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Lindsay Lohan Leggings -- Soon on Sale!

Lindsay Lohan Leggings -- Soon on Sale!

Lindsay Lohan is transforming her love of leggings into a business!

“I’m doing my own leggings line! But it’s a secret,” she told Life & Style. (Not anymore!) “It will be a while before it comes out, but I’m going to do it. I love leggings.”

When asked how her leggings will stand out, Lindsay said, “They’ll have designs. Some of them will have prints and some will have patterns.”

WOULD YOU BUY Lindsay Lohan-branded leggings???

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  • Bianca

    first? yes!

  • Ms. Big Breast

    Leggings will Go out of style Very Soon! WATCH!

  • Susan

    I don’t like leggings. I’ll stick to wearing jeans.

  • Kelly


  • alex

    i probably would..dependson the price

  • mRS mILLER

    I would not buy her skanky leggings

  • Mia

    That’s kinda funny as almost every style section on every site hates Lindsay in her leggings. Leggins are not for everyone.

  • LT

    she needs the $$$$ cuz her career is floundering.
    let’s just say, she needs a ‘leg up’. and no, I wouldn’t
    buy anything she is hawking.

  • sunshine

    no. and she should stop wearing them soo much..

  • Lauren

    um . . . leggings are not cool. you have to be so skinny to be able to pull them off. they make her legs look huge!

  • maria

    no, i like leggins but after seeing her wearing them all the time i hate it

  • hollyword

    Lindsay Lohan Leggings look like lumber litter, lousy livery and *ucking crap

  • jen

    hell to the naaa :p…. leggings need to be out of style, they look tacky and like many people said previously are not for everyone, including Lindsay Lohan :D!!

  • heather

    So they come out of the package needing to be laundered? Cause it looks like it.

  • Jagoda

    Love Her !

  • fefe

    Oh yeah you bet! I’m totally IN! It’s so comfortable and she makes it look good!

  • toota

    umm…well i’d actually have to think about i, i dont care about the prices , if they r good i’d take them , but i dnt think lindsay’s leggings will be a huge hit and nice style and patterns

  • Backgammon_mexico

    is this a joke???? are you kidding?? kick these leggins

  • habsi

    i wouldn’t give her one penny !

  • icon_skunklinds

    Hey i’m interrested if she changes the leggings every day?Maybe she stinks.

  • Ko

    Leggings? You kidding me?!

    I can buy leggings at Wet Seal or Forever 21!

  • ericka

    yess i would
    im her #1 fan

  • april

    i would buy them but if there exoensive helz to the no.
    I could go get some from Jcpenny
    They were in last season idt theyll b in this season.

  • rolling eyes I

    Ha and when leggings become an out-dated trend, so will your pseudo fashion line, and if there’s justice – your pseudo acting career along with it.



    i wud luv to buy it but i know sooner its going 2b out of style… I PREFER JEANS :D by the way I STILL LOVE LINDSAY LOHAN coz SHES A PRETTY BAD GURL IN THE CITY :D

  • jesse

    what chick… would want to buy her leggings? Oh wait I take that back street hookers, would be all over those …. god lindsay how did you go from cute little innocent parent trap girl …to truly the sl*t of all sl*ts ??? Like mother like daughter?

    (Stupid coke wh*re)

    Jared, lemme know when you have REAL talent on here, because more than 90% of the time its these peanut brain broads

  • dawm

    leggings rock- all the chicks who don’t like them are usually fat and they look horrible in them

  • Joe schmo

    To all of you clueless young ladies out there… Guys think sheer tights (pantyhose) look sexy as hell. What colors? Tan or black, no patterns please. Opaque tights and leggings look like frumpy trailer trash attire.

  • Maria

    Leggings, pantyhose, tights, whichever you prefer to call them are classy and stylish! I love to wear them all! Women today need to take a note out of the European womens notebook and realize that they are still an essential part of a womans wardrobe! They make any outfit look better. And no, I dont have bad legs, big legs, etc…I just know what makes an outfit and still turns the guys heads! Put a pair of tan or black pantyhose on ladies…take notice to the positive attention you will receive! Females need to start at least trying to dress like ladies part of the time again!! (and i am 29 by the way, so dont call me old fashioned!)

  • Sebastian

    As a young male (23), I would have to agree with Joe Schmo and Maria. Women look so much sexier with sheer pantyhose/tights than with leggings or bare legs. The European still look classy and hot, not to mention put together, while the American women are getting to much into this bare leg trend. It looks trashy and not sexy, even if you have great, tan, unscared legs, why not dress them up with some hose and draw attention to them. I especially hate the business women with great skirts and fabulous shoes, only to be ruined with a pair of bare legs stuffed into them. Get a clue American women, why do you think pro cheerleaders (Dallas Cowboys,etc) and Hooters girls look so hot, it’s the sleek legs in pantyhose.

  • The Apache Princess Wynonna

    Well, I do agree with the comments about bear legs being nasty. So many people think they have the legs to pull it off,, but ya know what, you don’t! In fact I’d say 90% need that nylon makeup for the legs. And I can admit it, I need them to.
    But, the original question on the board is, would I buy Lohan’s leggings… Well first, I’m not the kind of person to buy a “name”, especially if I have to pay a premium for it. Second, while I am a pantyhose fan, I’m not really that fond of leggings, which are a slightly different animal.

  • surfgrrrl

    uh, leggings are for skanks who are too lazy to keep their legs shaved.

    compared to a pair of sheer black or flesh colored nylons, black opaques are soooo tacky . and having your fish-belly veiny white feet sticking out at the bottom is uber gross.

    I can under stand why Lilo doesnt wanna wear sheers, cuz she seems like her hygiene isn’t the best if you smell what Im cooking.

  • elena

    imo: the difference is leggins NO and tights YES

  • ??

    id buy them if they are not expensive. if they are over $35 i wouldn’t buy. it would totaly not be worth it.

  • ??

    id buy them if they are not expensive. if they are over $35 i wouldn’t buy. it would totally not be worth it.

  • babyyy belugaaaa

    oooooooooooooooofffffff courseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    i <3 leggings too

  • babyyy belugaaaa

    i would love too buy themm

    they need to like hurry and come outt

    i <3 leggings too

  • ballsintights

    I don’t know why someone just doesn’t come out and say it: Lindsay Lohan has a pantyhose/tights/leggings fetish. And that makes her alright in my book. She should take some pictures or star in a video like the ones on triple-double-u DOT jbvideo DOT com.

  • Erik

    Maria***** I may need to interview you for a documentary we are making. (I like what you said and totally agree).

    A lot of the websites are saying ‘leggings’, but it is going to be “leg-wear” (because they are afraid of the words ‘Pantyhose’ & ‘Tights’) (and some will be foot-less, but not all).

    Lindsay has really great, shapely Legs so she is a good person to endorse Pantyhose. Zoe DeChanel would be my 1st choice but Lindsay is right up there.

    I am a gentleman that definitly prefers a Woman in luxurious hosiery.

  • juliana

    “she who wears leggings is WH0RE”

    leggings are ugly. =]

  • Lauren

    I love the leggings Lindsay wears, her and her sister, (Ali), looks great in them, and I can’t wait for them to come out!

  • Amanda

    love leggings, depends on the price

  • rose

    i love those legings i can not wait for the legings to be out for sale if it is i want to buybecause i will wear them all day and all night keep doing your thang i love u girl

  • david

    I would love to and be proud to wear Lindsey Lohan Leggings!! Anything she does is OK with me. Please tell me wear I can get them. I would also like Lindsey Lohan short shorts. Please let me know. Thanks! Write me at Shorts_n_Stockings at Yahoo dot com.

  • Mylla

    I think she s smart
    and very sexy

    Me and my girl we illlll buy her leggings
    her arms her body ahahah

    Ill be in LA soon wish go out with Samantha Lindsay


  • Mylla

    she is hot and smart

    off course i would like to buy her legs jahahahaha

    and her body !!!!!!

    soooo sexy!

  • emily

    They’re selling them for a minimum of $99..

    NO WAY

  • Kierra

    i love leggings
    id definitely rock her line.