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Miley's Mother-Daughter Coffee Run

Miley's Mother-Daughter Coffee Run

Miley Cyrus picks up an early morning caffeine boost from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Momager Leticia ‘Tish’ Cyrus accompanied her 15-year-old daughter for her daily coffee run before the pair headed to work in the studio.

The mother-daughter duo have on matching sweatsuits and flip-flops!

And as JJ reader pinkrose says, “One can’t wish for too much peace, right Smiley?

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  • amanda

    look at

    i love miley

  • pinkrose

    Guess one can’t wish for too much peace, right Smiley?

  • ASH

    she changed her hair color!

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/mileycyrusjamaica Tayler(supports miley & brit


  • delfo

    firsst?, i love her

  • wtf

    Wondering how she’ll look like when she is older if now she is butt ugly…

  • stepha


  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    lindsay’s mother is looking a lot different nowadays.

  • Becca

    wish she would stop with that peace sign

  • care bear

    does she know that her bra is sooo sticking out?

  • LINA

    i love miley she look so gorgeous

  • Here’s The Deal


  • Rae

    Cover your bra Miley.

  • melissa

    i used to love her,
    now im just freaken sick of seeing her

  • Anna

    First time I see her mother!

  • ybba

    Lol, I was just there =P She actually looks cute.

  • jbloveee

    ew i hate her and her mothers as much as a skank as she is.

  • ruoymom

    FYI Miley, the peace craze is over. If you’re going to be stereotypical, at least be up to date.

  • missy

    does that girl go to school??

  • jbloveee

    oh and miley hunny we see your bra.

  • monkeyman476

    shes getting really annoying now that shes on everyday. and besides shes not even that hot. if anything shes not hot at all

  • lauren

    Love you Miley!

  • kk

    Her bra looks kinda like a bathing suit top, but man her and her mom sure love the coffee bean!
    But I do like her outfit!

  • anne

    miley rules õ/



  • amy

    OMG! guys get a life!! ffs shes 15 years old and so what if her bra is showing its maybe the style of her top! and if shewants to changeher hair color or do the peace sign let her!! your just jelous shes famous and pretty and your BUTUGLY!! get a life!!


  • Meridethx3

    haha her MOM’s shirt is totalllly see through
    you can see all of her bra
    jeez get some clothes on kids.

  • emily

    I’m responding to Amy…We are not jealous of her!!! The reason I absolutely despise her is because she is overated…She can’t sing or act. I actually think she’s pretty and not unfortunate looking.
    I hate the fact that like a half of people like her only because she’s “hot”. That’s stupid. She is loving the attention that she’s getting and I hate that! The pap. are going to hound her and stalk her and I bet she will still stick up a peace sign and flash her pearly whites.

    People need to realize that she needs to find a talent and find a profession that will actually suit her talent. She is not talented and the job she has doesn’t suit her talent because she can’t act or sing.
    Miley, it’s okay if your bra is showing a little, but you might want to wear a different top next time???

  • LMO

    I’d question your musical taste if you find mileys voice amazing possibly get your head checked too.

  • imogen

    i love miley!
    keep on posting jared

  • bgl

    JJ. WE ARE CLEARLY SICK OF MILEY. If Miley fans want to hear about her, they can go to her fansites. The rest of us would like it if Miley weren’t in our face everytime we go on this website. I would like to hear about real STARS, not little no-talent 15 year old Disney commodities. THANK YOU.

  • patty

    mileys haters are so stupid -.- if you dont like dont comment dont look, maybe i dont like your fave satars and i wont be mean for you and your fave star

    mileys is the best, love her

  • patty

    and miley is talented, she is! you will get the proof of that

  • Karla

    jared, don’t worry…we love miley! the haters are jealous of her. she is clearly not ugly and if her music is so bad…why is she selling so many albums and making so much money?

    We love you MILES!


    Pull up your shirt skank

  • me

    Some of you are RIDICULOUS

    First off, her shirt probably slid down a bit.. happen all the time with tank tops. NOT a big deal.

    Second, those saying she likes the attention and you hate her becuase of it? how in the world do you know she likes it? she may be just smiling to be friendly and sweet. And im sure its nice to get some sort of attention/reccognition when you work that hard. We arent in her place so we dont know

    And lastly those saying she cant sing are just idiots. Look up “read set dont go” live, thatll prove wrong.

    Love this girl. She’s the real deal.

  • hey

    Miley’s adorable. Those saying she isnt talented should see her in concert, she’s truely an amazing performer with a great voice.

  • luciana

    STOP with the @#$!-ing peace sign! Find a new gesture, ok? She can’t think of anything else to do?

  • me

    who cares if she does the peace sign or not?! honestly, whats the big freakin deal!? Atleast its something positive instead of flipping off the paps.

  • luciana

    I care. It annoys me. Let her flip of the paps. That’s what kids her age do. Anything – positive or otherwise – can be overdone. Even throwing up bunny ears. Actually, I think her flipping off the paps would be hysterical! Now THATS news worthy!

  • mrs.nicholasjerryjonas

    come on! these people follow her everywhere! shes really getting on my nerves! shes just everywhere you look and maybe we wanna see someone besides her! shes very pretty ill give her that but she wears too much makeup! i used to be her biggest fan but then she started dating nick…i think thats the way i hate her sooo much, i guess. but shes probably going to be the next britany or lindsay, but i here lindsays getting help. no offense to mileylovers but i hate this girl soooo much!!! :)


    MILey’s friend many JIROUX is a stripper!!


  • mrs.nicholasjerryjonas

    ughhhhhh…stop coloring your hair! it was fine when you colored it back from black then you colored it again then you color it again! your totally going to mess up your hair!

  • sex rex

    TO HEY: “Miley’s adorable. Those saying she isnt talented should see her in concert, she’s truely an amazing performer with a great voice.”

    Actually, I did see her in concert at the Staples Center. So try again. And to those of you who say the haters are jealous: I’m not seeing much to be jealous of. I agree with what bgl said. If you’re a fan of Miley go to her fansites.

  • Zoey COPPER


  • Caden Jayy


  • mrs.nicholasjerryjonas

    im also commenting on amy.
    emily basically said it for me.(thanx! :) ) ok ill break down the facts…
    1. miley is enjoying her att. way too much
    2. i dont really mind the shirt just pull it up
    3. i used to luv miley but im starting to hate what shes become or going to become amy (no offense) but miley actually sings pretty good and can act too (again no offense) but she can probably sing and act better than all of the mileyhaters and mileyluvers

    personally…i dont know if im a hater or a lover but calling people names and making fun of them because their getting too much attention or their bras showing is not a reason to go and hate somebody.
    ***dont HATE the person, DISLIKE the things theyve done***

  • sal

    God, I hate her.

    She is so obnoxious. I watched her in an interview on Access Hollywood with her father and she was so unprofessional. Grow up MIley, act your fucking age. She was sooo immature during the interview, telling her dad to shut up and stuff.

    You shut up Miley, you give music a bad name!

  • Anonymous

    I have no reason in particular, but I can’t stand her.