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Gisele and Tom Brady: Get a Room!

Gisele and Tom Brady: Get a Room!

Model Gisele Bundchen and boyfriend/quarterback Tom Brady get in some PDA action at the opening of Ermenegildo Zegna’s Global Store on 5th Avenue in New York City on Tuesday.

Super Bowl winner – New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning also stopped by the event, along with The Today Show regulars Al Roker and Matt Lauer.

20+ pictures of Gisele, Tom Brady, Eli Manning and The Today Show

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gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 01
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 02
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 03
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 04
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 05
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 06
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 07
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 08
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 09
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 10
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 11
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 12
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 13
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 14
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 15
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 16
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 17
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 18
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 19
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 20
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 21
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 22
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 23
gisele bundchen tom brady zegna 24

Photos: Amy Sussman/Getty
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  • Alice

    Gisele is hot !

  • Alice Brazilian! *.*

    Woww giselee! *.*

    she’s brazilian too! ; B

    PERFECT! *–*

  • eric

    she looks like a man and has no poise and talks like one too
    she has never been unique or pretty, its all makeup
    showy girl
    thats opposite of pretty

  • lilly

    I have seen her in real life from work
    bad skin, loud, manly, plain, no outstanding feature, very average, actually without makeup you would think she is guaky and very ugly

  • john

    attention hogging, no one cares about her, not artistic talent.

  • Crazy heart

    love those two!! hot couple!!

  • Bernice


  • derick

    100% not attractive, no outstanding or soft beautiful feature and she must love stupid attention, makes a fool of herself

  • astrid

    Jerk!! When’s the last time he visited his son??

  • Dave

    I beg your pardon eric/lilly, I don’t know what eyes you are seeing through but Gisele is very-very HOT! and I have seen her in person. They seem to be a cool couple and Gisele don’t alert the media everytime she goes anywhere. Love her.

  • Bridget m


  • Karla

    I see whats going on. Tom and Gisele seems to have some baby moma drama. I guess people on Tom Brady’s baby moma side will put Gisele down. That is so trashy if the relationship didn’t work for the baby moma and Tom how is that Gisele’s fault?
    Why should she be trashed for that?
    I like Tom and Gisele feel sorry for the haters.

  • Karla

    astrid you mean he doesn’t visit his kid? how do you know that?

  • Lu

    Ohhhhhh my gosh, he so he so cute cute cute,l love him.Nice couple.

  • Ha!

    Man face.

  • susan

    Brady was just on the West Coast. Do you know he did not see his son? He was there before and after the Costa Rica trip.

  • slacker chic

    Does he EVER visit his kid? He is always traveling the world with her

  • dd

    got all this time to travel with gisele but cant take some time out to see his son what a looser and she is dumb for being with a man like that

  • Jane

    Tom Brady is gorgeous! Eli Manning has yellow teeth!

  • Diane

    Eli Manning may have won the Super Bowl but he is no Tom Brady!! Tom is so handsome – Eli is not!!!

  • cute

    Good for them. I saw him on w e a l t h yR o m a n c e. c o m last week. What is he loooking for on that site?

  • gwen

    Only the baby’s mother and her family would know if he is visiting his son. So I think this hate is coming from them. It’s sad that this lovely baby’s mother could not pick up on rather the man she decided to have a baby from would be a good father or not. I wish her the best of luck and she should not get so bitter but move on with her life.

  • Athinker

    It seems that they go the distance. Whether he visits his son or not is really his business. I assume he does see his child but keeps it private. Not everyone expose all areas of their life for public consumption since people are always so willing to critique it

  • cute

    Mmmm, he is a playboy. just saww his blog at w e a l t h y R o m an ce.c o m, he is aloone now.

  • Lisa

    Ohhhhh Tom is a handsome man for sure.

  • franklin

    I have to agree with a lot of ppl here. I saw her in life, too, and she’s very plain looking w/o all that make-up and glitter. Bridget Monayhan is a lot prettier. Tom Brady f$%^ up the Patriots. karma is a bitch, ain’t it?

  • Terry

    Tom Brady is absolutely gorgeous – wow!

  • Kathy

    Eli Manning looks like he needs a bath!

  • Amy

    I agree with the other posters Tom and Gisele are a hot couple.
    Bridget Monahan should move on. Meet a new man and let go of the grip shes trying to hold on to Tom, I feel sorry for the baby but this bitterness in the media is stupid and will hurt the baby.
    My friend has a baby from her ex-boyfriend he moved on and she did to. She now is marry and this husband is a great father. I am so happy my friend didn’t bother with all this ugly bitterness.

  • Jackie

    Franklin- Moynahan is also a lot older and bugging him to get married and have kids (two out of one isn’t bad for her I guess). And to all the haters have you ever considered that looks doesn’t matter if your in love with the person and also beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  • Interesting

    I just need to say one thing…ELI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in your face TIKI…life without is just amazing!

  • Suzy

    since some posted the personal matter of him not visiting his boy. I would like to ask a persona Question why didn’t she take birthcontrol pills to avoid a pregnacy with a man that won’t see his boyl

    Tom Brady is a*b*s*o*l*u*t*e*l*y gorgeous

  • julia

    Oh my God !! Move on people !!!! you’re still talking about Bridget….. come on !! Let her live her life. It’s over a year now… and it’s very obviously that Tom and Gisele really like each other. They are a great couple with a low profile life, they just don’t like to talk about private matter. And by the way…….. Gisele is very beautiful and who knows a little about fashion, knows that she is one of the best supermodel ever.

  • Arial

    Tom and Gisele are HOT!!!! All you people who say she is not pretty without makeup….she barely has any makeup on in these pics,and she is stunning..a natural beauty. Suck it up and admit it….she is hotter than most of us could ever dream of being!!

  • Amy

    Look at these pictures of Tom Brady and Eli Manning – there is no comparison – Tom is gorgeous – Eli is NOT and please Eli – get those teeth whitened!!!

  • Janie

    There is no denying it – Tom and Gisele are a very, very striking couple!

  • Don’t believe the hype

    I can’t believe how people were slamming Bar last week, she is 100x prettier than Gisele. I’ve seen Gisele in person and she is FUG.

  • Monica

    Don’t believe the hype – I bet your are FUG!!

  • Eileen

    I know that none of you are supermodels. You all sound so jealous of Gisele!

  • Jackie

    I love Tom Brady! What a hunk!

  • Don’t believe the hype

    Monica – Not as FUG as you, I’m sure. Get over it, not everyone thinks your obsession is all that great looking.

  • a plain thought from a fan

    2 men in the picture.

    What is attractive?

  • a plain thought from a fan

    When they tend to kiss, they don’t even close their eyes instinctly.


    Guess they both are very careful to not let those sharp noses cut each other. LOL.

  • Amy

    How about none of you KNOW anything about when the last time he saw his son was, or what his relationship with Bridget was like. Maybe he is a jerk, but maybe she’s crazy or something big happened in that relationship that they can’t be together. Just because he dates someone else doesn’t mean he’s an absent father.

    If she was pressuring him to get married when he wasn’t ready, did you ever think it’s possible that his son was a tactic to push that? I know I have friends who say the scariest thought is that a girl may poke a hole in a condom to trap them.

    You don’t have to be with the mother to be a good father.

  • cu

    to amy,

    Bridget moved on a long long time ago. Its silly for you to use the word bitter – maybe you are just projecting somethi g from your own life. Its a rather s!zest term.

    Bridget has never said anything bad about Tom or the situation. In fact she’s said very little. She doesn’t talk to the press and keeps a low profile.

    She’s behaved with so much class and dignity.

    The other two need to get a room. Kissing for the paparazzi in front of other guests is tacky.

  • Yawn

    Thank GOD Leo di Caprio dumped this beak nosed tranny. She’s ugly and looks more GERMAN than Brazilian. The fashion industry LOVES androgynous people that’s why she’s so famous. If she were more feminine, she would not have been so famous. Tom brad is better looking than she is. Look at him.

  • dd

    how is bridget bitter she has moved on with her life and is taking care of her son unlike the father

  • mossy

    f i e r c e

  • Lara

    Eli is SO cute. The more I see him the more I love him. And his butt is much cuter than Tom’s.

  • richard

    I have seen both of these people in real life from work.
    i am very displeased with giselle or whoever and her modeling capabilities. She is not unique either on the inside or the out and is constanlty craving attention. She doesn’t do stupid stuff but she is very loud and manly when talking to her. She is not really a “pretty” or attractive person. Her pictures are like airbrushed, you like know.