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Bar Refaeli Plants Seeds of Peace

Bar Refaeli Plants Seeds of Peace

Bar Refaeli attends the special “Seeds of Peace” event at Capitale on Thursday in New York City.

Leo DiCpario‘s on-and-off girlfriend wore a black modified Gucci one-shoulder mini with matching leggings.

At the event, New York Mets General Manager Omar Minaya was honored by the nonprofit organization with the Peace Maker Award.

Omar is being recognized for his passion, leadership and respect for diversity,” said Robert Holcomb, vice president of development for Seeds of Peace.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli planting her seeds of peace…

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bar refaeli seeds of peace 01
bar refaeli seeds of peace 02
bar refaeli seeds of peace 03
bar refaeli seeds of peace 04
bar refaeli seeds of peace 05
bar refaeli seeds of peace 06
bar refaeli seeds of peace 07
bar refaeli seeds of peace 08
bar refaeli seeds of peace 09
bar refaeli seeds of peace 10
bar refaeli seeds of peace 11
bar refaeli seeds of peace 12

Photos: Scott Wintrow/Getty
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  • maddie

    she’s pretty

  • dicaprio lovaah

    she looks okey,I have seen a lot better though..

  • bb

    So what? I still don`t get it why women like Sarah Larson or Bar Rafaeli deserve a post. She is pretty but without Leo nobody would care about her. A.K.A. Leo`s girlfriend, without that it would be hard to identify her. Just another pretty blonde model/ former waitress who dates a rich and famous guy…

  • YUYT

    she is PERFECT !

  • alicia

    she is a stunner. i love everything about her. her adorable freckles, pink lips, sun kissed skin, athletic body. she is perfect!

  • fat-momo

    i love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • anonymus

    I hear it from more and more sources that Leo cheats on her frequently. I wonder if she is still an `on girlfriend`… I never got her appeal. Gorgeous face but boring and forgettable.

  • jamie

    she’s actually pretty. i like the freckles on her nose. :-)

  • Sasha

    What a beautiful young woman. So rare to see models looking as healthy as her. I guess she was invited to that event because she is commited to this organization just like she is to Project Sunshine.

    Anonymous… are you making all this up again? I mean isn’t your record of “Leo supposedly cheating on his Bar” a little old. Please grow up, girl! And get a life!

  • Logan

    She’s very pretty. I don’t get why she gets scorn because she benefits from her relationship. Many women do. Outside the modeling industry, who knew Gisele’s name before she dated LD? Even actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Williams upped their profile after hooking up with more famous people. Would we even know who Liz Hurley is if it wasn’t for Hugh Grant? Why crucify this girl?


    She is Blah, and yeah the POst ran a blind item about Leo cheating on her. But hey she gets the attention and career thank to Leo so she must suck it up

  • Sasha

    For the ones who wonder why she is on that red carpet – Bar is a honorary member of the organization.

    I don’t think Leo DiCaprio had anithing to do with that. Am I wrong?

  • dwangela

    She seems like a younger version of Gisele…

  • she was in my high school (2 years older than me)
    trust me she is breathtaking!

  • tom

    She looks 15 yrs old. She’s very average, nothing special.


    So Sasha you work for her PR firm, or what of course they would put a randon model on their Board (whish is BS) not one that is connected to a major actor. Yeah right!!!
    SAsha nobody is buying what you are selling.

  • D

    Monica, you hate Bar because your obsessed with Gisele. Get over it, everyone has moved on, so should you.


    D, I do not hate Bar, that would be silly I wish her and her family all the best, I just hate being treated like a moron and being whitewashed.
    For the record I am not a Gisele fan and I could not care less who Leo dates.
    I am not a hater lets just call facts by their name.

  • D

    Sasha – If that’s the case why don’t you criticize anyone else? There is a Sarah Larson thread a few stories down, you didn’t post there. If there was ever a woman that exemplifies the point you are trying to make it is SL, more so than Bar.


    D, I guess I am not just that passionate about this, I like this website for the pics mostly, I am a peaceful person, please do not get upset over something so trivial and stupid. Why do you care so much, is she your friend or something?

  • Naima

    Oh please an Israeli for peace, the only time they will acheive peace in their minds is when they kill every Palestinian in Gaza and West Bank. Jared get the hell out of here with posting photos of this b!tch, nobody cares about her, only reason they do is cuz she’s dating Di Caprio. Isreali’s for peace what a joke…. Average face and average everything else, what a waste of space.

  • D

    Oops, sorry I meant to write Monica, not Sasha. Anyhow, I’m not upset about anything. It’s your opinion and your entitled to it. It just seems like a double standard that she gets attacked for fame by association when there are many other people that get famous the same way.

  • louise

    Naima – Are arabs for peace? I think not. Blowing up buildings and trains with innocent people in them. Stabbing a man while he biked because he directed a film that pointed out the unjust treatment of muslim women. Starting riots for cartoons. Not one muslim leader condemned those actions. Who are you kidding? You are the waste of space, honey

  • Bethany

    Does anyone ELSE notice the ring on her left hand??

  • lilly

    Sasha is a hard core Bar fan, it is well known, she thinks of Bar as a saint. Monica didn`t write anything about Giselle so why is she a Giselle fan? Bar tends to wear mysterious rings on her left hand this wouldn`t be the first time ( PR maybe? ). And I have heard rumors about Leo playing the field and cheating on Bar, too, this week e.g. in the NY Post. Sorry, Sasha.
    I think she is pretty, pretty face and nice body but not a good model. She is overexposed because of Leo ( just like Sarah Larson gets all the attention because of GC) and I think that annoys people. At least me, since I don`t really see a really good model when it comes to Bar and all I can read she is `supermodel`. Pretty for sure but nothing else.

  • ihb

    I cannot tell how much I dislike Bar and how much I like Leo. I don`t think much of her but if for some reason that`s all Leo wants I`m happy for him ( only for him ). I wish soon ( after dating for like over 2 years ) I`m going to see at least one picture on which they don`t look like two downright miserable people next to each other. I wanna see Leo happy with whoever he picks. If it`s Bar then it`s Bar. :(
    But these gossips about Leo cheating seem to be persistent. First I didn`t believe it because of unreliable sources but I do now.

  • tom

    she’s pretty but not like a supermodel and I’m not even a fan of Gisele who’s got a manly face

  • soso

    yeah right…a jewish who stands for peace…lol
    and the girl is very average I’m surprised she’s a supermodel well not that surprise since jews have too much power …


    Lilli thank you and I completely agree with you!!!! Luv YA!!!

  • bb

    It seems that being only pretty, mediocre model and dating a hotshot translates to supermodel. LOL!
    To Sasha- She might be a honorary member but nobody would care who she is if the `a.k.a. Leonardo Dicaprio`s girlfriend` wasn`t attached to her name all the time.
    Congratulations to the Leonardo Dicaprio Modeling Agency, good job.

  • Sasha

    Bethany…. I also noticed the ring! Hmmm… interesting.

  • Emily

    She is a Stunner

  • Logan

    I see the ring. Honestly though, I don’t think Leo will get married for a looong time, if ever. He just strikes me as a perennial bachelor. Bar is beautiful though.

  • Paty

    Cute girl, but call her super model is ridiculous.

  • laurie

    She looks like she’s 12, Very pretty though she has it all over “FUG”Giselle

  • bb

    #35 You don`t like Giselle, ok. But why do you have to be so vicious about her if she wasn`t even mentioned here. I don`t think she has a gorgeous face either and I know many people compare the two because of Leo but this post is about Bar so why trash someone else?
    The ring is still a long shot, Leo has issues with commitment and honestly it`s not the first time I see Bar with a ring on her left hand. Different rings all the time, though. We will see…

  • Mor

    I see her from time to time in Israel.. I don’t understand all the hype around her as well. She’s nice- nothing more. Anyway- nice comment about the jews *soso* – you’re not a racist at all. I wish you well.

  • pookey

    oh 36 lighten up who are you Giselle’s mother…..

  • bb

    Why do I need to lighten up? Because I don`t understand why people trash someone who has absolutely nothing to do with this post?

  • Just Curious

    Do you think Bar Refaeli is of German, Sweden or Polish descent? Or is her parents of German, Sweden or Polish descent? If her parents are not, is Bar possibly adopted? Lots of different races live in different places. Yes she may be Israeli, but does that make her of Hebrew descent? Or perhaps her genes overrode her parents genes by some evolution.

  • jennifer

    Bar Refaeli is beautiful and stunning, love her freckles and dimples. And you haters are all jealousy and envious people, leave Leo and Bar in peace. If you don’t like her so just no comment . I Like her clothes, notice the ring too, I just see her using a ring in the left hand but not this one, it’s a different ring, I don’t know if they are engaged but I hope so, I think Leo and Bar make a cute couple!!!

  • Martinilush

    WTF is she wearing??? She’s a model – she has access to some hot designer’s stash and she picks this hideous getup?? She is very pretty, though.

  • to just curious

    She is Jewish, and as far as I know isn’t adopted. She looks like her mother. Despite stereotypes, Jews have many different complexions and features. She is most likely an Ashkenazi Jew, which mean her ancestors were probably Eastern European. So while her religion is Jewish, her ethnic background could be Polish, German or Russian etc…

  • Monica

    So much ignorance here that I don’t know where to start! First of all Bar is 100% Jewish which is both a religion and ethnicity. Bar is not religious but she has Jewish blood and is not ethnically Eastern European even if her mother’s family immigrated to Israel from Russia.

    All Jews originated in ancient Israel and then were dispersed throughout the world by the Romans after Israel was destroyed. Please study your history people!

    Israel wants peace but the Arabs don’t. Eight Jewish boys were killed in a yeshiva, a religious Jewish school, last week by an Arab Muslim terrorist and the Arabs actually celebrated by dancing in the streets and giving out candy! What kind of “people” celebrate the murder of children? Arabs only want to murder Jews and steal their land. End of story!

    Bar is hated in Israel. She’s a draft-dodger who attacks Israel all the time. Bar was pictured wearing a keiffiyah, an Arab scarf, which signfies support of Arab terrorists. It’s no surprise that Bar is part of the “Seeds of Peace” group because it’s notorioulsy anti-Israel. She’s a traitor to her country and people.

    I really doubt that Bar is wearing an engagment ring, she wishes! There has been numerous reports in the last month that Leo has been cheating on Bar. Whether there true or not Leo is definately not ready to settle down.

    If the rumors are true Bar won’t split with Leo because she needs him for publicity. Without Leo she’s nothing. Bar is a media-whore and wants to be famous no matter how she gets there, including sleeping with a womanizer. That makes her the same as a hooker.

    I’m curious to know why you think the cheating rumours are true. I’m not convinced but I have to admit the the reports have been are all over the place which makes me wonder. We’ll see.

  • Sasha

    monica, your long useless post is full of mistakes… and don’t try to give anyone a lesson of Bar’s life. You are pathetic. Because you are ignorant about Leo and Bar. Totally.

  • anonymus

    Sasha, I have read many of your comments about Bar ( previous posts, too ) and you tend to attack almost everyone who has a negative opinion about her. You should chill out a little and let other people express their opinion even if it is negative. I personally don`t think Bar is as innocent and perfect as so many people think but if you do it`s fine but let other people think differently. You don`t need to go after everyone who doesn`t like her. Are you her bodyguard or publicist?

  • acne_Bar_o_Soap

    YUCK…Her again…and Her Again, without LEO…at least that
    Herpes virus sore is gone…You know..The one From Christmas Her and LEONARDO out in Venice…..Oh Thanks To LEONARDO for bringing her into the public attention. – Did anyone see this Chick in the newer 2008 SI swimsuit…Shes Not All That……..oh well.

  • acne_Bar_o_Soap

    And NO, – I’m not jealous…..This is Just Ridiculous…
    Bar would NOT Famous, Without Leonardo DiCaprio…..

  • someone

    I think she’s very pretty in these pictures. She’s much nicer to look at than Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton so what’s the problem?

  • Monica

    The only one who writes “useless” post is you Sasha. You are an ignorant, stupid bimbo. That’s obviously why you admire a dumb slut like Bar. How do know anything about Bar and Leo? Do you know them personally? Only in your sick fantasy world.

    You are such an idiot! Go back to school and learn how to use correct grammar.

    I gave a history lesson to all the anti-semites and bashers of Israel. Can you please point out my mistakes, Einsten? You obviously like Bar because she’s a self-hater who disses her country and people all the time. Are you a nazi? Crawl back under the rock you came out of loser!