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Sarah Larson Hits the Runway

Sarah Larson Hits the Runway

Sarah Larson, aka George Clooney‘s girlfriend, models one-piece bathing suits on the runway for LA Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios on Thursday for the Ashley Paige Fall 2008 fashion show.

Larson, 29, began dating Clooney, 46, while she was still working as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas’s Palms Casino Resort. Lucky for her, she received a major upgrade!

Sarah seems to be carving out her own career as a runway model now!

25+ pictures inside of Sarah Larson hitting the runway at LA Fashion Week…

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sarah larson runway 00
sarah larson runway 01
sarah larson runway 02
sarah larson runway 03
sarah larson runway 04
sarah larson runway 05
sarah larson runway 06
sarah larson runway 07
sarah larson runway 08
sarah larson runway 09
sarah larson runway 10
sarah larson runway 11
sarah larson runway 12
sarah larson runway 13
sarah larson runway 14
sarah larson runway 15
sarah larson runway 16
sarah larson runway 17
sarah larson runway 18
sarah larson runway 19
sarah larson runway 20
sarah larson runway 21
sarah larson runway 22
sarah larson runway 23
sarah larson runway 24

Photos: Michael Buckner/Frazer Harrison/Katy Winn/Getty Images for IMG
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  • olly


  • Shut-up

    WOW It pays to date a rich man. First Georgie boy is putting her up and now the girl has a legit job HAHAHA…

  • Lita

    She’s to skinny.

  • angie

    She looks so fug.

  • bubbaness

    Nice pecs, sweetcheeks.

  • Mia

    I usually think she looks nice.
    But in these pictures she has the same facial expression in every one of them .

  • TiredofthisCrap

    Oh Lord, let the hate begin.
    For the record you need to see all of the models at this Ashley Paige show, they all look horrid. The theme for this show was not flattering. Also when did she become a celebrity to get her own post.

  • Lil

    where are her boobs?! if not the bra she would look as flat as pancake

  • Debbie

    What happens to her when George moves on to someone else??

  • TiredofthisCrap

    She was a “guest model”, she wasn’t paid for this.

  • fighter

    she isnt model,i dont care her…if we wanna talk about models,they can be kate moss,irina lazareanu,lily cole,sasha,agyness deyn……
    kate moss is the best model in the world

  • LT

    Hmmm…of course I’m envious, who isn’t. But the sharpie eyebrows are a bad make-up job & lips too dark. I’ve seen her look so much better. I guess this is for dramatic effect for the runway. Way too thin, not boobs what-so-ever! You’d think George would like a handful at least…no butt or curves. I hope she has a personality, she looks so vacant. There, I feel sort of better…not really!

  • McFox

    she looks exotic to me.latin?asian?

  • sonya

    she has a perfect model body and the height but I don’t find her face anything but blah. And I really wonder about her intelligence. I don’t get it, total score on her part but George is an intelligent thoughtful guy who has deep interests, I would think he would like a little more of an intellectual peer. Apparently not!

    Makes a girl want to move to LV and work as a waitress…

  • t cup

    ewww! what a skank she is so skinny it’s so gross. Another nobobody done good by hooking up with clooney. Reminds me of matt DAMon’s wife a former bartender and this woman a former escort, but you know what good for them, they are not stupid and are set for life.

  • jimmy

    That is a she-boy if I ever saw one, look at those eyes and that face. Congratulations on fooling the public!!!!

  • hmmm…..

    she looks different everytime I see her. sometimes she looks asian, sometimes she looks hispanic.

  • poshy

    they are both blah!!!

  • loco

    shemale…oh yeah!

  • leanna

    It’s none of my business if Clooney wants a shemale., but why second guess us with lame childhood witnesses. Oh don’t forget the photo with Larson with glasses on,when was that photo taken yesterday.?Give me a break.
    Clooney and his shemale
    Brad and his hairpiece
    Travolta , homosexual and balding
    Tom Cruise..also a homosexual
    Why lie to your fans, don’t we deserve better?
    We’d love you even more if you were man enough to stand up for your convictions. We don’t care about any of it except being lied to.
    Public people have a public moral obligation.
    Get real.

  • Robin

    She looks horrendous with all that makeup on!

  • angie

    she usually looks ok. But the makeup they put on makes her features more bold. Looks like a tranny. Good for the stylist to hide her big elf like ears. But a lot better looking then that horse face Matt Damons with.

  • Peppo

    I usually think she looks very pretty, even striking sometimes, but in these picture she just looks crap. Maybe it’s the makeup and outfits, who knows?

  • Billy

    sorry but she’s really not that pretty

  • annaversary

    Wow. First she gets the fame and now a ligit job… I hope Clooney moves onto someone else =D Then let’s see what happens to her. SHE’S HIDEOUS!

  • Buttercup

    George has a thing for waitresses. Doesn’t anyone remember his long-time girlfriend, Celine Balitran??

  • SL

    wow – she looks awful! She’s too skinny, her hair is a weird colour and the makeup job is horrendous. It just goes to prove – you start doing the nasty with one of Hollywood’s top celebs and it really will get you places. She’s not even pretty!

  • vickifromtexas

    Nothing special about that one!
    Hideous eyebrows!!

  • poppy

    She really reminds me of a darker Renee zellweger.
    I actually think she has a very interesting & beautiful look.

  • anonymous

    omg, she looks so gorgeous, at first i thought she is a model, wow

    she has a beautiful face with a knock out body .

    and she has the face and the body for the runway , good for her. i like her a lot.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    not cute. and that man-body is… ugh.

  • p

    looks like a man

  • hannah

    She’s alright. I mean, she doesnt bother me. Atleast she’s not out running her mouth about now becoming “famous” or something. And I think she’s actually very pretty. Just not with all that makeup on.

  • Adoring Fan

    Lovely, very pretty girl.

  • Ade

    She’s ugly ! Looks like a man !
    Go back to Vegas, SL !
    Go back to Vegas!

  • binkie

    She looks like a twirler….give her a baton and bring on the parade.
    Such a boring, characterless face.

  • depeche


  • TAZ

    She looks questionable on a good day…last night LMFO!!!! OMG…she is seriously regretting this today I am sure…she does look like a tranny…a very greedy, smug , tranny, but tranny none the less! I hope after George she meets the stupidest bastard on the planet so she can feel superior to some one…because when she sees how she looks in these hideous , to much information (no one should wax until it hangs) , low rent vegas side show photos of herself she will know like most of us modeling was never in her future!!! If I were her I would buy every one of those photos and burn them so they would never be seen again!

  • Kimbo

    Wow, people are being harsh. I think she normally looks pretty, but here, not so much. I mean, she’s not drop-dead gorgeous or anything, but she’s a cute, pretty girl. And she can’t help that she had no boobs! Not my favorite look, but if she got implants, everyone would chastise her for that.

  • lily

    STARTING modelling at 29? Wow it pays to date a daddy.

  • Anonymous

    She got her eyes and her nose done.

  • Oh Please

    She’s a walking STD and a paid professional. This is the biggest thing she’s done to date and BF can’t show up? Yeah let’s call it what it is regardless of how bad she looks and OLD GEORGE is rapidly turning into Larry King! Deal With It.

  • WTF?

    WTF all of you need to deal with it. Sarah is with Geoprge living a very cushy life togehter. Who the F cares what George or Sarah looks like, what their body looks like if she has a mans’ body? What’s it to you?

  • Edila

    I seen better pics of her, at the oscar she was looking pretty, but here she is looking ugly and unhappy.

  • zd


  • interesting

    I’m serious when I say this but she really looks like a hooker. She looks like she’s been used and abused until God sent her George to save her. I almost feel sorry for her, she probably did escort work too in Las Vegas. You know how Vegas women are.

  • rosered

    I’d have more respect for her if she was smart. You know a lot of ugly women are smart and make their own buck. My friend’s girlfriend looks similar to her and no one thinks she’s pretty but she is a Civil Engineer! Sarah is a former call girl so I have no respect for her.

  • zzz

    Sarah used to work with me. She’s lucky, I’m jealous, she went from call girl to millionaire’s girlfriend!

  • eric

    what a tacky person inside and out
    so plain

  • sweetpea

    she’s a user. she’s just dating clooney so she can have a taste of limelight! duh.