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Vanessa Hudgens is a Velour Vixen

Vanessa Hudgens is a Velour Vixen

Wearing an teal-colored velour track suit, Vanessa Hudgens checks into her hotel in Austin, Texas on Wednesday and then heads to the set of her latest movie Will.

The 19-year-old High School Musical star plays Sa5m (the “five” is silent), a teenage misfit caught up in her high-school’s battle of the bands.

“My look is definitely more dark than in High School Musical,” Vanessa has said. “I play kind of the ‘emo, kept away from everybody else in her own world’ kinda girl. She wears a lot of black. She always has longsleeves with thumbs in them.”

35+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens rocking the velour…

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vanessa hudgens velour 01
vanessa hudgens velour 02
vanessa hudgens velour 03
vanessa hudgens velour 04
vanessa hudgens velour 05
vanessa hudgens velour 06
vanessa hudgens velour 07
vanessa hudgens velour 08
vanessa hudgens velour 09
vanessa hudgens velour 10
vanessa hudgens velour 11
vanessa hudgens velour 12
vanessa hudgens velour 13
vanessa hudgens velour 14
vanessa hudgens velour 15
vanessa hudgens velour 16
vanessa hudgens velour 17
vanessa hudgens velour 18
vanessa hudgens velour 19
vanessa hudgens velour 20
vanessa hudgens velour 21
vanessa hudgens velour 22
vanessa hudgens velour 23
vanessa hudgens velour 24
vanessa hudgens velour 25
vanessa hudgens velour 26
vanessa hudgens velour 27
vanessa hudgens velour 28
vanessa hudgens velour 29
vanessa hudgens velour 30
vanessa hudgens velour 31
vanessa hudgens velour 32
vanessa hudgens velour 33
vanessa hudgens velour 34
vanessa hudgens velour 35
vanessa hudgens velour 36

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  • Jason

    I strongly dislike this talentless slut. I cannot wait until after HSM3 because that will be when her career is over.

  • zanessa110

    love her! wheres her ring?

  • TC


  • Coryy


  • iellidy

    vanessa uh esta um pouco cansada,voces nao acha,mais bom ti ver
    felicidade e muito boa sorte com este.

  • TC

    is this a disney movie? talk about being typecast

  • someone

    I hate vanessa….

    no ofensee…

  • Kylie


  • Gabrielle

    Vanessa looks good whatever what she is wearing. Love you V!

  • Coryy

    yaya 5th!
    So if she’s checking into her hotel… than she went somewhere and just got back to Austin again?
    so was she in LA recording her album or what?

  • Jennifer W

    vanessa looks pretty and i cant wait till she comes back to LA

  • zanessa110

    i love her hair when shes wearing the sweats. she looks so cute. i want her hair.

  • ella

    she looks very tired.

  • sam

    Aw, she looks absolutely exhausted. Still looks adorable though! Excited to see her new movie.

  • Jason

    And she continues to be a talentless skank. I wonder if more photos and sex tapes will emerge.

  • suzy

    She looks cute.

    # 7 it’s not a disney movie. it’s a Walden Media and Summit Entertainment Film.

    Here is the plot

    WILL BURTON (Gaelan Connell) is used to being bullied or completely ignored by his schoolmates, so when cool and popular former cheerleader CHARLOTTE BANKS (Alyson Michalka) starts inviting him to hang out with her, the quirky teenager is stunned—and so is his doting single mom KAREN. Impressed by his eclectic knowledge of music, Charlotte, a gifted singer-songwriter, asks Will to manage her fledgling rock band. The goal: go head to head against her egotistical musician ex-boyfriend BEN at a regional battle-of-the-bands.

    Unsure of what he’s getting himself into, Will agrees to help Charlotte’s off-beat trio, eventually expanding it with a crew of like-minded outcasts. Against all odds, the group’s sound starts to come together and their prospects for success look bright. Even more amazingly, Will’s loser status finally seems to be a thing of the past; he even has a potential romance brewing with a kindred spirit named SAM (Vanessa Anne Hudgens), a classmate with untapped musical talents. But when Charlotte is faced with a family tragedy, she suddenly breaks off her friendship with Will and quits the band, leaving their competition chances in tatters. With Will’s new-found self-confidence on the ropes and the contest almost upon them, he and the band must choose whether to admit defeat or face the music and stand up for what they believe in

  • Laura

    If she’s heading to the set she wont be wearing her ring. :)

    And her career definitely wont end after HSM3.

    She looks cute.

  • kat

    when is she finished filming? when is hsm3 starting?

  • LOLA

    Vanessa Hudgens is GORGEOUS<3

    She always looks beautiful!
    She rocks!

  • ella

    Kylie (#9) how do you do those musical notes? i’ve always wanted to know.

  • crystal

    i think she has to take off her ring when filming…

  • narf

    Jason, Vanessa’s fans can’t wait until after HSM3 either.

    Then this beautiful, talented,and classy young woman will prove you and everyone else you share your brain with just how wrong you are.

    That’s our Vanessa, working hard and looking good in the process.

  • LOLA

    #16, stop being a hater. You’re just jealous that she is successful, and not sitting on her ass writing stupid comments online, unlike YOU.

  • narf

    BTW Jason, can’t you think of anything origianl to say?

    Every single comment you have made so far has been said many, many times.

    Has no one among your single minded think tank heard of originality?

  • Lillianna

    I love her, I hate her boats! I am really hoping they are part of her coustume!!! They don’t look like what she usaully wears.

  • Zanessa

    Linda a Diva!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cindy

    You go , girl! Wow is she ever busy. I’m sure she is trying to wrap up things in Austin so she can leave soon. I wonder if she went home to record more songs? If not , maybe she is moving to another hotel because Zac is coming soon. We can only hope… Sure would be fun for them. I saw sunblock in the car that had her things in it. Texas is still much too cold for getting a tan. Wonder if the sunblock is hers?

  • narf

    No # 7, this is not a disney movie.

  • Jason

    I need to stop obsessing about her

  • hayden

    Good to see Vanessa, i loved her clothes. Is Willgoing to realease on movie theaters or only on dvd / tv?

    BTW, What’s Now made an interview with Ashley on the set of “They Came from upstairs” and they asked her who was her best friend, she said Vanessa Hudgens and spoke a lil bit about their friendship! So cute! Here’s the video if somebody is interested:

  • lbarks180

    Is Aly Michalkaon the movie too? She’s from Hollywood records too, just like V. Hollywood Recordsprobably helped their good girls to star in this movie, i guess.

  • kaela

    where’s her ring???

  • kristen


    in most of the pics, Vanessa is in costume for her movie Will. That means that most likley she took it off for filming.

  • brenda


    Vanessa is on her way to the set so she can’t wear her ring, just like zac on his set of Me and Orson Welles. :) Because their characters in the movies aren’t “zanessa” so they can’t wear it and if they take it off, they lost it just like zac once did. (trying to help)

  • diama

    you’re the best V!

  • shannon

    omg haven’t seen her in awhile! her hair looks great hope her moive turns out 2b good

  • brenda

    She looks so pretty!!!! but tired can’t wait till april when HSM3 starts shooting.

  • go sox

    Vanessa’s lookin’ good in her cute sweats!! Bet she’s looking forward to being done at this point!

    jason, yeah, you need to stop obsessing and leaving this thread is a great way to start!

  • kristen0606

    she looks great as usual! can’t wait for this movie..she is keeping busy and thats good for her!!!! it shows that she really cares about her career and that makes me think that she wants her career to go places besides the typical disney movies. I wonder how much longer she is going to be filming? I mean she has been there for awhile…and Zac’s done filming soon too :) we can only hope that they get some time together before the craziness of hsm3 :)

  • krung krung

    she looks old in right pic, bout 28 yrs. old.

  • narf

    Hey go sox, How goes it?

    Kristen0606, how have you been?

  • mel

    i can wait to see will and HSM 3

    She looks so beautiful in the picture

    V rockss!!!

    Zanessa 4ever

  • kathastic

    love those tracksuits on vanessa, they really suit her

    love the new pics

  • Malia

    Looks like Sa5M wears Doc Martins, too. How cute.

  • Malia

    # 3 zanessa110 @ 03/12/2008 at 8:45 pm
    love her! wheres her ring?
    Hello!!! She’s working. Sa5m does not wear a Kuiipo ring.

    The pics of her in the teal blue outfit, looks like she’s been to a photoshoot because she’s carrying some proofs of herself. Wonder if they’re for Will or for her album???

  • go sox

    narf, doing good, you?

  • kristen0606

    hey narf!! how are you? i’m good been busy with school…haven’t been around much sorry!! i usually hang out at the rooftop though..its a lot less crowded with haters :)

  • go sox

    krung krung, you must be 12 if you think 28 is old. You just start living at 28!

  • Stephanie

    i agree about the ring thing if shes filming she can’t wear it. it so good to hear from her again. when does this movie come out? i can’t wait for hsm3!!haha.i miss seeing them together. i bet they miss each other as well.