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Natalie Portman: New York, I Love You!!!

Natalie Portman: New York, I Love You!!!

Natalie Portman films scenes alongside a Hasidic Jew for the new anthology film, New York, I Love You, at The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City on Wednesday.

No word yet on how closeley Natalie will be working again with Scarlett Johansson (they were most recently costars in The Other Boleyn Girl) on this film. Scarlett was, however, most recently in Brooklyn’s Coney Island filming New York, I Love You as a director.

Natalie reportedly plays the role of a Jewish bride. She joins other established actors such as Elijah Wood, Nick Nolte and Kevin Bacon in a set of several love stories set in NYC.

20+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman loving New York…

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

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  • amber

    She, Elijah and Nick were all in Paris, Je T’aime. Good film….this one better be good.

  • jay

    this is sounding really good

  • tom

    eww…without make up she’s nothing

  • soso

    not only in NYC…

  • edie

    I think she’s actually still pretty w/o all that make up.

  • jay

    shes not wearing any make up?? yo i didn’t even realize gurls look so much better without make up i hate when y’all look like clowns!

  • REality check

    she is so cute and seems real. loved her in beautiful girls, GREAT flick

  • carolina

    nice actress, but i am saying this to promote that nobody’s perfect
    its the makeup and computer thats makes her so called look

  • eric

    she’s nice but always been a little weird and kreepy
    she looks older for her age and never was really a beauty beauty, but she has made good personal choices with her life, follows the law, gives, and educates herself…but no glow

  • Raven

    Natalie is smart, beautiful and real! :D

  • Anna

    can’t wait to see this, man I wish I looked as good as her without make up she really is a true natural beauty

  • D

    Jealousy is so unbecoming #4 and 6. Go out and make a success of yourselves or stop whining.

  • love

    Not so good an actress and average looking.

    Thanks JJ and btw please share the new trailer for WALL-E and especially the DEBUT OF THE HULK by Ed Norton.

  • bc89

    the guy is very attractive! does abybody have an idea what his name is and if he is actually a Hasidic Jew. lol

  • Arab.Aquarius

    thats a nice cast, sounds like a good movie

  • JiveTalker

    She is a very mediocre actress, but seems like a nice enough girl.

  • saluyd

    You guys, don’t be naive, of course she is wearing makeup here. There is no such thing as NO makeup in films. In fact she’s probably wearing tons, it’s just made to look very natural because obviously her character is an Orthodox woman who wouldn’t be wearing it. But they ALWAYS put people in makeup for the movies. Anyway, I agree that she doesn’t look all that great here. She’s much prettier glammed out.

  • cool chassid

    She really doesn’t wear any makeup. And I know that for a fact.

  • Jon

    Eric- please take your idiocy elsewhere. Natalie looks older than 26? Do you ever leave your house? Because Natalie is generally noted for almost always looking younger than her age.

  • Ronda

    What’s his name?

  • Leah

    Yes the guy is a real Chasidic Jew….i know him well….very cute no?

  • curious…
  • charlie

    Anyone with a lot of hatred is because of their own miserable life.

  • mordechi

    the guy is a real hassid his name is Abraham Karpen I know him he’s a very nice guy

  • Joel

    Abe Karpen is this fair to your father shvar shviger your wife your kids?
    Abe… I learnd with you in the yeshiva what happend that you did this to all of us ? ? ?

    What a shame to the chasidisha comunity

    Abe Karpen Shame on you……..

  • dbm

    alien ears

  • abe

    mind your own fuc**** business

  • Yossi

    I was on location today, it was a great experience, Natalie was very
    nice no atitude or ego, it was very pleasant to work with her, and
    Abraham (the groom) is Hasidic and good looking

  • excuse me?

    what exactly did he do to all of you?? mind your own business! Last time I checked this website isnt so tzniustik either….so what the hell are you doing on it??? Shut the hell up…..

  • Woodridge

    Avremel! Great Work! keep it up….
    wish you much Hatzlacha!

  • joseph

    I know abe from yeshiva .He was always a confused kid and had very mixed feelings about his religion. He got married (not his choice)with a very orthodox girl and removed his white stockings just after his marriage. He of course does not realize what he got homself into but he will outgrow it after this movie shot. He is not rebelious against his upbringing just a bit hungry for some extra cash which he is struggling to feed his family. The community has more shocking headline stories where people betrayed their wives and community.Let him grow up and be part of our great community.

  • Nuchem Rosnberg

    yup ! this is what happens when i am away for only 2 weeks in vaas ruslaand building mikvooes.

  • yosi

    to you avrumi: this come down that much for a chasidic jew to do that is because you are hanging out in clubs and bars with girls what is forbidden in the jewish law. SHAME ON YOU, you shout ask forgivness from heshem

  • real jew

    what an idiot!
    who the f*** do you think you are, what a shmuck.
    what about your wife and kids, what about your parents, i just hope you made a lot of money on this set .

  • not so real

    yeah who are you to talk ha

  • rachel

    hey 35 do u think cursing is better …….where did u learn that, huh?

  • excuse me?

    For all of you nice Chassidishe young men who are commenting about Abe, why the hell are you on an internet gossip site? Do you have a computer in your house? or are you taking time away from actually working for a living to get into someone else’s business? Are you going to watch this movie when it comes out? Because last time I checked, I dont think your Rabbonim would approve any more of that than him being in the damn movie. Any person who has the chutzpah to get on this site and say disgusting things about this guy most likely has screwed up much worse in his own life. Basically what it comes down to, is that its done already, stop giving him hell about it. You think he gives a damn about what you have to say? You are no better than him if you are taking time away from working to support your own family to make pointless comments! This is this man’s life, his wife, his kids that only HE has to worry about. Until it is your family, mind your own business!

  • moish

    abey…shame i am not gay because you r just simple georgeous.

  • elliot spitzer

    I just recently messed up big.with my family. please don’t do the same

  • nuchem rosenbrg

    HI ASHER DIBARTI !! This is the outcome of keeping open the SHVITZ in kikar shabat, eating dem baterer’s meal mart hechsher, & the EIDE shmite fruits,

    dedicated in memory of kol zchor yemois oilom emergency line

  • j

    how much would he get for a job like this?

  • Nuta

    Abe, keep up your good work! You’re doing a good think and don’t let anyone bring you down.

  • Stein

    I heard he made out of this $500,000!

  • yoely w.

    keep up the good work

  • anonymous

    cut the crap. I know from a very clear source. that he made $150 per day for this.thats why I realy can’t see why in the world he should do something like this

  • A Giter Yid

    avrum I don’t know you but keep up to do what ever u feel like doing as long your wife is fine its no ones dam buisnes what u r doing they are just jeluis on u no one means your favor lach dich ois u r the best I love u

  • yoely

    Abe!!! keep up the good work!! once in for all to break this fucking jewish williamsburg controled life!!! hashem gave his laws for evryone and its nobodys busnies what he is doing….. wait and see how many pepole will do the same….. GO ABE GO!!! don’t let yourself down!! hashem is all the way with you!

  • o nigeriger

    so did he make $500.000 or $150 per day?

  • Howie Felch

    Religious fanatics are the most stupid people in the world. What a dumbass. If your wearing a scullcap, burqua, flowing robe, or an ugly black suit and a ridiculous hat, or any moronic looking religious mandated garb of any kind, and behave in ways that “You have to because they told you to”, no matter how illogical or not in your own interest it may be, I hope you choke on vomit. You are precisely what is wrong with the world.

  • idiots…..

    YOU are an absolute idiot….and I really hope YOU choke on vomit….you have no idea what any of the religious world is about….and you never will… and the one thing i can promise you is that nobody acts in the religious world just “because they told you to” i assume you are talking about abe now and if you are, realize one thing…I know for a fact the reason he did this and the reason he’s now backing out and I will tell you that none of it was “because they told him to” it was because he decided what was more important to him…. obviously you are just another anti-semetic bastard that has no earthly idea what the hell he is talking about because he is too ignorant to learn…I lived that life for many years, and I will tell you it is the most BEAUTIFUL world that exists in many many ways….so do us all a favor….shut your mouth and go somewhere else….because we actually know what we’re talking about….