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Madonna - "Hard Candy" Album Cover

Madonna -

Madonna just released her Hard Candy album cover with her Madgesty wearing an “M” title belt in front of a lollipop backdrop.

It’s very reminiscent of Madonna & Justin Timberlake‘s “4 Minutes (To Save The World)” CD Cover.

The Queen of Pop also recently unleashed a mystery website called to help promote her new album. Lots of… number fours! Maybe we can expect something on April 4th??

Hard Candy is expected to drop internationally on Monday, April 28.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Madonna’s “Hard Candy” album cover??

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  • bae

    You have to hand it to her. She looks amazing

  • creativegirl

    well – its cool I guess, but it seems so recycled. She’s 50 – I mean she should be able to get her groove on and all, but I just don’t know that she’s really relevant any longer which is why I think she is teaming up with the likes of JT – because he is so hot right now.

    oh well, i still will always love her.

  • tom

    Really ridiculous for a 50 yr. old woman with 2 kids to do a pose like this. And she’s written a children’s book? Even more ridiculous.

  • creativegirl

    she looks amazing, but it is photoshopped. She actually looked a little scary at her Rock & Roll Hall of fame introduction. It was the first time I could say that she looked a little plastic and her hair, oh it wasn’t good. But hey – props to her. I remember when I was a kid and her first album came out in like Vogue or Glamour they did a poll who would be around longer as an artist, Cyndi Lauper or Madonna and hands down they gave it to Cyndi Lauper. I guess they were wrong, to say the very least.

  • Helena

    She should ditch the person who designed the Hard Candy and Four Minutes titles, because it looks CHEAP!

  • Ash

    that women should keep her damn legs shut every damn picture its like that, NO ONE WANTS TO SEE IT!


  • cuteon

    She looks awesome. I saw her on si te “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. It is said she has a crush on hot guys on that site.

  • Helena

    Shut up, #8. Your pathetic advertising is annoying.

  • flirtlikecrazy

    Its getting really tired seeing her repeating such look again and again and again…

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    granny needs to close her legs.

  • julia

    what is it with Her lately .. Every single pose is spread eagle. It’s a bit much, imo..

  • http://slackerchic slacker chic

    well i like bright shiney colors (yes, I am simple like that), so I love it.

  • erin

    She’s 50 I think? Or in that range at least. That is gross. Nobody wants to almost see a old vagina.

  • erin

    v agina, apparently thats a bad word on here

  • [marie]

    I’m sorry…. I’m all for female empowerment, but nobody wants to see Madonna’s poo nah nah on an album cover and nobody and I mean nobody wants to see a 50 year old woman scrambling around to cheesy, crappy techno music…. Please Madge!!…It’s just too much…..

  • Here’s The Deal

    The moment I saw the picture, her children came to my mind. What will they think when they get a little older and see Mommy looking like…..THAT??

  • pete

    you can’t see her “poo nah nah” she’s clothed. if my mom looked like that at 50, i wouldn’t care if she posed like that. the cover is fun.
    love you mommy!

  • http://SIMPLYBRAD M

    BOTOX! but hell yeah! i would to if i had her $$$$$$$$ i still love the bitch!

  • Yoyo

    Stupid as hell. You ain’t a young hot thang anymore Madge.

  • DK

    it’s so YUCK!
    why does she pose always like the MAN?

  • DK

    it’s so YUCK!
    why does she pose always like the MAN?

  • Wm

    Like the photo and the outfit – BUT the font isn’t edgy enough, It seems cheap and out of place and the pink of the candy seems too Confessions On a Dance Floor – she should have followed the theme of her ouftit and had things just be dark, glosy, and slick – more like black licorice and less like peppermints.


  • Susan

    What’s with all the crotch shots just of late? Are you trying to say something?

  • Roadwork

    Fucking Awesome. The wording doesnt look cheap stooges. It looks different. Its very clean, pop, friendly. Jeez you people probably have to be told which way the fucking wind is blowing. Belive me you dont have what it takes to be in marketing if you dont get that font.

  • KAte

    Um…keep you legs closed. It was nasty in your twenties and it’s nasty now. Have a little class (not that she ever had any.)

  • Roxannn

    she’s slut… she can’t singing.. she only can show her old ass and pussy x/

  • Maria (Shorty)

    RECYCLED AND OLD! She needs to STOP trying so hard to be sexy, because she’s looking mighty foolish. She should have done a more sexier cover with her legs closed. JMO

  • Justin

    nasty close your legs you’re 50 not even 30 or 40

  • Workout

    #27,#28#29#30 Get real. Everyone knows Madonna has a better body than you.

  • les

    Granted, she may have a better body than me. However, I am classy enough to know that at the age of 50 – regardless of the shape of your body – it’s time to stop acting like an aging show girl and act your age. You can still be sexy without looking like a older woman desperately clinging to her “youth”.

    She is very, very strict with her children, yet she poses like this for a cover. It smack hypocritical.

  • pt

    She needs to realize that she’s not 21 anymore! She is in a very good shape but she needs to stop presenting herself the way she does. But I guess that wouldn’t be Madona anymore, huh?

  • Fergalicious



  • aDAM

    Do you lost feel empowered by bad mouthing the most successful international female artist? I mean cmon.

    Yes Madonna’s 50 this year, that is old in the shallow, pretentious music industry and of course the album cover has been photoshopped…. but even album covers of 20 year olds get photoshopped. Don’t be naive, nothing we ever see is photoshop free.

    While it certainly isn’t the best Madonna album cover, it certainly isn’t her worse and it’s still a lot better than most album covers. But I do agree the font could have been more interesting.

    No one says you have to like Madonna or any other artist, I just don’t think people should be bagging things so viciously for something so trivial… at the end of the day, Madonna’s not losing sleep over your opinion. She’s achieved more and has more than anyone here could ever dream to.

    In short, get over yourselves!

  • Jo

    I’m not a fan nor am I a basher. I personally think she looks great. It’s just that she doesn’t need to resort to shock tactics with skimpy clothes or suggestive poses. She has talent and intelligence just maybe not always common sense.

  • leah

    Your all going to have very boring lives if you stop being fun and sexy when your 50, i on the other hand shall be having sex and sitting with legs wide open!!! And i think we all know who will be happiest! ME! (…and Madonna!)



  • Lola

    A big AMEN!! to Leah’s and Adam’s comments (#’s 37 and 35 respectively) and a big f*ck you to all the narrow-minded ageist comments on this thread. I’m in my 20′s and worked in a retirement home and I can tell you…when you hit your 90′s and can no longer move then maybe you’re old…until then …go for it!!

    P.S. I must be seeing an edited version of this because I can’t see her vag, only her clothes…

  • lisa

    All you haters will thank Madonna when you reach 50 for making 50 the new 30.

  • Casey

    Agree, enough Madonna to last a lifetime! She’s going to end up the nasty old Mae West of my generation!

  • ofo

    uhuhuh madonna lo best……

  • Rachel Einstein

    That b*tch always has her legs open. I hate that she brought that innocent little boy from, David, into her sordid life.

  • Pam

    Once a tramp, always a tramp. Close you skank legs b*tch.

  • Alexis- Romania

    …THAT IS PURE POWER…all the bad coments about it are just useless…..this is the toughest lady in the bussines..and she knows how to sell herself and her music…She is here for 25 years …and i bet she will be here for at least 25 more. The cover looks sexy, cool, relaxed, tough..and most of all …woth buying:)…..And belive me..everything she does…she does it good…so it will not be a waiste of money:)…
    Madonna..i take a bow in front of you…YOU ROOOOCKKKK:)

  • Carlos

    The number 4 stands for the number of weeks it took to photoshop 55 years of insertion abuses to her rancid tuna taco. You’re old news, Madge.

  • Rio

    They said this new album is like a great first album from a debut artist. Something Rihanna could release. Its getting amazing reviews. Hard Candy. What interesting is I feel like its part 2 to Buring Up. Im getting that vibe for some reason. Madonna has never looked better. I mean the beginning of the second half of her life is starting off spectacularly. Im so impressed she looks awesome.

  • matt


  • matt

    madonna you rock! sooooooo sexy!

  • madonna is old

    kkkkkk how old are is she time to grow the hell up she sooo ugly