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Minka Kelly: My Career Comes Before Men

Minka Kelly: My Career Comes Before Men

Friday Night Lights hottie Minka Kelly is featured in the latest issue of Men’s Health. She spills on what it takes to date a smart, ambitious woman like her. Here’s what Minka had to say:

On her career being the most important thing in her life: “A man has to be passionate about something. He has to be focused and genuine. He has to have drive. I really believe that our careers are our first loves. And I think a career should be as important for him as it is for me. And that we should be able to understand that we come second.”

On a guy needing to know more about the radiator than she does: “A man has to be good with his hands. He can’t be a person who needs to hire someone to do handiwork. I can change the oil in my car. If you can’t change your oil, we have a problem.”

On guys needed to shut up already: “A lot of guys don’t know how to just listen. They’ll talk and talk, and I just want them to get to know me. That’s attractive. You don’t want to come across as someone who can only talk about himself.”

On needing an imperfect guy: “A man should love his family, but I don’t do well with guys who come from perfect families. He has to be a little complicated and broken. I can’t relate to the perfectly home-bred boy. I want someone who has had pain in his life and learned from it.”

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  • Here’s The Deal

    Wow, she’s pretty. =) I love her hair in this picture!

  • Luiza

    who is she ?

  • Here’s The Deal

    ^^ I know her best as John Mayer’s ex. Lol.

  • Oh SNap!


  • Summer

    She is so beautiful. FNL rocks!! Such a good show and she and Taylor Kitsch are HOT together. Glad to see her on your site, JJ.

  • lookslike

    Sweetheart…. nobody cares. you banged john mayer good for you and your non existent career on a bad tv show.

  • Village

    You go girl. First things first.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    john mayer’s done more for her short nonexistent career than any movie or tv show has.


    is she the one john mayer was talking about when he posted on his site to stop stalking him, that they were over. It sound slike it going by this interview — interview sounds like a silly agent’s idea of damage control. You know, like ‘let’s make people think it’s not you by coming out with a cheap azz rag interview in which you try to come across as NOT a stalker, who’s desperate to get somebody back…talk about how your career is soooo important.’ lolol

  • Meg

    who is she ? is she famous?

  • FNL

    I bet the part about guys needing to listen and not talk about themselves is about Mayer. All Mayer does is talk about himself and try to gain attention from the media.

    Minka stars on Friday Night Lights, which comes on on fridays on NBC. It is one of the BEST shows on TV, praised for its realness. Please watch it. You can catch up on DVD. The new season starts in the fall.

  • kelly

    She’s on the best drama on television, Friday Night Lights. She’s beautiful and a good actress.

  • lookslike

    Its so “good” it gets shit ratings. She can’t get arrested in film. Way to go minka.. youve arrived. Next stop a vh1 reality show. Your pr team sucks too. What a dumb move on their part to do such a stupid interview to make you not look like a star f@#KER

  • Jack

    I bet the part about guys needing to listen and not talk about themselves is about Mayer. All Mayer does is talk about himself and try to gain attention from the media.

    ^I agree with that. I still think John Mayer was talking about Jessica Simpson because he always call Jessica the Ex in his blogs.
    It s#cks to be a girlfriend of John Mayers. What a piece of cr@p he is.

  • Amy

    John Mayer used her then dumped her. I really believe he is bi- but her really perfer guys. Thats why he is so strange.
    Her image is garbage and this does not fix it.

  • Mary

    The whole time I read her article I thought this is John Mayer’s waste.
    Out of all the women he dated he care the least about thlis one.
    However I don’t think he blogged about Minka it was Jessica.

  • D

    Hey lookslike, bash Minka all you want, but lay off FNL. It’s a great show:)

  • Kay

    She is getting bashed because she got close enough to date John Mayer. His female fans will bash any woman that he dates. He want his female fans to spend their money on him so he can be rich and stay in hollywood. Thats why he will not try to stop this madness.
    I don’t think this woman is that bad, I never watched her show. I hope she didn’t date Mayer just to get reconition. I think women should be ashame of themself for putting this woman down if it’s just because she dated him. I think she should have shut her mouth and never said anything at all to bring attention to herself again and let this mess die down. For havenssake don’t date Mayer because he is too sorry to protect the women he is involved with.

  • Marisleysis

    wow. she’s bitter about john mayer. And now i know for sure his blog was about her. She’s trying to speak badly of john because he dumped her and it’s her way of getting back at him. I bet she tried calling and calling him after he dumped her.

  • 008

    *sigh* if only every girl thinks like her.

  • elle

    i loved the season premier of keeping up with the kardashians! i think kim is
    beautiful! i just found this clip online of a new episode and now i can’t wait for the next episode on sunday night on E! anyway, for all of u interested in checking out the clip heres the link:

  • arse

    “A man has to be passionate about something. He has to be focused and genuine. He has to have drive” this really means man has to be rich

  • whatgoesaround

    Hey John Mayer. How does it feel when people speculate that it is YOU someone else is talking about in an interview on a gossip site? He does it all the time just to stir up publicity for himself. He is off in Japan right now blogging all Zen-like. Minka is strong and talented; he likes women to take care of his needs and follow him all over the World on his terms. Guess she wasn’t willing to do that.

  • Lisa

    John Mayer is a turd. I think he was blogging about Jessica Simpson, He11 everybody know it was about Jessica Simpson she is so weak and needy. Plus people over herd John on the phone telling Jessica to stop calling him right after the break up.
    For sure it was about Jesssica Simpson. I’m glad this chick move on with her life. No one needs to be mixed into Jessica Simpson and John Mayer stinky mess. John Mayer is a sick psychotic man who uses women as trophies and love to throw all the junk he got up in the media because it makes him think he made it. He is such a loser.

  • Cosmo

    John can’t handle a woman that thinks and feel good about herself. Thats why he didn’t stay with Minka. I agree he was talking about JS because all the get away from me talk then the “call me” part reeks of how he and JS relationship went. Then their was that “don’t mess with the Ex” blog he wrote. It seems to be what he call JS. I believe he wants JS back to help his career since Minka’s name didn’t boost him the way JS’s did.

  • Lisa

    It is unfortunate that she feels love and family come second to her career. She makes it clear that she has had some family issues due to her desire for a man who is “broken” and not from a perfect family. Perhaps she should seek therapy to deal with her unresolved family issues, for she does not sound like a person who has dealt with her problems, she only thinks she has.

  • Clueless

    How are she and Taylor Kitsch not dating? They are both beyond hot!!!!