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America Ferrera @ ShoWest 2008

America Ferrera @ ShoWest 2008

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 costars America Ferrera and Alexis Bledel attend the Warner Bros. Pictures presentation of “The Big Picture ’08″ held at the Paris Las Vegas during ShoWest on Thursday.

Director Sanaa Hamri explained that the new installment takes up three years after the first ended. “The girls are a little older, a little wilder,” she said.

America, 23, wore a strapless brown Angela Sanchez dress, Jimmy Choo shoes and Ippolita jewels.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 opens this summer on Aug. 8.

15+ pictures inside of America Ferrera @ ShoWest 2008

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  • Susan


  • Naomi


  • sarah

    cant wait 4 the movie =]

  • mad

    I love America!! She’s gorgeous!!Natural beauty!

  • Chelsea

    I lOVE Alexis bledel,she is one of my favorite actresses!

    she’s so pretty!

  • http://justjared zerfonluver


  • latina3

    wow, alexis has beautiful eyes and is the more “standard’ beauty- but AMERICA REALLY SHINES, she stands out in a beautiful way!

  • Kimbo

    I am sooo excited for the second movie, as well. I have read all three books and love all four of the actresses, so I think it’ll be great!

  • jo

    Wow it’s awesome seeing Alexis out and about. Her eyes are to die for.
    I’m so excited for the movie

  • curious

    Wow!!! Milo has really downgraded. Alexis is GORGEOUS

  • nams

    alexis’ dress looks suspiciously like the one natalie portman wore to the berlin (? i think) premiere of “the other boleyn girl”. she’s still a cutie though.

  • rory

    I want MORE Alexis!!! she is stunning and talented and really beautiful!

  • rory

    oh and America is simply breath-taking!!!

  • hola ya’ll


  • Nina

    America is stunning! Beautiful!! So is Alexis!

  • amber

    Two lovely Latinas!

  • André

    Alexis is SOOOOOOOO beautiful it’s almost unbelievable!
    Her eyes are perfection.

  • legs

    did america lose some weight? she and alexis looks pretty.

  • num

    Alexis Bledel is such a HORRIBLE actress. I really had wished she would just go away after Gilmore Girls.

  • M.

    I like Alexis and america. did you know alexis dad is froma argentina and her mom is mexican?? Cool! Her first lang. is spanish!

  • Casey

    America is lovely (inside and outside)….class, intelligence, and great wisdom for a 23-year-old!

  • laurie

    So cute luv America.

  • eliza

    Alexis is SO gorgeous. Milo and her should get back together
    She is much better in every way than fugly Hayden.
    Alexis is such a great actress and so much prettier than America.
    Lol when they stand next to each it other it just emphasises how much prettier she is.

  • Sarah

    #23 lol eliza a big NO to what you said. America is way better than Alexis. America is a good actress and Alexis is not. She has absolutely no personality and has a squished little face with a seven inch forehead that she has to cover with bangs. Her eye color is the only good thing about her but if she didn’t have that no one would be impressed.

  • annaversary

    Alexis Bledel’s EYES ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  • RC

    I love Bledel! Whoooohooo I’m excited for the next movie :D

  • Sofie

    About the designer, please make a correction

    It´s ANGEL Sanchez


  • lisa

    I love Alexis Bledel. She’s beautiful and I loved her character in Gilmore Girls. Is it just me or does America seem like she doesn’t want to be there? She would look much prettier if she smiled. The expression on her face just looks unflattering.

  • lark

    I really missed Alexis these days…
    Soo please please please dear Alexis SHOW US YOURSELF SOME MORE!

  • dedaas

    Alexis is so fuc*ing pretty!!!!

  • betty

    Maybe Alexis is not a very good actress, but then Gilmore Girls was so different high speed acting. I have not seen anything but The Sisterhood of…and GG.
    A big forehead…?! Look at most models head…..oh wait she started modeling before acting!!! She is very pretty….not at all like Hayden. She is more a tomboy and maybe Milo changed is that way.

  • mio

    omg, America! you’re HOTTTTT! :)

  • jeris

    Please JJ, please feature MORE of Alexis. You could never go wrong everytime you features someone like her who’s TRULY beautiful, sensible and definitely NO media whore…

  • finn

    Alexis really looks like a FLAWLESS & FRAGILE PORCELAIN DOLL…
    I really like her coz she looks genuine & so not annnoying unlike those superficial starlets whom I regularly see here doing just about anything that you see on Reality TV- they just sucks while Alexis just rocks!

  • betty

    Maybe Alexis is not a very good actress, but I only know her from GG and The Sisterhood of..oh yes and the little little part in Sin City(that was cool). GG is such different high speed talking acting. Alexis is just so cute/pretty to look at, but then Angelina Joli is also pretty and can not really act a complext character.
    Hayden is a tomboy not at all like Alexis…I guess Milo just changed in that way.

  • blair

    Id say Alexis is one celeb who truly goes well w/ the BANGS… and of course it is, she’s got a real pretty face and so not lacking on the height department…

  • shaye

    Hopefully, the SOTP sequel could TOPPED at the box-office since most of them (Alexis, America & Blake)are quite popular already…

  • trist

    Yay! Finally some new photos of Alexis. As usual ,she looks good & beautiful as always. I personally love the fact that she ISNT in the media all the time as it shows that she’s one celeb who has true sense & sensibilities unlike most of her contemporaries..

  • niles

    Alexis is really photogenic & still looks soo young looking even at the age of 26. She really reminds me of Bella from the Twilight.
    Think that she could still pass up an 18 year old and America could play an older stepsister of her… LOL

  • skye

    @ # 38

    I’m a regular visitor of some tabloid blogs and Alexis Bledel is the kind of celeb/face that I want to see “regularly” on those post. It would totally a “breath of fresh air” seeing her there once in a while instead of some coke-heads, media whores or some wannabees who dont even have the right looks to be called celebrities!

  • Erica

    Hopefully if they hang out long enough America can rub off some of her talent and personality to Alexis so she can have some. Come on people Alexis doesn’t get posted because she doesn’t get invited to any events, she has to show up with someone with actually talent to get in.

  • dig

    I loved Gilmore Girls and I liked Alexis Bledel’s character on the show but all her interviews are always bad and she never does anything for her fans. I mean she can at least give some of her time and show up to a few charity events and let her fans know that she is doing well.

  • bebo

    wow, Alexis is painfully gorgeous !!

  • t cup

    America is fugly so don’t be so kind to the truth , she is not the greatest actress either. She was fat and fugly with a flat nose and now is trying to lose weight. I don’t know who the other woman is so i can’t comment, on her acting skills,but America was so proud of her curves until Ugly Betty made it big so now she wants to lose weight which is ok. but she is still fugly. People like her only because she has no baggage because there is nothing special about her acting skills.

  • says_me

    @ # 41 & 42

    Oh please, you two just “bitching” around coz Alexis got MORE doting comments than America though this thread her name (America)…. shame.. shame… shame….
    But can you blame Alexis’ fans?! They’ve probably missing her coz she’s been MIA for a quite a while now and in the world of this “superficial Hollywood”, Its the “beauty” that makes FIRST impression so you two just to DEAL w/ that!

  • nychica

    I agree MILO definately DOWNGRADED with Hayden! Alexis is gorgeous!!! i miss her and Lauren Graham :(

  • dig

    #45 I have followed up to date with Alexis and I know she has been MIA; she does nothing for her fans not even give her time to do a charity event or anything. Nothing to let her fans know what causes she supports or encourage them to help. You’re pretty much agreeing with others that say she can’t act and that’s why comments from her ‘fans’ are only about the superficial. She will be another Jessica Alba; a joke to be considered an actress but it’s ok for people who say they are her fans because omg she has blue eyes!

  • lough

    Does this Gilmore chick ever look bad? Honestly, you could put a dirty rag on her and she’d make you wanna buy it too. I want to hate her coz she cant “stop” being soo damn pretty – LOL!

  • finlay

    @ She will be another Jessica Alba; a joke to be considered an actress…

    Oh please that would be SACRILEGIOUS! I think the so-so actresses ( & unskanky types) like Anne Hathaway or Emmy Rossum could be more tolerable to compare w/ AB…

    IN ESSENCE, Alexis may “not” be the most beautiful or talented actress around but it’s her bashful & unassuming personality that stands her out from the rest w/c is soo rare in Hollywood these days. The likes of Paris, Sienna, Lindsay, the Jessicas’, those OC starlets, etc. are soo publicity-hungry that they would do & flaunt anything & everything just to get their face in the rag tabloids. Go figure…

  • dig

    #49 Oh yeah she is bashful but not endearing she is just plain boring. She’s had like one good interview and the rest are her not even trying. Anne and Emmy can act way better than her, have personalities and actually do things. But thanks to people like #45 who support the superficial she’s just gonna take roles from other actresses who may not be as pretty but actually have talent.