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Miranda Kerr Plays Twister in a Bikini

Miranda Kerr Plays Twister in a Bikini

Orlando Bloom likes ‘em flexible!

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr gets down with an amazing bridge position, showing off her twister skills at a Victoria’s Secret pool party in Miami Beach, Florida on Wednesday.

Vanessa Minnillo hosted the Pink Victoria’s Secret Rally at the Raleigh Hotel. Miranda, Brody Jenner and DJ Irie co-hosted the event which also included dodgeball, a pink piñata and Victoria’s Secret “Pink” giveaways!

More pictures of Miranda Kerr playing twister in a bikini…

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Photos: Fred Montana/
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  • First

    I want a body just like hers.

  • Sara

    She better not need anything from Orlando, because he will skate on her.

  • summer

    Wow she really is gorgeous, im jealous lol

  • anyone

    Wow more pics of Cabbage patch at the d list event. You know that her and Orlando arent dating never were, im sure that he doesnt want that thilthy creature publiczing his life anymore. Look a her she is probably doing Brody jenners right now.

  • anonymous

    She’s only famous because of orlando no one talked about her until she was spotted with orli.

  • Mia

    If she accidently hurt herself he’ll leave her for dead and run like he11.

  • Jerry

    She is hot….whimpy Orli Bloommers don’t deserve her

  • messy g

    playing twister solo is just an exhibitionist’s excuse for more limelight

  • Jaded

    Wow, that’s classy! She’s beautiful. Inside and outside. :) You know what I’m sayin’.

  • haha

    Jared, keep up with the gossip.
    She is no longer with him.
    Read the end of the last thread.

    Haha. D-listed event baby. Pity you weren’t asked
    to go to the oscars.

  • salma

    nothing special about her yes she has a killing body but i get her appeal

  • anyone

    Dont worry guys, she is probably doing Brody Jenners now, so she will be leaveing Orlando alone.

  • anyone

    Dont worry guys, she is probably doing Brody Jenners now, so she will be leaveing Orlando alone.

  • salma

    sorry i meant I CAN’T GET HER APPEAL

  • haha

    there are a lot of guys who have liked her for her flexibility. Don’t just single out Orlando. lol.

    Check out the old thread from the airport. Sounds like a friend of hers came on last night to defend her. The rest of the thread got interesting.

  • ??

    to haha, read what last thread???

  • Kelly Ann

    Her face is not really attractive but the party looked like fun. I’m stuck in the cold and rain.

  • @16
  • SSDD

    Yeah! Go check out the other thread! Cuz you know every post from an “insider” is twuuuu!
    *eyes roll back in head*
    Gosh people, if you don’t like her, and think that she is a famewh0re, don’t add to her posts! The more you post, the more they think news of her is in demand.
    Nothing you say or do will influenceOrlando to either stay with her, or drop her. She sure doesn’t care what you say. And Orlando doesn’t even know this site exists. So give it up.

  • jorgia

    whoever said she looked like Brandon Frazier was right.

  • haha

    Who said anyone was thinking Orlando cared? The posters there don’t say anything good about him either.

    Miranda’s fans HAVE posted on that thread and others.
    But no one said all insider claims are always correct

    the post in ? is about 366 from last night.

  • Smithy

    For some reason I thought Orlando liked classier girls. I remember when he was linked to Penelope Cruz she was WAAYYY out of his league. This girl is probably more on his level.

  • Rachel

    She looks fun. Pretty, successful, fun and dating Orlando Bloom. How annoying.

  • mossy

    is the girl in the yellow shirt behati prinsloo???

  • Ree

    Yeah, she’s known for dating Orlando Bloom, but she’s also known for being an australian supermodel and victoria secret model.

  • @21

    “But no one said all insider claims are always correct”

    Yep, they only ones you think are correct are the ones that say bad things about her. These are taken as Gospel. If the “insider” says something nice, they are discounted outright.
    Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • @25

    oh, she’s known for more than that ;)

    Did you see the last E online article about her?
    They called it “She’s f’ing Orlando Bloom”.

    Yea, that was lovely. Shows how not respected she is.
    She isn’t a supermodel. Do you even know what that means?

  • haha

    you’re wrong.
    There were also her ‘friends’ Tantara and the one from last night.
    Both said nice things about her.
    Thing is they just get caught in their lies.

  • @27

    It was an effing joke!
    I didn’t even see this article, and I thought that it was funny. Have you no sense of humor whatsoever?

  • @28

    And you know that the “insider” haters are telling the truth? How?
    Just because you choose to believe them, doesn’t make them real.
    Again, you believe only the bad stuff, because you WANT to believe the bad stuff. If you were being honest, you wouldn’t believe ANY insider. THAT is what makes you a hypocrit.

  • kat

    she is gorgeoussssss
    stop with the hating people, you would kill to look like her.
    she isnt “famous” because of Orlando, she is a succesful model on her own.
    keep it up Miranda!

  • @29

    If it was PerezHitlon that said it it would have been just a joke.
    It was from a company who usually caters to the stars. They would not even joke like that about somebody the had respect for. The joke was on her, as in this is how you came across in this article.
    They wouldn’t say that about Reese, or someone with class.

  • Wow

    She is a model, but looks strong, fit and healthy. See, it can be done. Not every model has to look like a survivor from a concentration camp.
    You go girl!

  • @32

    Do you have a link for that article?
    I visit E-online quite often, and I never saw it. I went back and searched under both her name, and Orlando’s, and found nothing. Are you sure that this article really existed? Or am I just looking in the wrong place?

    Either way, it WAS a joke. With Jimmy Kimmell’s video answer to Sara Silverman’s video being in the news, it would indeed have been a funny joke.

  • haha

    I do know who some of the insider former friends were.

    If you don’t want to beleive it, fine. No one is forcing you to.
    I said there were both friends and non friends that have posted.

    You keep posting and doing the very thing you told others not to-keeping the thread alive

  • @35

    Uhmmmm, that wasn’t me who said to stop posting.

    And I don’t believe anything posted by “insiders”. I just find hypocrits laughable.

  • haha

    I don’t take all insiders as truth-pro or con.In this case I know who some of them were.
    Not sure how hypocrite applies when I said both the pro and con’s
    had some people who knew her.
    It’s fine if you don’t believe it.

  • cabbage

    that picture up top reminds me of these pictures of
    her other modeling that was posted in the xmas eve

  • @37

    I’m not saying that it is you specifically, but more the collective ‘you’. Go back over some of the older threads with your eyes open, and you will see exactly what I am talking about. The hypocrisy comes in when the ‘pro’ Miranda ones are called liars, and/or plants, and the ‘con’ Miranda ones are almost beatified. A ton of salt should be taken with each comment, yet that isn’t the case. In order to avoid hypocrisy, you have to take the stand to either believe none of them, or all of them. And I just don’t see that being done. Any positive comment is attacked, while any negative comment is embraced. That equals hypocrisy.

  • Lenny

    She is very pretty and seems classy.

  • Rae

    That’s classy. She has a great body but her face looks like a Cabbage Patch doll.

  • @Rae, and others

    If her God given dimples are the only thing that you can find to make fun of, more power to Miranda. I think that those dimples just add to her beauty.

  • anyone

    I think diple look cute on a little girl, but on a 24 it looks creepy. Her face is too round and her dimples are way to big. It just dosent look right. I think she is a real life cabbage patch doll. She also needs to take care of her greasy oily skin, you can see a zit on her chin. Maybe it’s from all that sugary juice she has been drinking none stop or Brandon Davis.

  • anyone

    I think juice fastng is over rated. She is overated, she will do anything for a picture and will say anything to the press to be noticed. Most of Orlando’s fans dont like her becuase they know she is useing him. Like in the HB interveiw she was waving aroun her phone obisly she wanted it to be noticed and the pic on it of her and Orlando, she acted like a b*tch and giggled like a teen girl. How ridiculous. And also all the men she cheated on and used. She is no good. Orlando is to good for her. She is tring to claw her way up to the top by doing anything.

  • eh

    You’re a complete fuckhead.

  • @42

    It’s alot more then those dimples that make her not liked.

  • @46


  • @38

    lol. too freakin’ perfect!
    love the pix

  • @34
  • reallly

    Does anyone think that jj posting info on this small dlist event would happen if Miranda wasn’t fucking Orlando Blioom,. That is her claim to fame and that only. She is a rather unknown model, whose only really major contract is with VS. They haven’t used her much, she isn’t part of their A team and it lookw as though they have hired another model to do their Pink stuff which was supposed to be her thing. Orlando is the only thing that has made her famous and if it becomes clear that he no longer has any interest in her, then her name will fade away and no one will really care about her at all. The only thing keeping her alive right now is no one knows if they are together or not.

    And dancing on tables is one thing, having men pawuing at you and fubbing yourself all over them while you are doing it is very much another.