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Rachel Visits Hayden's Farm

Rachel Visits Hayden's Farm

Hayden Christensen picks up his Jumper costar Rachel Bilson at an airport in Toronto on Sunday.

The couple was accompanied by Hayden‘s mom, Alie (pictured in the quilted coat behind Hayden).

Hayden drove his two favorite ladies in his pick-up truck to his 200-acre farm outside Toronto, Canada. The farm has a couple of hay fields and a small veggie garden. Hayden‘s two pigs (a brother and sister) live INSIDE the house.

On the way to the farm, Hayden picked up a cup of Tim Hortons hot chocolate for his dear Rachel.

Looks like Hayden and Rachel had some trouble getting themselves and their luggage inside the house!

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Photos: Todd G/Splash News Online
Posted to: Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson

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  • kenza

    FIRST ! ! !

  • Tim Horton

    Nice to see Rachel enjoying a true Canadian moment, snow, lumberjacks and a Tim’s. LOVE IT!

  • Jessica

    HAHA typical Canada moment.

  • Nicky

    Still not convinced these 2 are a couple, call me a deluded if you want but she could just be staying with him, be interesting to see what she does while in canada because there must be a reason, a publicity hungry person like her wouldn’t leave LA otherwise.
    There is no actual physical evidence that they are together. Over a year and still no photos of there “romance” and not a single sighting by anyone that they are a couple in a world of camera phones and blogs. I find it highly suspicious.

  • wowowow

    she’s drinking timmy ho’s!!!!!
    best hot chocolate ever! seriously.
    typical Canadian moment, especially with the shitstorm of snow we just had.
    i am utterly happy that she’s dating a Canadian.

  • hanna

    second, so this is why she was in the airport, there were som pistures of her carrying that coat.
    btw she should get back with adam, or maybe not, beacause i want him! :=P

  • eric

    And the nightmare continues.

    At the rate she’s going, RBils is going to be known more for serial costar dating and outfit and hairstyle changes than for actual talent.

  • The OC Fansite
  • MEL

    Okay, this is way past what I can tolerate. Not only we have to see pictures of her (OR them together) all over L.A, New York, Japan, Italy and shit but now when they are in his farm in Canada too??? This is new, last time I checked we were only getting pictures of them leaving the airport. WHAT IS THIS SHIT? Someone better explain. HATE!

    She needs to just disappear, I was hoping we wouldn’t be getting pictures of them in Canada… WRONG, WRONG. STUPID ME.

  • MEL

    Oh, and he looks like a virgin who can’t drive.

  • Laura

    AW, how CUTE does Rach look all snug? Love her.

    Wont comment on Hayden for the sake of the Hayden/Rayden fans.

  • KarenA

    That’s cute. :)

  • karmakey

    I’m sad to see the last bit of privacy invaded by pictures being taken at the farm. Hayden’s sanctuary is no more. I hope he can still keep some bit of normalcy.

  • all that

    it wont last long



  • Natalie

    Timmies is the best!

    so cute, i love Hayden :)

  • Tracy

    Why come to Toronto in sucha weather? There’s mountains of snow everywhere where I live. LoL

  • linda

    i don’t see chemistry between them they have to just be friends.

  • tess

    I love Rachel
    I like Hayden

  • funnymunny

    if they are a couple, why don’t these these 2 ever engage in any physical affection????

    I guess because they are just friends…..

  • funnymunny

    btw, I don’t think I have ever seen them:

    hold hands,

    ….this is not a couple.

  • lisa

    They are so cute!

  • 2 the monters tht r Hayden fan

    @ #2

    The fact is, that for Hayden there will never be proof enough that they are dating…
    If they saw a picture of Hayden kissing Rachel, they would say he probably tripped on that non-existing rock in front of him and “happened” to fell with his mouth on hers!
    That would be their explanation

    Everyday i have a blast with them and their theories

  • lisa

    # 21 funnymunny

    They are dating, with the paparazzi not kissing in the street, kissing each other in his house

  • karla

    timmy’s!!!! love tim hortons.

  • Lacey

    Well they’ve found his farm. Way to go Rachel, you’ve sold out your boyfriend’s privacy. Jerk

  • meh

    I don’t recall seeing Rachel & Adam showing much PDA, so why should it be different for Hayden & Rachel? I don’t know too many people who show PDA in front of others.

  • Laura

    Well I’m really confused about whether Rach & Hayden are a couple or not but in response to ‘meh’ Adam and Rachel showed LOADS of PDA. They were nearly always holding hands, sometimes kissing, arms round each other etc. There’s only a few sets of pics where there’s no physical contact at all and in those ones they tend to be staring at each other.

  • Marta

    # 28 Laura
    Adam and Rachel showed LOADS of PDA. They were nearly always holding hands, sometimes kissing, arms round each other etc.

    It’s not true

    Only there are 3 or 4 photos of Adam and Rachel in 4 years kissing in the street and whith paparazzis were drifting apart

  • fiona

    hayden said he made his g/f a swing a couple months ago and rachel said in an interview that someone made her a swing awhile a go so….

  • Laura

    Okay, it IS true.

    Look at various Adam/Rachel fansites and you will see in most of their candids there is some kind of PDA. For Hayden & Rach to have NOTHING just seems a bit suspicious to me.

  • kat

    Yay for Timmy Ho’s!!! Such a Canadian institution, lol.

    These 2 never really look happy when they’re together…unlike good ol’ adam and rachel used to :( Oh well. Hope they’re happy, even if they don’t really let on too much.

  • legs

    adam, adam, adam! – oops, wrong thread. lol!

  • Pet

    Hayden is a boy with luck

  • Raven

    Weird!! They have to be officially an Item! NO! I certianly will not deny it!
    Wow! Rachel must have some magic in her! She is a lucky girl!!

    Hayden is so cute! He looks like he just climbed out of his bed. Baggy maroon sweat’s and different kinds of plaid on! shirt and jacket don’t match and pattern is different. Hayden’s so funny! Hayden and his mom have the exact smile! :D

    Wow! It looks like things are getting serious! :)


    # 31 Laura
    For Hayden & Rach to have NOTHING just seems a bit suspicious to me.

    The fault of the paparazzis, they are very famous and now Jumper a great hit in the world, they want to have a private relation

  • wedding peach

    The stalkeratz went all they way to frozen Canada for pictures?
    Now that’s what I call dedication.

  • tessa

    Jared do not put Rachel’s photos in the farm in Canada, she needs privacy, Please

  • jenny

    She looks adorable, love those boots!!

  • Stace

    No matter how much I don’t want to believe it, they probably are dating but I do find the absolutely no PDA’s weird myself. I have seen plenty of Adam/Rachel pics to know there was hand holding and some kissing in public.

    I love Rachel but seriously don’t see what she sees in him. Well I guess we will see how long this lasts. THe distance could be an issue.

  • Stace

    I forgot to add….Hayden’s mom is there too?!?!?! How romantic!! Does Hayden’s mom live in LA or Toronto?

  • Raven

    Thing’s must be more serious then I thought! Woo Hoo!! Rachel must have some kind of magnetic force!! She has the force!! LOL! [lol] No! She’s cute in a way! She is a very lucky girl to have Hayden!

    She must be willing to commit herself to living most of her time when not working on the farm. I don’t know about the distance issue?? That is iffy! Maybe, that is why she is visiting to see how well she can stand the cold and all. She looks coooold on those pic’s! God! She is a lucky woman! :D I have to hand it to her. She has the Magic touch to get one of the most hottest man ALIVE!! :P

  • all that

    she doesnt have a magic touch, just in the right place at the right time. i dont see them as a couple, she is ditzy, he is smart, she is clai high class high fashion materialist, hayden is a humble farm boy. she will break his heart.

    they would not show pda, both are private. notice both were talking about having a family? quitting acting? neither has anything lined up work wise. now shes talkin about popping out kids. please if she didnt have the luck of getting into the biz, she would be working at a fast food joint and already have had 2 kids.
    her mom, who is a marriage counselor probably gave her pointers on how to reel him in. something shady about that girl….just wait. people say shes swett….because she is clueless and smiles and says things like “so cool”. really dont see it.

    remember sienna? didnt she visit toronto they went to a game? didnt they buy/make gifts for each other? wernt they seen pda? i think so….we’ll never know oh well
    him and nat….oh i wish. loved them!!

  • JOrdyn

    Haha I love it. Timmies and tons of snow, such a typical Canadian day..

  • kim

    @all that

    “her mom, who is a marriage counselor probably gave her pointers on how to reel him in. something shady about that girl…”

    I agree 100% They tag teamed him! LOL But, he has instincts and it’s up to him to pay attention to them.

  • milly

    lol hayden looks like a goof, that’s cute. wow rachel in toronto iam impressed.

  • T.F.

    I just have to say nice hat! LMAO no bravo, that hat is awesome. :)

  • sweeney

    Its not the first time that Rachel was at Haydens farm in Toronto.

  • Amanda

    I thought his family resides in Vancouver?

  • hjk

    ugh i cannot stand him!
    i seriously do not know what people see in him.
    i like her, though. but not as much as when she was with adam. its sad, but im still not over their break up. they were perfect together…