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Britney Spears' "Break the Ice" Music Video Premieres Tonight!!!

Britney Spears'

Britney Spears will be unleashing her latest “Break the Ice” Music Video on @ 6:30PM EST.

But not so fast. Access to view the video will only be permitted once you discover and enter the correct two passwords. Good luck finding them! (It’s not that hard to find, really.)

Here’s what the poem that’s posted on the website so far:

There’s a party in the works
Where the lights will be down low
Britney has god a story to tell
And wants the world to know

We’ll raise a glass to toast
And dance until we sweat
It’s Britney like you’ve never seen her
Do we have your attention yet?

So rise to the occasion
And use your savvy little eye
For access past the velvet rope
You’ll need more than just a smile

Put on your Thursday best
2 secret words will suffice
Spread the world, come out & play
We’re about to… break the ice

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  • zanessa110

    lovew her!


    I love this song … i hope britney will be normal again …… i love her and i love her old songs !! GOOO BRITNEY !

  • hill

    i bet the password is…britney spears LOL

  • n

    What are the 2 words……

  • charl

    hmmm i think one of the words might b god?!…but i duno

  • zanessa110

    does anyone know the secret words?

  • charl

    oo actually…changed my mind..hah i think the 2 words are dance and britney?

  • Jessica

    how about “break” and “ice”?

  • Orange Clockwork

    We have to crack a fucking code to see some shitty video? Bitch, please.

  • zanessa110

    i love her

  • zanessa110

    the passwords are: Danger and Victory

  • bubbaness

    Nothing more than a trainwreck has-been.

  • n

    tried that didnt work

  • ddlebg27

    found the code words…really easy to find btw

  • twk

    they are super easy hover over the red words on the page and it shows you

  • n

    Danger and Victory work….. thanks

  • flirtlikecrazy

    Not interested at all.

  • medff

    first! love it!

  • Britney is a true Goddess

    i Love her so much , thanks jared

    Britney Rocks

  • ….


  • jay

    victory and danger
    victory and danger
    victory and danger
    victory and danger
    victory and danger
    victory and danger
    victory and danger
    victory and danger

  • __

    how did u guys find out ?

  • Aaron

    Danger and victory.

  • lucy

    lol just hover your cursor on top of “party” and “2 secret words” and they’ll pop up

  • jughed

    Maybe it’s “black” “out”

    I’m just guessing.

    Ooooh, this is just like Harry Potter! :D

  • Erin

    Just a hint, on my computer I had to make sure DANGER and VICTORY were in ALL CAPS or it wouldn’t let me through.

  • Wilson


    I LOVE HER ( L )

  • Christy

    It’s not god….justjared made a typo…in the real poem it says “GOT”

  • Gustavo

    I will post the video first in my blog, just click in my name or here, and there is the new Mariah Carey video for her AMAZING single ” Ken Lee”

  • Gustavo

    I will post the video first in my blog, just click in my name or here, and there is the new Mariah Carey video for her AMAZING single ” Ken Lee”

  • Wilson

    SO HAPPY !!!

  • Wilson

    ITS BEEN A WHILE !! ( L )

    Love Britneyyy ( L )

  • The maven

    I ll wait for the Youtube version.

  • elsssssie

    hey i cant get it to work on my computer i tried victory and danger, danger and victory, VICTORY and DANGER, Victory and Danger and none of it works!

  • Miapocca

    victory and danger
    there are folks on there chatting live…this is quite an event..never seen any such thing unless of course i dont pay attention to all these music stuff…hope Britney gets well soon..because all her hard work is making kfed fat adn he needs to get of his arse and make his own money

  • lisa

    it has to be DANGER in the first box and VICTORY in the second box
    exactly like that

  • zanessa110

    it wont load for me!

  • Moi

    so…i just saw it…and it sucks
    big time

  • mari

    it suckssss the vid!!!!

  • zanessa110


  • gia

    what was your interpretation of what was going on the video?

  • cheekymonkey


  • _ju_

    creo q es una decepcion.ya q toodos qeremos ver a brit dfe vuelta y bailando de verdad como en i`m a slave 4u o me against the music, no en`pedazos pequeños como en gimme more ni piece of me
    toy decepcionado
    pero ansioso…….!!!!!


    From my writings about George Michael on a music site. Brain dead RETARDS!

  • Arab.Aquarius

    its a good idea, I like the concept.

  • Mrs Miller

    Britney is the music equivilent of Osama bin Laden

  • ace tomato

    Whatever. Thanks for the cartoon – it could be anybody.


    LOL YOU PPL crack me up who hates Britney. I mean seriously, if you dont like her dont watch the music videos or even bother to post a comment. I mean get a life. You obviously waste your time trying to hate a person who doesn’t even gives f.u.c.k about you or your 2 cent coversation. And for everyone who loved this video, thank you for not being a hater or an as.s.hole