Miley Cyrus Plays Paty Cake

Miley Cyrus Plays Paty Cake

Miley Cyrus and momager Leticia ‘Tish’ Cyrus and the rest of their entourage get their caffeine fix at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star grabbed some grub at Paty’s restaurant in Toluca Lake for breakfast before heading into the recording studio. One of Miley‘s mystery males was carrying “Grandmother’s Bible.”

Miley sure is loving her gladiator sandals!

15+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus playing paty cake…

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73 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Plays Paty Cake”

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  1. 26
    Theresa Says:

    She looks cute

  2. 27
    Jes Says:

    Ooooh, is it time to pick on her mom now. Let’s break into some ‘your momma’ jokes. That’ll make this page even better, don’t ya think?

    I love when people post negative comments. It gives me something interesting to laugh at.

    Anyways, the reason her eyebrows are a orange is because whoever did her hair thought they should match. But the person obviously left the dye on too long. And now poor Miley is left to have plenty of negative comments because of some terrible hairdresser/stylist/cosmetologist, whichever one. The fact that she dyes her hair often just means that she’s a teenager. Teenagers like change, trust me. I dyed my hair ten times before going back to my original color.

    As for her style, she wears what she wants to put on in the morning. The fact that she keeps wearing clothing that causes you people to go, “What is she wearing?” “She has no style,” just means that she doesn’t care what you think.

    At least she isn’t conforming to peer or rather fan and non-fan pressure.

  3. 28
    tom Says:

    i agree enough of this girl shes not that great,its annoying,and whats up with the hair its dead from all the dyes she needs a major cutttt

  4. 29
    Mandy Says:

    hahhaha !
    I so agree with Jes, xD
    It’s soo true what she says !!
    that’s all I got to say :) HAHAHAHAH !
    i’m dying here XD AHHAHAH !

  5. 30
    cAMILLE Says:


    if it is so annyoing, so dont go in here and read or look at the pics of Miley!!!

    and all them there writing bad comments, NO LIFE!

    -sorry if my english is bad..

  6. 31
    ashley Says:

    she only want some fame…
    that’s the reason she
    go out…just x paparazzi…
    I hate miley
    i’m sick to see her face all the time
    i want jonas brothers please!ª!
    we want more zanessa..

  7. 32
    ashley Says:

    and so agree with
    she has no style..
    she has a lot of money..
    isn’t enough to buy new clothes …

  8. 33
    hollywood loverrrr Says:

    and then there are some teenagers (like me when i was a teenager) who NEVER dyed their hair…so it’s not every teenager…and technically im in the last year of my teens…i think it’s funny that she now goes to the places zanessa have been seen at. i like the girl but i don’t like to hear her talk

  9. 34
    fann. Says:

    you haters are hilarious.
    do you really think she cares about what you think ?
    NO, she doesn’t she’s a teenage girl.
    jeez, give her a break.
    at least she spends time with her family.
    ehh, so your telling me, if she wasn’t famous but she still dressed/looked the same then you’ld still pick on her/slag her off ?
    no, just because she’s what you call now ‘famous’ doesn’t give you the right to pick on her. Just because she’s made the most of her life and tried her hardest, probably unlike most of you.
    in my opinion, she’s a beautiful, talented 15 year old girl. totally normal in every aspect who just wants to have fun and her own style. I’m telling you, she doesn’t go out alot just for attention from papparzzi, maybe it’s actualy because she has a life and doesn’t stay bottled up indoors in frontof the compuuter al her life.
    it discusts me that she can’t go out and do one normal ‘teenage thing without being followed endlessly. all i’m saying is give her a break. i’m sure she doesn’t give two hoots about what you think. shes HAPPY x

  10. 35
    mileywood Says:

    how does she always pull off looking so goregous? even when she’s just going out for some coffee. :)

  11. 36
    Shara Says:

    How did her hair get brown a again it was black

  12. 37
    KAsia Says:

    woah! i liked her other hair color better
    this one’s weird
    and ughh! whats with the brows?

  13. 38
    hmm Says:

    she’s a gorgeous girl, but im not feeling the “orange-ish” hair. The older new shade suited her! She’s always changing it up though, im sure she’ll go back to the old color soon..

    anyway, she’s adorable. cute outfit. I saw her in concert recently, shes amazing!

  14. 39
    ybba Says:

    Ugly ugly ugly.

  15. 40
    alba Says:

    her eyebrows and hair look ugly here

  16. 41
    mrs.nicholasjerryjonas Says:

    i agree with joanie anda ariana dont make fun of somebody u dont even know. back off! but i do dislike miley
    ***dont HATE the person, DISLIKE the things theyve done***


  17. 42
    kindra Says:

    lmao @ 03/13/2008 at 1:41 am , you can trash miley, its your opinion, but call her fans immature…YOUVE CROSSED THE LINE *****. You dont know me or her fans, so shut up you ***.

  18. 43
    amy Says:

    LUV YA MILES!!!!!!!!!! Those sandles are really cute! I have the same boots as her mom… I think…

  19. 44
    Jackie Says:

    I love miley Cyrus she is So Talented. and i only like Nick Jonas I haate the rest of them

  20. 45
    Rebeca Says:

    And i agree with Jes!

  21. 46
    Rebeca Says:

    And i agree with Jes!

  22. 47
    Miley rocks Says:

    Miley looks so pretty!! i love her outfit..

  23. 48

    I love her outfit it’s cute and her hair looks beautiful girls change they color a lot she’s a normal teenager and she doesn’t care if you like her or not, she knows she’s got HATERS and it’s okay with it so haters keep been inmature I love her keep postin about MILEY jared she’s amazing and if JB is so cool how come they don’t sell much albums

  24. 49

    LOOK AT THE SECOND PICTURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. 50


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