girl is nothing

  • Her boots were made for…

    Damn that Jared, you guys were SO close to 1K. Oh well perhaps on this one!

    I hate the boots btw.

  • jackson

    i don’t care about this unattractive person and please show no more pictures and go support some real talent

  • fox news

    lol. Thats a funny article. Seems they are making a little jab at her too.

    Even they are like “Asia”? We all saw the pictures.

    still love to know why those Demi/Rumer pictures went to sydney and no place else.

  • belly

    she has a poochy belly, doesn’t her yoga help with that. I thought super models where supposed to have poochy bellies

  • i understand darling,but

    Richard dear-You are absolutely right darling on all points;but this is a gossip site and we will speculatetittertsktskopinionate when we are here and even though it might be a picture of her above this thread and even though all 3 of her fans try with all their little might to keep the focus it will always end up being about ORLAAANDO darling because as you’ve noted yourself she is nothing without his name attached but really what does she expect from being merely another notch on his bedpost why really she could have learned so much about the real him if she’d just paid attention to what his own fans(!) were saying about him why this whole mess could have been avoided! Don’t you agree darling?

  • @210

    They went to OZ to make a point that MK has been spilling too much lately and it MAY not be true.

  • jack

    mur-an-duhhh? who? i know, but who cares, shes nothing inside or out

  • so

    Let me get this straight,
    1. Was she in LA during the Oscars?
    2. He was in LA for sure and not Asia right?
    3. She went to Morocco for a period of time
    4. She was only in LA for a short time early this week.
    5. Orlando was not in LA while she was this week he is in London
    6. So is there any time they have maybe spent together since he left her sobbing in NY?

  • to 215

    That is definetly the way it appears today…but of course a wrench could be thrown in at any moment now! LOL.

    but yes, all reports did say she was in LA that weekend.

    I do wonder about our anon girl, TanTara. She was very likely right about the time Miranda got back in LA since the next morning someone posted an article saying she was coming from Morocco sometime after the 5th.
    I wonder if she is ‘in the know’ but yet still lying and (cough, cough, friend of MK’s, cough cough) doesn’t want it to appear she was in LA earlier since it doesn’t make her look good not going to any parties. It did seem she got caught in her lie and has not come back. It doesn’t make sense the telegraph would make something up two weeks in advance.

  • so

    So if she was in LA over the Oscars he left her at home two nights for sure, maybe she actually went to the parties with him and no one mentioned it since she is really pretty much a nobody at least in their eyes.

  • to 217

    Then don’t you think the DT, The LA Times, Star Mag, Page 6… of them would have said she was there? They all made a point of saying she wasn’t and page 6 said ‘no where in sight’.

    The LA times especially was written a couple of days later in what seems to help her save face and yet they still said she didn’t go but was home sleeping.

    If she was there I doubt the rumers about the other women would have come out the way they did.


    Since she is wearing the same clothes and looks about as messy as she did when she said gb to Orlando in NY, these pictures are from her getting on a plane just after he left in NY. Just because they say they were taken in LAX doesn’t mean that they were. It seems odd that she is wearing the same exact outfit several weeks later, and that she looks as greasy and messy as she did too. Maybe since they were already at the airport in NY following Orlando around they ran into her getting on a plane.

  • ed.

    ummm what a dirty, ugly, tacky, plain, mess


    I wonder how she talked her way through security with the bottle of liguid (juice maybe) I thought it was only 4 ounces or less and it had to be in a plastic bag. You can only carry on liquids that have been purchased at the airport after you go through security. She should know that since she travels so much. I wonder if they made her throw it out or if she shook her ass and they let her keep it.

  • wow

    That zit on her chin is like a fuckin stoplight. I wonder how they covered that up for her photo shoot or what ever she was doing for VS. With the greasy face she has I am not surprised

  • rhoda

    Will she mention her lover if asked at the VS party, whats the betting she will do the coy crap again… Maybe she will have that riding crop there and use it on men who play TWISTER at the parrty- god how lame these VS parties. I bet she would become a PLAYBOY bunny if she could. I wonder if Orlando does a Leo and frequents the PLAYBOY MANSION parties? Anyone>>??? lol

  • rhoda

    RE Greasy face.
    Hasn’t she heard of mineral make up? Dahhhling it is just the BEST for greasy slimy skin like yours! And it only takes a few mins to apply, please Miranda- stop subjecting us to your slimy greasy face liek this, if you are gunna be doing these set up pap pics at least do yourslef up! I KNOW you think you are all that but believe me YOU ARENT!!!

  • Georgia Lass

    Yikes! I thought the book was called “Pleasure Yourself” and it wasn’t meant for young people.

  • jackie

    no fashion, plain, ugly, desperate, very very desperate

  • sillybilly

    Yikes! Why is her face so greasy? Did Brandon Davis give her a facial too?

    *throws up in mouth*

    Ugh, I actually got a visual! Someone shoot me…please…seriously.

  • li

    Maybe that is why he likes her. His grooming habits to not appear to be too stellar, so it is nice to have a girlfriend you can hang out with, greasy faces, unwashed bodies, dirty clothers, they are a match made in heaven. Wonder if they buy lots of air scenter

  • South beach

    Well, she’s in South Beach:

    Her and that Vanessa whatsit. They strike me as quite similar.

  • lol!

    she’s with Brody and Vanesa M.??? That is sooooo very dlist its not even funny.

    No way you can tell me she wouldn’t have wanted to go to the A-list oscar parties!

    ROFL! That is bottom of the barrel for events. So so so very dlist

  • rhoda

    Ugh silly cow!
    God are these parties one bit Orgy or what?? Kind of weird IMO

  • Brody?

    Who is this Brody guy?

  • carolina

    absolute 100% not pretty

  • VM vs MK

    Am I correct that there are only two pictues of the cabbage but a ton of dlister Vanessa?
    I know she use to host an MTV show but she is getting kind of old and way of any list , dlist might even be generous at this point. But she is still more known then cabbage girl and got more press?

    Wasn’t there a rumor in fall of 2006 that Orlando had a fling with Vanessa after he hosted a trl show or something? Wouldn’t doubt it knowing what we know now. Boy gets around.

  • anyone

    Wow she is so desprete, she will show up to any d list event if the media was their. It’s funny how the press mostly took pics of Vanessa instead of her. She really isnt that famous unless her name is linked to Orlando’s. I bet she thought she would be smart to mention Orlando right befor she went to the miami event so she would get more press and be photographed more, how pathetic.

    I hope she hooks up with Brody so she will leave Orly alone. I bet he is fed up with her at this point she was just useing him.

  • @234

    I remember hearing that rumor too, maybe her and Vannesa can compare notes.
    M do you think he is stinky
    v the trick is to hold your nose until the orgasm is over and then breath deep through your mouth. That is if your lucky enough to actually get an orgasm out out of him/ He fades fast
    m Yeah it gets old faking it, he gets off so fast I am barely there

  • dlist heaven

    In the US she is hardly known at all.
    But of course her friends at the dt will probably run something on
    this tomorrow or the next day.
    Last we heard from them they said they were waiting to hear
    word on if she was still with Orlando or not.
    That was a weird thing to say but maybe they found out
    and will go back to spilling the beans tomorrow.

  • carolina

    who cares about her? tacky and messy

  • sillybilly

    I’m sorry but I fail to see these “curves” some people are talking about she has. Even next to most of the other Angels she looks skinny . She looks like a prepubescent boy in that bikini!

    Maybe she’s Orli’s body double or something, that’s probably why they’re really following each other around LOL. I know I’m gonna piss some folks off but not one poster on this board can admit with a straight face that his body isn’t horrible. Just saying.

  • bataglio

    some chick out there must be insanely bitter towards this miranda whatever. to sit here and reply to all posts (@x, y, z), and rip on something so utterly irrelevant (5’7”, 5’9″, who gives a sh_it, the girl is hot, she’s a VS model, what’s a couple inches, hah!) – so obsessive and sad, lol.

  • jAMES

    bataglio, you must be a paedo to like that body!! haha paedo paedo,
    God if you are a straight normal man why dont you fancy women with breasts and curves?

  • jAMES

    I think Karolina is the hottest VS model, women are meant to look like women Bataglio, unless you are gay, have gay tendancies or paedo ones! hmm…

  • jAMES

    And by hottest I mean BODY

  • join us

    At least we can admit we are interested you on the other hand read through every post and then reply, but then try to act like you aren’t obsseive. You must want to be part of the gang. You had to read what over 200 posts to get it all, seems like you are touch obsseive yourself little one

  • i hate miley&ashley tisdale

    what is she drinking?

  • i hate miley&ashley tisdale

    what is she drinking?

  • jAMES

    No news on the VS party thus far????

  • jAMES

    I see they have taken a new VS PINK model on, an 18 year old- isnt PINK Miranda’s speciality?

  • carolina

    not a beauty no poise, body, elegance, or presence

  • jAMES

    Theres some more pics at GETTY.
    This plain jane LOVES herself. What a joke! Look at the way she poses!!