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The Heidi Montag Collection

The Heidi Montag Collection

The Hills vixen Heidi Montag previewed her fashion line on Us Weekly. Dresses, tops, jeans, bags and jewelry are all priced under $60 and will be available nationwide at Anchor Blue stores starting this April.

Here are some choice quotes from Heidi, who’s her own spokesmodel:

On her line being more affordable than ex-pal Lauren Conrad: “Lauren’s line is not necessarily something I would wear – she’s trying a high-fashion thing, but it’s a little overpriced. Mine is fun and flirty for the everyday woman. Most people can’t afford $200 for one dress.”

On how people can dress her clothes up and down: “Throw on flats or heels, you’re ready to go!”

On her former BFF Lauren: “When we were in school, I was the designer, and she was in, like, product development.”

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  • Catherine

    1st!!!!!!!! hahaha!!!!!

  • grace

    Even if I couldn’t afford $200 for one dress I wouldn’t give this skank two pennies toward staying around one more minute!

  • edena

    Hate her.

  • Savannah

    good for her. ha i see that she’s making her 15 minutes of fame worth while.

  • Verity

    Is the line for hookers or something?

  • Marley

    wow this collection is horrible! lauren’s is way better.
    and if heidi was supposedly the designer “first” then why didnt her line come out first? she took the idea from lauren

  • Helena

    Who is even going to buy this cráp? Horses?

  • Shivonaaa

    whose going to buy it?

    girls with fake tits, no morals and definately NO SINGING TALENT :)

  • coco

    So funny how she always has to mention Lauren in every quote. Wouldn’t spend a dime on her

  • liz

    she sucks, but her line is way better and cheaper than Lauren’s

  • houston

    i don’t think they’re for the everyday woman, she hates lauren so she took advantage of the opportunity to say what said, although all we know that it is not certain because the lauren’s line is brilliant and of much class

  • Padma

    looks average

  • What?!

    She is so trashy..why does she always have to find a way to put lauren down in everything she says? Her line is cheaper but there is no way I will ever buy anything she is trying to sell…this is just another thing Heidi is trying to so to be a celebrity and I hope she fails horribly.

  • mimi

    #5 lol!

  • stchicka

    her clothes are just as fug as she is…GROSS!!!!

  • Belen

    Even if they cost 5 cents, I would not buy any her shit. It looks like a collection for women working the street. Lauren clothes may be simple, but they are beautiful and classy. Please stop posting about this bitch.

  • kim W

    Who would wear this crap? Not the “everyday woman” I know that maybe the everday Hooker. Lauren’s may be pricey but it is not trashy. I bet Heidi is going to sell hers at Frederick’s Of Hollywood next to the edible panties.

  • hola ya’ll

    WTF whose gonna buy this woman that look like A HORSE TORI SPELLING??? JENIFER ANISTON??????

  • Marco

    Ladies, don’t buy this crap, you’ll look cheap and tacky. Look at Heidi’s face, that work she had done on her lips is hideous. Plastic surgery makes you look worse. Enjoy your natural beauty.

  • pauline

    I think Heidi is right, not everyone can afford to buy expensive dresses, her line is cute and affordable!!!

  • Belen

    Her line looks like something for women working the street. lauren line maybe simple, but it is beautiful and classy.

  • Belen

    Her line looks like something for women working the street. lauren line maybe simple, but it is beautiful and classy.

  • liz

    1. The clothes look hideous.
    2. Didn’t she drop out to be in PR, what ever happened to that?
    3. LC’s clothes aren’t that cute either…

  • marie

    wtf? her last comment about school, wasn’t she the one who skipped classes and stuff??

    i don’t like her..

  • marie

    and (sorry to post another comment hah) i think that her clothes would get lost in the mix. there are so many other designers that have clothes exactly like that.

    under $60? so, like, $50-something? you can go to Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Ross and get a dress that looks like that for, at most, $25.

  • iloveny

    She looks like a hooker for the Emperors Club. Trash.

  • Natx3

    Is she going to try every single career that you can have in hollywood and still be famous until she finally succeeds?!

    Wow Heidi just GIVE IT UP.
    Your 15 minutes of fame are OVER.


    The bag is cute, but the rest of it is ho-hum. It’s the same old stuff we see coming and going every day. Most of it would look good on Julia Robert’s hooker character in “Pretty Woman” but I don’t see the average woman running out to buy any of these clothes. #25 is right. There’s a Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Ross in most larger cities and you can get similar or better looks than this for about $25 or less.

    Why is it that everyone who has 15 minutes of fame considers themselves a designer/singer/actress these days? The next thing she’ll be doing is hawking a tell-all book. Do spare us please.

  • xtinaaa

    yeahhh for the everyday woman that wanted to be a trashy slut.

  • xtinaaa


  • Katie

    These close are so so so ugly! I know they will sell because they are in a mass-market store…but why would you design clothes like this…that look like everything else on the racks? There is nothing even unique about any of these items, you can find all of this same stuff everywhere else…and I don’t think people will buy it because it’s “heidi montag”…if anything that will steer people far far away. I’d rather spend the $200 on something from Lauren Conrad Collection- at least her stuff has style. Show this crap to any high fashion designer and they would probably vomit.

  • me

    Vanna White called, her Wheel of Fortune wardrobe is missing

  • yuiyuy

    omg she tries to be more famous than lauren but she is a *** horse and her collection looks like it was made for pimps and ***haha.and why is she always in this magazine!!??that is so*** !i can’t watch her ugly***face, rock lauren ,you’re the best ,everyone loves you,you’re beautiful

  • pm

    The difference here is Lauren actually designed her line,,,and Heidi just put her name on something…she is talentless…and she really needs to get over competing with Lauren! Girl is incredibly immature. But the, look at the imbecile she sleeps with!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    great line for tasteless poor people.

  • m

    it seriously does look like an ad for one of eliot spitzer’s girls in the emperor club. hahahahahaha.

  • mischa

    who in her right mind would even wear anything that has Heidi Montag’s name on it? I won’t even spend $5 that has anything connected to this horse face

  • Alyn

    I would rather go nake then wear Heidi Monthag

  • cassendra

    i would never buy her line….

  • hannah

    Shes right though, Laurens stuff is waaay overpriced.

  • Nancy

    This looks like something tranny hookers would wear. HOT MESS! And with all that shit she’s done to her face…hot mess is putting it lightly!

  • anonymous

    I would buy her clothes even though I don’t like her whatsoever. You have to admit LC’s clothes were boring and ugly and way over-priced. Who does LC think she is anyway to sell clothes that expensive. Heidi’s clothes are not that bad. Give her some credit.

  • andrea

    I will buy LC’s clothes anytime because it’s quality, Heidi I’m sorry but your clothes look s cheap.

  • latina3

    HAH- this girl always makes me laugh- but i like her (kind of)! she just doesnt have a clue.. BUT, THE CLOTHES are decent, i cann see it selling, very good for her!

  • Mrs Miller

    The only person who will wear those clothes is herself and maybe her f.a.g.g.o.t boyfriend

  • no, just no

    two words: the hurls

  • angela

    i actually like it better clothes than the lauren conrad collection. i am kinda impressed

  • nikko

    Come on yall, Most of you probably wear those type of dresses if you are slim and young. It’s what most women are wearing now. I’m not that fond of Heidi but at least her clothing is reasonably price. Since Lauren fan base is the “regular person,” she also should have her clothes at a price “regular women” can afford.

  • katie

    i wouldnt waste my money on ANYTHING to do with Heidi and or Spencer,

  • Christa

    Her line looks…plain. I would never buy any of that.