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Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr (sans boyfriend Orlando Bloom) departs from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

Kerr, 24, recently landed the UK cover for Harper’s Bazaar. During her interview, the Harper’s reporter noticed the photo background on her BlackBerry showed her and Orlando kissing—and not in a “just friends” sort of way.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a phone,” she insisted. “That’s always my problem. I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s LAX lift-off…

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398 Responses to “Miranda Kerr's LAX Lift-Off”

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  1. 101
    @100 Says:

    The poster you are referring too on the other thread made it seem the reports would be negative. The kind of slammed ob calling him gloomy instead of bloomy so it isn’t like they were shipping anything.

  2. 102
    @Tantara Says:

    You have to remember the rules….on Just Jared, the only “insiders” who are taken at face value, are the ones that say nasty things about Miranda. They can be wrong on all facts, across the board, but as long as they say something nasty about her, they will be believed. You could post pics of the two of you together, taken every year since grade school, but if you say anything nice, you are a “fake”.

  3. 103
    Tantara Says:

    I am a friend through her modelling.

  4. 104
    peter sutcliffe Says:

    randa at an airport aww how sweet.

  5. 105
    Project Alice Says:

    You know VS is not some small company no one has heard of, yet Orlando STILL has to be mentioned to make people care. And not just here but her in HB interview as well.

    That’s just sad.

  6. 106
    ed Says:

    i see, thnks for telling us :) any idea wot miranda is up to next?

  7. 107
    @103 Says:

    You answered all questions except for the one about the Delta shoot in LA on the 25th.

    Are you only referring to this trip being since Thursday or are you saying she didnt go to LA for that shoot with Delta?

  8. 108
    Tantara Says:

    There was no photoshoot with Delta. This is the first time she has been to LA for a while.
    Miranda is at the Victoria’s Secret Party tomorrow evening- I’m sure it will be a great success for her as she is the main host for this. VS are going to begin using her more in their promotions. She has a busy year ahead- please keep supporting her she is aware of it all and so grateful.

  9. 109
    @105 Says:

    VS is a big company, but if you asked me to name their top three models, I couldn’t do it. So, of course, they will name Orlando in every article for recognition, just like they always name Leo in every article about Bar. I had no idea who Bar was, until she hooked up with Leo. The association is natural.

  10. 110
    @Tantara Says:

    That’s good news.
    I think that she is gorgeous.

  11. 111
    ed Says:

    thnx tantara :) which issue of elle will she be featured in?

  12. 112
    Sorcha Says:

    are those orlandos aviators she is wearing?? I know he has some like that. Saying thatt tho they seem right for her face so maybe not, mens are usually bigger lol

  13. 113
    @108 Says:

    The Daily Telegraph is her biggest supporter. They give her more positive press than anyone. Why would they write a bogus article on her?

  14. 114
    tantara Says:

    She will appear in MAY Elle.

  15. 115
    tantara Says:

    Delta is in the MAY Elle with Miranda, maybe that is what they meant.

  16. 116
    @Tantara Says:

    How tan are you Tara? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    Thanks for answering the questions.
    I’m sure you can understand that its hard for people to
    take an anon at the word competely.
    I wonder if there is a way to confirm the Elle shoot. Is it mentioned
    online or anything?

  17. 117
    ed Says:

    thankoo :)

  18. 118
    @113 Says:

    Are you serious?
    Why would a rag print a story that they made up?
    This is the DT we’re talking about.
    She didn’t go to the Oscar parties like they said she would, so they made up a story to cover their own asses.
    You find that surprising?

  19. 119
    ed Says:

    the daily telegraph get it wrong. they said bloom would be in asia when he wasnt!! bogus bogus!!

  20. 120
    @115 Says:

    The dt article is posted earlier in the thread. They were very specific about the dates.
    Is there anyway you could be mistaken about when she left NY for LA?

    They are such great supports of Miranda’s I wonder why they didn’t just say she was in NY all along instead of saying she was in LA when people were asking why she didn’t go to the oscars.

  21. 121
    tantara Says:

    Not at will be mentioned on her site in the next few weeks.

  22. 122
    @118&119 Says:

    If it was a normal rag I would think the same but these are the people who always get quotes from her and report on everything she does.
    They wouldn’t write anything that wasn’t supportive of her. I don’t see why they would make it up if they could just ask her for a direct answer.

  23. 123
    @120 Says:

    Because they didn’t know, and couldn’t be bothered to check their facts.
    You’re forgetting that Orlando wasn’t in Asia, either. They publish what they think the public wants to hear, and let the facts be damned.

  24. 124
    @121 Says:

    Thanks, but with all due respect even if she and Delta end up in Elle Mag in May it doesn’t mean the shoot wasn’t really the 25th.

    The DT wasn’t the only place where it mentioned her having a shoot that day. There were several sources and all said it was in LA and the reason she didn’t go to the parties.

  25. 125
    @123 Says:

    but the point is they have access to her to ask her.
    They like her so they usually get it right and wouldn’t be in her best interest to screw it up.

    Did you read the article posted in this thread? Why write all that a week or two before it actually happened? that makes no sense. It says she and Delta had the shoot on Monday as they write about it on Tuesday. That sounds more logical to me. How would they know about the shoot two weeks before like that? Read it again.

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