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LeBron James is a Vogue Cover Model

LeBron James is a Vogue Cover Model

“Fashion” and lifestyle magazine Vogue put NBA superstar LeBron James on the April 2008 cover with Brazialian supermodel Gisele Bundchen for a peek into the world’s top models and star athletes.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vogue’s basketball-supermodel pairing — YAY or NAY?

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  • sasha


  • KC

    If this is the shape issue it’s fine that Lebron’s on the cover unfortunately it’s a bad cover, he needs to close his mouth. Gisele doesn’t have any shape they should have gotten a female athlete.

  • Just Saying

    I really like the concept.. its good. Lebron looks good but Gisele doesn’t in that photo. They should’ve chosen one where both of them look good. I’m sure that would not have been that hard.

  • lily


  • Ali

    I don’t mind their pairing basketball stars and supermodels, but I do mind them using a shot of him looking crazy, instead of him looking handsome, cool and so elegantly above the fray, which is how most basketball stars look off the court. Have you ever seen Kobe Bryant or Lamar Odom off the court? Takes your breath away – so gorgeous. This is not a great shot of Lebron. Giselle always looks fabulous.

  • erin

    I think it barely fits. April is not March. So it’s not March Madness. Duh Vogue.

  • nancy

    interestin effort from vogue…it looks vulgar….well I guess they were going for whimsical/fun/attention grabbing/interesting but ended up being vulgar.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    lebron on justjared… lol for a second i thought i was on ybf. of course he only made it on here because of gisele being on the cover with him. its kind of funny how she looks manlier than he does.

  • hUH?

    Does anyone read Vogue anymore? This is a stupid concept for a cover.

  • ace tomato

    Ugh. First it’s movie/tv celebrities, now sports celebrities?

    I miss models.

    More than that – I miss the days when nobody cared what the model’s name was, they wanted to know who made the CLOTHES.

  • TiredofthisCrap

    I like it..

  • Julian

    I hope this is a joke, the cover looks very bad

  • black

    Really cool cover.

  • Ashley

    She looks very badly airbrushed… and he looks like he’s on serioids…

  • KB

    kobe would have been a better cover model

  • d

    This is suppose to be VOUGE, not Sports Illustrated, which irionically covered the same concept a month or two ago.

  • Kelli

    They look GREAT, but Tom Brady would have been a better choice! Now that would make a great cover!

  • michelle depp

    This has got to be one of the worst Vogue covers that I have EVER seen. The paing is okay…the picture itself is just awful. Looks like something I would take with my camera!

  • josh joulom

    First cover that Gisele looks ridiculous :O Vogue should give space to others models, like they did with gisele with 1999, bring the sexy back! I would not care in see Adriana Lima or Izabel Goulart at cover

  • mickey

    That’s great. I love it.

  • kenza

    YAY I love ittt !!!!

  • LMC

    NAAYYYYY! Why they put this “supermodel” who looks like a male horse on their cover is beyond me. Get someone w/ a cute face and who has real curves…especially for the “shape” issue!!

  • http://ki king kong

    king kong………im not racist, vogue is…. king kong and his blonde girl… damn.. racist

  • NAY. I’m so used to seeing poised, refined, elegant covers of vogue. All the sudden it’s *BAM* a guy with his mouth wide open, athletic clothes with a model hanging on him…weird.

  • reborto butchigorss

    Ya i like it a lot. lebron just looks so much bigger than she does it makes her look bad. i like having lebron on the cover tho. he is a spectacular image for anything… including vogue

  • carolina

    this is not vogue or art….bad advertising who cares about these people

    its superficial and to be superficial, they aren’t even pretty

  • josh

    with tons of respect giselle or this whoever is 100% not pretty and fake

  • lauren

    ooo yay i like it

  • bobbi

    That is definitely a striking cover. Very eye catching!!!

  • laurie

    She is the UGLEST model ever…..

  • Jaye

    Noooooo! Be glad it wasn’t Kobe, Tom would have a LOT to worry about then. Overall it’s a bad cover. It looks like she was cut and pasted into the cover . Or is that photoshopped?.

  • Oh Please

    Ok with him, but with Gislut on the cover it should be the STD issue, this chick is looking hargard and used up. Time for the next model.

  • Wondering

    Where’s the mother of his out-of-wedlock born children?

  • Mya

    I like Lebron on the cover but the photo of Giselle looks very odd.
    Also, Vogue’s photographer on this cover issue, really sucks!

    Any idiot capable of taking photos could have done a way better job then this Vogue photographer. Even the paps!

  • Mya

    I like Lebron on the cover but the photo of Giselle looks very odd.
    Also, Vogue’s photographer on this cover issue, really sucks!

    Any idiot capable of taking photos could have done a way better job than this Vogue photographer. Even the paps!

  • kath

    she’s got a great bod, but christ she is fugly! tom brady is a fool!

  • bataglio

    LOVE LeBron, go Cavs!
    good cover, sorta 3D in its energy

  • mossy


  • Amy

    Love it!! It’s fun. They are both beautiful. Great combo. I’m sure there are more pics inside for those who don’t like the cover!






    WHY does Lebron look like KING KONG on the cover of vogue. Unbelievable !!! Shame on you VOGUE………..

  • blah

    Two guys on the cover. Big deal!

  • somebody

    I think its demeaning, seeing how african americans are often compared to Monkeys….the whole king kongish theme here just doesn’t fit well…

  • s

    I think that it’s interesting that the media still promotes the Hong Kong stereotype (i.e Big dark mouth open- they updated it by giving him a basketball- wind blown hair damsal in distress look in the arms of kong). I guess as long as there is someone willing to be used why not?

  • Rudi

    would have been pretty cool if lebron was dressed in some flashier sports gear and holding gisele in his arms in a ‘superman saves lois lane’ pose, whilst gisele is shown with a laughing face.

  • Kalan f.

    I hope Tom Brady is not mad!

  • nikao

    Nay, They look awkward together.

  • laylo31

    I think it was a good concept to place a model and a basketball start together but this is not a good picture of the two of them. Lebron looks like he is about to explode from yelling or something and the model looks like she is off balance and about to fall. She really looks uncomfortable but faking it with a smile on her face. Good Idea, but bad pic to choose for the cover is my comment.

  • J

    It looks off balance…neither of them look like they are on the right cover…one looks like it should be on sports illustrated-and the other-who the heck even knows…what a bad way to pose them….

  • honey

    Giselle could have wore anything to nothing and will be fierce. Lebron on the other hand, I would have loved to seen him out of his work attire and in something with a lot of swagger to compliment his athletic build.