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Rihanna - "Take a Bow" Lyrics

Rihanna -

Rihanna world premiered her latest single “Take A Bow” this morning on Ryan Seacrest‘s “On Air” radio show on 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles. Here are the lyrics to her new ballad:

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  • Tracy

    I don’t really like it but she looks great in the pic u posted.

  • reesewitherspoon

    why is she releasing a song not on the cd? i hate when singers do this..rerelease with a new song

    there are plenty of fine songs..BETTER songs..already on the cd for her to release like Breaking Dishes or Rehab

  • Sara

    You’re so ugly when you cry.. wtf?

  • Tracy

    Orange Clock,

    I would have to agree with you that the music industry just like Hollywood has run out of ideas. All they can do is remake movies and songs.

  • Sam

    I love the old pic. The lyrics are lame!

  • Zoe


  • Alex

    That songs sucks. Rihanna with her plastic surgery looks like Posh spice…maybe they’re the same talentless person?

  • carrie

    not bad!

  • rolling eyes

    This song proves that the American public has zero taste in music. What an annoying and shitty song! Rianna sounds like she’s whining and choking when she sings. Ugh. British music is so much better.

  • V

    Yuck. I hate it.

  • celebaddict

    Does Rihanna write her own lyrics?

  • Umbrellaella

    not as good as Umbrella :-(

  • Dude


  • haley

    Shes trying too hard

  • Obama Man

    It’s catchy, but damn the girl can’t sing!

  • BARF

    MAKE IT STOP!!!!

  • Erin Chenault

    song sucks

    what happened to her doing the video for Breakin Dishes and that being the next single

    they should save that song for Mariah

  • me

    people will forget the song very fast. wasting of time.

    and i truly dont like the words: “You’re so ugly when you cry.. ”
    pure evil

  • Jen

    Rihanna’s songs are sung so much better by other singers…

  • Tayler

    I Bet when she sings it her voice will be AWESOME! But..truly i dont really like the lyrics though.

  • maddie

    lol, i love the lyrics!


    Different words to the same beat, Rihanna makes you loose faith in the Music Industry. I wish someone would take time out and post all of her so called live (tour) performance reviews, listen to her sing without backtracking or with the true voices of her shows the backup singers and then post Rihanna songs.

    Teenagers of the world Unite, stop this madness now….

    She has no talent, she cant carry a note past a moment.

  • Mc Lovin

    Sorry but I think it sucks!

  • Jamie

    Holy Shit that was AWEFUL!! Absolutely terrible.

  • ryan

    ahahahahaaa LAME

  • pelon1

    i guess i’m the only one who loves this song
    all the haters are her motivators

  • Rudes

    this one’s not really up to scratch when compared to therest of her songs!!

  • ME !!!

    The song is good, I mean its a step backwards, and its no “Umbrella”, or “Shut Up And Drive”, but its a catchy, cool R&B song, seems to influence quite a bit of her close friend, Chris Brown’s style.

  • hola ya’ll


  • Kay

    Not bad. Will probably grow on me as I listen to it more.

  • sarah

    i luv this song..
    i dnt no why loads of ppl r hatin against it??
    rihanna has ALOT of talent, if she hadn’t she wudn’t ov won so many awards!!
    + the tune is so catchhyyy d:
    LUV IT!

  • danz

    Sounds like an “Irreplaceable” wannabe. It’s just ok though.

  • http://justajred geana

    Love rihanna..but..not the song!!


    beyonce and her stans need to stop coming on these blogs to diss rihanna d a m n don’t get mad cause rihanna is hot and beyonce is not and beyonce keep rocking that black like rihanna she’s your idol you are her biggest stan but anyway the song is cool but not first single at all she need to release rehab and breakin dishes she don’t need a new album right now.

  • Vanessa

    She needs a new stylist AND a new songwriter.

  • katie

    i love it. she sounds great.

  • Jamal

    it’s a nice lil song, i highly doubt it will be a single. Rihanna is doing her thang this time around… i really enjoy this song.

  • jackie

    uh oh, nope, that song is so not good.

  • michelle

    i like it alot. is she coming out with another album?

  • miley

    i like it its meaningful

    saw her at the 02 on friday :)

    she was amazing

  • DANA

    can we say, “to the left, to the left”

    beyonce’s “irreplacable” much.

  • Alex

    isn’t “take a bow” a madonna song?

  • chantel

    I just listened to the song and i mean its not a good song but her voice has grown alot since her 1st album… shes not great but shes working on it from what i hear.. at least shes trying and this is coming from the biggest rihanna hater lmao

  • Joseph

    She’s trying to do another “To the left, to the left”, but it isn’t working. I actually like Rihanna, but this song is retarded.

  • shannon

    Nice song, but it wont be a No.1

    anyone who thinks its rubbish can go to hell ;)


  • t

    It’s utter trash…..

  • Spirit

    the girl can’t sing to save her life

  • Tell It Like It Is

    DAMN ya’ll bogus as hell!!! LMAO

    It’s catchy to me but whatever.

  • kat



  • Bella

    This song is okay…. definitely doesn’t deserve to be number one.