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Gisele is Worth How Much?

Gisele is Worth How Much?

Gisele Bundchen jets from her West Village apartment as she hops into a car in New York City on Wednesday.

Gisele‘s been making waves in the auction world lately as au natural pics of her, Kate Moss and other celebrities will go under the hammer at Christie’s auction house next month.

The photos below to an extensive collection belonging to collector Gert Elfering. The collection is estimated to be worth between $2-$3 million. Pics of Kate and Gisele are estimated to be worth approximately $40,000 each.

Photos of actresses Brigitte Bardot and Lauren Hutton will also be auctioned off.

More pictures of the pricey Gisele Bundchen after the jump…

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  • anonymous

    i’m sorry, but i don’t think she’s that pretty. she has a nice body though

  • Sarah

    She is kind of pretty. [:

  • VerENA


  • AmyRyanfan

    She’s not that pretty, but she seems like she has a good personality. I mean I like how she admits to love popping zits. Who says that?

  • r

    she looks like she loves the sun; but the sun dont lover her. look at her skin! she looks fug!

  • hola ya’ll


  • L.J

    She never smiles, She’s pretty ugly.

  • don’t give a fuckita

    Don’t see what the big deal is….If she’s a “SUPER” model, 75% of women her age could be one. Plain Jane…

  • leyla

    what are u saying?the girl is gorgeous!

  • eric

    Not pretty and she is really aging.I have worked with her. Doesn’t she look like a very old lady or a plain middle aged dull women. She really has no natural glow, beauty, or attraction. She is just this tall bigger boned women. very dull, ugly, no sense of style really

  • tom

    100% unattractive,
    nothing super or pretty about her

  • amberston

    yuck! she looks really old, pierced out, over smoked and tons of sun damage. you gotta take care of youreself. her “look” (which is done by computer) will go by the time shes 30 at the most (no inner poise or beauty either)

  • cristine

    wow I look better than her and she’s 10 times richer than me…actually no make that 50 times richer

  • lilly

    ick! she’s a man or a really really old beat up women

  • tom

    ick! she looks like a man or a very very old beat up woman

  • mary

    I dont like her. I dont think she’s that pretty and also, i think she might be alittle arrogant.

  • jade

    ****POST 1-16

    WOW, I thought I was the only one, No I do not think she is ugly (like some of you) but simply nothing special.

    She is tall, and has pretty hair, but a friend of mine who is a model says that designers like a blank canvas; someone they can dress up and be who they want— I guess she fits that perfectly.

  • rick

    As a designer assistant, she is just one of those people who got lots of deals when they were young. She is really loosing it. I have met some beauties that will be like that forever both inside and out, SHE IS THE OPPOSITE OF BEAUTY Designers, for photographing models and shoots also want original looks, special/unique features, and amazing personalities they can capture through photographs. They need muses and inspirations for the models who don’t do runway. If a a model has this, well, she’s an allstar. GISELLE (or whoever) has nothing now except money and aging skin. SHE NEVER REALLY WAS FASHION OR ART OR BEAUTY. look ,she dates a football player and her career is going down…a little attention craving might I add

  • tom

    designer also want inspiration, intense features, a muse, an artistic flair, and rare beauty. I am one and have worked for many companies. For models other than runway this is key. This was not what gis. or whoever really majored in. she’s not pretty inside or out

  • carolina

    ewwww 100% not pretty

  • Arial

    You people who say she is ugly are nuts….in these pics she looks makeup in a braid…her skin looks perfectly normal for a 27-28 year old…she has very exotic looks,and is definitely not unattractive.
    For all who say “i’ve worked with her..etc” every interview I have ever seen or read about her, or any designer/writer/hair/makeup person that has worked with her,has nothing but positive things to say about her..she is genuine,unaffected,kind, outgoing, free-spirited,professional..these are just some of the quotes I’ve seen about her. If you were truly some professional who had an in with the fashion business..I highly doubt you would be posting here.
    Gisele is a high profile celeb,that keeps to herself,doesn’t get DUIs, isn’t in rehab, has long-term relationships,has a great family…quit picking on her and find someone with a reason to bash and tear them up instead.( Because that is obviously what fulfills many of you)

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • dd

    SHE LOOKS RUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carolina

    I do respect that she has made good choices with her life and actions and follows the law and all, i am just saying this to promote that the “super modles” are not really “super” or pretty” but instead, we all know of many non famouse girls who are.

  • Janie

    You all sound so jealous!

  • Isabella

    She’s amazing, very pretty and in my opnion she’s number 1. No one can beat her

  • carolina

    i respect that she follows the law and is a “nice” person. but to promote nobody is perfect and all that such “super models” such as her are really not very “super” or pretty inside or out and I think we all know of non famouse people who are more spectacular

  • lol


  • JAK

    She needs her roots done bad. The sun damage to her skin is there. & the more she’s in it, the more leathery it will become. Doesn’t look happy & just an average face that photographs well with touchups and her plastic surgeries. There are a lot more beautiful woman out there than Bundchen

  • So overrated

    Not jealous, and she has a horse face.

  • Annie

    Most of all comments above…gays and jealous ladies FOR SURE maybe didn’t have the opportunity to see her personally.

    And, and – - oh, if you think you look better than this woman maybe is time for you to get a mirror. I saw her in the airport here in Italy once.

    Get over it. This girl is a goddess.

  • marina

    It is true and kind of a law that the meanest comments come from us women (ususally jealous ones) to attack other women, celebrities or not… let alone that the attacks go first to the looks whatever defect we can find, then maybe if we find any, to other “defects” like character, intelligence, etc.

  • kovas

    being a model doesnt mean you have to have that gorgeous looking face. i mean, just take a look at the models on the runaway. do they all look pretty?? i dont think so.

  • someone

    She’s always sooOOoo beaultiful!!

    I just love her!

  • Yikes

    So overrated # 31 is actually a 50 years old bold drag queen who has a **** face

  • carolina

    nothing against her, she is just not “super” or pretty or aristic
    manly man she is a manly man

  • zoe

    okay…so maybe she is kinda manly and not the kinda heidi, alessadra, adriana type of model. but she has a great body and has a fierce strut in victoria’s secret!

  • bobbi

    I, myself, am a high-tootin’ NY fashion designer. I shall not reveal my name. Ive worked with her numerous times and she always covers her mouth when she lady burps.

    C’mon people, this woman is gorgeous. She’s been able to attract and keep a couple of very desirable men. So, she’s got something going on for her other than her outside looks.

  • me

    did not know who she was until leo..he was smart., tom is stupid..

  • Ha!

    You don’t have to be jealous to not find someone attractive enough to warrant a super model label. Those of you assuming jealousy just have a problem with people not agreeing with you.

    She is tall and thin with nice hair and a man face. I don’t get the big deal about her besides the fact that she wears the clothes they want her to wear well.

  • bb

    Here is my problem. Some people say she is not a supermodel. Correct me if I`m wrong but isn`t she the highest paid model in the world with more contracts than any other models? Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton all work with her on their biggest campaigns. So how is it that she is not a good model and not a supermodel? I don`t get it. She is not an up-and-coming model. Giselle is already on the top of her game who achieved everything a model can.
    I don`t think she is gorgeous but imperfection sells. And she is a great model. I think you should just give her a break. Fashion industry made her who she is in modeling whether you like her face or not so instead of trashing her maybe you should ask the famous designers and companies why they hire her. Apparently they like her including her face.

  • kaw

    pelo menos isso né? :B

  • Alexia

    WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!

  • sasha

    I agree with bb#42 but I don’t agree with those haters

  • me

    No jealousy here…the woman is NOT pretty…people have a right to their opinion and it is not being jealous..

  • Ha!

    Let me just say that those sunglasses aren’t helping the cause. They just accentuate her big, manly nose. Pretty hair, though.

  • josh

    but they can dress her, cover her, pose her

    but she has
    no beauty or talent…i would rather be pretty in real life than on a cover on something done by a computer

    ugly man

  • Klim

    the girl is gorgeous!